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  1. Fair warning I have work today and wont be able to make any replies for several hours. I'll respond tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how I feel after work.

  2. Any other low level players looking for a roleplay?

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    2. Ignavus_veneficus


      Yeah I had caught that

    3. Mack


      I figured... I tried to make it pretty obvious what the thread was about between the title and the post. Besides, if it gets big enough everyone rakes in that sweet, sweet SP.

      I am, of course, keeping all the Col for myself though. I'm giving away items, I get to keep completed thread col.

      Fair is fair. :)

    4. Ignavus_veneficus
  3. And I'm finally back from my weekend ordeal! Will be working on getting threads started shortly. If anyone wants to rp feel free to shoot me a message.

  4. So I am gonna be out of reach in a few hours through tomorrow evening. Have a funeral to go to. Feel free to shoot me a message if you are interested in rping and I'll get back to you tomorrow or sunday.

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      Sorry to hear about your funeral. I hope all went well.

    2. Ignavus_veneficus


      It did and thank you for your concern


  5. Looking for RP with other low level players feel free to shoot me a message or check out my RP idea thread

  6. Ignavus_veneficus

    Face-Claim Thread

    I would like to make a face-claim of Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin for my character Ignavus Veneficus.
  7. Ignavus_veneficus

    Ignavus Veneficus Journal

    ProfileUsername: Ignavus_VeneficusReal name: Kazuki NaotaAge: 24Gender: MaleHeight: 6'4"About: History: Born Kazuki Naota the youngest son of an affluent family, having two elder siblings of talent little was expected of Kazuki as a child. Kazuki spent almost the entirety of his free time playing games, and other activities that his parents would have considered a waste of time. Keeping a careful balance between managing expectations and doing just enough to keep his parents off his back. Kazuki ended up doing fairly well in school, not enough to win any accolades but enough to get him into a respectable college. Putting in enough time to get a degree before getting a low-level job at a bank call center. Needless to say his parents were disappointed that he didn't aim higher but he was making enough money to be living on his own with little trouble so they left him to his own devices. When Sword Art Online was getting ready to be released Kazuki cashed in on his vacation time so that he could wait in line and guarantee himself a copy of the coveted title and allow him to play it on release without having to be interrupted by work. Personality: The man known as Kazuki is fairly simple, amiable enough but reserved in his everyday life. When it comes to work he tends to just put in his hours and then go home, rarely socializing with his co-workers. Where Kazuki really comes alive is online, where he has cultivated his identity under the name of Ignavus Veneficus, a name he came up with playing a tabletop fantasy game with his friends. Ignavus Veneficus translates from latin as Lazy Wizard, something Kazuki always felt was funny, and so had kept it across various games. Kazuki has always been into roleplaying, usually playing mmo's on a server that allowed for it or falling in with a group that engaged heavily in the playing of characters. In general Kazuki usually plays solo or falls in with a group of loose acquaintances so that he can access higher level content.Virtues: Adaptable: In real life Kazuki has always thought well on his feet, changing to new circumstances quickly to avoid being caught off guard. Being of an above average intelligence and thinking quickly has led Kazuki well in most of his life thus far, rarely finding an obstacle that couldn't be circumvented with sharp wit and good timing. Due to his ability to adapt to new situations and some measure of luck Kazuki can tend to be a little reckless. Cunning: Naturally intelligent and afforded many opportunities in life to grow his intellect, Kazuki has always been of an above average intelligence. However Kazuki usually uses his intelligence to avoid responsibility and sidestep difficult or bothersome situations instead of utilizing it to strive for greatness. If he had better motivation his parents believe there would be no limit to what he could succeed in. Loyal: When Kazuki truly trusts someone he will do what it takes to help them, even at detriment to himself. Gaining Kazuki's loyalty is a hard-won fight, but once it is earned the he would put his life and reputation at stake for that person. Kazuki's loyalty knows no bounds, having occasionally done things that were dishonest for his friends, granted he usually tries to exhaust more reputable ways of helping first. Flaws:Reckless: Planning isn't exactly one of Kazuki's strong points, he probably wouldn't be bad at it if he thought that far ahead but unfortunately he doesn't. Kazuki tends to think in the here and now and then react as the situation changes, instead of planning out for potential outcomes. Sometimes this results in Kazuki charging head first into dangerous situations ill-prepared, occasionally with disastrous consequences.Distrustful: As a general rule Kazuki doesn't trust people have his best intentions at heart, as such he rarely lets people get close. It's not that Kazuki will never trust someone just that it takes a really long time before he won't be on his guard around them. This doesn't usually keep Kazuki from being friendly with people but to those paying attention they will realize that he never relies on someone for something he knows he could himself.Uncaring: The struggles and difficulties of strangers are usually on the last of Kazuki's list of cares. More than willing to walk past a distressed crying person without slowing his stride. The only time Kazuki will care about the difficulties of another person, that he isn't already invested in at least, is if there is some way for him to benefit from helping them.Profession: N/ASkills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat: » Weapon skills: »Two-Handed Straight Sword <> Novice (5sp)InventoryWeapons/Tools:» Iron Two-Handed Straight Sword» Cloth ArmorRoleplays» »