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  1. Despite the story, hearing that the boys brother and friends had all died in front of him, the girls face didn’t shift at all. It was a tale she knew all too well, to be surrounded by death. She herself had been involved in such action, back in the real world. She couldn’t judge this boys desire for revenge, it was normal considering the circumstances but… “To surpass in strength, isn’t to acquire the power to settle the heart” she said softly to the boy. She wanted to hit him across the face, hard. Did he really think revenge was the right answer, that to kill another was an easy thing to do? She let out a sigh, of course he did. He was in a video game, where the blood doesn’t stain your hands for days. You don’t find blood under your nails the day after. Eatos’ hand started to shake, and she quickly grabbed it with her other hand to keep herself looking composed. “We’d welcome you to the guild Dustin. Although, just know that this quest you have of vengeance, no matter how in the right you are. You’ve killed a human being”. She could understand, in a way. But… An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind. Not that a child would understand.
  2. The girl didn’t notice Dustin talking to her at first, but once she heard it, she smiled at the boy. “We’re part of the guild called Guardians of the New Dawn. Me and my friend Stryder made it after the leader from our other guild...vanished. Our goal was to create a safe place for players who were…too weak, or at least, that was the intention. Now, we’re focused on helping players level up..Hell, Stryder is operating in the front liners now-a-days…” The girl shook her head softly. Her voice was soft, almost cold as she looked at the Husky at her side “What about you Dustin? What is it that drives you forwards?” She wanted to ask why he wasn’t in a guild, but perhaps, her wording needed to be….nicer. She let out a sigh internally. Who cared for nice, honestly? In a world like this, politeness was overrated. In a world like this, everything was.
  3. The blue haired girl stood on the balcony of the first floor. She gazed upon the air as she glanced at her side, to find nothing there. Angel was free, somewhere on the 4th floor that was the girls home. Her bank was empty, everything donated over to the guild she had cared for. All she owned was her suit, that she was wearing now. She let out a sigh. Finally, her nightmares would end. Finally, she could get some sleep and take her long awaited goodnight. She let out a deep breath, before accessing her messenger system. It seemed, only fair, to give them warning. She had prepared for today, and recorded three messenges. The first, for Stryder. She was worried what he might do, how would he react. But he would survive. The guild needed him to survive. The second, for Hei. She didn’t know him well, not well enough. But he would have to guide Stryder, keep him in line should he fail. And find her replacement. There would need to be 3 of them. And the final one, would be sent to every guild member. A goodbye from…well, what is supposed to be one of their leaders. She sent them off, and got up onto the ledge and took a final look around. Sword Art Online. Her prison for the past two years. “Finally…I can be free” She said softly, before smirking “I win Adam. You will haunt my dreams no longer” before taking a step forwards, off the edge. As she fell, there was a calmness within her. For the first time in months. Katherine Williams, who had been going by Eatos, felt happy. Right as her hp dropped to zero, and she died. @Stryder @Hei
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  7. Eatos simply opted to watch as the boy, Dustin ran off in eagerness of his hunt to acquire his items, the materials he was seeking. Even Hei, after a seeming glance at her, walked off to join him. Leaving the girl at the entrance alongside her Husky. She looked at the canine, who simply barked. The girl shrugged as a reply. She walked towards the garden, but made no attempt to look for another just yet. She knew she might as well look, but she was in no rush. Those two were, but she had plenty of time. There was no urgency in the girls slow walk, staying some distance away. Suddently, without warning, the bluenette stumbled as another wave of fatigue ran through her, but the girl pushed her way past it. She just had to stay up, stand fall, for a bit longer and it would work itself out nicely. It would all be fine… “At least those two get along…” she muttered to herself watching Dustin and Hei.
  8. There was something so light about the Dustin boy. Something so carefree, it angered Eatos the more she thought about it. Why couldn’t she have a life like that, a life without heartache and worry? A life where she heard only the voices she wished to hear inside of her head? Were the sins she committed that heavy, that even now, after she thought she had been forgiven, that found her? Why was it she had to suffer, while others had it carefree? She wanted to scream the question out, for anyone to answer. Right before she buried it within herself as she always did, as the only thing she knew how to do. She looked up as Hei declared they had arrived, and it suddenly dawned on the girl. They were here to collect materials for crafting. Suddenly, coming felt like a horrible idea. She had plenty of materials on her, she had just…stopped crafting. It was too hard to do anything, yet alone create. She even had a skill to help her acquire materials, one she hadn’t used in…months at least. A quick access of her inventory told the truth, she had over 20 Tier 1 materials, as well as 16 Tier 2 materials just…sitting there. Maybe she could give them to the others? She wasn’t making anything in her forge anymore. Looking at the expansive field, the girl wasn’t taken aback by the view. She loved nature, but this…this world was fake. Why did it matter what it looked like? “It looks….nice” The girl opted into saying. She wasn’t sure what she could say here, what should be said.
  9. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    Eatos let out an internal breath that she had been holding. Despite having all her current issues, she could still manage to talk to others, and perhaps there was still hope for herself. But then again, Kataware had come out here with every intention in joining a guild. Perhaps it was the eagerness of the other girl, not her own skill, that had resulted in another person joining the guild? “Welcome aboard Kataware. And I do apologise for my deception, most people act differently around me when the fact I run a guild. They act like the only thing I care for, to rally people with us. So I’ve started not mentioning I was the leader for it” She glanced down at Angel, and smiled at the Husky, before slowly returning the look to the other girl. “I should introduce you to the other members of the guild at some point. There are three leaders, myself, Stryder and Hei. And there are a good dozen members who I’m sure you will meet in the coming times. I’m gunna stay here and play with Angel, you’re welcome to stay with us Kata…”
  10. So she was right, Hei and the boy knew each other. The girl took a moment, before remembering Hei did own a store, a tailoring shop. Presumably where Hei and Dustin had met. The boy seemed to vanish. The word ‘selfish’ came her mind as she turned to look at Hei, yawning as she did. He seemed to want to spend time, and it could be a welcome distraction… She took his hand, using his strength to pull herself up “I might as well come, I’m not doing anything here…” She said softly, clicking her tongue as the Husky leapt to the girls side. Following after Hei, the girl stuck to her own as she yawned once again. While not sleeping wasn’t helping, there was more to it. Dustin had innocence, a boyishness to him. And it was lightly annoying Eatos as she eyed him with her amber eyes. At her name being said, the girl gave a brief bow, but said nothing more. After all, the less she said, the better. Not only did she not know Dustin, but the less she talked, the less likely she would say something stupid.
  11. Eatos watched Hei and Dustin interact, and it was quickly clear that they knew one another. It seemed like a short one, but she wasn’t sure their level of familiarity. The girl felt the warmth beside that, that resonating from the Husky that had made a home on her side, as she watched Hei’s raptor. The girl was conflicted on the other familiar, partly because she knew Angel had been spooked by the raptor last time, and knew for a fact, she would be again. The girl had intended to speak, but opted into silence. What was there to say from her end? Nothing to add to the conversation. She took a deep breath as a wave of fatigue washed through her, but thankfully, because she was already lying down, she didn’t stumble like she ordinarily did. “What about you Hei, why are you here?” she asked. Hei wasn’t typically on the 1st floor, at least to her knowledge. The quests on this floor wouldn’t be a challenge to him, right?
  12. Spotting the equipment on Hei came with a sense of self-satisfaction. At something something she had done in Sword Art Online had obvious payoffs, someone was surviving as a result. She had a feeling that, much like his comment, he would need to use the shield today. From what her information brokers had told her, this dragon, while weak, could dish out a good spot of damage. She watched each member arrive, and spotting them, created her mental notes. She was the only healer of the group, and since they lacked a tank, allocation was important. Hei and Stryder were the core damage dealers, and the outsider, Embers, could be assumed to be also. They would be split up among the two groups, the ‘tankier’ two would be the leaders of the parties , assuming they split up that was. She wasn’t sure on how the dragon attacked. The last person on her list worried her the most. Saphira. She had, no idea, what level the other girl was, or even her combat style. She made a mental note to ask during her planning. Although she had intended to lead the talk, it seemed Hei had his own sources on what was to come. His plan made a lot of sense given what he knew, splitting up to deal with two groups made sense. To fight two enemies, make two groups. “If we place Hei to deal with the mobs…” The girl went silent, although her speaking hasn’t been that loud to begin with “Then perhaps Saphira should be with you. She’ll keep you covered, and can flex to the rest of us should the drake be an issue” There was another reason for picking Saphira. Because the most logical one to pair up with Hei would be herself, since the mobs wouldn’t deal a lot of damage to him. But, it was clear from their short interaction, Hei and Saphira were close. And why not let them pair up?
  13. Eatos looked at the Husky, letting out a sigh. Who was she kidding? She couldn’t outrun that damn voice…It was always with her now, depriving her of the most basic of… “Hey, Is that a dog?” A stray voice caught the girls attention, and her amber eyes scanned over the boy in front of her. Angel stood up, but made no aggressive moves. It seemed, even the Husky could sense this person wasn’t a threat. The Husky’s blue eyes went onto her owner. Eatos nodded, and the Husky barked and almost leaped onto Dustin in an attempt to ‘cuddle’ the boy. “Her name is Angel, and she’s adorable” The girl said softly. She didn’t attempt to sit up, lying on the base of the fountain as Angel got off on Dustin. She heard his question, but was cut off by a voice she knew. Hei. Fellow guild member, and co-leader. She shifted her eyes at him, but made no attempt to move “I….I couldn’t sleep” she said as to why she wasn’t at home on the 4th floor. Not entirely a lie, yet keeping the truth far from their vision. “T-this guy? I dunno, I only just met him” She admitted to him, unaware Hei and Dustin knew one another. Angel spotted the raptor, but this time, the large Husky reacted differently. Leaping up onto the side of the fountain and lying flat next to her owner, partly to protect, but mostly, to comfort.
  14. Eatos opened her amber eyes and let out a sigh. She had been attempting to sleep in her home, but the voice inside her head had become too loud and, out of fear, the girl had ran away from her own home! She was sitting at the water fountain, where all of this had started. Where Sword Art Online had become hell itself. Angel slept at her side as the girl, wearing her coat and shirt, let out a sigh. How many nights was that voice going to drive her inside? How many nights did she have to suffer until it left her alone? She wasn’t sure of the answer, and that, made it crazier than ever for the girl recently. The Husky made a loud bark, and Eatos, despite the rabbit hole she was mentally in, stroked the familiars head “Its ok Angel. I’ll figure it out. I may be alone for this battle, but if Silver taught me anything, I can fight back..”
  15. Eatos

    [F4-PP] Do you believe in coincidences?

    The word yes, for Eatos, signalled only one thing. The time for deception was over. Kataware had agreed to join a guild, her guild. She watched carefully as the other girl made an…odd move. She took her hair and started to make it into a pony tail. What interested Eatos about it was that having your hair down, like the bluenette did herself, was simply a better option against the cold. It acted as a buffer. It was something worth looking into at the very least. Eatos took a step forwards and offered the girl her hand to shake. Once taken, she would smile softly “Well, Kataware. I am the member of that guild. In fact, I’m one of the co-founders of it” She smiled slightly. The deception wasn’t needed by any means, she was just somewhat curious about it of recent. “And given our conversation, I’d be more than happy to accept you into the Guardians Kata”