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  1. Welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! Here at the Blazing Typhoon, we will make the highest quality weaponry and armory you have ever seen! All these items have been created by the skilled blacksmith Macradon. We are open for requests and will look onto your ordeal right away! Buy your Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 Heavy armor or Weapons here! The shop is finely set up with a main entrance made of a wooden door with an Open/Closed sign out front. There are windows on the walls towards the road so people can take a look without having to get inside the shop. On the inside of the shop is a wooden counter where the Blacksmith usually sits in his chair and awaits customer, if he's not sitting there he's probably out crafting materials in the back room, the smithy. In the smithy is a furnace, a work bench to get designs done, and anvil and his chest full of materials for him to use, so there will be some for your items!. The Blacksmith uses a special mallet that will make sure that the quality and the speed of your request is made quick and efficient. Around the main part of the building there are multiple swords and armor hanged up around in the room with stands for the armor and montre for the weapons. There is a door at the back of the room, that door leads to the smithy. On the counter is a pile of request forms that can be filled by players and then handed to the Blacksmith to craft. On display: Good Uncommon Rare Perfect Tools Prices: Applies to players at level 15 or below. Only in pay of Materials on requests. REQUEST FORM Requests being made
  2. As the title says, we got this really crazy idea. I've been quoteing @Neopolitan back for an inspirational quote, but now I quoted a poem instead, and Neo accepted that quote and qouted it. We need more people to quote it, so please. Mark this image and post it as a quote in this thread, let's see how many quotes we can get into it! EDIT: Remember to quote the person right above you so you quote their quote of the former quote and so on!
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    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Crusader Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 2 ID: 21804 Roll: 12 Quality: Perfect Item Type: Two-handed straight sword Enhancements: Damage: +3 damage Description: Crusader is a straight 2 handed show, forged in The Blazing Typhoon by blacksmith Macradon. Its tapered blade makes it easier to cleave with and the spikes on the bottom makes it easy to lock another sword into a grip. A fuller is scraped down the center of the blade to lift off some weight from the massive blade. As a guard, Crusader has an Aquila brass'd up. Not only does it give the sword proper balance to counter the weight of the big blade, but it also leaves a well looking aesthetic to the sword. The pommel is a titanium coated iron ingot compressed by hammering it into shape from a whole ingot. The grip covered in red stained leather. The construction is pinned together by the tang.
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    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Zodiac Spear MK.1 Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 111570 Roll: 11 Item Type: Two-Handed Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 DMG (+3 DMG) Description: Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=567561 Name: Silver Lance Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 111569 Roll: 10 Item Type: Two-Handed Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Damage | Accuracy Description: A plain spear with a wooden handle but added silver plating on the spear head. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=567561
  5. Macradon would smile and wave at his newest customer and do his usual greeting “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! The name’s Macradon, and what can I do for you today?” he would ask and await her response. Macradon would nod and say “Aye I can do this. Sure, I’ll contact you when it’s done”. He would venture down into his smithy to work on his newly acquired request. “Hm … quite the simple spear … but that spearhead does look peculiar, but it’s just like the sword I made for Zel back in the days, so it shouldn’t be that hard to make” Macradon thought and would work with his forge and anvil. Crafting on the 13th of January Rank 10: 5120/5120 -3 T1 Mats Items Crafted
  6. The two started out with a wild combat tactic, it was usually very rough and ferocious combat, wild and untamed. The two had slowly been working on their fighting style, it was still rough, and they still had to work a little bit, but they were close to having it nailed down, they still needed it a bit of training to really polish their fighting style, they were still not fully synched up in attack patterns, but it still worked out with a few delays here and there without problems. Macradon had a lot in his mind, him and Belphegor, him and his Guild, him and Kairi, and him and himself. There was a lot to think about, and this was just his beginning of thinking of thinks. It was hard for him to take all this into account, there was so much he had to take care of, and it hurt him. While thinking, Belphegor came running towards him with a few materials in his jaw, dropping them at Macradon's feet. ID: 111409 LD: 18+5=23, Material Found! CD: 3, 1 Bonus Material. - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 12
  7. Out again, not something he had anticipated doing already. It was just a few days ago he went dragon hunting, and it was already time to go hunting another, or rather “hunting”. He wasn’t intending to go all out and go monster farming, it was not he wanted to do, but it seemed like it was what he had to do do make ends meet, since he had been spending a large amount of materials on buying equipment for his long journey, it would take a while, but it would be worth it at the end, hopefully. What he needed first was a Name Tag, possibly more for his own sake, did he really want to change it all? He probably had to for his own sake … 3 name tags, that was a lot to farm out by himself, maybe he should hire mercenaries or something to help him clear this phoenix. Stats
  8. Macradon would think, think about the guild, how it had been. How could he redeem the guild, why would he even redeem the guild, did it deserve it? Did it even deserve his presence anymore? “So … let’s see how I can portray this, can I make it my own guild? Maybe the frontlines would like KoB more if it wasn’t for Heathcliff, if I just overthrew him and took over, maybe the guild would be seen in a better light. I can’t overthrow him, there’s nothing I can do unless ask him to tread down, I can’t just take his place as founder leader commander thingy …” Macradon thought and sighed as he walked around the volcanic scenery. Last time he was here was when he met Belphegor, and that was still quite the while ago if he remembered correctly. It was back then the two had learned to fight side by side. ID: 111357 LD: 4+5=9, Nothing Found. - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10
  9. “No, the sooner the better” he muttered as he walked through the 9th floor’s hell hole. Well, hell hole was only because of the volcanic scenery, it was a great place, it was where he met Belphegor. The place aside, Macradon had to think of a way to handle this. “If I just leave the guild, I have nothing with me anymore, maybe I can just stay home with Kairi and relax my life away … but that feels more like a chore than this does” he said and sighed deeply as he looked around for materials but found nought. “I have to think of what I’m going to do, and how I’m going to notify the guild, somehow …” he muttered and would continue his walk towards the destination. “Am I gonna stay? Am I gonna leave? I really don’t want any of this sh*t on me anymore …” he muttered. ID: 111345 LD: 4+5=9, Nothing Found. - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10
  10. He had to talk it out with the two, the Commander, and the other one. They were both his superiors, but at this point, he didn’t really care, since the Commander doesn’t really do anything anymore, and the Vice Commander incapable of following orders from a superior in arms. He would sigh as he thought about it, but would hold his hands at his temples to hold this annoyance at a low. “Maybe I should think of it later …” he muttered, slowly walking around, finding materials left and right for him to use as currency or crafting materials. There was so much he had to get done before going on that adventure to find himself once again, it’s something he needed to do, maybe he would be gone for a long while, or perhaps he would just be a way for a week or two, whatever would work the best for him. ID: 111344 LD: 17+5=22, Material Found! CD: 12, 3 Bonus Materials! - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10
  11. Standing at the teleportation plaza of the 21st floor, Macradon was fully clad in his full plate armor, covering his entire body in finely crafted steel plates he made himself. In his back a very large sword strapped on a harness to keep it steady. He was awaiting someone, someone he had written a few messages with after reading the bulletin boards about material gathering. He wasn’t too sure who would need a bodyguard at situations like this, but it seemed like it was a low leveled player since they needed a bodyguard to roam safely on the 21st floor. Macradon would exhale deeply and await the appearance of this other player that he weren’t too familiar with, not even knowing what the person looked like. He would just have to rely on his senses and make a guess that his client would notice the man standing in full plate, that this person would be the one to be a bodyguard. Appearence:
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    [PP-F21] Gatherers of light (Green Blade)

    Thread Summary 16 T3 mats to Macradon 1 SP to Macradon 200 Col to Macradon 6(?) T3 mats to Greenblade 1 SP to Greenblade 200 Col to Greenblade
  13. His plan was clear, but he needed to change his iconography from before. Once he was a proud knight, a templar under the KoB, but now, he was but another person stuck in the dirt that is the KoB. The guild former infamousy had turned into a shitshow of a guild, a place he truly doesn’t want to be at anymore, and he had to think of a good way to just walk out of it without too much work, but he still had to think of a good way of doing it than just walking out. That one player was quite the thing to be in the same guild with, it was not only embarrassing to have that thing associated with one self, but even as a guild as a whole, the frontlines were very against it, since everyone hated the commander because of his sheer pride, if only he had anything to back up that pride than just trying hard. Macradon, as well as Belphegor, would just make the time pass by gathering as many materials as they could, grabbing everything that could be useful. ID: 111343 LD: 20+5=25, Material Found! CD: 8, 2 Bonus Materials! - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 6
  14. The first thing that came to mind right now was to gather materials, it was the easiest thing to do without spending too much energy on mindless monster killing that usually didn’t end out with anything special other than a bit of equipment that he in the end would have to spend money on to find out what it was and if it was useful for him or not. He would sigh as he and Belphegor would do like before and just go at it, spreading out and searching for materials, it was boring and not as exciting, just like he had anticipated it to be … boring. He remembered on back in the days when he did this as well, even before he got his Gatherer skill which made this more lucrative than when he didn’t have it, just thinking of how better it went now than then, Macradon would smile and grab the materials that he found in front of him. ID: 111340 LD: 13+5=18, Material Found! CD: 7, 2 Bonus Materials! - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 3
  15. It had been a while since he was at the merchant shop, and he was mostly appearing to get stocked up on materials when needed, but not today, today was different, he was trying to see if he could get anything useful out of his unidentified haul from earlier adventures. Walking into the shop, Macradon would greet the tank “Hey Shield. No I’m not here for mats today, today it’s all about identification of a bunch of items” he said with a smile as he would hand over all the items while writing down quotations to pay for all the identification.
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    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Spiky Plate Mail Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 111273 Roll: 10 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Thorns | Thorns Description: A light plate mail covered in a light amount of spikes. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=567175 Name: Armored Coat of the Warrior Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 111275 Roll: 11 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 MIT Description: A heavily armored long coat which seems like it is made of just cloth but actually is made of sturdy enough stuff to protect the wearer from major harm. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=567175
  17. Macradon would smile and greet the new customer approaching “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon!” he said, welcoming the newcomer and would continue “The name’s Macradon, and I’ll be your blacksmith for today, what can I help you with?” he would ask and listen. “Nice to meet you, Mortambo! A good piece of armor will help you survive longer, much longer than a good sword would” Macradon said with a smile as he accepted the request order and would go down into his shop to work on it. Walking through the back door down to his smithy, Macradon would begin his work. Crafting on the 9th of January Rank 10: 5120/5120 -3 T1 Mats Items Crafted
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    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 7 Cook}

    He had already been thinking of where to get his items, and it was getting expensive wherever he went, and he wanted to try something new. There was this person, he couldn’t fully remember the person, someone mute he recalled, that helped the frontlines with requests, as well as visiting his shop from time to time. “I think … Neopolitan? Like the ice cream, neapolitan, that might be it, the one with the fancy umbrella thingy” he thought as he would walk towards the shop. He had gathered enough intel by asking his way to this place, it wasn’t that hard to get to, but he hadn’t been there before, so a bit of guiding from those from the floor always helped him get there faster. As he arrived at the shop, a sign in front would read out a phrase, and all he could do was squint in confusion “Golden like silence? I don’t get it” he muttered before shrugging it off and entered the shop. The shop was nice, warm, cozy, especially with the fireplace, it was a nice place, a fine restaurant. Clad in his robes and christmas clothes still, as he didn’t want to be seen in his old Guild Uniform, Macradon would raise his arm and smile “Hey, Neo- ... -politan?” he said and approached “I’ve come to get an order done, it’s a big one. I haven’t visited this restaurant before, and the other places I’ve been at has all been way too expensive, so I guess it’s only fair to finally visit this quaint place” Macradon would say and pull up a pen, as well as grabbing a piece of paper for him to scribble down his requests as well as the calculations for the price. “If what I’ve noticed is true, the final prices should be like this!” he said with a smile and would hand over the sheet of paper with his order on it. When he looked over at the price table, something didn't add up. What intel he had gathered didn't match with what was presented in front of him. "Oh" he said as he would quickly grab another piece of paper and scribble again, now updating his former order to match with the currently presented prices in front of him. Scirbbling, editing, doubling orders, Macradon would make sure he was sufficiently packed to go on his journey without Kairi, making Kairi take of of maintaining the shop and only accepting to sell stuff in stock, unless people were willing to wait until Macradon had returned from his journey, as well as jsut taking care of his estate while he was gone, it would be a long adventure by himself for a while, which hurt him a bit, since he and Kairi had big plans, but Macradon needed to do this before he could advance their plan. "This should have fixed the miscalculations from before! The end price should be close to the one calculated before, but slightly adjusted!" he said with a smile and would hand over the piece of paper. Requests:
  19. Macradon would agree to most that was being said at the table. But he had nothing to really add to the conversation. He didn’t know any upcoming tanks, he didn’t know whomever were trying to reach the frontlines. He wasn’t aware of anything from under the frontlines that didn’t directly connect with his shop, which was now closed due to shortage of materials in the sense that it was dying business, he had to do something about it, and all the work behind it was too easily expendable, but it wasn’t something he would bring up in this discussion, as it was mostly irrelevant. The conversation would go on, and take a pause as Baldur mentioned that they would probably go in as a 2 party group because of the lack of tanks, this was where Macradon finally had anything to add to this conversation. “It’s not the first time the frontlines had been missing tanks, we’ve had this kind of problem before, though I am not aware of hom it was handled, I remember many groups of people training, leveling, to reach a respectable level where they could aide as tanks, but that was long ago, I’m not sure if it’s still a thing going on now, all I remember is that we had people like Takao with his sheer numbers being able to act as tank, seems like it was the case with me as well. We used to have guilds that would train their members, sometimes even forming a whole raid party as a guild, with a tank, healer and fighter, their own composition. We need this, or maybe an alternative to this. I’ll be doing my damndest to get as many players prepared for the frontlines, getting people up aiding you guys, but I just don’t know how. What are your ideas?” he would ask out to the room.
  20. Finding one last cluster of materials right in front of the gates to the settlement, Macradon would smile and howl to get Belphegor to come to him, the two had been through a long day, and it was probably gonna be longer when he opened up his shop again, this would probably gonna take a while, but at least he would get to help the players in need on those lower floors, but it was a dying business, he had to do something about it. “Hm …” he muttered as he would think of how he could make his shop flourish more than ever, without him going bankrupt after 2-3 requests heading towards him “Maybe raise the Col prices … and perhaps reducing the beginner’s discount, as it seems many more players either have a better start, or get someone to pay for them, so it shouldn’t be the biggest problems for his customers." he thought. Going to the warp plaza, Macradon would go back down to his shop and work on prices as he let Belphegor run around in the garden. ID: 111147 LD: 16+5=21, Material Found! CD: 12, 3 Bonus Materials! - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 18 Col: 15200 <Rhaegal’s Emerald> 4x Uncommon T2 Consumable 1x Rare T2 Weapon Thread Complete Acquired: 3 Sp 16100 Col 10 T1 Mats 18 T2 Mats 4x Uncommon T2 Consumables 1x Rare T2 Weapon <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  21. Macradon had been through quite a lot, and it was finally time to do something about all this hectic daily life. He’d been missing his monster hunting days, his field boss rotation. It had been a long time since he last went on a quest to defeat a single boss monster, all this time he used was at raids or in his shop. It was finally time to get some free time of his own of honing his skills. He had heard of this line of monsters, dragons to be specific, that could be defeated one after the other, finally ending in a climax battle at the end against a dragon figure. If these rumors were true, Macradon would venture out with his Cerberus and begin his adventure of slaying dragons, the templar had taken the path of the monster hunter, these few first were going to be his warmup. Stats:
  22. This game was … quite its own thing. There was so much that could really be designed better, some things could be revised or removed completely, there are so many things that just doesn’t work in this game, and it either should’ve been edited to fit, since one of the selling points of this VR adventure would be immersion, but it didn’t feel immersive. Yes they did implement things like hunger and somewhat a thing to time recognition, but it was still not real enough, it was too gamey, too MMO, doesn’t feel like real life. Pain was gone for obvious reasons, which just makes most people’s reaction to damage placebo, they do get a feedback of some force, but it’s never directly pain. There were a lot of aspect that did help the game become more immersive, but it still wasn’t there, there was still a way to go for that immersion. ID: 111146 LD: 8+5=13, No Found. - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 14 Col: 15200 <Rhaegal’s Emerald> 4x Uncommon T2 Consumable 1x Rare T2 Weapon
  23. Working as a team, the two would be able to cover a lot of ground before they would arrive at the settlement. A lot of walking around, thinking about the world that didn’t make sense, about the world with no logic, the frontlines with even less logic. Macradon would sigh at the thought of the frontlines, they were quite the chaos, and Macradon did not intend to ever return to the frontlines for war, he would stay behind, do his best to train those that wanted to become stronger, those that could not protect themselves, help those that needed it more than the frontlines. He would close his eyes, take in a deep breath and sigh deeply once more. They still had a bit to go before they could return home, but they just needed to make the trip a bit more worth it with this material gathering they could do on their way home. ID: 111145 LD: 10+5=15, Material Found! CD: 10, 3 Bonus Materials! - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 14 Col: 15200 <Rhaegal’s Emerald> 4x Uncommon T2 Consumable 1x Rare T2 Weapon