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  1. A wide smile was growing across Telrenya's lips as Jomei mentioned the simple subject of the venue for their climactic battle. She'd gotten to do more than she'd ever imagined possible in this make-believe world up until now, but clashing swords with a band of cutthroat pirates on the high seas was sounding more and more like some childhood dream she'd never even realized until the opportunity quite literally presented itself. Once again, out of habit, the blonde duelist adjusted herself and fiddled with her rapier as it sat on her hip, balancing the golden hilt and resting the palm of her hand against the pommel. Telrenya rocked onto the balls of her feet just once before planting back down onto her boots. She was eager, and while she knew the importance of planning and forethought, she was also bored by the speculation they were left to. Without crouching hidden behind barrels, whispering amongst themselves while observing the resources and patterns of a pirate crew in front of them, Telrenya felt she had nothing more to contribute. Instead, she considered goading the lust for adventure that surely drew them all to Aincrad in the first place. "Do we have a location, at least? We've got an idea of how many enemies we'll have to face, so maybe it's best to get going. If it really is at a dock or on a ship, we might have a chance to scout the place out beforehand, too. Then we can really have a plan of attack." She suggested, forcing some reason to her rhyme. @Hikoru
  2. Telrenya bowed her head ever-so-slightly as she took the first couple of steps into Hikoru's chambers. A soft smile played on her lips as she vaguely recognized the player. Their first and only meeting had been what felt like ages ago, but it was an encounter she wouldn't easily forget. "Thank you," She breathed as they were invited in, and just as Jomei's did, her chocolate-brown eyes began to wander over the study that served as Hikoru's home. Telrenya hadn't seen much of a library outside of the shelving that lined various shops. None of them seemed to have so much in the way of literature though, and so the cozy room quickly reminded her of the sights she was more used to seeing back at home. Talks quickly made their way to the task at hand: this quest about pirates. The blonde absent-mindedly brought her hands up to adjust and needlessly tighten the pale yellow sash that sat across her forehead, giving a tiny nod and chiming in with what little she could think to offer. "We're all damage dealers, right? I have passable defensive stats, but bringing along some potions wouldn't hurt. Do you know if we have the option to take them on one at a time? Or will we have to go in five-on-three?" She frowned with curiosity. @Hikoru
  3. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Telrenya gave a single nod in understanding. "Right... Oh, well, I might have." She took half a step back from their embrace and used a hand to rummage through her inventory. "There was an old shrine in the middle of the fields, with a statue of that Goddess." She explained, retreiving the small bunch of glistening berries and they sat generously in the palm of her hand. "There was an inscription. It was a little confusing, but I think it was a clue. Something about... 'if you seek redemption, find her.'" She did her best to relay everything she knew thus far, going on to describe how the fruit she held had sprung from a blooming flower. "But I'm not sure what the next part is." She admitted with a small shrug as the two started back the way Jomei had come. "We can try taking him to that shrine... Or maybe the mural in the church?" She was at a loss as to what 'finding her' meant, and the margin of error they were left with had her worried. It felt as if they were so close to unraveling this curse, but there was one last puzzle piece that was eluding them.
  4. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    They walked for a short while, Telrenya doing her best to avoid any of the half-turned beasts that she would have run into along her path. Though she had the firepower to take down most of the beasts on this floor, facing even one of the monsters at a time wouldn't be a quick battle, and she didn't have the time to waste while they were trying to reunite. Adere let out a short hoot, catching Telrenya's attention as the tawny owl picked up speed. Across the plains, she squinted and could make out another figure. Judging by the familiar's reaction, it was none other than Jomei. She beamed, picking up her own pace and hurrying to close the distance between them. "Niiick!" She called, waving her arm above her head when she was a bit closer. When they reached one another, Telrenya threw her arms around the man with a wide grin on her face. "Oh, I'm so glad you got out of there okay! Is Vaughn still down there?" She pulled halfway out of the embrace to look up and address him.
  5. And on that note, let's throw another power couple into the big kids' pool. @Jomei
  6. "What? Really?" She couldn't help but laugh. Her wide smile stuck as they reminisced, and she took a moment to think about how strange and wonderful it all was. "I'm glad." It was a blanket statement, but a truthful one nonetheless. She would have never expected a journey like the one she found herself on now, but it was moments like this that she decided she wouldn't trade it for the world. If being stuck in virtual space was the only way she would have met Jomei, not to mention all the friends and experiences she'd garnered up until now, then maybe it didn't have to be all that bad after all. Her eyes widened in slight amazement when the small pink lights drew closer, and she grinned when they danced around the couple, their tiny translucent wings visible for just a second as they beat at the air. "It's really cute, and really cheesy," She chuckled as she was pulled into Jomei's embrace beside her. "but to be honest, I kind of like it." She admitted, her cheeks glowing a soft pink from their trip down memory lane. It was far from over, however, and another image flickered to life before them, her own voice prefacing the scene. "Jomei? Jomei, is that you?" A flood of memories hit her as she watched herself, soaked with water, rush to a door inside of a musty-looking bedroom, only to freeze before her fingers reached the handle. A second later, they saw Jomei's shoulders drop with relief as his temple pressed against the other side of the same door.
  7. Keeping light on her feet, Telrenya felt a tiny rush of excitement as the second to last of the elves fell. The sooner they were finished here, the sooner the rest of the frontliners could yell at each other to their hearts' content. Not to mention she and Jomei would be allowed a reprieve, which she was desperately looking forward to while the other players would surely be arguing amongst themselves. She only hoped that Jomei wouldn't want to place himself in the middle of any of that. Keeping out of the spotlight as well as far away from any crosshairs of agitated raiders, she rotated her wrist and renewed her grip on Celestial Dawn. Mouth shut, head down, Telrenya pushed herself forward in a straight shot to the armored woman. She pulled back and thrust forward, driving the tip of her rapier straight through the thick metal breastplate that was growing to be covered in gashes and other wounds from each player that came before her. A quick swell of pride with each clean hit, and Telrenya backed away when the light of her empowered attack faded. 'That leather armor wasn't bad, but this is so easy to move in.' She thought of the white-and-gold battle regalia that she sported while the much newer golden blade whipped through the air to rest at her side. Telrenya's Action Player Stats
  8. It was overwhelming. The bosses were quirky, surpassing any amount of interaction that she had seen before, leaving Telrenya to wonder just how many scripted responses these programs were stuffed with. It was impressive, but the level of complexity in their words, their expressions, their very existence seemed to cross a line somewhere. To Telrenya, everything had just been a part of the game until players started drawing weapons against each other. Her eyes had widened and she felt herself freeze in place when the tips of more than one weapon jammed into another frontliner's side. Jomei's voice had brought her back to the heat of battle only briefly, and when she had tried to move forward to follow him into the fray against the commander, she flinched. Now there was more crossfire that they could find themselves caught in. Her fiance must have noticed her lapse in resolve, and her startled eyes met his soft olive when he brought himself to her level with hands gently placed on her shoulders. His words got through to her, and that familiar smirk of his had the corners of her own mouth curling slightly upwards. "Right, yeah." She agreed in a small voice, focusing on his instruction. She nodded, and renewed her combative stance as Jomei broke away from her to dart back into the fray. She waited for only a second, leaning forward to break into a run once the Irishman's rapier ripped into Isaxi, and followed up on his attack with a straight shot to stab and slice into the Tactician. She broke away the second the power of her sword art faded, and she backpedaled just enough to keep her out of harm's way while the rest of her party made their moves. She glanced quickly over to Jomei to give the man a thankful smile for his encouragement and show him her valor, but another figure beside him caught her attention. She only caught the tail end of Itzal's warning, but the few words that reached her ears caused Telrenya's brows to narrow. Her initial thought was of how rude he was being, but it was a quick shift to a defensive concern when she couldn't shake how whatever he said might have resembled a threat. A quick glance upwards to her HUD allowed her to run through the names of her party members before they shot back to the man that ran forward to deliver his own string of attacks to Isaxi now. 'Itzal?' By process of elimination, she assumed the man's name. Telrenya's Action Player Stats
  9. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    A few paces out, Telrenya could spot the tawny owl bringing herself up to perch atop a high section of stone. She moved a bit faster to circle around the outside of the worn structure, eyes widening slightly when they'd finally fallen on the form she could make out. A statue that stood fifteen, maybe twenty feet taller than her, covered in patches of moss and some of its features smoothed over from years and years of weathering. Telrenya stared for a while, making out not only a person, but a face very similar to the one in the mural they had found before delving underground. Carvings that resembled leaves and vine wrapped over the woman's shoulder, and though her eyes were closed she got the strange impression that the tall figure was a watcher of sorts. "Is this a shrine?" She whispered aloud. The blonde almost jumped in place when Adere let out another soft hoot, grabbing her attention to where she was perched off to one side. The owl's head cocked to the side, and she turned to face the statue first, then back to Telrenya a second later. Her lips pursed in slight confusion. "What are you getting at?" She asked, taking careful steps closer to the base of the statue. "Oh," She breathed out, spotted a simple plaque standing at the woman's feet. 'One of pure intent shall be blessed by Her light Those who have been judged, might still be saved If one seeks redemption, he must find Her' It was straight-forward, but it wasn't. Telrenya's brows narrowed in puzzled skepticism, and she cast another glance up to Adere. "So, is this what we're looking for?" Her expression changed while her head was busy running over a couple of different scenarios. She tried to prevent too much blind optimism from seeping in, but a bit of hope still bubbled inside of her. "You don't think... Can we actually lift the curse? Okay, uhm," Her feet moved again and she began to pace from one end of the small shrine to the other. "So does that mean we need to bring Vaughn here? Or is this just some kind of clue? Either way, he said something about sunlight, do we have to do this at night? Or..." She was muttering to herself, trying to piece together some kind of a plan. With so many variables, however, she was hardly getting anywhere by the time another, much closer coo from Adere snapped her out of her thoughts. She stopped and looked over to see the familiar perched atop the inscribed plaque this time, frowning slightly and stepping up to the base of the very simple altar. After a minute of uncertainty and a bit of an awkward start, she took a knee in front of the Goddess. She laced her fingers together in front of her chest, pressing her nose and mouth lightly against them as her hands held in front of her face. "Uhm... Goddess..." She felt silly, but with only Adere's onyx eyes on her she forced herself to continue. "I don't know why this curse was brought upon the people here. But, there's someone we want to save. If there's a way to stop it, if we can help him get his humanity back, please, would you help us?" Her head picked up and she met the lightly-carved lids of the Goddess' calm expression. A moment passed in silence, then another. Telrenya's shoulders dropped, but just before she'd picked herself back up, a small sound reached her ears. At the statue's feet, a single vine sprouted from the cracks in the stone. It grew rapidly, thickening and curling over the ground until a sprig of leaves poked out. As if she was watching its bloom in fast-motion, a small bundle of fruit appeared on the vine, practically sparkling once the movement had slowed and its growth had come to a stop. She paused, recognized the berries that Vaughn had consumed in the caves below. These bunch, however, looked so much more enticing. More perfect. With eyes wide, Telrenya rose to her feet, staring in awe until she finally brought herself to cautiously pluck them free. She dropped the fruit into a plain pouch, cinching the top and quickly securing it to her belt. "Thank you!" She smiled up to the Goddess, her face full of hope and gratitude before she would turn away. "Now we just need to find Nick and Vaughn again." She pulled open her menus, glancing at Jomei's full health bar again and navigating the floating screen to compose a quick message. Just after sending off the message, she spotted the virtual sun breaking through the clouds. It was well past midday now, and she began to wonder how much more dangerous the floor might be after sunset. Then again, if they needed to persuade Vaughn to leave the catacombs to help him, the dark of night would be their most important tool. She glanced over her shoulder, hearing the beating of Adere's wings, and perked up. "Oh! Think you guys can help?" She smiled, the top of Willow's head beginning to poke out from the center of her chest.
  10. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Adere blinked, understanding her words but unsure of how to act on them. "Hmm..." Telrenya mused, tapping her chin while she tried to formulate a plan. "Could there be any rope, or..." She mumbled, thinking aloud with what little she knew about the environment above. Adere cooed, almost in response, and her body crouched while she spread her wings to take flight again. The movement caught Telrenya's attention and she perked up, hurriedly stepping back onto her makeshift stone steps to bring herself a little bit closer to the gap. "Oh, wait, where are you--" But the owl was already out of sight. She frowned. Without an idea of what Adere was running off for, she was back to square one. But in a moment of curiosity, idling wondering if she flew off for her player's sake, chocolate eyes flickered up to the corner of her vision to inspect the health bar that rested beneath hers. The level of color that remained left room for empty space to indicate missing health points, and that small void caused Telrenya's eyes to widen slightly. She stared at it, the air still as she watched with bated breath for any signs of movement. A few more seconds passed, and she exhaled with relief when whatever it was that had hurt Jomei had stopped, and the bar naturally began to replenish itself with a slow crawl of healthy green. "Be careful, love." She said softly, brows turned up with concern before she turned her attention back to the task at hand. Several minutes later, Telrenya had dismantled and rebuilt her her stone step-ladder, gathering the sturdiest pieces of earth she could find and pull apart from the earlier rockslide to give her a bigger boost towards the floor's surface. After a while, she had managed to get enough of a hold onto a solid edge of the hole in the ground she'd earlier made, and after a lot of nervous caution and plenty of effort and persistence, the blonde had finally pulled herself up and out of the caverns below. She rolled to the side after pulling her last knee over the edge, and panted softly while she sprawled out over a grassy field to catch her breath from the tiring task. "It's a shame, I'm not actually getting real workouts like this." She said to herself between breaths. Picking her head up to quickly check for any aggressive monster or nearby Forsaken, Telrenya's gaze snapped to the side when she heard a loud hoot calling in the distance. "Huh?" She propped herself up on her elbows and squinted towards a large, moss-covered stone structure a short distance away. "Adere, was that you?" She asked herself, dusting herself off and picking back up to her feet.
  11. Telrenya

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    Telrenya's cheeks turned pink, her expression blank for a moment when Embers' first reaction was to question her fiance's level of attractiveness. "W-wha-- Before she could laugh and ask the redhead what kind of question that was as a response, she was pulled into a tight embrace. And once again, she was taken aback. The older woman was protective and passionate when it came to anything she bothered to care about, but affectionate or physically expressive were not ways that Telrenya would describe her in the slightest. Even so, after the shock wore off Telreyna was able to chuckle and bring her arms around to Embers' back. She returned the hug, giving her an excited squeeze before they'd part and she'd continue to wear a bashful smile. "Well, if that's what you're so concerned about... I think he's quite handsome, yes." Her mouth twisted into something akin to a pout as she muttered the words. While it must have been a girlish past-time, gushing about a crush, partner, or apparently even fiance wasn't something that Telrenya was used to. Her right hand picked up, and she navigated her menus until she picked something out of her inventory. She and Jomei had taken plenty of 'pictures' together, using the game's screenshot feature on those occasions when they'd stumbled upon something particularly interesting, or even just when the thought struck them. Her finger stopped, hovering over one item that was dated December 25th. Her smile widened, turning into one of nostalgia, and she selected the item to allow the picture to generate between her fingers. She turned, bringing herself behind Embers to show her an image of herself and several other players, as if she had been holding a camera out in front of her to capture all of their images. A red-and-white Santa's hat sat atop her blonde head, and Jomei stood beside her in a forest-green sweater, his messy ginger hair obscuring his right eye as it always did. Telrenya would pass her index finger over the different faces, listing off the members of her guild that had gotten together for their little Christmas party. "Spencer saved my life when we first met." She chuckled, pointing out the tall, sandy blonde, "And Hestia and Kimi are super sweet. They're Performers like Jomei, and they all make such beautiful music. Ahh, y'know, Ruby kind of reminds me of you." She explained with a grin as she turned her eyes back to the redhead. "She's not afraid to speak her mind, but she's a sweetheart when you dig reeeeaal deep."
  12. "Ah!" Telrenya gave a small start when the Elf took her hand in his, making a face that showed just how uncomfortable she was as she was spun around in place. Her white skirt and cloak flared with the quick turn, and her blonde hair fell back to her shoulders when she stopped, but she found herself leaning away from him as he started yelling at another player who had taken a stab at him in the chaos. Suddenly there was a more gentle tug on her other hand, and she was rescued from Rori's grasp when Jomei pulled her away. Her eyes on the ginger's face caused Telrenya to smile, and she took a couple of long steps to join him while giving a quick, voluntary spin as if Jomei had really cut in for a dance of their own. She chuckled, relieved as soon as she was back at his side. It grew into a proper laugh at her fiance's playful banter, and her smile persisted with a sidelong glance of understanding while they readied their rapiers. "Oh, I'd be delighted." As Jomei shot forward, Telrenya broke out into a run, circling around the flirtatious Elf. She got herself into position at his back while Jomei covered him in stab wounds at his front. Recalling how they'd make quick work of the Dragon Knight called Varalys, tossing him back and forth with each consecutive attack between the two of them, Telrenya dashed forward with new speed just before Jomei's attack finished. Rori would stumble backwards from the attack, and right into her golden blade as it pierced from his back through his chest. She pulled her shoulder back, mimicking Jomei's assault with thirteen strikes of her own. Lunging forward, her last thrust would volley him right back forward. Telrenya's spine straightened with a satisfied smirk, shining a glance back to Jomei opposite her. Telrenya's Action Player Stats
  13. Telrenya

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    "Ugh... What...?" Telrenya groaned as her eyes fluttered open. They hardly had to strain against the dim lighting anymore, and she could hardly begin to wonder how long she had been unconscious before memories flooded her. A sense of panic filled her as she remembered everything: their journey to the mansion, the attacks against Spencer, Jomei, and Hestia, and finally the terror that ran through her before she blacked out. "Nick, where...?" She trailed as her palms pressed against the dusty floorboards to push herself up. She coughed as the stale air slipped into her lungs, and she hadn't even noticed that Jomei's health bar no longer rested beneath hers as it always did. A familiar voice called out to her again, and for a split second Telrenya's blood ran cold. Her breath caught in her throat, and wide eyes picked up from the ground until they ran over the man sitting in the chair in front of her. She met the bright blue eyes of her brother, and her heart skipped a beat. Or at least, they might have been bright if they weren't drained; pale like his face, and a mixture of emotions that she never wanted to see residing in his eyes. "James..." She whispered his name, frozen in shock for a long second. "Is... Is it really--" She hadn't finished her question before he shook his head. The smile he wore was one she didn't think she'd ever seen before. A pitiful, mocking smile as he criticized her, both past and present. She had pushed herself to her knees now, staring at him in disbelief. "Wh-what? No, I..." She couldn't bring herself to speak properly. There weren't enough coherent thoughts in her head for her to get anything meaningful out. Quickly, she shook her head, as if trying to desperately cling to a reality that she wasn't sure of. "No, but, I don't understand. Everyone--everyone said you, you died. Aereth, he knew everything, and even that girl--" He laughed. With only the flicker of candle flames and the gentle whirring of machinery, his haunted laughter echoed against the walls. It was a sound that she had longed to hear again, but one that now only filled her with dread. "Yeah, you'd think I left behind enough evidence, huh?" His head fell back in his chair, pale blonde bangs that had been drenched with sweat clinging to his forehead as he stared at the dim light that danced across the ceiling. Trails of inhuman blood trickled from the side of his mouth and his temple, falling to hit the floor behind him. "But you still don't get it. Idiot sister." He sneered, chuckling again. "What...?" The word was weak. Her brows turned up, the ghost of a smile she wore was only for show, as if she was waiting--hoping--that he was going to continue to say this was all a joke. "I don't get it, what do you--" "GOD, you're dense! I wanted to die, don't you get it?!" He shouted, his head snapping back forward to look at her with a new sense of loathing and spite. "How long did you sit around waiting for me to come find you, while I worked my ass off to get stronger, huh?" He spat. "You were a chore from the very beginning, always asking everyone else for help. Just like old times, huh?" Telrenya felt the sting of hot tears beginning to pool at the corners of her eyes. She was at a loss, words escaped her, and she could only stare back at the image of her brother as he tore her down. "And now that I'm here, you still can't do anything." He glared. "What, am I supposed to get myself out of here while you sit there and cry?" His volume picked up until he was shouting at her again, jerking against the restraints on his wrists and ankles, the wooden chair he was fixed to lurching slightly with the force he exerted. "I'd rather die!! Just kill me already, I don't want this anymore! I hate this place, I hate our parents, I hate--!" His words were replaced by a scream of pain as the tip of a large needle sunk into the skin of his neck. His body contorted, his face twisting as he writhed against whatever sinister injection was being forced into him. Telrenya could only gasp, staring in horror while hot tears ran down her cheeks. She shook her head, hands holding themselves in front of her open mouth as she wanted so desperately to deny the scene that was playing out before her.
  14. Telrenya

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    The group's agreement with her plan kept Telrenya's confidence afloat, and she smiled lightly before the group would head up the stairs together. She gave Jomei's hand a squeeze, thankful for his support. She was able to remind herself that she was stronger than the last time they had gotten stuck in this kind of trap-infested mansion, in every sense of the word. She swallowed, nodding. "Right, let's go." At the top of the stairs, Jomei's embrace was sudden and unexpected, causing a light pink to dust the blonde's cheeks. "N-Nick..." She mumbled his name before he released her, as if trying to weakly convey her confusion. His hand wrapped around hers and he pulled her forward down the long hallway, the dynamic between them shifting slightly and it caused her brows to furrow slightly. "Don't forget we have to make sure Spencer is okay--" Her sentence ended abruptly as she looked around her. The carpet-lined hall with ornate light fixtures gave way to a large, half-finished space. Loose boards rested in stacks against the walls, and tools could be seen left laying about. It looked as though they had moved from a rich, decorated passage to a haphazard construction zone in a matter of seconds. Jomei continued pulling her along until they reached a door at the back wall, well into the mess of a space, but just when Telrenya had stopped to open her mouth with a question, her eyes widened in shock at a voice that called out to her from the other side. It was a trap. It had to have been a trap. There was no way she could hear that voice again, not for real. But logic was lost to the little sister, and she stepped forward to hurriedly open the door that stood in front of the couple. On the other side, it was dark. Darker than the dim, candle-lit area around them, and her chocolate eyes squinted as she hesitated, straining against the lack of light to see inside. She took a small step forward, and then another. Suddenly, a palm pressed against her back between her shoulders, and she stumbled inside while the door slammed shut behind her. "Ahh! N-Nick? Where--" She turned, blinking against an inky darkness, when a force crashed into the back of the blonde's head, her body hitting the wooden floorboards with a thud a second later.
  15. Telrenya

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth (HDA + Teion)

    "Spencer!" Telrenya shouted her friend's name when she caught sight of the shadowy monstrosity wrapping its claws around his neck to throw him across the room. After the bookcase slammed into place against the wall she moved without thinking, joining Hestia in unfruitful attempts to move the blockade. She let out a grunt of effort before a heavy exhale. "Shoot, Spencer..." She mumbled in frustration. Jomei's clash with their mysterious opponent came moments later, followed by Hestia's armored back hitting the ground of the first floor after her attempt to climb the stairs was rudely denied. Her friends were being thrown around like ragdolls, and Telrenya's chest puffed with a sense of determination before she hurried to their sides. She ran to cross the foyer and knelt at Jomei's side, looking between the two fallen players. "Are you guys okay?" The health bar that rested below hers told her that the Irishman hadn't taken any damage, but it hardly quelled her worry for them. As they all stood back up, Telrenya swallowed. She wasn't the same timid, helpless girl that she was when they first entered this haunted mansion, and she knew that. "We should split up." She started, turning to address the group. "Jomei, Hestia, Ruby and I can take a look at the second floor." Her suggestions were one of an individual who thought to take charge, but still lacked all of the confidence necessary to do so. Her hand reached out to her side and found her fiance's, grasping it for a sense of security as well as keeping her spirits as high as she could muster. "The three of us have some experience with the last place, and since we're all frontliners we should be fine sticking together in a small group. We just need to make sure anyone who's a lower level can stay safe until we figure out how to beat this thing again."