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      [Updated] Summer Events!   06/29/2017

        <<Summer Beach Party>>
          Location: Floor 16 - West of Oceanus
      Event Begins: July 1 | Event Ends: August 31
      Setting: Daytime (July 1 - July 31) | Sunset (August 1 - August 31)   A small guild calling themselves the Gladiolus Alliance have suddenly started putting up posters and making announcements about a beach party they are hosting on the sixteenth floor. Players may wear any equipment they like, but casual clothing and swimwear are highly encouraged. Weapons are prohibited from being equipped while in the vicinity. Food, drink, beach towels/umbrellas, and a volleyball court have all been provided and set-up by the guild for everyone's enjoyment.   Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
      Location: Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings
      Event Begins: July 12 | Event Ends: August 31
      Fireworks display begins August 12
      Orange players may safely enter the Town of Beginnings to participate in the event. A fireworks festival has appeared in the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings. The festivities run all night long with a variety of games, prizes, and food for players to enjoy. Halfway through the festival, when darkness has fallen over the city, a fireworks show will begin to light up the night sky. General Rules: Orange players are permitted to attend, and will not be attacked by guards if they enter the city for the event. Normal safe zone rules still apply. When spending col to participate in games, buy items, or enter the lottery, be sure to keep track of the col you have available. Final spending/winning totals will be posted by a staff member in the closing post of the event, which can be used to link to your Col logs. If a player had spent more col than they had available, prizes won as a result may be voided. Traditional festival attire (yukata) or casual clothing is encouraged, but not required. Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
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      <<July 2017 Patch Notes>>
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      Loot Guide Update: The type of an unidentified item dropped by monsters and found in treasure chests are now declared by the looting player. Shields can now drop from monsters and be found in treasure chests.
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  1. "It's certainly lively now, isn't it?" Sannae's voice left her in a small sigh. As the sun began to fall and slowly meet the ocean's horizon, the brunette woman stood with her arms folded across her chest. Gazing out over all the different players that had gathered, the tall man with pale sandy hair looked away and brought up a hand to the back of his neck. "Mm...yeah." Tantis rubbed idly before letting his hand fall and tuck back into the pocket of his black pants. "I'm sorry, by the way." Still looking ahead, Sannae wore a soft smile. "I knew something like this would make you uncomfortable. But thank you for sticking it out for her." Sannae's golden eyes followed the lively brunette in the distance as Kitt3n dashed across the sand to meet the edges of the rolling waves. The man was silent for a moment, but then let out a small breath of air through his nose as the corners of his own mouth turned up just slightly. Continuing to make the rounds with her 'responsible' chaperone, Kitt3n had become distracted with the beach itself. "Hey Levy!" She called out, causing the green-haired man to perk up at attention. He turned towards the teen just before a cold splash of water greeted him. Levande let out a small yelp at the surprise, followed by a chuckle. An impish grin took over his features, one that Kitt3n knew all too well. The expression caused the girl to tense up for a second before she went on the defensive. A strong offense was a good defense, right? Something like that. As if to prevent the mischievous green-haired player from getting close to her, Kitt3n leaned over to dip her fingertips back in the ocean. She continued to splash water towards him, as if it would ward him off and prevent whatever retaliation he had in store. Levande simply brought an arm up and pushed forward into the shallow water, causing the girl to abandon her spot. She had made it a fair distance as Kitt3n tried to flee from her guildmate, but along the way something beneath the surface must have caught her by surprise. Whether it was seaweed, a small neutral creature, or just her imagination, the teen let out a small scream in reaction while she lost her balance. She was just about to pass by a stranger with fiery red hair that had been sitting alone when she fell face-first among the shallow waves. @Corvo
  2. "Levande, nice to meet'cha." The green-haired man grinned back at the bluenette. "I'm Kitt3n! I'm glad you like the party!" The brunette teen exclaimed, hardly waiting for her turn to speak. She was practically beaming after @Calrex's simple compliment. Levande chuckled and ruffled the girl's hair again. "That's our leader for 'ya." He lightly teased the girl before giving Calrex a small wave. "Anyways, we're makin' the rounds. Just holler if you need anythin'." He flashed another smile before turning and beginning to stroll down the length of the beach. Kitt3n eagerly followed after him, giving Calrex a small wave of her own before they parted. "Let's see, who else can we bother, kitty cat?" Levande gave the girl a sidelong glance. "There's a lot of people... Hmm..." Kitt3n's voice contained a mixture of awe and intimidation. Before long the girl's arm extended, pointing out a hooded individual sitting alone. "Target acquired!" She said firmly, earning another small chuckle from the green-haired man at her side. The pair approached @Seul, Levande giving a wave with another grin displayed on his face. "How's it goin'?" He asked simply, as if they were greeting an old friend rather than a stranger. The man sat down in the sand himself, legs crossed and looking out over the beach as he waited for what kind of response the dark-haired player would give them. Kitt3n seemed reluctant to sit down, instead standing beside Levande and idly twisting her torso side-to-side.
  3. ((Apologies for the delayed reply!)) Sannae had smiled when @Itzal appeared to take an interest in their own guild. Just as the dark-haired woman had opened her mouth to reply, she gave a small start as a crashing sound kicked off a small commotion over by the tables laid out with food. A small dragon that had been with the scout rushed over to the scene as Sannae's eyes followed Velnia along the way. The guild administrator made a small face when she spotted the familiar that appeared to have caused the fuss, a white lion cub with another player who seemed to be trying to capture it. She spotted Tantis nearby, reserving herself to trust in him should the situation get any worse and instead cleared her throat to compose herself. 'Calm down, they're just having...fun.' The woman reassured herself, doing her best to ignore the disorder. "Right, well, I hope you all enjoy yourselves today." Sannae returned to the conversation at hand. "I can't say our small guild is as selfless as yours," She smiled politely to offer the man some more praise. "There aren't many more than the four of us. Making it an official guild was our leader's idea," The woman gestured towards the brunette girl in the distance. "So really, we just look out for each other. I'm not too sure any of us are frontliner material." While Sannae was busy being incredibly boring with her stuck-up way of speaking to other people, Levande had taken the opportunity to slip away as well. His soft purple eyes darted around with interest, seeing that many players had gravitated towards those they already knew. Still, there were a few players here and there that were keeping to themselves. First, he grinned when his gaze fell upon a man with brilliant blue hair. Making his way over to @Calrex, Levande passed by his guild leader and partner-in-crime, ruffling Kitt3n's hair as he went. The teenage girl reacted with a startled pout before realizing it was the green-haired mischief-maker. As her brief conversation with Elucia had drawn to a close, Kitt3n excitedly chased after the man. "Yo! I gotta say, I'm digging the hair color." Levande called out to the bluenette, pointing at his own hair while he spoke as he closed the remaining gap between them. Standing no higher than 5'7", the green-haired man was only a few inches taller than the teen that had caught up with him.
  4. Kitt3n ran across the sand as she hurried to meet up with her other guildmates. The teen had rushed to Oceanus from the first floor, eager to get back before many players had showed up to the party. "Siiiis! All done!" She yelled out with a generous distance still remaining between herself and the other three players. Sannae turned, chuckling when she spotted the girl rushing towards them. "Right on time, kitty cat." She called back. Only minutes after Kitt3n had reunited with the group, other players began to arrive. Sannae was the first to respond eagerly to @Aereth's comment. "Why thank you, sir." She offered the brunette a bow and a polite smile to greet him. "Hey yeah, everyone can just take the day off!" Another voice called out to the man. Despite being noticeably shorter than the woman, the green-haired player awkwardly rested his elbow on Sannae's shoulder while he flashed Aereth a wide grin. The woman quickly shrugged Levande off with a brief look of annoyance before turning her attention to greet other players that were arriving. Meanwhile, Kitt3n had quickly strayed off on her own, aimlessly walking along the beach while she waited for something exciting to happen. Before long, the brunette was approached by a girl just a bit shorter than herself giving her a friendly introduction. Kitt3n grinned, her face lighting up at the realization that someone was taking interest in her and her guild. "Nice to meet you, Elucia!" She greeted @Hidden with an equally bubbly personality. "Hmm, my guild? It's small, and we look after each other!" She summed up the very simple reason behind the guild's formation. "My big sis does all the important stuff. Wah, do you really think we'll be popular?!" Her eyes lit up once again. @Itzal and @Morgenstern were the next to approach the trio, and Sannae gave them both the same formal greeting with a small bow and a warm smile. "Thank you for coming." She placed her hand on her chest to introduce herself. "My name is Sannae, I handle all administrative tasks for the Gladiolus Alliance." She spoke just as formally as she acted, stepping aside and motioning to the two players nearest her. "This is Levande," She pointed out the shorter man with green hair and lavender eyes, "and Tantis." The much taller, sandy-haired boy with little expression on his face. At that moment, Levande clasped @Itzal's hand with a firm, enthusiastic handshake. "Yo, I've heard of you guys before!" He exclaimed after Morgenstern had shared their own guild's name. "You guys sound awesome! I was tempted to ditch these guys just to join your guild." His joke earned him a small scowl from Sannae. Reaching a hand up to nervously rub at the back of his neck, Tantis found the least awkward break in the conversation he could to drift apart from the group of players that had gravitated towards his guildmates. The boy was uncomfortable to say the least, not wanting to think about what it would be like when more players would surely continue to show up. He had wandered over to an empty space between their makeshift base and one of the several tables set up with various food items. His eyes drifted across the different figures that had arrived, from the busty brunette making quick work of the food on display to the raven-haired girl he spotted chatting with his guild leader.
  5. The beach party is up and running! Everyone's invited:


    1. Aoda


      i'd like to start a guild with the goal of finding Kitt3n's legs

    2. Morgenstern


      @Aoda has a good point. She legit has no legs.

  6. Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings Main Plaza 08:36 AM "There!" The sound of a paper flyer being slapped against a bulletin board intertwined with a young girl's satisfied exclamation. Kitt3n stood in the Town of Beginnings, tucking her long chocolate-brown hair behind her ears before placing her hands on her hips. She had finally completed her task of posting the advertisements for her guild's beach party--one on each and every floor. Having worked her way down from Floor 21 to Floor 1, the teen grinned to herself at a job well done, turning to walk back toward the teleport gate. Before she had made it more than halfway across the main plaza, however, the girl's pace slowed to a crawl until she stopped in her tracks. An idea had just struck her. An amazing idea, that would surely have even more people showing up to their party! Another grin breaking out over her face, Kitt3n dashed over to the fountain in the middle of the busy plaza. Climbing up on the stone border with a couple of quick movements, she placed a cupped hand on either side of her mouth, filling her lungs with air before she shouted out over the crowd. "Heeeeyy, everyone! The Gladiolus Alliance is hosting a summer beach party on the sixteenth floor! At the shore west of Oceanus! There will be lots of good food and tons of fun, come on and tell all your friends, too!" Obviously not having planned out anything else to say, Kitt3n ended her impromptu announcement there. Hopping back to the ground and hurrying to her original destination of the teleport gate, a wide smile was stretched across her face the entire time. Floor 16 - Shore West of Oceanus 08:41 AM "I think that's everything..." A woman with short, dark brown hair had her arms folded over her chest. Sannae was surveying everything that had been set up on the long stretch of beach--several tables with a wide variety of summer-themed foods, beach towels and umbrellas laid out across the sand, and even a court set up in the sand for beach volleyball. "It sure took a long time to get all of this stuff..." Continuing to mutter to herself, she ran a hand through her hair and let out a small sigh. "Hey Tantis, Lev!" She called out towards a small shack-looking building that the guild had used as an makeshift base for the past week or so. A taller, light-haired boy that was setting up some paper decorations around the building turned to look over at her, while a distant voice called back a simple "What up?" from inside the shack. Sannae placed her hands on her hips, walking over to them so she wouldn't have to keep shouting. "We probably don't have time for much more. Kitt3n's bound to be finished putting those posters up by now."