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  1. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    While she heard what the other girl said under her breath, Eatos opted to simply say nothing. While she was indeed included, she didn’t want to think about it. So much, recently, she had found herself mentally distancing herself from others more and more, sometimes she found it hard to see herself as ‘one of them’. Hearing the other girl talk, Eatos found herself amused and depressed. She could see herself in this other girl. Helping others with a store. But Kataware taking a step forwards, scouting for the front lines. It was rather interesting. Hopefully she made it there. “Well, you have a clear plan it sounds like. Hopefully you can commit to it” She didn’t finish her sentence like she had intented to do, much like her life it seemed. Ironic, in a way. A loud bark forced the girl to throw the ball, Angel abandoning the girls and running after the ball to fetch it. “Point taken about the guilds. They’re the best way to get to the front line” She went silent for a bit, before looking the other girl in the eyes “You still could join a guild. I know a few people who are in one…”
  2. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    So she was aware of the timer on them? The reality that Eatos had come to her days into her new life. Every single person trapped in this game only had so long to live. Even with the best medical equipment being used, their bodies needed activity. Their bones and muscles would become almost mush, and that was just the ones she could list off in her head. Without much medical knowledge, she couldn’t know all the problems their bodies would have when they came back. “A race we seem to be losing” The girl said absently as she brushed off the snow from her suit “We’re barely a quarter of the way in….” She shook her head. She needed to avoid the black holes in her mind like that. She looked at Angel, who barked once. The girl shrugged in response, as if she was having a conversation with the Husky. “Helping people…? So you’re aiming for the front lines, and as a solo player…Don’t you feel that’s a tad…risky?” The girl asked. There was no marker signalling them as a member of a guild, meaning they were more than likely a solo player. Attach that to that she was annoyingly like Stryder, the aim to help everyone, and the best way to do that was get to the front lines…
  3. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Surprise people? Well, she indeed surprised her. Eatos had been expecting another day of trying to pull herself out of the rabbit hole she often found herself in by playing with Angel. It didn’t work, but it was the only therapy she had to the whispering voices that ate away at her sanity on a daily basis. Hearing about the red marks, she was mostly correct. Although, Eatos knew that just because you didn’t have a marker, didn’t mean you weren’t dangerous. Both of them could be willing to kill, and just haven’t taken the last step. They could be scouts, ensuring their victim is alone and easy prey before sending in the killers. Theories she’d come up with, to ensure she was safe from such parties. This girl seemed innocent, although, that could be a front. But Eatos was confident she’d be able to survive any assassination attempt against her life. “It would be telegraphed” The girl said as she pulled herself out of the snow and glared at the Husky, who only barked back happily as they were pet by Kataware. “So what are your intentions then Kata? Where do you think you’ll end up in life, or at least, in this game?”
  4. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    She was, completely, lost. Kataware had no idea what she was doing. While this was standard for a lot of people, in a world like this, it could be the last mistake you make. With that knowledge, which should always be in the back of your mind, why would you do something so stupid? The girl opted to silence to answer Kataware. If she was honest with herself, there was something so ignorant. So foolish about her, it annoyed her. And yet, she found herself in a little piece of awe at it. At that moment, Angel ran back and, instead of setting the ball down, leaped into Eatos, taking the girl down into the snow with loud barks. The girl let out a yell in shock as she is almost buried in the snow, and while the Husky leapt out, the girl remained in the snow. “Angel…” Eatos signed. She knew it was pointless to ‘punish’ her pup, partly because she loved it too much and also because it was just a habit she hadn’t bothered to properly discipline her. She just sighed, and couldn’t be bothered getting out of the cold snow “Trust me, no one is more surprised you’re here than I am…Or Angel for that matter…”
  5. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Eatos should have been reflective enough to know that, even if the other girl had no idea, she was talking about herself. For weeks, she'd had little, to no, human contact. Just her Angel to keep her company, and while normally that was enough, recently she just felt empty, cold. Dead almost. She opened her mouth to reply 'I know all too well the damage it does', before opted away. Now wasn't the time to ruin life with a pitty party, even more so that it was her own. The Husky came running back, dropping the ball at the girls feet and demanding another throw. Smiling, the girl leans down and scoops up the ball as she heard Kata explain herself. 'She had no idea, and didn't even consider it. Reckless, the girl could be dead already if i was anything like him' she thought to herself as she threw the ball hard, and the Husky, as they do, threw itself after it. "I think i recognize it, the more i look at it. It looks sorta like the flier for a guild that went up months back. They met out here to rally members" She says, keeping the reality that she herself was one of the guild leaders hidden "Why would you be looking for them anyway?"
  6. Eatos

    Eatos' Blacksmithing Evaluations

    Name: Gladiator's Pride Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: Rank 6 Roll ID: 104299 Roll: 12 Item Type: Shield Tier: T2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT (3 Slots) Description: Made for the Arena, this net can stiffen, so a trained gladiator can use it as a shield. The Net itself is made from nothing less then spun bronze enhanced with the essence of the warriors own will. Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15168-floor-4-rank-6-on-break-a-heroes-infinite-arsenal/?do=findComment&comment=555076
  7. Eatos looked at her forge, and the hammer in her hand. The past months had been hard, mentally, the girl was struggling. She hadn't been sleeping well, hadn't been talking to anyone. She had been left behind. A relic of a forgotten time perhaps. She let out a sad laugh. Did it matter what fancy terms or titles she used? She was alone. She was always destined to be alone. She figured, she may as well be productive. And managed to create the last item on her docket. Hei's shield. Her smithing has just, slowed down. No one came in, and the girl had really began to struggle to craft, well, anything. Find the self-motivation to do it. So, she came up with a solution. Exclusive use only. It was the best she had. She opened her message system and threw @Hei a quick applogy and note his shield was finally ready.
  8. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Needing someone to watch your back? Eatos didn’t react at all, but internally, she was amused. No man was an island, and even in a place like this, that was forever true. Angel had been by her side for, it felt like forever if she was honest, even if the reality wasn’t nearly that. Pile that with the reality that when they escaped, Angel was be trapped here…alone, forever. “No man is an Island” the girl said as Angel came sprinting back, dropping the ball at the Bluenettes feet and sitting attentively. Eatos smiled. It seemed that Angel’s training was paying off indeed. The husky was still barking at everyone who she perceived a threat, but at least she was obeying silent commands. The girls attention was caught by the flyer being shown to her. Even with it being in tatters, she recognised it instantly. After all, she was the one who made it. Back when Guardians of the New Dawn were trying to pull in members to start off, she had made several flyers and had Stryder distribute them around Sword Art Online. If she was honest, she’d forgotten that they’d never taken them all down. “It’s a beautiful sight, honestly it’s a shame not many people enjoy this weather. But, well, that in of itself has its own benefits” She said calmly “How did you know that wasn’t from a player killer guild? Setting up a trap to catch players?”
  9. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Eatos stroked the familiars head as she took the ball, but held it. While she would show Kataware some respect before throwing the ball again, although Angels blue eyes stared at her owner with anticipation. The name, well, it was odd. Most players went for a distinct word as a name, and yet it was not a word she could play a translation to, despite knowing an excess number of languages. Stepping forwards, she shook the other girls hand, and a soft smile came out onto her face. “Pleasure Kataware. Don’t worry much about Angel here, she’s just too protective of me when it comes to strangers” The girl glanced down at the Husky, who was staring at her. She rolled her arm back, before throwing the green ball as far as she could. It wasn’t far, but the Husky shot off like a bullet. “There usually aren’t people here. I come here most days to play with Angel, but outside of a few people bypassing for quests, it’s just me and her” The bluenetter said as her eyes peeled away from the running Husky to the other girl “Names Eatos. So, I gotta ask, what are you doin’ out here? No one usually comes out in this sort of weather”
  10. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Eatos took a deep breath, the cold air that entered her lungs bringings a sense of comfort to her. It was the feeling of home in winter when she went out to play fetch with her real world pet. It had always been a comforting time, and when she picked up a familiar in this game, well…It was too hard not to fall for this habit. Eatos heard a bark and looked up. Only to spot Angel had found…a player? What was another player doing here? Eatos came here daily, and often times, was always alone. She hadn’t run into another player here, in well, forever. The girl walked forwards to Angel and the other player, and that’s when she could be properly seen. Soft amber eyes and pale skin, the oddest thing about her was perhaps her clothes. A black suit, despite playing fetch with a dog and being in a video game. Her blue hair was shortish, lazily kissing her shoulders. At the arrival of the girl, Angel’s barks evolved into defensive growls. Eatos shook her head a little. “Angel, down girl” She said calmly as the Familiar acted, grabbing its ball and running back to Eatos, wagging her tail a ton. Eatos knelt down and petted the pet, looking at the other girl. Curiousity ate at her. What was she doing here? “Her name is Angel, and she can get…territorial” Eatos explained “But she is indeed my familiar. What’s your name?” She asked. She didn’t recognise this girl, and a small fear at her. Was this one of those player-killer scouts?
  11. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Frostbite Lake. It was, without a doubt, the most therapudic place within Sword Art Online, in Eatos’ honest opinion. Although, she was more than aware that she also loved the cold, the chilly breeze through her hair as it lightly kisses your face. And the silence, where it was only the wind that greeted your ears. A loud bark interrupted the girls thoughts, and her soft amber eyes zeroed in on the break in the silence. A large blue-eyes Husky. Angel. Eatos smiled as the familiar barked, wagging her tail and hinting at the item that was at the girls feet. A green ball she’d had commissioned. Almost identicle to a tennis ball. Leaning down, she scooped it up and, without saying a word, threw it. It landed on the ground, mere feet away from Kataware, who was within eye-sight of Eatos if she had been looking properly. The husky shot off like a lightning bolt after the ball. Eatos smiled, the smile eating at her face despite the memory that echoed within her mind. “Adam…maybe one day, I’ll find it in myself to forgive you” she muttered softly as she felt a cold shiver race through her entire body, one that brought both comfort and worry. Angel shot after the ball, her tail wagging madly as she found the ball and…a person? Angels protective instinct kicked in as the familiar tried to assess if the player was a threat. Her ice-blue eyes scanned over the player, and occasionally looked at the ball she had been hunting to get. A single bark, most curious than a command, was issues by Angel towards Kataware.
  12. Words were bouncing around near her, but Eatos struggled to place them together and instead, allowed them to leave her mind as she stared at the two boys who had walked towards them. A mute in Sword Art Online. How tough that would honestly be, to be unable to communicate even in this world, and if he lost his friend. He’d be trapped without even a voice, or someone to understand him. So few people knew how sign language worked, Eatos knew, mostly. Well, she could sort of understand him, if a few words not translating properly. ‘One of them was watching us’ she translated mentally, and she was internally amused. Of course she had been spotted watching, staring at them wasn’t subtle. Still, she tried to bring herself back and listen to what they were saying, and the world ‘Guild’ was mentioned. Eatos assumed that they were looking for one. Instantly in her mind, it created a list of the main guilds, and which ones would benefit them most. She could safely assume they weren’t main combatants, or at the very least, lowish levelled. Meaning combat focused guilds, such Holy Dragon might not be the best option. In fact, only two main guilds came even close. Her own, and Domarus. A guild that for some reason, her brain refused to trust. “There aren’t too many guilds that’ll be huge on taking in low levelled players right now, given that they’re trying to make a united front line” She said, her voice was soft, yet had a cold chill within it “There are two main guilds that are for protecting lower levelled players. Kyriarchia Enosi, which roughly translates as Dominance Union with a little translation, and Guardians of the New Dawn” She glanced at Stryder and Hei with a dazed look, almost as if asking them to trust her before looking back at him. “Union’s been actively putting up a mini-war against Player-Killer guilds lately, lead by the guild leader himself, Domarus. He’s been recruiting younger children recently, and has been very…active in ensuring they’re levelling up” She didn’t say that that was to lead them to the front line, or the fact that his private life was so annoyingly open if screamed a trap to her cynical mind. “Guardians is a slower guild, they’re focused on protection over levelling. Ensuring a player has backup if needed, but they’re not near to operating on the front lines just yet. One or two players at most, the majority of the guild is simply trying to level up safely, see where it takes them”. Despite her voice being the same, she felt cold inside. It felt too easy to deceive them, to simply not state that they were the three heads of the Guardians.She noticed only then, that her entire time, she'd been speaking rather coldly, and let out a weak smile. She had been feeling too cynical lately, and it was coming across in how she was speaking.
  13. Eatos

    The time has come

    Trying to get this account more active, this might be what i need to get some stuff plus figure out the direction i wanna take personality. Level 21, Healer, Dps <Weak Dps>
  14. This was all for her. All to ensure the safety of the others since her healing was, well. She couldn’t do group healing yet, she was far from it. So this crystal, this entire expedition was to help her do her single job. She listened to the others, and took a deep breath. With Hydra here, they had better odds. Significantly better odds honestly. Because he could operate as a ‘tank’, given Stryder and Hei both lacked any tank statistics and she herself was a healer with nothing in resistances. “They’re out that way” She said in relation to Hei’s question. The Iron Guardians weren’t far, and the battle shouldn’t be too hard as long as they were smart with targeting and managing its aggression system. The girl started walking forwards, leading the way. Information Brokers had their uses, and Eatos had enough of them to ensure she knew what she needed to know. At her side, Angel, the large Husky familiar, barked at her and the girl smirked at her pet “Don’t worry, we’ll go play by the lake later today” She said in a mothering tone to her Husky, who made a loud howling noise in turn. “Later” She echoed, a stern tone in her voice, and Angel barked once before walking lazily beside the bluenette.
  15. The arrival of Hei was unexpected, and Eatos found herself at a slight loss. She and Hei had an interesting relationship, but of late, she had come to a new reality, that distance was her friend. That solitude was that which greeted her daily, and Angel. Never a player. “It wasn’t intentional” the girl said calmly, standing up to face him. Her amber eyes instantly noticed the raptor following him. A familiar? Had to be. It seemed he had been powering up in terms of strength. How long till he joined the front line, leaving her behind? “I have been feeling, unwell recently…So I wanted to come for a walk on this floor….” The girls eyes roamed away from Hei, specifically, over his shoulder. She had spotted two players, and while that would normally not catch her eye, one thing did. Sign language. The girl pursed her lips as she watched the conversation, at least, to the best of her abilities. Angel, having planted herself on Stryders lap, quickly spotted the Raptor that was circling them. The Husky quickly leapt off and watched the other familiar, looking at her owner before at the other familiar, as if seeing if it could intercept it if it went after the blue-haired girl. Eventually, the Husky barked, once, loudly, at the Raptop. While that occurred, Eatos never took her eyes off the pair over Hei’s shoulders. Her sign language was rusty, having learnt it when she was a child and never having been able to use it in a proper conversation (Other than the time she had earplugs on and wanted to know if she’d actually learnt it). She could sort of translate it, but the movements were far too fluid for her to keep up. She made no attempt to be subtle, and was seemingly unaware of the existence of her guild mates “…He’s a mute” she said suddenly to them both as if they knew what she knew. Even from where Aspect and Athel stood, they would be able to see the girls amber eyes looking right at them.