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  1. So I am walking down the street in my hometown and I see this guy getting just verbally slashed by some feminists. I think he was the there boss. They said "My co-worker who is a male gets paid more because he works harder, where is our equal pay". For sweet Calibans sake why do people say stupid stuff. 

    1. Atzo


      Because you cant fix stupid. People will always do and say stupid things, there is nothing that can change that. You just have to strive to not be like them

    2. Aoda


      can we get an amen

    3. Blank
  2. “I might have to take you up on that offer. I think I will join right after our expedition.” (Blank’s Imagination: “If I were to join this guild would my title be revoked as a speedster… No I don't think so. If it does then I will re-earn it. There has been one thing bugging me… The many faces spiel... I don't think that it will come to back to bite me, however I should ask anyway. I should ask when he is not himself and when he is of guard, that should be the proper time”) Blank quickly came to a realization that she had no idea where she was going. “Um this may be too late to ask but where are we going to grind?” She had a momentai moment after she asked the man with many faces this question she should have asked earlier.
  3. Going to my Brazilian ju jitzu match wish me luck!

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    2. Blank


      Matches are over. Ran out of belts so I got 2 more samurai swords. I'm debating whether I want to change my character to have 3 katanas lol

    3. Macradon


      By Samurai sword do younmean Katana or Nodachi or something else?

    4. Blank


      Katana, I would have gotten a belt but they ran out... Oh well


  4. “You can call my analysis like a 6th sense if you will, not a skill but a sense. I have lots of practice doing this on people fro… that's not important. My real question is where are we going kind sir and what are we killing?” Blank tried another analyses and got a blast to the past where she was racing a man in a video game. The man's face was blurred out so she had a hard time remembering who it was. She thanked her mind for not remembering. A sigh of relief went over her. “The “Guild” is not really a guild it's more like a group of people that have speed based skills. Our sword is the serum and we are the speed. Eh it's hard to be in this class, most users are rapiers users like me…” Blank started humming profusely. ‘But with your help I will be at the top!”
  5. So do we have to still have 150 words for quests? Or does it have to shorter or longer.

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Yes. The minimum word count requirement, which is at least 150 words per post, apply yo all types of post; be it quests, non-quest threads, shop posts, etc.

      the OOC section is one of the few that doesn't abide by that rule.

    2. Blank


      ok thank you for your help

  6. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    "Well now that we all know each other... What are we to do in this death game?" Blank thought about that profusely. Rather than being scared from the creators message. She was excited, this was what she lived for now. Death and adventure... The people added to the adventure. Spidey, Shepherd, Hydra and the hot red haired man. they were all in for along bumpy ride. A little fact to know is that the only emotions that blank can feel is happiness and nothingness and when she is happy she hums. she has humming quickly and and beautifully. If there was a humming skill she would be at grand master. (Blanks Imagination: " I hope we all slay the floor one monster with the least amount of effort. I wounder if I look emotionless right now? I probably do... We should do something beside make threats. Yes the man has made a threat but he seems to be friends. Let make a gamble because I am tired.")
  7. Blank takes a quick courtesy bow. “How rude of me, I am Blank of the speed force and no I am not a true speedster yet. I must train to become strong like the other speedsters. Thank you for your help in advance Atzo.” (Blank’s Imagination: “Yes I have someone to help me! I will be the fastest with his help. However his sword intrigues me, I should be extremely careful around the sword.”) Blank takes a minute to analyse the male being named Atzo. He had a shroud of darkness on him like all the other people did. His darkness was larger at the sword he held sethed. Blank Smiled, “Alright mister Atzo let's go kill some evil monsters!. If you want to go now of course… If not that is ok!” Blank smiled brightly. On her inside she was blank with emotion she knew she didn't want to get too close or it might happen again...
  8. For your time here is a rhyme

    Twas a long time ago.

    The pug wanted to go.

    He snorted and scratched and howled and finally his owner said go.

    The next day latter he was in the dog pound for being too rude and that is how stories forgo.

    This was a rhyme for your time with Blank

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    2. Blank


      I don't know it just came to me and im like... screw it.

    3. Vargas
    4. Blank


      so i need to be level 5 for me to create a clan... ok ok that is my end goal this week

  9. Blank was still wondering how on aincrad she would pass the game with 1 friend she would need 99 more friends and she was still level 1 no less. “Blast, I should be training… but I should get a spotter and a helper. Hmm should I ask Damien… No he is on a quest involving a Grizzly Bear I think.” Blank looked up at a lamp that was flickering with great detail. “Screw you developers for making this game, I wouldn't have to try so hard to be social.” Blank looked over at a man sipping wine. (Blanks Imagination: “That's it!, I can ask this guy. He looks familiar however… eh I got nothing to lose except my 3DS and my pug… maybe my dignity and other things… Wait, I don't have any dignity HAHAHA I win Mind!”) Blank Calms down after her usual conversation with herself. “Excuse me sir, could you help me grind mobs? It would be a great help.”
  10. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    With a flush red overcame blanks face. The man of her dreams was standing right behind a new friend. It was even a bonus when he said he was a friend. That meant that Blank could become a wife finally. Blank had a dirty thought but quickly changed her expression because it wasn't good enough. “Um...H-hi cutey, I mean Good sir.” (Blank’s Imagination: Jesus I must be blushing like a schoolgirl...Heh I wish I was that young.(Motivation boost) THIS WILL BE ANOTHER FRIEND OUT OF THE 100 I NEED! Wish me luck Scruffles!) She blushed even more. With each time the new man moved he got even more hot to Blank. The only thing Blank did not like was his sword pointed at Hydra, This irked her quite a bit. Yet she still found a way like him. Now this is the question if she will seduce him or he just ignore her.
  11. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    “Hey guys, how are you? Oh how rude am I, I forgot introductions. My name is Blank, And the quiet one here is Hydra.” “How did you know my name?” “People were whispering about you good sir, and I have Vulcan like hearing!” “Wha…” “Forget it you're too young too know about that.” “You're just old.” “HEY!” The two men stared in confusion as the spearman and the fencer argued. Spidey snickered a bit. Blank smiles, “Well I am glad you could be happy today, Well what should we do Hydra? I really want to level up so I can be the strongest rapier user!” Immediately starts humming sweet dreams are made of these. “Christ your old Blank.” “ What would you like then?” “You are being rude, we have given them no time to talk, and time is exp that could be earned.” “Sorry sorry, That's a way to put it however.”
  12. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    Now it was during this time that Blank touched her rapier, a name had to be given to this sword for it was a sword that she trusted in. “What do you think about naming weapons mister?” When I was back in the real world my teammates on my fencing team named it speed serum because of how fast I was with it, yep those were the good old day…” The spearman was silent as a wolf stalking prey. “Ahh you're the silent type eh?, Well um… why did you come to Sao sir.” He was still silent. Blank looked at what he was looking at. “Oh those to eh, they seem like good friends don't they? (Imagination of Blank: Rats I can't get this guy to talk, I wonder if I weird to him. Ah I probably do, well what doesn't kills you makes you stronger right? No, it doesn't… I WILL MAKE HIM MY FRIEND EVEN IF I HAVE TO CHOP OFF MY PINKY!)
  13. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    "Hmm so if I asked the dude (He looks really strong) if he wanted to team up, would he say yes?" "This will be hard to decide... What if I gave him a complement, bah that wont work." "Well its better than nothing." Um Mister... Your hair is really cool and you look really strong! Um this might be strange but um would you be willing to team up with me!" (Oh no I said that too bluntly, AHHH. He is going to say no I just know it! Please just say something mister! Should I just run? Yes,No, MAKE UP YOUR MIND BLANK! You are a grown woman you should be able to talk to a teenager!)
  14. Blank

    [OP-F1] A new life in SAO

    Shriek! as Blank wails after the creepiness and grossness of triple joints that she has seen. Why would you do such a thing?! That is so creepy! "Eh, no need to get worked up about such a thing Mamm..." IM ONLY 23, GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULL SO I DON'T HAVE TO REMIND YOU! They both back away. "Oh Im sorry, My name Is Blank I am "was" on the Olympic team for fencing." The 2 men were no where to be spotted. Instead she saw a peculiar looking man. She began to make her way over thinking, Im totally not a stalker im way too perfect to be a stalker, In fact." Pulls out the mirror to change facial imagery. "Im too good looking anyway". "AH I have to find that dude again! Back to work."
  15. Now this is a question but I cant find a source where I can get Pet assistance. Is that not a thing in this roleplay site? 

    1. Hydra


      Pets are called familiars on this site, you can obtain a familiar/pet from completing this quest here, http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/6189-«feeding-the-enemy»/

      It's design has to follow certain requirements, as long as those requirements are met you can use it to roleplay with.

      Welcome to the site btw! Any questions feel free to message me or another member of the support team :3


    2. Blank


      thank you for the help