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  2. Ryo ran to Thea, panic setting in. What on earth could have this house done to her. She was just now starting to get better. She was only just now starting to open up. And this damn house could erase all of it. He grabbed the crying woman by her shoulders, who immediately began to ask if he was okay. What an odd thing to ask, of course he was okay. She was the one who needed the most help. Thoughts of the mirage woman crept back into his mind, and how easy he was tempted. He shook his head. Not now, he thought. Right now, there was something, someone more important that needed help. He reached over, and brushed a hand against Thea's cheek and smiled. "I'm fine love. Now that we're together again." He reach down, and took a hand of hers into his own. Her lips pressed into his, and his pressed back. His hand trailed up behind her neck, his fingers passing through her long hair as he held the woman he loved in his arms. Ryo pulled away, admittedly enough with difficulty, from Teion's lips. He stood, still holding the woman's hand in his own. "Let's go love. Now that we're together, nothing can stop us. Not even this house." He said, helping the woman to her feet. "Now, let's go save everyone else. Shall we?" He offered, giving the woman a small smile.
  3. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Moving through the shrubs and the low hanging vines, Ryo pushed his way through into the tiny clearing. Making sure that Teion was able to follow comfortably, he took a look around his surroundings. He held Teion's hand in his own as he did, absorbing all the information that came with it. "Money's on witch hut." Ryo said, looking at everything. The bubbling cauldron, the candles, the weird symbols on the ground, the witch standing next to him. Wait, the witch? Ryo jumped, nearly into Teion's arms as the short woman began to cackle. "HEEEHEHEHEHE! Welcome! Welcome." She said, her voice high pitched and gravely, akin to a cartoon character with smoker's lung. "What can Glinda the Witch do for you two, hmmm?" She asked, stepping closer to her cauldron. Well, more of a waddle then actual walking. Ryo spoke first. "We were just exploring. We saw the smoke and figured we could investigate." Ryo explained. The witch cackled again, as she took a bottle from her cleavage and poured its contents into her cauldron. "Ouh, so your not here for one of Glinda's famous familiars are you?" She asked, not looking at the pair. Now that Ryo thought about it, he didn't have a familiar yet. he had seen everyone on the front lines have one hell even Lowenthal had one at one point.
  4. Ryo's head bounced off the wall as he was roughly pushed against it. Quinzel's hand ran through her hair, releasing it from its tie and letting it flow freely around her shoulders. She admitted to liking him the most. "I never knew. You never said anything." Ryo said, Tilting his head back. Quinzel smelt so, tantalizing and sweet. He skin was soft, and her features pressed against him. Ryo looked to the door. It seemed, so far away. His arms grew tired, and his chest was tightening. Ryo shook his head, and touched his temple. "No, this isn't right." He said, trying to fight the unwanted emotions swirling in his mind. Quinzel giggled gently as she reached up and gently bit his ear by its lobe. She whispered. "Of course it's not right. It's what makes it wrong." Her hand reached to his neck, and slid it down his chest, unclasping it. "What your new lover won't know won't kill her. Now relax, let me take care of you. Like old times." She said sliding her hand down further. Ryo jerked at her touch and began to relax, ready to submit himself to whatever this was. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. A scream pierced the darkness, and Ryo's eyes shot open. "Teion?" He looked down at the woman on his chest. No, not Teion. Was that, Quinzel? No, he had left her behind with everyone else. His hand searched over to his right and felt something metal, and his fingers curled around it. He swung at the woman on top of him, and it let out an screech. Ryo dropped the utensil and shook his head. "You..." He said, giving the woman a glare. "You're not Quin. You're not even a person!" He cried out. The woman in front of him kept her face on, but where he had struck had deformed showing a twisted form between two faces of a monster and Quinzels. "Oh, ho ho. Ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HAA! Finally got the hint, eh Handsome? What would poor precious Teion think if she knew that her perfect man was so ready to betray her?" The monster's voice twisted to a monsterous mix of Quinzel's and its original tone. "You'll be dead before you get the chance!" Ryo said, reaching for hsi katan, but grabbing nothing but air. He had thrown it in an attempt to save Jevi from the vines. "Awwww, did we lose our toy?" The creature mocked as it slammed into Ryo, throwing him into the wall. Ryo looked up, seeing a vent, just big enough for him. Ryo jumped up and gripped onto a beam swinging forward, planting his feet into the monster and pushed against her. The creature screeched and flew backwards. The push gave Ryo enough momentum to clamber up into the duct work and continue to climb. "Don't worry Thea, I'm coming. I'm on my way." He said, navigating the tight duct work further up. Climbing, and climbing still Ryo ran into the end of the duct work. His face slamming into the end of the duct work, and he slammed his shoulder into it, causing it to budge. He could hear Teion just above him, crying and frustrated. Just what kind of sick tortures were they doing to her. With another mighty heave Ryo slammed his shoulder into the vent, causing it to blow from the floor and hit the ceiling. He leapt from the duct work and landed on the darkened hardwood. Insticively he ducked, a desk flying above him in the dark. Ryo rolled into action, doding what looked to be a chair. "Hi darling. Miss me?" Ryo teased as he stood back up. "Miss you I did, looooooover!" A familiar voice called out. From the vent came the demonic shape of Quinzel. "Did you think that you could escape me? Escape us? Escape who you are?" Ryo stood his ground, ready to defend Teion with what he could. "Do you know how many people called out for you not knowing that you were the one who wold them in the first place? Mt favorite part was watching the light drain from their eyes when I had to tell them that you were at fault for their misery." Ryo grimaced at the demon's words. "How their, 'hero' was coming to save them. That you cared for them, and that you'd be there for them. You left them, just as you left us, just as you left your first guild, and it's how you'll leave this one." Ryo clenched his fists. "Sh-shut up." He trembled out. "It's how you left me, and it'll be how you leave her." Ryo covered his ears. "Shut up!" He cried out. "Face it lover boy. It's only a matter of time before you grow bored and look another pretty face. As long as it gives good head! HA HAA HAAHA HAAAA!" Ryo dropped to one knee. "No, that's not. That's not me anymore. I've changed. I've changed. I've changed." he said, repeating to himself.
  5. Ryo clenched his teeth as the demon goaded about his past. His teeth gritted against one another in anger. His knuckles turned white as he darted out the door and into the hall. He looked to the right, then to the left. He saw a hint of red and movement and chased after it. Sliding into the room, Ryo looked around. A dining room of sorts. A large wooden table stood in the center, decorated with long empty plates and wooden chairs all around. "Where are you demon? Show yourself!" Ryo called out. The centerpiece candles blew out as the windows blew open, the wind throwing things around. Ryo raised his hand to cover his face and when he pulled his hand down there stood a face he thought he'd never see again. "Quinzel? Is that you?" Ryo asked, trying to make sense of it. Quinzel spoke to him, and stepped up to him. Her arms wrapped around him, her finger trailing down the center of his chest. "It'll be just like old times." She said. Ryo tried to collect his words. "I, I did like it." He said, looking down at the ground. His hands came up into his frame, they were clean physically but the amount blood they carried was monstrous. Quinzel took a step back and took Ryo's hands in her own. "C'mon lovely, let's go have some fun." She said, dragging Ryo along. Ryo's mind was clouded, and mixed with distress. The pair exited the dining room, Quinzel or what was believed to be Quinzel took him into the hall and down the hall. The door swung open on its own and the two stepped into the room. The kitchen. Various cookware decorated the room, pots and various pans decorated stovetops. Why was he brought here?
  6. Tei gave Ryo's hand a squeeze before heading off to check something out. Ryo kept his gaze the affermained Haunted Mansion that loomed before the group. Other than himself and Teion, everyone seemed to be fixated about Hestia wandering into a event piece. Hestia tanks on the front lines and there she doesn't even break a sweat. This was floor two. Floor two there was nothing that hestia couldn't handle. Maybe not damage, but definitely wouldn't kill her. Shouting occurred, followed by an ominous voice. Ryo ran up the steps and into the mansion. "What's-" Ryo managed to get out before taking a step to the side to see Jomei hit the wall where he stood. A black silhouetted figure loomed before him. Ryo met its 'eyes' and gazed into it. Tel leapt into action, immediately coming to Jomeis side. Hestia attempted to wrest a a bookcase free. Right, haunted mansion now a murder dungeon. Only Spencer was missing from the group, so why was Ryo mis counting? Ryo's eyes went wide as he turned, and ran back out the mansion. "Jevi, with me!" Ryo said, as he gripped his katana in his hand as he ran past. Down the path slightly there he could see his love, touching something that blocked the path. "Teion! Get away from them!" Ryo shouted,drawing his katana and slicing a vine that had darted at her. More vines erupted from the undergrowth, and came at Ryo from all sides. "Fall back to the mansion!" Ryo said, slicing away another vine. "Go!" He shouted, as he tangled with the vines again. A thicker vine darted at Teion, and Ryo leapt into the way. He slammed into Teion's side, knocking her away as the vine wrapped around his sword arm. "Jevi! Get her out of here!" Ryo said, as more vines erupted and wrapped around him. Vines darted to Jevi, on wrapping around her ankle. In a burst of quick thinking, Ryo swapped which hand held his katana, and threw it.His blade cut through the vine and stuck itself into the ground. Cocooning him in earthly restraints, Ryo was taken away dragged against the ground into the misty night. Coming to Ryo looked around, taking in his surroundings. Where was he? He looked at his own body. No damage could be seen, save for a few scuffs on his clothing from being assaulted and dragged along. He was still outside, but he could clearly see the tops of most trees. A balcony of sorts. A viney coucoon was deposited beside Jomei, and before he could reach for his katana the vines peeled back to reveal Jevi. Damn, she couldn't get away. A few moments past and there was no other coucoon vine pods dropped off. He stepped up to her, and looked her over making sure she was alright. "Are you alright? Where's Teion?" Ryo asked, trying to collect information.
  7. Ryo x @Teion Because real life must bleed into the game
  8. Yuki sat along Ryo's shoulder, it's fangs clicking as she bounced along Ryo's shoulder. Ryo glanced over at the spider familiar, giving it a smile trying to calm it down some. "I think she can smell the other familiars." Ryo said, giving the hand in his own a light squeeze. "Go ahead Yuki, go scout some." Ryo said. The spider 'chirped' and the bird sized spider leapt from Ryo's shoulder and landed against the ground, and skittered along the path before disappearing into the bushes and other foliage. Ryo looked back at the hand within his own. Was it real? it had only been a month since the two had become steady and started their budding relationship but it seemed like a dream come true. "Yes dear. Spencer gave everyone the permission to bring a plus one." Ryo said, giving Teion's hand another squeeze. As they approached the destination, Ryo could see the small group of friends. No, not friends. Family members. True he hadn't been the most active with them, and he knew a few of them well enough. He hadn't seen most of them since the Valentine's Day event, and the party that occured after. Still he smiled at the group as he still clung onto Teion's hand. He blushed as Teion began to show him off to Spencer, the only other person in this game that had a semblance of love for Ryo. Ryo rubbed the back of his neck, after being out onto the spot. The afermained mansion towered over them, as did the towers. He gave a long whistle followed by a low chuckle. "It's bigger than mine." He said, mentioning his own mansion. Which reminded him, he wanted to ask Teion to move in with him, and figured that now would be the best time before the group got into high jinks. But as he opened his mouth, Hestia opened the mansion door and took a few steps inside, followed by Ruby grabbing the freight train by the back of her shirt and scolding her for trying to go in alone. "Ahh, leave her be. She could get hit by a mountain and she'd be fine." Ryo said, knowing that Hestia could tank anything three times harder then this floor.
  9. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo listened to Teion as she explained what her quest was. Reflection, as it was supposed to be. Ryo looked down at the ground. His was the same, in that reflection sense. He was told he had a purpose beyond just what he had done. That he needed to stop focusing on his past, and focus on his future. He looked back up at the woman beside him. Maybe, he could do something like that. "I tend to have identity crisis from time to time. I have no idea who I want to be. I want to be the young guy, plucky and fun and always ready to joke around. But at the same time I'm growing up, and I know that I need to grow up to. So I want to look more like an adult, act like one. Stop being a kid." He said, continuing to walk. "I just don't know who I really am just yet." He said, somewhat embarrassed, but if Teion was going to confess then so was he. "In a way, I guess we both have our flaws. Crippling or not." "Here it is, just ahead." Ryo said, peeking through the overbrush. Looking through there was a small hut with a fire in front. A large black pot, a cauldron sat just above the fire with no immediate means of anything holding it up. There was light coming from inside the hut, as the windows were yellow a contrast the the greenery of the jungle. "Seems like this is the place. Want to check it out?" Ryo asked, ready to draw his katana if the pair were suddenly attacked.
  10. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo felt his arms get tugged, and his body moved closer to Teion. He felt her lips touch his cheek, and his cheeks flustered in response. She then darted off, moving past him. Ryo reached up and touched his cheek, and a warm smile decorated his face once again. He turned, and followed suit behind her. His face jumped up when she said a name. He was about to ask who she was when she continiued and the realization kicked in. "Thea." He said, repeating it. "I like it. But I think habits going to keep me from using it." he said smirking. "Mine, Ryoji." He said, giving her his real name. Not that it was much, he was just going by his nickname for years, and it just kinda stuck. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embaresment. "And it's gonna take me some time to get used to this." He said, moving up to her side.
  11. Ryo

    Ryo's Tale

    Skill Point Investments 94 invested out of 97 total Rank 1 - Rank 2 - Rank 3 - Rank 4 - Rank 5 One Handed Curved Blade - Gain +1 base damage per rank with One Handed Curved Swords [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Katana* - Gain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5 with Katanas [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Charge - +1 base damage per rank to a single attack. You may only use a Charge attack once per opponent per combat and only if it is possible via roleplay. [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Light Armor - Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Light Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time. (+8) [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Battle Healing - While in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn. (+60) [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Survival** - Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental attacks/effects. *Denotes Extra Skill **Rankless Skill
  12. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo felt his face grow warm as she spoke her mind. He was taken aback, he had expected a response about how awkward it was to be with him, or something about the quest, or something else. Not, that. But, did she really think that though? He smiled. A dumb, goofy smile. Like a child receiving a gift he knew he was going to get. He turned away from Teion, to recollect his composure. He turned back around, and looked down at the ground then back up to Teion. "I, don't know what to say to that." He said, taking a step closer to her. He reached down and took her hands in his own. "You already know how I feel about you, and we've been through so much. The butler, the bandits in the desert, my poisoning, the party." He said listing off the events that brought them closer. At least, in his mind. "I would love to go steady with you." He said, giving the woman's hand a formal squeeze. "Is there, anything else on your mind?" He asked her, wanting to make sure that everything was covered. "Oh, uhm. Dear." He said, flustering over himself and adding on the 'dear' part. Tei was his first girlfriend, and he wanted to make sure he got it right.
  13. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo smiled as he gripped the woman's hand. There was a small spark of interest. Ryo thought on it for a moment, had he actually touched another person's skin in this game? The thought danced a little longer, before it vanished into something different. Her hands. Teion's hands were surprisingly soft. Were all people this soft, or was it unique to everyone? The fact that this game explored such detail of the human body. Ryo thought about it. Wouldn't her skin be rougher? From the harsh sandstorms, constant battle, her weapon of choice, and the heat of her profession? Or, was there something different about her that he couldn't explain? He pushed the thought from his mind, and helped the woman to her feet. her face scrunched up, and her eyes moved to the corner. Her hands rested at her waist, her fingers fidgeting with one another. She didn't focus on him, rather than her thoughts. Ryo smiled. "Is there something on your mind?" He asked her, wanting to pry just a little bit. He had planned on chatting with her about the quest on the way to the forest anomaly, but if there was something else bothering her and if he could help her with it he would. "You can talk to me, no need to be 'short' with me either." He said, giving the girl a smile.
  14. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo chuckled as Teion explained that she didn't want to ruin the mood. That would assume that there was a mood to begin with. He still loved the woman, but the infatuation was settling. It was less obsession, and now more gentle. He didn't crave her love, nor did he need it. He still wanted it, but he didn't want it forced. He wanted her to love him, on her terms. He sighed, as an attempt to let his thoughts escape. "Mine did." He said, finally. "I didn't even recognize two of them. There was a blue haired man. And a silhouette of a girl. Then there was Lowenthal, and finally myself." He said, not explaining the shadows goals or messages. He didn't need to, and even if she asked he'd dance around the subject. "But enough about that. Nothing good comes from talking about it so soon." Ryo said, looking out over the horizon. "It's been a while since we've last seen one another. Valentines Day, if I recall." Ryo said, remembering the dreadful after party that happened afterwards. Since then he had gotten a haircut, his eyes changed color, and a new attire to make him seems more like an adult. Being short as he was, it was hard to look like an adult to begin with. His equipment clattered against his wait as he stood. He peered back over the horizon, staring into the forest below. Spying what he thought was a plume of smoke. He had seen it for some time now, but it was always in the same spot and never seemed to spread. "I wanna check something out. You wanna come with?" He asked, holding out a hand for Teion.
  15. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo turned back around to see Teions new outfit. A beige sweater that hung off a shoulder. He swallowed whatever I was in his throat, and cleared it by giving out a swift cough. "I like it. Looks good on you." He said, complimenting the woman. Ryos face flushed red as Teion took a step closer, seemingly inspecting him. Ryo stood his ground and allowed her to give him a look over. "Yeah. Changed the color of my eyes, and got a bit of a trim up. Trying a new look, and I think this makes me look a bit older. More like an adult." Ryo admitted, not saying that her touching his hair felt wonderful. "Well, I think it's cool. But only really at about this time." Ryo said, continuing to lead Teion along the makeshift path. Clamboring over fallen trunks of trees, scaling a small hill, and climbing several vines to reach the top of a cliffside Ryo finally was able to show Teion what it was what he was talking about. "Here we are." He said, looking out at the horizon before him. Below was a sea of trees, the leaves looking like a deep green ocean as they moved with the wind. The sun, now setting low cast it's orange Ray's across the land giving everything more of a gold appearance. "Found this a few days ago. I think it's quite stunning." Ryo said, taking a seat on the edge of the cliff face.