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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Kimi Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team
      Minecraft Development Team
      * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      Holiday Event   02/07/2018

      A Brand new holiday event is now live! Free for everyone to enjoy! <3 And a brand new, limited time only quest that pairs can take, and enjoy! <3 Wishing Everyone a very happy Valentines Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo~~~~~~~~~~~~
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      Patch Notes: Crafting and Adventuring Update   02/19/2018

      <<Crafting and Adventuring Update>>
      SAO-RPG Patch 2.5.1 Timeline Update! Please note that the following is out of character knowledge.
      Time progresses at a different rate in the game than in our characters' real lives. As of November 6, 2017 (OOC real time), characters should have the perception that 2 years have passed since the game's launch. This will continue to roughly mirror the passage of real time until the game's completion. The note that the perception of time is different in-game is to allow the idea that a set amount of time has passed in the real world (likely 2 years) upon the game's completion, regardless of how long it takes for the site to clear all 100 floors. We hope to release more changes soon that will streamline boss fights and floor clearing, as well as help new players establish themselves despite the time gap, but hopefully this timeline serves as a helpful tool for players throughout the rest of our time spent clearing the game. Site Changes: A post count feature has been added to the site. The number of each post (i.e. #1) now displays on the top-right, beside the "Link Post" feature. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement for posts in which a player is stunned or paralyzed has been reduced to 100 from 150. PvP and Player Killing Rules have been updated: No player can kill another without OOC permission. The rule for initiative rolls on Unauthorized Combat have been removed. The NPC Guard mechanic has been removed. Characters under Level 5 are eligible to claim a New Character Bundle, regardless of when their journal was created. Unidentified items, when obtained in a thread, no longer have to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. For example, a weapon drop can be claimed from a locked thread as an Unidentified T1 Weapon, rather than an Unidentified T1 2H Assault Spear. When identifying an item, the Merchant should then specify the item type in their roll(s). To clarify, items leaving locked threads should be specified according to the loot tables as: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Consumable. The Loot Table has been slightly adjusted, mainly to increase the number of consumables dropped from monsters. Crafting Changes:
      A note to all crafters: Be sure you are transferring your materials (col for Merchants) to the @Banker account when crafting. The <<Earning a Living>> quest has been updated, and is now profession-specific. Three new crafting/gathering-based quests have been added: <<Nature's Treasure>>, <<Witch of the West>>, and <<Challenge of Olympus>>. +CD bonuses for crafting have been reintroduced. These can be obtained through the new quests <<Challenge of Olympus>> & <<Witch of the West>>. Merchants: The chance to successfully identify a unique enhancement now scales with Merchant Rank. The identification chart for Consumables has been reworked. The process of identifying consumables has changed. Identification prices have been reduced by 20%. General stock items have been adjusted. Blank Recording Crystals have been removed, and five new items have been added: Glow Stone, Single/Double Tents, Spyglass, and Water Canister. Alchemists/Cooks: Enhancement lists for both professions have been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to yield additional items. The Crafting Die Result charts have been updated. Performers: Song types have been adjusted. Enhancement list has been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to become 'Masterpieces'. This allows the craft to be submitted for evaluation with an additional effect. Skill Changes: Hiding Mod: Surprise Attack Has been split into two mods: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth grants +2 DMG. Stuns and other status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) cannot trigger. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Assassin) and Surprise Attack (Trickster). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on hitting critical zones and exploiting your target's weak points, allowing for bonus damage. Surprise Attack (Trickster) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth reduces final damage by 50% and automatically applies all status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) the player possesses on active equipment/consumables. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Trickster) and Surprise Attack (Assassin). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on slipping past the enemy's defenses and sacrifice strength in order to apply as many status effects as possible. Mod: Vanish Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energize Can only affect target party member. Mod: Hyperactive Increases energy regeneration of target player by 3 for three turns, up from 2 for two turns. Can only affect target party member. Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energy cost increased to 5, from 3. First Aid Mod: Purify Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 2 rounds. Mod: Sharpness Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Mod: Barrier Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Effect now applies a Safeguard effect to target party member that lasts until the beginning of the user's next turn. Does not stack with the Safeguard enhancement. A player can only be targeted by Barrier once per combat. Mod: Field Medic Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, down from 5 Turns. Fighting Spirit Now affects hate-generating abilities (Howl & Focused Howl) Enhancement Changes: Thorns: Damage increased to (9 per slot * Tier) from (7 per slot * Tier).  Effect has been updated to specify that only damage dealing, melee attacks trigger Thorns. [Performer] HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery has been removed. Monster Call has been reworked into two different enhancements: Monsters' Fortune Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 LD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Monsters' Favor Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 CD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Familiar Call Renamed to Familiar Sight. Grants +2 LD when searching for a familiar, up from +1. Incarceration Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. New Enhancement: Perpetuate Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle. Applicable to: Debuff Song Misperception Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. Hypnosis Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Lullaby Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Mesmerism and Berceuse have been removed. [Alchemist] Damage No longer scales with Tier. Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery Reduced to (30 * Target's Tier), down from (45 * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Antidote Effect now grants immunity to negative status effects (Paralyze, Bleed, etc.) for a number of turns equal to the slots used. For example, if a player uses an Uncommon Antidote (1 slot), and is then affected by Burn for 2 turns, they would negate the damage from the first turn, and then take the appropriate damage on the second turn, as their protection from Antidote has run out. Toxic Venom Adjusted to (8 * Tier) damage over 3 turns, from (6 * Tier) damage over 4 turns. [Cook] New enhancement: Evasion Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 2 Slots Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. Applicable to: Snacks, Desserts, Meals, Feasts Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Protein Cap reduced to 2, down from 3. Effect reduced to (1 per slot) base damage and -(5 per slot * Tier) mitigation, down from (1 * Tier) base damage per slot and -(9 per slot * Tier) mitigation. Item Changes: <<Banner of Command>>, <<Banner of Leadership>>, <<Banner of Inspiration>>, <<Banner of Support>>, and <<Banner of Greater Support>> no longer have the ability to be recharged. Any players that have one of these items may continue to use them until their current number of charges have been depleted, after which they become vanity items. <<Name Tags>> now can not only change the name of an item, but the description/appearance as well. This includes any Name Tags received in the Fireworks Festival Raffle. Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: <<Earning a Living>> Whether you are looking to start crafting for the first time, or wish to change your current profession, the <<Earning a Living>> quest has been reworked and flavored for each profession. Materials gathered and a single item crafted in this quest are yours to keep, along with the ability to open a shop for your desired profession and some bonus materials to get you started. <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> <<Earning a Living: Tailor>> <<Earning a Living: Artisan>> <<Earning a Living: Alchemist>> <<Earning a Living: Cook>> <<Earning a Living: Performer>> <<Earning a Living: Merchant>> Quest Revamp: <<Witch of the West>> Witch of the West is a quest specifically for players who have a profession that takes place on floor fifteen.  By defeating the monsters and the boss players can receive a +CD consumable for their profession specifically.  By taking the quest again, you do not have to fight the boss but still must face the mobs in order to obtain the item. Quest Revamp <<The Iron Guardian> Loot drop changed from the <<Banner of Support>> to the <<Crystal of Support>> a mass healing crystal. New Quest: <<Nature's Treasure>> On each tier's first floor, players are able to take the quest.  The quest itself is designed to make material grinding easier whether you are actively searching for materials, fishing for materials, or fighting mobs for materials. New Quest: <<Challenge Of Olympus>> After reaching Rank 2 in a profession, players are eligible for a quest on the seventeenth floor in which they have a chance to accept a challenge from one of the Greek Gods/Goddesses in order to prove their worth as a crafter. This is an RP-focused quest for players who enjoy crafting, which awards a permanent +CD item to be used in a shop. <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Artisan>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Alchemist>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Cook>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Performer>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Merchant>> New Quest: <<Trouble in The Mines>> Mining on Floor Twenty One has ceased to a halt with the appearance of Drakelings in the mines. The town has requested your help in clearing them out, so they can resume work. Of course, bringing back proof of your exploits will be rewarded handsomely.  New Quest: <<Betrayal of The King>> Rumors of an old king long forgotten have began to resurface, bringing about fear that he had been resurrected. It is up to the players to stop him, and return this dangerous King back to the land of the dead. Those who complete this task will be reward not only with Col and SP, but the chance to obtain T3 equipment.  New Quest: <<The Hidden Village>> Players have been tasked with finding out more about the town of Charko, which has remained shrouded in shadow. Though the trip through the tunnels does not prove to be simple, as powerful monsters stand in the way of the players' discovery. After bypassing these mobs through either combat or stealth, it will be up to them to determine whether Charko stays a secret, or is revealed.  New Quest: <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Rumors of a powerful item that can change the look or description of an item have surfaced, and that these Name Tags are dropped by a powerful phoenix.  New Quest: <<Bane of Blood>> Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive.  New Quest: <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>> Players will find themselves fighting against a crew of cunning pirates in the hopes of being rewarded handsomely with Col and other treasure.  New Quest: <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Those that hunt down this Field Boss will find that its patterns change depending on the time of day this boss is discovered. Players will be rewarded with Col, SP, and Equipment for the defeat of this boss.  New Quest: <<The King of Lakes>> At the bottom of the Lake of Reflections lurks a powerful aquatic monster that has evaded many fisherman's lines for months. However, one fisherman has revealed he may know the trick to fishing him up. He sends you out to retrieve the bait before giving you a shot at catching the powerful King of Lakes.  New Quest: <<What We Fight For>> Deep in the Forest of Memories lies a chamber that has been said to reveal to players what they miss most of their real world outside of SAO. Housing Changes: Guild Hall Costs have been reduced. Room upgrade cost lowered to 15,000 col. Players who have spent col to upgrade rooms since the initial housing update have been reimbursed. Living Room Effect changed to: “Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts” Dining Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Extended Workshop, and Mega Slime Farm slot cost reduced to 1, down from 2. Dining Hall room slot cost reduced to 2, down from 4. Removed restriction for having both a Basic Kitchen and a Chef’s Kitchen. Basic Kitchen is now able to create Tier-specific food items. The material costs for using a Basic Kitchen has slightly increased. Limited the maximum number of items created per thread to 3. Dining Hall and Dining Room effects have been reworked. Basement buff increased to +2 from +1. Cooldown changed to once every 10 posts(total), from once per thread. Clarification added: Food items created with a Basic Kitchen may be traded to and used by other players, but still may not be used outside of the thread they are created. The ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Plots of Land has been added.


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  1. Another trading of blows between Jomei and Zylara, and Telrenya took her first opportunity to rush at their opponent once again. With the knight's health so low in the red, her brows narrowed slightly with the confident preparation of a weaker sword skill that she counted on getting the job done. The flat of her blade pulled in close to her side before she lunged forward with four consecutive thrusts at the body of their target. But to her dismay, the knight's lance flew across his body to clash with the edge of her blade and knock it aside. Each time she pulled back for another thrust of her thin blade, the knight expertly deflected the blow, sending sparks flying with each collision of steel. It was difficult for Telrenya not to let the frustration of the battle overwhelm her--rarely, if ever, had she had trouble hitting any of the dragon hatchlings they had faced in the past, and yet now she was struggling to hold her own half of the fight against just the first two Dragon Knights. As the status effect that had lingered on her inflicted the last of its damage, she spared only a fleeting moment to glance at the empty space that had been created in her health bar. ID#: 97086 | BD: 3(+4)(-2)=5 - Miss! [0] Telrenya: 538/720 HP | 58/72 EN | 12 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 59 MIT [0] Jomei: 1136/1270 HP | 119/139 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 38 B. Heal (Bleed 2/2) Zylara the Dragon Knight: 42/300 HP | 125 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 50 MIT | 24 Bleed
  2. [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The already frantic pounding of her heart in her chest came to a momentary stop when the sensation of falling overtook her. Her hold on Jomei's hand was lost as the two players dropped alongside the pieces of broken path, and the blonde's knees buckled when she hit the lower floor, leaving her arms to catch the rest of her weight. The clang of metal rang out as her grip on Celestial Dawn had loosened as well and the golden rapier crashed to the ground a few feet away from its owner. With ragged breaths, Telrenya pushed herself up to her knees just as Jomei appeared at her side. "Y-yeah, I'm alright. And you?" She managed to get out, her eyes quickly running over both the Irishman's damaged avatar and the pair of colored health bars that hovered in the upper corner of her vision. For a moment, only the sound of their heavy breathing bounced off of the stone structures around them. And as that moment passed, chocolate brown eyes trailed over the room while her features remained attentive. She looked up to what little remained of the walkway that they had stood upon when entering the building, then to the top of the grand staircase at the other side of the room. When no movement nor other sounds caught her attention, she spoke up again in a hopeful whisper. "Did we lose them?" As the tension of their daring escape slowly died down and the couple were allowed precious time to catch their breath as well as regenerate their HP, Telrenya regained the ability to crack a smile. "Well... We definitely found those monsters." She chuckled softly in reference to their earlier expectations on what they might find hidden away in the ruined city. After pushing herself back up to her feet, her whole body turned as she looked over the overgrown structure they had landed in. "Is this...a church?" She thought aloud, catching sight of torn, dust-covered tapestries and sun-bleaced fragments of what used to be stained-glass windows. Her attention focused on more immediate surroundings as she turned to the side, and she faltered for a moment as she registered the large stone slabs and crosses coated in dirt and vines. "O-or a graveyard...?"
  3. [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Leaning up against the rough, uneven terrain of the dirt wall, Telrenya simply waited for a few moments. She was perfectly fine with keeping to herself, but it was only a matter of time before the main tank of the group, Hestia, turned to her with a very valid question. Her lips lightly purse behind her mask and she felt a small twinge of embarrassment as she scrambled for an answer that didn't sound as foolish as the truth. "O-oh, well... I can't say that I'm a frontliner exactly. Though I hope to be one soon..." The latter sentence came out in a much smaller voice, as if she were muttering to herself in the middle of her explanation. "Uhm, anyway, I wasn't sure what this place was so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to check it out. I'm not exactly a scout build or anything, but I've been working on keeping my defensive stats decent." The line of her gaze had drifted from Hestia to the ground in front of her feet. Despite her attempt at reasoning with her decisions, she would have simply been wrong if she tried to claim coming in here by herself wasn't a risky of dangerous choice. Before her conversation with the raven-haired woman had progressed much further, the ground beneath their feet began to tremble. Telrenya's palms pressed against the wall behind her for support, and she took half a step forward to catch herself before she had fallen off balance. A few seconds later and the quake had subsided. "W-what was that...?" [2/3 to full energy]
  4. Telrenya filled her cheeks with air, brows narrowing as she flashed an exaggerated pout at the man's teasing. Her stubborn expression was quick to break, however, as she was overtaken by a small chuckle. "You know me better than that." She shot back. Before she had taken the chance to accept Jomei's hand to help her to her feet, Telrenya felt her heart stop for a fleeting moment in her chest. Chocolate eyes went wide at the sight of the spearhead protruding from the man's chest before he was jerked to the side. Behind where the Irishman had been standing, a new, almost identical Dragon Knight stood, clad in crystalized armor with a faint, dull yellow glow. Telrenya's body moved on instinct, bringing her to her feet that pushed off the stone floor as she charged towards the armored creature. No sooner had Zylara turned his eyes on her, the blonde's shoulder rolled forward and collided with the heavy chestplate of the monster. Her smaller frame had done little to jar the enemy, Zylara having barely lost any of his footing as Telrenya's grip on her rapier tightened at her side. Her jaw clenched with the flaring of her rare, protective temper, and the ineffectiveness of her attack didn't help to quell that flame. As she was forced a step and a half backwards, she raised her weapon against the quartz knight, gripping the hilt of Celestial Dawn with the blade held steady in front of her. ID#: 96999 | BD: 1 - Critical Fail! [0] Telrenya: 562/720 HP | 59/72 EN | 12 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 59 MIT | (Bleed 1/2) [0] Jomei: 1196/1270 HP | 128/139 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 38 B. Heal (Bleed 2/2) Zylara the Dragon Knight: 300/300 HP | 125 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 50 MIT | 24 Bleed
  5. The two women made their way through the wild desert as the virtual sun gradually set behind the highest dunes in the distance. And with nightfall, Telrenya's chocolate brown eyes squinted to catch sight of the telling trail of smoke in the distance that would signal a campfire. "Ahh, Ruby, you think that's where we'll find that guy's brother?" She questioned, pointing in the direction of what she assumed was the bandits' camp up ahead. The girl wore a confident smile, the idea of fighting alongside the rosette frontliner causing her to bristle with excitement. While there was still a large gap in levels between the two players, the thought of not having to fully rely on Ruby to carry her through the quest left her eager to press on. They closed the remaining distance and Telrenya carefully pulled Celestial Dawn from its scabbard at her hip while she crouched behind the cover of a large dune at the outskirts of the encampment. While her eyes scanned what would soon be their battlefield, Willow looped around the girl's shoulder, diving headfirst into the center of her back and vanishing when he would make contact with the dark grey fabric of her blazer. "I think there's three...no, four of them." She counted the bandits she could spot out in the open, leaning over to Ruby with a whisper. "I guess we'll just head in and kick some butt together?" She giggled softly, recalling the rosette's earlier casual comment of them 'bashing skulls'. Telrenya flourished her blade as she stood to her full height, giving herself a last bit of mental encouragement before she would engage the group of bandits. Planting the ball of her right foot in the sand, she leaned forward to break into a run, weaving past the tents that were set up and supplies that lay on the ground throughout the area. Before the monsters had a chance to react to their invaders, the tip of Telrenya's rapier found the center of one bandit's back, piercing through cleanly. Thirteen more successive strikes later, and the half-masked man fell to the floor, shattering into shards of light as his health bar dropped to zero. The remaining startled bandits scrambled to draw their weapons on the girl, each running at Telrenya to retaliate against her attack. A quick sidestep and a skillful parry with her own blade later, and she had completely avoided the attacks. The final bandit was able to slip past her defenses with a feint, but the edge of his curved sword met with the soft blue glow of Willow's protection as it would try to run through the virtual flesh of her arm, the end result leaving her with only a minuscule gash at the side of her arm. @Ruby Combat Rolls: Combat Stats: Thief Sword Arts:
  6. Rhaegal's straightsword was as quick to leave Telrenya's virtual flesh as it had been to pierce through her. The knight hadn't given into her distraction as she'd hoped, turning just in time to defend against Jomei's assault. The woman's dark blonde brows narrowed, and she hurried to punish the knight for taking his attention off of her. Celestial Dawn came down in a diagonal slash across her body, but before it had made contact with emerald green armor Rhaegal spun with his shield that had just knocked Jomei off balance and swiftly deflected the woman's blade. The Dragon Knight put up an impressive fight, his attention shifting between the blonde and the ginger in order to dodge, deflect, or otherwise shrug off their assault for several long seconds. In a flash, the creature switched to the offensive, eyes that were hidden away behind his helm locking back onto Telrenya. The girl took a half-step back as the knight's steel blade glowed a brilliant green. She tried to keep up with the increasing intensity of his attacks, using the flat of her rapier to fend off the swift slashes that she couldn't move her body out of the way from in time. She winced with the appearance of tiny gashes on her avatar, proof that her defensive maneuvers couldn't keep up. The tip of the knight's blade raised to the sky with the finale of his attack. Bringing his weapon straight down, Rhaegal feigned a simple slash and instead brought the weapon aside him, slicing across and digging the edge of the blade into Telrenya's left side. She let out a small, involuntary cry and was knocked off balance with the force of the blow, her arms taking the brunt of the fall as she hit the concrete floor. The large red gash at the side of her ribs seemed to fester, and a quick glance to her vitals showed the presence of a status effect. Wincing slightly, the girl propped herself up, trying to keep her nerves under control with a half-forced jest. "A-alright... Next time, maybe you should take the lead." She managed with a short chuckle. @Jomei *No Action Taken* ID#: 96924 | MD: 10 - Critical Hit! [1] Telrenya: 586/720 HP | 60/72 EN | 12 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 59 MIT | (Bleed 0/2) [0] Jomei: 1270/1270 HP | 137/139 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 38 B. Heal Rhaegal the Dragon Knight: 140/300 HP | 125 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 50 MIT | 24 Bleed
  7. [OP-F2] Boss Raid Meeting

    With nerves tangling and a small knot of anxiety resting in her stomach, Telrenya kept quiet while the experienced players took the lead in the meeting's progression. They discussed strategy, hints as to the boss' ability and even possible identity, and created team compositions. Her expression grew a bit flustered when she saw herself referred to on the list as simply "Blondy", but her eyes were quick to run over the other names in her group. She was relieved to be placed with Jomei and Ruby, though her gaze had to move to the last group to find Hestia's name. The first name on the list spoken aloud caught her ear, and she soon found the two players whom she assumed would be her teammates. She filled her lungs with a deep breath of air, gathering her confidence before taking a few steps to draw closer. The blonde wore a friendly smile, giving a short bow of greeting to @Macradon and @Calrex both. "Nice to meet you, I'm Telrenya. Looks like we'll be working together."
  8. [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The feeling of Jomei's hand upon her back worked wonders to quell the fear that had caused her heart to beat rapidly inside of her chest. The Irishman was quick to place himself between her and the Forgotten that had startled her, along with the half-dozen others that slowly began to make themselves visible past the ruins and rubble of the ancient city. She got to her feet as quickly as she could manage, Celestial Dawn still gripped tightly in her right hand as Jomei worked to fight off the creatures that shambled towards them one-by-one. As if these new arrivals weren't enough of an obstacle, it looked as though the stream of monsters was far from complete. Telrenya whipped around and her chocolate eyes were quick to find several more lifeless pairs staring back at her--some still a generous distance away or working their way through worn buildings and fallen supports, but others were closing the distance at an alarming rate. Were they really surrounded? Telrenya's chest grew tight with the onset of panic, her eyes and mind working as quickly as possible to figure their way out of this. 'Could we really fight them all off? C-can I handle more than one or two at a time?' Her thoughts were interrupted when Jomei called out to her, instructing her to run. The blonde blinked in disbelief, turning her gaze on him for a brief second before motion in the corner of her eye forced her attention elsewhere. She took in a sharp breath of air as she managed to sidestep the swing of a monster's blade just before it came down on her right shoulder, and she worked to continue evading the attacks aimed at her. 'No, no no...' She scanned the battlefield. There had to be something, some way for them to get out of this. She didn't want to leave Jomei while he kept himself in danger. She wouldn't. "We'll get through this together." The words were only a whisper past her lips. Finally, her eyes fell on an archway in the distance that led into what little remained of a large structure. She stole as many glances as she could in between dodging and deflecting the swipes and swinging blades that came at her, trying to confirm one thing. She didn't see any creatures in that entire area. With how hesitant and clumsy she used to be in battle, with all the times she'd gotten in over her head as Erin, Telrenya had only felt this type of fear once before. She was about to take a risk, and it wasn't just her life that would be in danger anymore. She slipped past the jagged blades of the Forgotten that continued to overwhelm them, her avatar already sporting several more small slashes from the attacks she could not manage to outmaneuver. She quickly moved back to Jomei's side, taking the man's free hand in her own just as he had subdued his latest attacker. "This way!" She urged, pulling him along.
  9. "Aww, thank you Piera." Telrenya giggled with a wide smile spread over her now unmasked face. The girl still stood in her formal attire, the soft cream dress with maroon accents falling to her knees as they walked through the main plaza of Taft. Rather than return to their own townhome, Telrenya nodded with lingering excitement from the festivities of the masquerade, eager with the thought of gathering in smaller company with their guildmates. It felt like there were several players who had joined the Holy Dragon Alliance that she had yet to properly meet, and even others whom she hadn't been able to spend as much time with given how busy they had all been since their Christmas get-together. With the alchemist's followed comment about their status as parents, Telrenya grew just as flustered, if not moreso, than the Irishman at her side. A faint pink tint coated her cheeks as she questioned Piera's teasing comment. "W-what? Parents? What do you mean by that?" The words came out as more of a nervous reaction if anything, not really expecting nor wanting an explanation, though she was soon afraid she would be given one.
  10. Flames danced beneath the forms of each of the nine Dragon Knights, casting long shadows that flickered against the curved stone walls behind them. They stood, still as statues, staring down at the two players behind their plated helmets. Telrenya felt a chill run down her spine as she felt their gazes pressing down on her, her grip on Jomei's hand tightening in kind. The room was still, stuck in a suffocating silence while the girl slowly slipped her hand away in order to take hold of the hilt of her own rapier. With the players' weapons drawn, a final light source sparked to life above them, the ten candles of a massive chandelier serving to illuminate the rest of the large chamber that was to serve as their battleground. Telrenya's eyes shot between the idle knights as they stood tall in their impressive armor, each one uniformly wielding a downward-pointed straight sword whose blade was tucked away behind an ornately-designed kite shield. Behind each statuesque figure, nine large tapestries ran down the walls. Depicted in each, a dragon. Similar to the various hatchlings they had fought and defeated, their woven scales matching the color schemes of the knights that stood before them. The illustrated dragons, however, were clearly different than the small creatures they had faced before. Instead, these dragons were adult--fully-grown versions of the hatchlings that had been hidden away on each of the previous floors. Now, with the room alight and their challenge unveiled, a sudden movement would catch their eyes. The knight clad in brilliant green metal jerked to life, pulling his sword to the front before dropping from his tall pedestal. Heavy boots crashed against the stone floor, and just after the knight had straightened himself, he promptly dropped into a low stance. The light of the flames that surrounded them danced reflections off of the large emerald embedded in the center of the Dragon Knight's shield that was held at the ready. Telrenya cast Jomei a sidelong glance. Drawing in a deep breath through her nose, her chin tilted down in a quick nod to signal her readiness, and a small smile crept across her lips. "Mind if I take the first shot, darling?" The woman fixed her sights back on the Emerald Dragon Knight. In one fluid motion, she lowered herself and pushed off the stone floor with the immediate activation of her charge skill. Dashing in to close the distance between herself and the stalwart knight, her eyes worked rapidly to find a hole in the monster's defense. With none to be found, Telrenya pushed to the left and started with a single empowered thrust of her blade against the top half of the warrior's shield. The force of the blow caused the knight to stagger back, rewarding her with the opening she wanted. Thirteen more successive strikes pierced the knight's armor and steadily drained away his hit points. In retaliation, Rhaegal's sword swung across his body, sending sparks flying as it clashed with the golden steel of Celestial Dawn to shove the rapier away. Telrenya stepped to the left again when it sliced down through the air where she had been standing, and the girl suddenly found herself on the defensive. She dodged two more slashes, but by now the knight's back was practically turned on the Irishman. Perfect. "Nick!" She called out from the other side of the armored figure. Another clash of blades, and then she faltered. Rhaegal's sword shot forward and pierced the woman's shoulder, ripping past the blue glow of Willow's protective barrier. ID#: 96635 | BD: 4(+4)(-2)=6 - Hit! Over Radiation (x14) +charge Active | MD: 7(-3)(+2)=6 - Hit! (12 base) + (3 charge) = (15 DMG) x (14 sword art) = (210 DMG) - (50 MIT) = 160 DMG Telrenya: 654/720 HP | 59/72 EN | 12 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 59 MIT Jomei: c: Rhaegal the Dragon Knight: 140/300 HP | 125 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 50 MIT | 24 Bleed
  11. "Mm, it's okay." The woman's head shook lightly side to side. "It's not something I've ever really talked about. We were a couple of blonde kids that moved to Japan. We looked different, and couldn't speak the language fluently, and...well, kids are mean." She looked back on the rough transition of her childhood with a half-smile and a shrug. His continued encouragement and vow of protection caused Telrenya's cheeks to take on a faint tint of pink. "Nick... Thank you." Her smile grew a bit wider with the light blush that persisted, and she soon picked herself up onto the balls of her feet to meet Jomei's lips with her own in a short kiss. The Irishman's little white lie, along with the following exchange, did well to ease her mind that had been remained troubled for so long. It felt as though a stubborn weight was finally nudged the rest of the way off of her shoulders. A smile stretched into a grin on the blonde's face as she lowered back down to her height. Her fingers tightened around the pieces of his cloak that she had been holding onto, the backs of her fingers gently pressing against the man's sides through the fabric while her shoulders raised with a hint of excitement. "Now, ready to take down whatever's waiting for us in that castle?"
  12. [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Just as the solid support of Jomei's back against hers disappeared with his advance, Telrenya filled her lungs with air and did the same. As she broke out into a run, she pulled the hilt of her rapier in close to her side, leaning in with her right shoulder as she shot the blade forward towards the chest of the humanoid creature. The Forgotten had reached for an identical wood-and-obsidian blade at its waist, pulling the weapon free just in time to deflect the woman's attack. She didn't let up in her assault, recovering from the clash by running a diagonal slash back down across its body that caused her opponent to let out a shriek of pain. The monster was far from defeated, retaliating with a quick side-swipe of its straight sword. The reflexes she had been working to train over the past weeks kicked in, allowing Telrenya to drop her frame to a low crouch and duck beneath the attack. A hint of a confident smirk pulled at her lips as she spotted an opening. She extended her right leg to the side before immediately sweeping her feet in front of her to catch the Forgotten's ankles and knock the creature to the floor. As the monster's should hit the stone floor with a heavy 'thud', Telrenya shot back up to her feet with rapier in hand, holding the tip of her blade to the monster's neck as her chest rose and fell with quickened breaths. A victorious grin infected her, overwhelmed by the thrill of using the same technique that had bested her in a friendly duel with the ambitious Neo. Distracted from the reality of the fight in front of her, the tip of Celestial Dawn was shoved away from where it hovered over the creature, and its arm opposite her swiftly shot forward to grab at her wrist. Telrenya's eyes widened as the monster yanked her forward with a vine-covered hand, and a second later the woman's avatar was marked with a couple of jagged, pixelated gashes. She winced in discomfort when the obsidian teeth of the Forgotten's serrated blade sliced at her through the soft blue glow of Willow's protection, and she reacted by quickly wrenching her right arm free again. With the monster still laying prone in front of her, Telrenya unleashed a string of stabs and slashes, her blade dancing through the creature's grey, stone-fused flesh. A small sigh of relief escaped her as the monster shattered into pixels at the end of her barrage of strikes, and the sound of Jomei calling her name behind her had the girl turn over her shoulder. "Ahh, I'm okay!" She replied with a smile. As if to prove her wrong, however, the feeling of rigid fingers wrapping around her ankle caused her expression to dim with the chill that ran down her spine. Her chin dropped to see a similar vine-covered hand grasping at her ankle, eliciting a short scream from the girl while she turned and tried to escape from the monster that had crawled from a nearby pile of rubble. Though she freed herself, she lost her balance in the process and stumbled backwards before landing on the back of her skirt against the concrete floor of the ruined city. Along with the lifeless eyes of the creature that dragged itself along the ground towards her, Telrenya's own orbs darted between several more sets that had made themselves visible.
  13. Disbelief coated the woman's expression for several long moments as Jomei revealed the truth behind his white lie. "Huh...?" The word slipped out in little more than a whisper as he continued to call them 'even'. She felt the weight of his palm on her shoulder before it moved to her cheek, and her expression finally shifted. Her brows turned up and she suddenly had to fight against the sting of tears that tried to accompany the crooked smile that stretched between her cheeks. A short, broken chuckle escaped her, and with a single motion, Telrenya took a step forward and threw her arms around the Irishman in a tight embrace. "Thank you, Nick." She spoke softly with the side of her face pressed against Jomei's chest for a few more seconds. She would eventually pull away a bit, lowering her hands to the man's waist while she lifted her chin to meet his gaze. "I... I think I needed that." She admitted before a new look of concern took over her features as something continued to weigh on her mind. A small piece of the aftermath that she still hadn't figured out how to address. "Just... What you said, about holding me back... That's not it at all." She started, her eyes dropping several inches while she tried to pull her messy thoughts together. The blonde let out a tiny sigh. "My brother and I were bullied a lot when we were kids. He always stood up for me, even got into fights sometimes," A breathy chuckle paired with her words at the bittersweet memories, and she gave a small shake of her head. "And Nick, it means so much that you want to keep me safe. Y-you're right, I... I would risk my life for you, too." She carefully grasped at the fabric of the forest-green cloak that fell past his sides. "I was just, frustrated, and scared. I didn't want to watch myself go back to hiding behind others like I couldn't fight for myself, too."
  14. [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Yet again, she was grateful for the silver mask that hid her the deep crimson blush on her cheeks. They burned with Spencer's soft comment about herself and Jomei, letting out a hushed and shy giggle as the two followed along at the group's end. "Thank you, Spencer." She left the talk about disguises and secrets there for now. A quick glance to her energy bar showed it sitting at under a third, and she mentally agreed with the suggestion of a short rest before they continued on. "Mm, yeah. Just need more energy before I can manage " She nodded after the purple-haired man's eyes turned on her. Telrenya craned her neck slightly to see the room that he motioned towards, and as the group paused from their dungeon crawling, she pressed her back up against one of the walls. Normally she would have been one for conversation, especially if it meant getting to know her guildmates. But these were far from the circumstances she had wanted to meet most of them under, and so the girl's chin dropped slightly as she decided to wait out the passing time while keeping to herself. [1/3 to full energy]
  15. Jomei's words of reassurance did little to ease her mind. She quickly continued to wonder whether or not the Irishman knew the exact location of this castle they needed to reach, or if they were going to have to scour the floor to locate it. With the idea of some sort of time limit still gnawing at the back of her mind, she really hoped it was the former. But as Jomei pulled her along the taller path to reach its peak, they stopped a moment to take in the sights the floor had to offer--which were far from peaceful and settling. Telrenya stared out over the inner-caves of the tenth floor with eyes wide, moreso with distress than wonder. It seemed as though the unpleasant view was just as unexpected to the man beside her, and the blonde had difficulty shaking a thought as he urged them along down the rest of the path. It really didn't seem like he had chosen the path to the taller ridge as a means of surveying the floor to find their destination. Rather, it felt very similar to times when they would go out of their way to get a good vantage point and simply enjoy the view along their adventures. If they were in a hurry, why would they bother to stop or let themselves get distracted beforehand? Finally, just as they'd reached the front of the hidden castle, Telrenya took on a small frown. "Nick... How long did we have left to find this place, anyway?" She asked, her curiosity burning too brightly to keep the question to herself.