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  1. Curling her fingers around the hilt of her golden rapier, Telrenya drew her weapon with nerves running wild as they entered the room. She swallowed, allowing Jomei's presence at her side to keep her steady while her chocolate-brown eyes ran over everything that stood before them. Five monsters, all Dark Elves whose pointed ears reminded her of the fair-skinned villagers of Delilah. Only seconds past the doors, the fight erupted and the first team went to work with some trial-and-error while the second seemed to settle on an initial target. One of the Elf's HP was dropping rapidly from the string of attacks focused on him, and so Telrenya's confidence swelled slightly as she decided on the best course of action. While she expected her fiance to dash into the fray with her, she paused when she noticed Jomei pull open his menus. A look of concern hinted on her features, before they settled into a soft smile. "Right." She accepted his instruction, knowing they had no time to fuss. She dropped her blade to her right side, giving Jomei a nod and meeting his smirk with a wider smile stretching between her cheeks. "Don't keep me waiting, darling." She gently teased the man, turning and pointing herself back towards the battlefield. Her eyes locked onto the damaged Ratar and she ran forward, picking up her pace as her Charge skill kicked in. With his mind clearly frazzled, Telernya held her rapier at her side before pulling her shoulder back. Her opposite arm crossed in front of her in the wind-up, and her avatar stopped only when Celestial Dawn had first pierced through the monster's body. She didn't stop for a second, continuing with another fluid thirteen strikes to riddle Ratar with puncture wounds from each thrust. Telrenya's Action Players' Stats
  2. Walking side-by-side with her fiance, Telrenya gave his hand a small squeeze in anticipation. She was finally starting to feel that she was standing not only on her own two feet, but her chin was held a bit higher with Jomei at her side. She was stuck in her own mind for a bit, trying desperately to psyche herself up despite the nervous energy in the air. Pulling herself back to the world around her, however, Telrenya couldn't help but let out a chuckle while she nudged at the man's arm. "Hey!" She shot back, unable to refute his implication that it was taking them forever to go through with their wedding. It had been a while since Jomei's proposal, and her lips pursed as she felt a touch of guilt for not putting more time into the actual event. With the feeling of his hand upon her should, a soft smile was brought back to her face while she followed suit in retrieving her mask from her inventory. "Definitely." She nodded in agreement, reaching up to give his arm a quick, loving squeeze. "After this one." Stats
  3. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Several minutes later, Telrenya stood on the balls of her feet, balancing precariously on a stack of rubble she had fashioned to serve as a platform of sorts. Having pulled the sturdiest and most level sections of rock and stone that she could manage to find and dislodge from the cave-in, the blonde had boosted her height just enough by standing atop the makeshift steps in order to reach the ceiling of the catacombs by the tips of her fingers. Focusing on the small cracks that allowed the tiny streams of light to slip through, she struggled to find a hold in order to push away the loose dirt. Just as she was thinking of dropping back down to find another slab of rock to add to her pile, Telrenya pushed up on her feet one more time, curling her fingers around an edging of packed earth. She leaned forward, and the force proved just enough to break off a solid chuck of dirt. Just as the woman's avatar lurched forward while her balance was thrown, it was as if she'd dislodged a support beam of sorts. More light streamed in, and the area above her began to crumble and fall away. Bits of dirt began to fall and coat both Telrenya and the cavern floor, turning into larger pieces of earth and rubble until an awkwardly-shaped hole had been left in the ceiling above. The blonde, trying and failing to regain her balance atop her perch, had tumbled forward as she fell back to the cavern floor, letting out a grunt of discomfort when her shoulder made contact with the hard surface. When she pulled her eyes open, she immediately noticed the soft blue glow coming off of her arm. Filling her with a bit of relief, she smiled softly. "Thanks, Willow." She said in a small voice, assuming that the wisp had managed to protect her from whatever small ticks of damage she might have taken from either her fall, or the debris coming down around her. Pushing herself up, Telrenya's chocolate eyes traveled back up to the empty space she'd created, squinting past the contrast of the dark cave and the bright light spilling through past it. Her eyes were just working to adjust and make out some shapes in the distance when she let out a short gasp of surprise, stepping backwards with a start. A pair of tawny wings beat the air with Adere's descent, jostling some more loose dirt and grass to fall into the catacombs below. The owl familiar landed at the edge of the opening, talons curling into the ground to make for a more stable perch as she looked to Telrenya with expectant onyx eyes. The woman's expression shifted to display the new relief that she felt as she exclaimed the owl's name. "Adere! Oh god, am I glad to see you." She admitted with a smile, cocking her head to the side with hopeful curiosity. "Think you can help me? Is there anything up there that can help me get out of here?"
  4. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    With each second of stillness that passed by after the cave's crumbling, Telrenya's heartbeat slowed back to a normal pace, and she placed a hand over her chest while she took in a deep breath of musty air to calm herself further. The relief that washed over her just the same when Jomei responded that both of them were fine was welcome, and allowed her to pull her attention away from the obvious blockade that now stood between them. His kind warning brought an automatic smile to her lips, feeling the warmth behind his words. Though he couldn't see the gesture, she gave a nod of her head. "Right, I will. You, too." Time passed, and Telrenya was forced to focus on the predicament she had been left in. Standing alone among the same catacombs they'd been wandering aimlessly in for some time before running into Vaughn to guide them, she frowned and began to wrack her brain for a plan of action. She could stay where she was, hoping that Vaughn knew the terrain well enough that he could lead Jomei back around to this same cave; that would be the safest option, but just the thought of it left her feeling nervous and antsy, the unknown factors in that scenario being the only thing to occupy her mind for however long she might have to wait. She could go back the way they came, but it was even harder to reason with herself that it wasn't an awful idea. If she got herself more lost and wasn't able to find an exit on her own, or get lucky enough to run into the other two by chance, Jomei and Vaughn wouldn't even have a way to track her down. She placed her hands on her hips, letting out a huff of air. She couldn't hear anything on the other side of the fallen rubble, and so she only assumed that by now the other two had moved on down the other passageway. She began to pace, if for no other reason than to keep her limbs busy while her mind continued to work. "Hm?" Thus far, only the softly-glowing crystals had been left to illuminate the space around her, but the blonde's eyes curiously fell on a patch of light that fell on the edge of the cavern's floor. She blinked, gaze shifting as she followed the thin rays that cast down from the ceiling, leading her to spot a section of cracked earth where a bright light peeked through. She frowned for a moment, thinking what she could possibly do with this development, bringing a hand to her chin as she began to concoct a new plan in what remained of the small cave.
  5. Telrenya

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Telrenya's initial assault had been smooth and effective, and the trend that seemed to have persisted since teaming up with the other Holy Dragon Alliance members had caused her pride to swell a bit. Next to Jomei she still had plenty of room to grow, with her boyfriend still holding at least twenty levels over her. 'I'm still far from being able to fight with him and Ruby...' She reminded herself, her lips pursing slightly behind the thin steel of her mask. 'but at least I know I'm getting better!' Working to keep her focus on her progress rather than what felt like a far-off goal, Telrenya flourished her rapier as she prepared another empowered attack, the glinting metal of St. Andrew's Bane whipping through the air at her right side. But with her attention pulled farther into her thoughts than her actions, the masked woman's footwork grew sloppy. She leaned forward to break into another run at the Advisor's flank, pulling her shoulder back along with the hilt of her weapon. With another thrust forward to try and pierce through the massive insect's exoskeleton, the tip of her blade instead scraped along its side and a flash of a spark bounced from the point of contact. "What?" Before Telrenya could attempt to continue her string of rapid strikes, the Advisor turned towards her while a steady chittering escaped it. Raising a massive hooked limb, Telrenya froze for a crucial second, spared only by the jolt yellow light that crackled and webbed across its frame. Kimi's paralyzing attack had rendered the beast frozen for just enough time that Telrenya's flight response could kick in, allowing her to disengage and flee back to a safe distance. Thankfully hidden from view, the woman's cheeks burned a bright crimson with embarrassment from the whole display. ID#: 101746 | BD: 1 - Critical Fail | MD: 9 - Critical Hit (Paralyzed) [H: 3] Hestia | 876/950 | 82/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 2] Kimi | 420/420 | 33/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 142/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 2] Ryo | 500/500 | 27/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 43/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 228/320 | 24/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 487/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Burn 1/2 Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.
  6. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Telrenya continued to sit around the lightly-crackling fire as the two players accepted the quest. As Jomei broke off from the trio to inspect the mysterious plant that might hold the answers to some of their unresolved questions, she tapped a knuckle against her chin while she wracked her own brain for ideas. "Maybe if we head back to the surface, we can find out more about this Goddess, and get some more clues about the curse? Or... If there are any other hidden places in the catacombs that Vaughn knows about..." Her chocolate eyes were fixated on the dancing flames as she mumbled her thoughts aloud, more to herself than those in her company. The half-transformed man's stumbling didn't catch her attention at first, but when his broken speech reached her ears and soon registered, she picked up her gaze to fill with concern at the state of the NPC. She pushed herself up from the ground, standing slowly before she would flinch at Vaughn's outburst. "Nick!" Telrenya had called her lover's name just the same after the hunks of rock and rubble descended. The dust that kicked up caused her to wrench her eyes shut, holding her arms in front of her face to shield her until the cave-in settled. The sound of Jomei's distressed voice had her hurrying the couple of steps forward to the new wall of rock and packed dirt that stood between them, her fingers gingerly pressing against the uneven surfaces. "I-I'm fine!" The rate of her heartbeat and the adrenaline pumping through her made a falter in her speech nearly impossible, but she was quick to recover as she gave her surroundings a brief survey. Her head turned, and she spun slowly in a circle before calling back to the man on the other side of the barrier. "It... It looks like the room got cut in half, more or less." She surmised, spotting the tunnel that led back the way the came from following Vaughn after their initial meeting, and assuming that the other end that they had yet to traverse still lay accessible on Jomei's side. "What about you?" Just the same, she voiced her concern despite the full health bar that sat nestled in the top corner of her vision. And, as the memory of their company's condition sprang back to mind, the worry in her voice only increased. "A-and Vaughn? Is he with you, is he...okay?" She struggled for the right choice of words in a hurry, brows narrowed as she recalled the clear expression on the man's face as he was fighting back the curse. On the other side of the wall, Vaughn continued to clutch the side of his head with his human-most hand, eyes held tightly shut as he breathed heavily. He seemed more in pain than aggressive in that moment, and at the sound of his name his eyes blinked open. His state had clearly reverted to resemble the half-man they had first encountered in the catacombs, and it would have been hard to tell just how much worse the horns protruding from his forehead or the rocky complexion of his skin had become. "Sorr--ry." He choked out as he seemed to realize the damage that his lashing out had caused. His eyes met Jomei, and despite the strain in his expression, he pulled his hand away with a shake of his head. "Fine. I'm, fine." He seemed impatient all of a sudden, turning his head until he spotted the only passageway left available to them. "Come, we must get you...to the surface." He managed, his hand shifting to the cavernous wall beside him as a kind of support as he began to carry himself forward.
  7. Telrenya's cheeks burned pink as she watched just how awkward and silly the two had been, and namely when she saw Jomei steal a glance back at the girl after their parting. She chuckled, silently agreeing with his comment beside her, and when she felt his olive eyes on her she shifted her gaze to meet them. If one of her hands hadn't still been clasped with his, she might have started fidgeting with them in her lap as she gave a small nod, still wearing a smile. "Mm, looks like it... But, I think I like home movie night." She jested at the odd set-up of the attraction, left to wonder just how much the slow-moving boat ride had in store for them. She wasn't left wondering for long, for just moments after the light of the first screen dimmed and disappeared, another came to life on the opposite side, preparing another scene for them to watch as the boat gently inched along. She immediately recognized the stone walkways with sparse, tiny flowers peeking through their cracks and the cottage-styled buildings. The pointed ears that townsfolk sported were a rarity on many others of Aincrad's unlocked floors, but with Delilah being a town the Elves called home, Telrenya was used to seeing them around. Once again, a previous version of Jomei stepped into frame, an expression of uncertainty painted on his face until his vision seemed to settle on something, or someone, and his features took on a bright smile. It cut to Telrenya, mid-conversation with an elven woman when the Irishman's hand came to rest on her bare shoulder. The blonde in the boat laughed, quickly remembering the quest that Cardinal would go on to show them pieces of, focusing more on the direct exchanges between the two. "You really saved me there. If I'd gone on that quest alone at that level..." She exaggerated a light shudder, making light of the danger that she would have been left in alone with the treants. One snippet of their memories in particular caught her attention as she watched the two of them holding conversation, sitting at the edge of the small waterfall in the middle of the forest. He looked shy, getting only a couple of words out before Adere calling out to the man interrupted his thought, and Telrenya frowned. Her head tilted slightly to one side, "Ahh, now I'm curious all over again, what it was you were going to say." She remarked.
  8. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    "Just a by-product of what started this whole mess." Vaughn growled, another hint of bitterness in his voice after Jomei suggested using the mysterious plant's fruit to cure him. He shook his head at the idea that he had been healed, continuing to clarify. "No, it's just temporary. I'd give it... I don't know, probably less than an hour, and I'll be back to tripping over my own feet and croaking out my words." He seemed both annoyed and dismayed at the prospect of reverting back to the state the players had found him in, but only lingered after the topic for a second or two, crossing his arms over his chest. "Regardless, you'd be damned to try and find any more of those plants actually alive down here. As far as I know, this is the last one left. As far as what lies on the surface... Well, you'd have a much better idea than me at this point." He admitted with a shake of his head, not bothering to delve into his recollection of the land above from so many years ago. "I can get you out of these catacombs, if you need, but that is all I can do for you." While Telrenya's expression seemed to be cemented in one of sympathy and disheartenment, she was surprised to see a menu appear in front of her and Jomei alike. Cardinal's familiar font informed her that the prompt was for the acceptance or denial of a quest, which further surprised her as she had all but counted out the possibility of Vaughn as a quest-giver. At most, she was beginning to think he was simply designed for the purposes of story-telling; some little easter egg chock full of lore in the event that a player stumbled upon these catacombs as they had. The main section of the semi-transparent screen held only two words, which Telrenya stared at for several long seconds before her hopeful gaze turned up to meet Jomei's. "Help Vaughn." She stopped herself from blindly accepting the oddly vague quest, wordlessly expressing her desire to give it a shot despite their lack of information. Although confident that Jomei was of the same mind, she still waited for his confirmation before she would pull an index finger towards the circular blue button.
  9. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The man smirked slightly, as if any question that Jomei might have asked him would have been one that he expected, and already knew how to answer. "You've seen the ones up there, yes?" He asked, pointing an index finger up to the cave's ceiling as he referred to the Forgotten that roamed the remnants of the city, to which Telrenya gave a small nod of confirmation aside Jomei. After his prompt was responded to, he continued. "It's sunlight that progresses the curse. Or at least, that's the only thing I can believe without testing it out myself." He grimaced at the thought, weaving his fingers back together in front of his chin. He frowned, letting out a small sigh and shaking his head side to side. "You've heard it all before; men that are greedy and always wanting for more, overstepping the boundaries of those that provide for them. Our Goddess cursed us all with the very 'drug' that we longed for." He explained vaguely. "I fled into these catacombs with a handful of others before it had fully taken us, and the caves seemed to stop the process, or at least delay it. But, we were still human...mostly. Still growing tired, and hungry. Eventually they left to find food, or grew mad from the underground, or simply gave up. And, well... I haven't seen them since, so you can put the pieces together." The attitude of a bitter old man seemed to slip from him as he scoffed at his own predicament. Across from him, with the dim light of the fire dancing across her cheeks, Telrenya's brows knit together in concern, a mixture of sympathy and pity written clearly on the woman's face. "That's...terrible." She forced the words out, unable to bring any others forward that might lessen the bleakness of his story. With Jomei's palm once again resting against hers, Telrenya gave his hand a small squeeze as she perked to attention, a new expectation in her voice. "Is there anything we can do? Is there a way to break the curse, that you need help with?" An odd sort of rationality had kicked in within the girl's mind. As they were the players, and he an NPC, surely his sad story was the set-up for some kind of hidden quest. If they could simply complete some sort of task, they could cure the man's curse. But her naivete was only met with a dry chuckle. "Ah, if there was any kind of salvation from this Hell that the Goddess cast us into, it'd be the first I've heard about it."
  10. Telrenya

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    A chuckle bubbled up from Telrenya's chest when she was met with Embers' enthusiastic greeting. She was a touch surprised to hear a familiar name brought up so quickly, but her chocolate eyes drifted upwards as a thoughtful expression took over. She had few experiences with Hestia, despite the woman being one of her guildmates. In fact, most of her encounters with the raven-haired tank had been while Telrenya wasn't necessarily considered 'herself'. Bringing her hand to the nape of her neck, her lips curled into a pursed smile. "Hmm, yeah, I suppose I can see that." She mused with another half-chuckle. The tall redhead soon turned the question back to her, and while Telrenya had a slew of questions she wanted to ask in the thought of catching up with the woman, she simply couldn't suppress one topic that that seemed to be burning up inside of her. Her cheeks burned a faint pink as her eyes darted to one side, bashfulness taking over her for a moment as she tried to figure out a way to broach the topic that she wanted to rush into. "O-oh, well, you know..." She caught herself stammering, and a small laugh of tangled nerves spilled out of her. The blonde gave a quick clear of her throat before trying again. "Uhm... I've told you about my guild leader, right?" She recalled the few messages she'd exchanged with Embers in the past when her guild was first created, and it wasn't until just now that Telrenya hoped that she didn't sound too suspicious when describing her encounters with the Irishman so many months ago. "Well, we've, kind of been seeing each other for a while now." The realization that she was revealing the beginning of the relationship between herself and Jomei all the way up to the point they had reached now in a single exchange finally hit her, and she felt an odd twinge of guilt and embarrassment at the reveal that she had been so excited for moments ago. Even so, the girlish enthusiasm inside of her was enough to overpower any second thoughts, and she impatiently skipped ahead in her story, picking up her other hand to show Embers where she was going with the topic. With her fingers lightly curled, she held out her hand to display the rose gold piece of jewelry that sat on her left ring finger. Her eyes finally landed back on Embers' face, watching her features to gauge what sort of reaction her friend might have to the news while she unwittingly held her breath in a moment of anticipation.
  11. Between Jomei's act of enthusiasm, and the NPCs clear lack of any such emotion, Telrenya was holding her hand in front of her mouth, stifling laughter. The amusement of the whole set-up was already worth the trip, and so her curiosity piqued at the consideration of what actually lay waiting for them in the over-the-top carnival attraction. Her eyes ran over the various decorations that hung around the cobblestone bricks of the darkened tunnel, the small boat that bobbed atop the water, even the few small water lillies that sat on the shallow surface. She followed Jomei's lead, taking his hand to keep her balance while she placed the ball of her foot at the lightly-swaying floor of the boat. Once they were both seated, the simple vehicle seemed to come to life as Cardinal nudged them forward. Telrenya finally allowed a small chuckle to escape her, keeping her hold on Jomei's hand as she gazed ahead to try and see what lay in store for them, nodding. "It is kind of nice." She agreed, a calmness settling over them as they left the city of Taft behind for the moment. With only the fading light of the reaching sun illuminating their way, Telrenya's eyes were starting to adjust when a screen flickered to life. Off-center from the path their boat crawled along, her attention was drawn to it instantly. Just as she was beginning to make out the familiarity of the plain stone-paved streets and unimpressive buildings that made up the landscape of Urbus they were shown, Telrenya blinked in surprise when she spotted her own likeness displayed before them. The blonde was dressed in her typical white-and-gold combat attire, though her face wore an expression of anxiety and worry. She paced, arms crossed, until a familiar voice broke the silence. A small chuckle prompted a shift in what felt like camera work, and Jomei was shown stepping towards her. "Excuse me miss, everything alright? You look troubled." A wave of nostalgia hit her as she watched their first meeting play back in front of them. She was practically stunned, mouth hanging just slightly as the scene surpassed any suspicions she might have had about the deceptively simple boat ride.
  12. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Just as Jomei lowered his tightened fist, Telrenya's rapier dropped as well. She held the blade loosely at her side, its tip now pointing toward the dark cavern floor as she wore an expression of mixed confusion and concern. Chocolate eyes shifted between the man at her side and the half-human that stood before them as the former was the first to start asking questions. A moment of silence allowed the tension in the air to begin to settle, each passing second indicating that the players had less and less intention of slaughtering him. The figure straightened up, pushing against the cave wall to help stabilize himself, and appeared more calm before forcing a voice past his altered throat again. "...Come. I wo--n't, hurt you." He managed, giving the players a short wave as he beckoned them along. The man had turned back the way he came, hobbling down the path with clumsy but practiced steps, as if he was used to the inconvenience of his staggered walk and half-stone limbs. With a sideways glance to Jomei, Telrenya exchanged a look with him that said she didn't mind to follow after him as she brought the tip of her rapier back to its sheathe at her hip. Concealing her blade, the two would follow after the strange NPC down more winding tunnels filled with just as much death and decay as every path they'd taken thus far. A few haggard paces ahead of them, the man didn't seem bothered that the light from their torch stretched barely a few feet ahead of them, leaving Telrenya to wonder if his sight in the dark tunnels were better than theirs, or he was simply programmed to follow a specific route regardless of having a light source. After a few minutes, they were led to a clearing of sorts--the mouth of a small cave that broke the repetitive cycle of one narrow passageway after another. This one was devoid of corpses, skeletons, and occupied coffers. Whether the area was generated without them, or the 'decor' had simply been moved away, Telrenya couldn't tell. Along the walls, clusters of softly-glowing crystals served as a new light, and a single withering plant caught the woman's attention in the corner of the room, clinging to the wall and floor of the cave just as tightly as it clung to the last of its life. The man continued moving, working to revive a small campfire in the center of the space. Finally, he knelt down beside the wilted plant and hesitated a second before plucking one of two sizeable fruits from its vine. He held the object, with swirls of green and yellow hues coating its skin, above his nose before giving it a quick squeeze. Its outer layer broke, and he brought the brightly-colored juices that flowed to his lips. Seconds later, he would discard the dried remains to the edge of the cave's floor and bring himself over to the campfire, lowering down and crossing his legs. He carried himself a bit differently, Telreyna could see. His balance was more stable, and even his half-turned skin looked a bit healthier in the dim light of the crystals. As he faced the two players, she could see the haze of his right eye lessened, though it still lacked the brown color of his left. The corners of his mouth picked up into an obviously-forced smile, and the voice that left him sounded much less strained, as he no longer croaked out his words. "I used to be called a 'Saint', hundreds of years ago now. But, you can just call me Vaughn." He took in a sharp inhale, leaning forward as he propped his elbows onto his knees, and laced his fingers together in front of his face. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions, and I have nothing better to do. So, go ahead. But be specific." He tacked on.
  13. Telrenya

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    It had been a while, but Telrenya always seemed to find herself coming back to the Town of Beginnings for one reason or another. The city was almost nostalgic in itself, being the longest-standing landscape in Aincrad for players to grow accustomed to. She'd met a lot of people on this floor, and assumed that she would meet many more before their collective adventure would finally be over. Stretching her arms over her head, the blonde stepped down from the teleport plaza in the center of town, giving the front of her pleated white skirt a couple of of quick brushes to needlessly smooth the material. She wore a smile of excitement, one that she had been holding onto ever since she received Embers' message earlier that morning. It had been too long since she had spent some time with the fiery redhead who had helped her so long ago. Keeping in touch was all well and good, and the game's messaging system left them just a few keystrokes away from conversation, but Telrenya felt that a meet-up was long overdue. Having let Jomei know of her plans to catch up with her friend, her eyes naturally flickered to the top-left of her vision at the thought of the Irishman. They landed on his username, and the familiar green bar that represented his health in her party display. She wondered if the man would spend his time relaxing at home, or if he would make other plans while she was out. A softer smile graced her lips at the hint of curiosity, and the thought of inquiring about her fiance's day as they might enjoy a meal together later caused it to stretch a little wider. Telrenya passed through the gates that led to the first floor's wilderness, the rolling plains giving her an impressive and unobscured view of the landscape. It seemed there weren't many players that spent their time farming the lowest-level of monsters down here anymore, as she could only spot a figure or two in the distance, slashing at boars and wolves that roamed the fields. Spotting an unmistakable head of vibrant red, Telrenya perked and pushed herself forward to close the distance between herself and Embers. Giving the woman a wave once she was sure the other player would have seen her approaching, she called out. "Hey Embers! Aahhh, it's really been too long, how have you been? Are you doing alright?"
  14. Telrenya

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Telrenya's head turned to cast her gaze down the tunnel where Hestia and Kimi had moved along to push forward while the rest of their party hung back. For whatever reason, Kairi seemed to have been having a difficult time, and so they temporarily split up to help the girl to safety. After their detour was taken care of and they could focus on catching up with the group, Telrenya kept up the pace between Spencer and Ryo until the sounds of an echoing battle reached her ears. "Looks like they found some more trouble already." She joked under her breath, and they would hurry to the scene until the masked woman's heels would dig into the uneven earth to bring her to a stop before their new foe. "Alright, okay," Telrenya breathed out, drawing St. Andrew's Bane from its scabbard as she sized up the monster before them. Rather than a group of patrolling antmen, they were met with a single opponent that looked more menacing than any of the simple spear-wielders they'd taken down thus far. Letting out a steady breath, she lowered her body in order to break into a sprint, joining the fray without hesitation. In her hurry, she hadn't even noticed the additional player that fought alongside Hestia and Kimi, keeping her eyes trained instead on the Adviser. Darting forward, she easily sunk her thin blade into the monster's side, jerking her shoulder back in order to continue with an array of thrusts that would chip away at the large bar of health that hovered beside it. ID#: 101505 | BD: 4(+4)(-2)=6 - Hit! Over Radiation (x14) +Charge Active | MD; 4(+2)(-3)=3 - Miss!(15 base) + (3 charge) = (18 DMG) x (14 sword art) = 252 DMG Group 1~ [H: 3] Hestia | 861/950 | 82/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 0] Kimi | 420/420 | 40/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 144/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 0] Ryo | 500/500 | 34/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 44/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 320/320 | 22/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 545/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player. Total Loot: 11,630 Col (15) T2 Materials [Rare] T2 Weapon 2x [Rare] Consumables [Rare] T2 Armor/Shield 2x [Uncommon] Consumables (Telrenya)
  15. Telrenya

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    "M-mm, right..." Telrenya's agreeance came quickly and nervously, with a small nod of her head. The pair willed themselves to continue moving through the dark and dreary tunnels in search for a way out while she tried incredibly hard not to think about how she couldn't remember all of the turns and the direction of each fork they had taken in order up to this point. Unless Jomei had an impressive memory, or he had been marking their way somehow without her noticing, heading back the way they came wasn't looking like a reliable option. So, forward they pressed on. They were more cautious now, and Telrenya's eyes scanned the walls and strained against the darkness ahead of them even moreso than they were before. When a couple of minutes passed without any other alarming sounds or tells of their supposed company in the network of tunnels, Telrenya's brows began to knit. A mixture of confusion and growing impatience as their continued paces didn't seem to carry them any closer toward an obvious exit or goal. Just more dead things scattered over the uneven floors. The corner that they turned next was almost identical to several splits they had taken before, and so Telrenya thought nothing of what might lie around the sharp turn. Her soles scraped against the ground as she skidded to a stop, her body reacting on impulse to just how not-empty the corridor actually was. Her eyes widened as they fell on the gangly humanoid figure in front of them, and she let out a short, involuntary scream from her shock. Her right hand moved to the hilt of her rapier at her hip after her instincts kicked in, though the action was far from smooth. She had only managed to find her grip after a couple of precious seconds, and her slight stumble backwards to catch her balance didn't much help. The stranger, surprisingly, had a very similar reaction to the blonde across from him. Not quite a man, but not exactly a monster, the creature's arm extended out to one side to catch himself as his own small yelp echoed against the cave walls. A face of mixed flesh and stone that initially bore shock and confusion quickly turned to panic as he registered the players' reactions and steel was sure to catch the torch's light. "W-w-wait!" He hurriedly croaked, the voice that left his throat hoarse and rough. He took a couple of steps back to try and distance himself from the threat of impalement, holding an open palm out towards them as if to ask them to hold their blades. "I'm--not..." He tried to form a sentence with more strained words before one of them would run him through. Having finally freed her weapon from its scabbard, Telrenya's brows furrowed slightly as she was able to take in the sight of the creature. "Oh," They raised again a second later, and the woman reached out to Jomei's arm with her free hand. "Wait, your cursor..." She spoke quietly while her frame slowly but surely relaxed as she stared at the yellow-tinted cursor that twirled above the creature's head.