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  1. *pokes @Takao* Did you get my message mate?

    1. Takao


      Whoops, my B. I'll take a look at it now.

    2. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      I fixed all that for ya takao.

  2. Well, after a couple days of being muse-less, here is hope that i can atleast finish the EaL quest!

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    2. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      I have already been over the whole profession with with Nikodemus and Eibon, Kalesh, and others. I wanted the performer for things like the mass hp restore and some of the debuffs so that I could do the whole 'Cleric/Bard type' and who heals and buffs his allies, while debuffing the enemy and then slamming his huge hammer into things for moderately high damage. Plus, I got the connections to get weapons and alchemical items if needed for free.

    3. XWuZHeAR


      That's cool got some mad connects huh? X is mostly an RP character at this point with his build but he's a martial arts user who has a familiar and is a performer. I guess he'd sort of be a backline healer/assassin focusing more on getting last hits and dodging incoming attacks.

    4. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      Well, I am going for healer mainly, as my friend Nikodemus is going for tank, and I have no idea what Eibon is doing with his build. So I figured I'd take the healer role since Eibon mentioned he had no want of doing that himself. Plus, I've always been the Ranged DPS/Mage character in most other games, figured I would try support this time around.

  3. Well, thanks to my friend @Nikodemus_Blackwood, I am geared up and ready to go slay some beasties and get my profession!!! YAY!!!

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    2. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      I know I don't need to, but RP wise it just fits with my character. He is a very powerful speaker who studies oratory skills, poetry, and so forth. So it just fits that he would be a performer, singing or speaking enthralling and uplifting bits of oration to help his allies prevail, while healing them and such and knee capping enemies left and right.

    3. Kalesh


      I say just follow your dreams. Not everything needs to be about efficiency. I just like to warn newcomers who don't want to do the math beforehand. I did the math and STILL picked it xD

      Worst case scenario you make an Alt, give them your excess materials, and make them make stuff for you but otherwise not exist.

    4. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      Well, I have a good friend who is a blacksmith, and one who is a budding Alchemist. So most of that is covered. Only other thing I would need is an Artisan. But I am still debating on the profession thing... Hence why I hadn't started the quest yet.

  4. Kain Hargraves

    Tome of Life: Kain Hargraves

    Upkeep: +Armor of The Cleric, Volendrung, Shield of the Cleric. Thread where items were given: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11715-floor-7-the-cracked-crucible-blacksmith-pka/?page=4
  5. Journal approved? Check.

    Rules read? Check.

    Ready for RP/questing? Check!

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    2. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      Well... I have a friend here who is hooking me up with some armor and a weapon. But I wanna get some levels and my profession done so I can get going, so I would def. appreciate help with leveling.

    3. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      Oh aye, you lazy bag of bones... Bout time you got around to this. Just been waiting since.... Oh around March. Come get your stuff when your back on again.

    4. Kain Hargraves

      Kain Hargraves

      Yea yea. Hush up you old wind bag.

  6. Kain Hargraves

    Tome of Life: Kain Hargraves

    Profile Username: Kain Hargraves Real name: Lorgar Aurelius Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 6'3 Weight: 360 Lbs Eyes: Emerald Green Hair: Blonde, but shaved short Body type: Muscular About: History/personality Born and raised in the midwest of the U.S., Lorgar was brought up as a spiritual man. His mother was a hippy from the 60's and self-titled 'Star Child' while his father was a militaristic Christian who was a follower of a particular religion. Getting a dose of both worlds, Kain was raised to have his own beliefs and be a follower of his own path. As he grew up, he had few close friends and many acquaintances. Moving through life, he spent his time studying oratory like poetry, philosophy, debate, and so on. He also studied religion of all kinds and was not afraid to be open about his non-denominationalism. At the age of 21, he was ordained a minister for a non-denominational church, but never practiced. Spending his early twenties as a poet and writer, he lived from check to check, job to job. At the age of 22, he began a new chapter of his life. Settling down, he took a steady job in a marketing company and did his best to make his way in life. In his spare time, he still wrote, as well as played games of all kinds. It was this hobby that brought him to SAO. Saving some extra money he made doing odd jobs, he bought a NerveGear and a copy of SAO and delved into it. Virtues: Loyal: Kain will never turn from his comrades, nor will he refuse aid to someone with him. He holds this ideal close to him and will fight and die for those with him. This makes him a good soldier in the game, and could lead to him reaching a high rank within a guild. With his hammer in hand and a cry of battle on his lips, he will walk forward regardless of peril, so long as it is with allies. Caring: Kain has always shown a softer side. He is the person who would donate as much of his salary to homeless people, no matter what and with no questions asked. While spending the longest time helping the orphanage in the Town of Beginnings, his heart showed true in all his works. Those whom he protects, he does so with love and care. Dependable: Never one to shirk duties or pass on a workload, Kain has been a hard worker all his life. Even now in SAO, he makes sure that things get done before rest is had. When tasked with a duty, he does it, and people have come to count on him. When given a guarded secret, he keeps it no matter what. When asked to do something personal for a player, he does so with great alacrity and to the T for that person. Flaws: Blunt- Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. Frank, callous, insensitive, brusque. Kain is all of these. Having seen death since day 1 of SAO, he has become rough around the edges and does what is needed to ensure the safety of those around him, and himself. He has been known to call out a bad plan, rebuke a foolish player, and even backhand people occasionally. Erratic- Deviating from the customary course in conduct or opinion; eccentric: erratic behavior. Eccentric, bizarre, outlandish, strange. Not your normal healer type, Kain believes in the saying: "The Tome of Life states that a cleric shall not take life in an unnecessary manner. But nothing is written about not kneecapping." Not afraid to get into the fray, he has been known to come off as strange and different. Fierce- Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid; "fierce loyalty"; "in a tearing rage"; "vehement dislike"; "violent passions". Loyalty and devotion to the mission are both written in Kain's DNA, but to such an extent that betrayal is punished by harshly, and the abandonment of ones service is a sin. In the real world, this type of behavior would be sought from a Drill Sargent, Law Enforcer, or Zealot. Profession: N/A Skill Points: Earned: 5 Used: 5 Unused: 0 Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » One-Handed War Hammer: Rank 1. +1 DMG Unlocked skills: Inventory Weapons/Tools: Volendrung: +3 DMG Armor of The Cleric: + 27 MIT Shield of the Cleric. +14 Thorns Stored: Roleplays IN PROGRESS: Abandoned: COMPLETED: Allies: Story Thus Far After being trapped in SAO, Kain went around and tried to help people recover from the shock and mental shutdown, as well as care for and protect others who needed it. Shortly after the first few floors were cleared, Kain had taken up residence in a church with other people, taking in children to young to fight and sheltering them. He became a guardian of sorts, even going so far as to provide a type of spiritual service to those in need. Within the time it took to go from Floor 3 to Floor 16, Kain spent his days teaching, helping people, taking care of the sick and wounded, and providing shelter and spiritual comfort to the lost. Shortly after the events of Floor 16, Kain decided he needed to do more and begin getting stronger to help clear the game.