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  1. The girl smiled internally, he had noticed. She went too high to see how he’d react. If he agreed with the number she put, then her alarms would have gone off. Maybe he really was here for the best of the people? She let out a short breath as she stroked her familiars head, the husky letting out a soft growl as she did. The hunting party idea was a solid one, and yet, there was so much she could do during it. See Domarus in action, and speak to those under his care. Those in his guild, the children, would tell her everything. Tell if is Domarus was what he appeared, or was the man who would try and drive her to insanity. Finally, Stryder spoke up. She knew that his appearance, and following silence, made a single statement. This was her guild, not his. While not entirely correct, there was some level of accuracy in that statement. He handled battle, she handled behind the scenes. And she smiled. Finally, he had done the one thing she wanted from him. He had dropped a single name. Embers. Eatos had met the girl several times, and while rude and blunt, she had an excellent read on people. She had sorted out her own secret before most, annoyingly. If Domarus was something else, that ginger would tell her. “Well, then I’ll message with you details about our first joint-guild hunt. Hopefully it’ll be fruitful enough to be able to give us the right step” She said. She threw a glance at Stryder, silently thanking him for playing the only useful card he could. The card she was silently praying for him to play. If it came from her, it would be suspicious, but from Stryder, it would all work out fine. “I hate to cut this off, but I did promise to meet a friend of mine down on the 2nd floor today and I shouldn’t keep them waiting. If there anything else that you want to discuss now, or shall we do it on the hunt?” She asked. She knew her sentence sprung the end of the meeting, partly because she had much to consider before their guilds went out of this hunt.
  2. The girl looked over at Stryder as he asked his question. What did she think of the guild? It was honestly, ineffective. They were in a death game, people were powering away in the ‘frontlines’ in order to escape and they were putting up with low level players who would, at the end of it, probably not make a huge impact in the completion of this game… “We have a lot of options” She said calmly, not hint of the thoughts behind her amber eyes “I doubt we’ll reach the front line anytime soon, but honestly, it’s not needed. There are several guilds active up there, so we can just keep where we are. Keeping weaker players safe” It was a cowards option, and yet, it was her place. Keep the weak players safe. She had no right to be on the front line, and instead, would play her role, would play her part in this death game…
  3. A request? The girls amber eyes didn’t move away from him, she wasn’t sure if she could afford too. She couldn’t show a sign of weakness, yet she wanted to talk to Stryder. She had done her research on Domarus and his guild. Their record was perfect. Active against crime guilds, alongside Hestia and the Holy Dragon Alliance. Unified with the front lines, if lacking the members to fight on them. Her informants had even found that he’d actively taken in children for their own protection. Everything they found on him, even had dug up about him and his maid, came to the same conclusion. They wanted the best for everyone. He was no business man, and yet, despite his informal appearance that he’d arrived in, all she could hear was the voice of her mother. ‘Too err on the side of caution is correct, but to remain static is to die’ Eatos let out a soft hum as Angel, the girls large Husky, leapt up onto the couch and into the girls lap “A-angel!” She said with a harsh tone, but despite it, she smiled and gave the husky the attention it had been seeking. But it gave her the delay she wanted, that she needed. While part of her wanted nothing more than to believe Domarus was what he seemed, it was his eyes. They were identicle to Adams, the shape, the colour, and the same way that she swore there was something within them, laughing, mocking her. Was it real, or was her mind recreating her tormentor once again? “Two-Hundred Thousand…” She echoed, quickly doing the maths. Domarus was far away from his target. 108,432 Col to be specific. And collecting gold alone, there was plenty to do. He had mentioned that he was the solo earner for his entire guild, meaning his position was ‘weaker’, she could shift her weight a little more. The amount as well was most interesting. According to her maths, a guild hall shouldn’t be that expensive even fully decked out. He was overestimating the cost by 20,000, unless he was making the guild hall a home for Player Killers, or at least, the option for Player Killers to enter. She let out a soft breath. It seemed that stalling, had indeed, given her what she wanted. An idea, an ‘opening’. Even if Domarus indeed wasn’t evil, if he did mean nothing but the best for the players. Then there would be no harm in a little game, a little test. If he was true in his intentions, he would see this as her accepting his offer. While in Eatos’ reality, it was a compromise and a stalling tactic. She needed time to short herself out, and speak to Stryder without an audience. “An alliance is one I do agree on, as it benefits both factions. The way I see it, we can suit one another’s needs perfectly well. While our treasury lacks a large quantity of col, we could conduct regular hunting. Myself and Stryder will go with you. Of course, you’re welcome to bring members from your guild, as we may bring some of our weaker members to witness what is occurring. We’ll ensure the col is distributed from our hunting” Although by what means, that would be debatable at the time “So what do you think Domarus? A hunting trip on one of the upper floors, with some of the stronger members in each guild. What do you say?”
  4. They had reached the steps at the base of Mount Olympus. Eatos, despite knowing it was all a video game and that everything that was occurring had been preprogramed, couldn’t stop the fluttering. It filled her with excitement and energy, even if her Satyr companion had gone completely silent. But that was the nature of the messenger, his goal was to collect an individual and deliver them upon the god that summoned them. After nearly a ten minute walk, the Satyr stopped short of the top of the mountain, instead shifting his eyes to a cave that opened up in the mountain. He shifted his hands, beckoning her to enter “This is where my point in this stops. You’re wanted inside” The girl smiled at him, giving a minor nod of her head before entering the cave. Even from the entrance, she could feel the heat. And the smell, or burning ores. There was one hell of an impressive forge burning away in there. She took a deep breath, and ventured into the cave, excited to meet the god of the forge.
  5. Eatos kept a straight, passive face as she absorbed the information given to her by Domarus. She believed herself to be a good judge of people, at least, a lot better than she was when she was 16. While it appeared that Domarus wanted nothing but good, there was a part of her that just couldn’t shake the sense of familiarity. There was just something about him, that reminded her of a certain individual from the real world who had, single-handedly, ruined her entire life. Were they so similar, masters of deception, or was she paranoid because Domarus shared his eyes? The offer of protection given by Domarus was to be expected, she had set up his opening as she had made it clear her guild didn’t have many combatants on their roster. However, the mentioning of the guild hall quickly caught her ears, and a soft smile appeared on her face. ‘It always leads back to money’ she mused silently ‘Unlike the real world, Domarus has placed a clear intention here. An alliance of money, but one that clearly favours him. He wants a guild hall, and will use my guild to ensure he gets it. The obvious issues are that once he has what he wants, he could very easily just cut us off’ She took a deep breath. Was he that sinister, or was her mind playing it out all wrongly? “So you’re in need of financial assistance over the rest” She said softly “While your proposal does bring some merit towards it, there are a few things I must take into account before I consider agreeing. After all, guild halls are rather expensive. We’re been saving for some time to purchase our own, so while the offer to share is ideal, it will still result in our guild lacking while yours will grow upon the purchase…” The girl was simply stating fact. A guild hall was a catalyst to bring players in, an incentive. Even sharing it, Domarus would be the owner and the one who could dictate…. The girls blood turned to ice as her amber eyes hardened, looking right at Domarus as something, an idea, crystallised in her mind. While she prayed it was unlikely, there was a cold truth. It would be the approach she would take if she was Domarus. If her intention was, not only to build up the number of members within her own guild, but start absorbing other guilds into its fold. And this would be the first step, ally with another guild. Get them close as trusted allies, then offer to merge the guild and power structure. Give the former leaders positions of power, but ensure they're underneath your own to keep control. A typical business unity deal. “I’m going to assuming that you have a record of how much Col your guild is in possession off, as well as how much the guild hall, plus all of its additions, will cost you, correct?” She asked, mostly banking to stall. There was no way Domarus didn’t know, hell Eatos knew since she doubted there would be a ton of deviation between her Guild Hall and Domarus’s. But it was a delay move, to give her mind time to analysis her own thinking. To consider if Domarus did have a second agenda, one that she knew she’d be doing in his place. Were people as cold as her? She silently prayed not.
  6. The girl smiled hearing Hei being confident. She knew he had it, but there was always a part of her that worried. The only reason he was here was because of her, and if he died because of her. She already had enough blood on her hands in the real world, she didn’t want any more people to die under her watch. Watching as Hei turned and charged into the fight, she flinched as the monster landed a series of blows, but thankfully, Hei’s strike seemed to finish the fight. She let out a silent breath that she had been holding. It seemed the monster didn’t grow stronger on repeat visits, a rumour that had worried her slightly. “You nailed it” She said, walking over to him “Thank you for this, with this, I should have your armour and weapon ready for use soon” She had been slow with her store, but she should be grinding them out. AT least, the custom orders. Leaning down, the girl reached and picked up the custom drop. With that, Hei's equipment should be ready to go soon.
  7. After successfully stunning the Forgotten, she watched Stryder jump in and kill it. Honestly, he’d been doing that the entire time they were out here. She couldn’t help her curiousity about what level his Sword Arts were. It was safe to say Rank 4, possibly rank 5. Still, it wasn’t her place to know his exact level, even if she was the one running the guild. “I…I did ok” she said, downplaying it. She’d been getting better with her Sword Arts and combat, but she was no Stryder. She wasn’t that confident charging into most fights, and preferred her role as a healer in the backline. “Yeah, we got a good bout this turn. Heading back sounds pretty good” She wouldn’t lie and say she wasn’t tired, today had been mentally draining on her more than anything else. She was looking forward to her bed, after all, bed meant safety and most importantly, sleep.
  8. Eatos looked over at Angel, her Husky familiar, right as it ran into the room. She wasn’t honestly surprised, but still. Maybe it was for the best, it was clear from Domarus’ attitude that negotiations here were far different to those in the real world. But, then again, she didn’t own any other ‘casual’ clothes, so she didn’t have much of a choice. She smiled at the mention of Stryder “Guild leader in name. While he is the one who started the guild officially, we share power and, this is much more my area than his” She explained. Styrder was the ‘face’ of the guild, as was the plan. He was the leader of the combat section, and the one who made a name for the guild. She, on the other hand, handled everything else internally. But, it seemed the ‘façade’ had worked, Domarus seemingly was unaware of the reality. The explanation of Keres was met with simply a raised eyebrow. While Eatos couldn’t comprehend Keres of her reasoning, at the end, not only was it not entirely important. The selection of his personal company, and life, was his own. While reading into it could provide her context on Domarus, there would be no need…for now. It was that moment Stryder decided to rock up wearing…a suit?! She found herself a little off-guard. The hell did he have that for?! She took a breath and shook it off. “Nice of you to join us, although what are you wearing?” She asked, despite wearing a black suit herself “You look…out of place wearing something like that Stryder. You’re too casual to be wearing it…” She could have said nothing, but seeing Stryder in a suit just confused her honestly. It just, wasn’t like him. Listening to Domarus describe his guild, she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Part of her said that it sounded too perfect, too ideal. But was that the truth, or the cynic that lived within her? She left that part of herself ponder. Other than that it sounded just too good to be true, honestly the biggest issue was size. Domarus’ guild was small, totalling 8 with 2 inactive. And, if he was true that three members were just trying to survive. He had a guild with 3 members on it. For all his talk of plans, there was a single glaring weakness within it. They had little power. “I don’t think questions will be entirely needed, after all, much of what is intended for your guild still lives within theory” she said. It wasn’t meant to be rude, but her tone did have a sense of snark within it. She glanced at Stryder, partly curious if he picked up on it as well as her “Well, from what I can put together, our guilds are somewhat in similar positions. While Guardians does have a large number of players, we’re lacking in both a guild hall and overally strong players. We currently have Stryder and one other who are high level, looking at joining the front lines. The rest of them are like myself, lower levelled” Eatos took a deep breath, and stared at Domarus. Why was something within her untrusting of him!? “What is it you’d like from our guild?” @Stryder @Domarus
  9. Eatos

    [PP-F04] Where the Lonely Ones Roam

    The girl could see he was uncomfortable, even distraught she could read his face rather easily. He wasn’t very good at keeping his features static. Then again, neither was she when she got emotional. Her amber eyes tried to watch him, looking away to allow the girl to wash the tears out of her vision. She took a deep breath as she felt it move in. A coldness in her chest, almost like a void sucking in her emotions deep within her as her heartbeat started to stabilize. Angel, cuddled up to her owner, finally noticed the other familiar. The Husky growled at the cat, protective of her owner who was clearly distraught. However, the Husky didn’t move despite the ‘threat’. When Zomekko rubbed up against the Husky, the growl seemed to vanish as if the familiar became clearly aware that Pinballs familiar meant no harm. Despite licking her hand, the girl didn’t react at all to the familiar attempt to communicate with her. Listening to pins answer, there was a slight smile that came onto her face. Pin didn’t seem to be angry at her, but rather, upset? She couldn’t tell, nor fully understand how he could feel that. “It’s ok” she said warmly, or as warmly as she could anyhow. “I know it’s a lot of drop on you, or…well, drop on anyone. But recently, I’ve been eating at me. I figured it, if people knew the truth, maybe it would help? Maybe I’m just being silly, but I don’t know how to deal with things properly, I’m sure you know what I mean” She looked up. Her, and Pinball, both didn’t handle situations ideally. “I get what you mean though, and thank you Pin” she let out a sigh “I won’t lie pin. I’m worried, about you. I can’t help, there is just something within me that…worries, you know?”
  10. The very casual appearance had thrown her off a little, but the girl kept her composure. She knew herself, and she knew her face would give little away. If nothing else, to her self-hatred, she was very good at keeping everything internal. She smiled, a fake one, but one none-the-less, as she pushed the thoughts out of her head. She watched at Domarus’ familiar popped off his shoulder near the fire. It seemed like his familiar enjoyed the heat, and more importantly, behaved. She glanced at the backroom, where her own Familiar was. She was certain Angel would run into the room, the Husky just couldn’t help itself. “The front lines, well, you’re far from the only one aiming that high. I know Stryder is gunnin to get involved in the next few floors” She said. While not ‘common’ knowledge, there was no harm in letting Domarus know her guild would be starting to get involved in the front lines. It would, in fact, give her some leverage. Not much, but it was something she could imply. Sitting down, she looked between Domarus and Keres. Part of her wondered about the maid, what was she doing here? Was it as sinister as her mind thought, or perhaps not? She let out a soft hum, uncertain. She didn’t know Domarus well enough to make safe assumptions at this point. “Why thank you” she said in response to his compliment of her store “I figured, if I was making a story, I’d make it my home. Part of me wanted to use the 17th floor, but this floor was much more like home for me. Maybe I’ll move up there, but for now at least, it’s home”. The 17th floor was adored by her, after all, studying mythology and history, along with languages. The past fascinated her. “Indeed. After all, unlike back in the real world, were businesses will do anything to gain an edge, we’re just people trying to survive. I believe a good start would be to have a clear understanding on the capacities of each other’s guild. I have done my research into your guild, but I’d rather ask you and know for certain. Numbers, strength, professions, organisation. If you’re anything like I suspect you are, it’s information you’ll be able to use to make a judgement call on our alliance” The girl kept a calm tone, and as per normal, her heartbeat didn’t change. It never did anymore…Unlike real world negotiations, where deceit was used often, Eatos had little intent to do that. After all, she was simply brokering an alliance to ensure the weak members of her guild had assistance and protection, plus some poking at the front lines couldn’t hurt.
  11. Much like the previous time they had come here, Hei had been the one to start the fight. To aggravate the monster and cause it to focus him. As was his ‘role’ in her plan. She hated that players were put in danger because of her, however, she had no chance to fight this monster alone. She couldn’t survive its hits, yet alone kill it. While sending in Hei in was the only option, it didn’t fill her with any joy. The beast, this time, seemed more angry. It hit Hei hard, and the girl felt a panic as he hit the cave wall. Out of instinct, the girl ran over to him, placing herself between the Beast and Hei, despite the fact that Aggro would ensure it would target him instead. She reached for him, and in doing so, her First Aid kicked in. “I got you, don’t worry. You can kill it” She said calmly to him. Hei had to kill it, otherwise, it would kill her. -------------------- Hei: 441/520HP | 39/52 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 9 DMG | Hate: 2Snow Beast: 130/250 HP | 160 DMG | min 24 DMG through MIT Eatos: 420/420 HP | 42/42 EN | DMG: 7 | MIT: 9 | EVA: 3 | THRNS: 14 | 2 REC
  12. Eatos

    [PP-F04] Where the Lonely Ones Roam

    He was…sorry? Part of her mind screamed the word pity, and she felt a small anger within her. She hated people pitying her for it all, it was all she got along with hatred back in the real world. It had impacted her, yes, but she didn’t need pity to survive. She needed, understanding. She looked up past her Husky, to spot a…cat?! She frowned, when did that get here? She hadn’t noticed it before, and it did seem to be comprised of gas as if it wasn’t entirely touchable. “That’s why…I panicked during our fight Pinball” She said, fighting to keep on talking despite the memories flooding her “That’s why I asked you to keep my panic to yourself, because I didn’t want people to know the truth until I was ready to tell it. Because I was scared of how people would react, how they would treat me if they knew the truth…” She looked up past her Husky, her normally calm amber eyes washed with tears “What about you, w-what do you, think of me?”
  13. Would want her dead? Eatos felt a sting through her chest. There were only a few people, in the world, she wanted dead. It was a thought that rarely crossed her mind, ever since her actual taking of lives. She had strided to be better, to be more aware. And sadly, because of that, she understood Fae. She understood where the girl was coming from, why she believed what she did, even if Eatos believed it to be wrong. “Very well” Fae didn’t want to talk about it, and Eatos didn’t want to plague the other girl much “My…chest?” She frowned, a little taken aback by the way this conversation went. She looked down. Unlike a lot of girls her age, her chest hadn’t developed much before when she was 16. Although Fae saying she couldn’t wait, Eatos let out a slightly amused smile. She had a lot waiting for her, and a lot of it wasn’t that fun “It started when I hit puberty, I was around 13 when it all started for me, only a little older than you are now”
  14. The girl frowned a little. He was always a little surprising. At some points he knew nothing, and other times, he had nothing but knowledge. It often confused her. She smiled softly at him. He was right, having a player operating on the front lines would give plenty of weight to the guild. It would, at the very least, give her a card to play. Something she could use to play up the guilds potential. “Don’t worry too much about it ok? I can handle that part of the guild” She said calmly. She didn’t want to say the truth, which was that she was surprised he hadn’t pushed the guild into a combat format. It wasn’t something that needed saying. Then the Switch came back up again, and the girl allowed herself a silent groan. She knew learning how to right was important, but she hated it. She took a deep breath, and tightly gripped her Katana. Stryder threw himself in as she watched carefully, and saw an opening on the creatures side. “I got it” She said calmly as she swung her Katana in an upwards motion, catching the Forsaken and throwing the creature up into the air, stunning it. In a swift motion, the girl swung to the side, giving Stryder a clear shot at it “It…it’s yours…!” ----------- Stryder H1 - 520/520HP | 35/52 EN | 54MIT | 3 ACC Eatos H2 - 340/340 HP | 30/34 EN | 4 DMG | 9 MIT | 3 EVA | 2 REC | 1 THRN Forgotten (Loot Standard) 219/450HP - 78 DMG - STUNNED <Airbourne>
  15. The girl wasn’t entirely sure why, of all Domarus’ was the first she would attempt to ally with. Others, such as the Holy Dragon Allience, would be more secure. While there was something to suggest that the guild, whose true name was hidden behind another language, the name itself gave the girl slight worry. While translating it was no issue, the very fact it was hidden. Corporations do that, from time to time, as a front. She shook her head. Her parents rubbing off on her without a doubt. She looked in the mirror as she received a reply from Domarus. He was willing to meet. Good. She checked her inventory, making sure her suit was on before contacting the fellow guild head, Stryder. ‘Stryder, as we mentioned, I’m in the process of allying up with another guild. You’re welcome to be part of the talks, but remember to let me dictate our pace’. While overall formal, she was the face of the guilds. She was a businesswomen, and at the end of the day, she had to ensure that front was maintained. Hearing the door being knocked on, the girl took a deep breath. Her black suit shifting on her shoulders as she opened the door, being met by Domarus and Keres. He was wearing, well, a lot more casual clothes than she honestly expected. The girl was still wearing those maid clothes. Was that a ploy to mess with her? She smiled softly at the pair of them, and took a step backwards to allow them into her store, directing them to the waiting area. Several couches in front of a stone fireplace, which was softly burning. “Thank you for coming down so quickly, and replying to my message. It’s been some time since we last saw each other, I hope you are well Domarus”