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  1. Ryo laughed aloud. "Ha ha, gnomes. The creepiest of lawn decorations. No idea why Pennyworth wants to have one so badly either." Ryo said going from carefree to just confused in a matter of mere seconds. "No matter. Let's go spelunking." Ryo said shaking the odd thought from his mind. The cave was lit dimly, not enough to trigger the negative to his accuracy but enough to just be annoying. Ryo's foot caught a slick portion of the cave, and slid out from under him. Reacting quickly, Ryo was able catch himself and not fall over. "Careful, it's pretty slick here. With your armor I can only imagine how hard it is to move around." He said, laughing nervously at his near fall. Deep into the cave, the small flicker of fire could be seen. Upon closer inspection Ryo could make out about four shapes within its light. Ryo crouched down, and assed the situation. "Looks like goblins. Just our luck, some more easy kills." Ryo said, relaying information to Hestia. "On your move." Ryo said, waiting behind for Hestia to gather some agro before striking. [2/3] for energy recovery.
  2. Ryo

    [F-11] 'Junes' Food Court

    -rolling- +6 Exp ID: 110518 LD: 4 [failure] ID: 110519 LD: 11 [rare] Name: Ryo Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 1 Roll ID: 110519 Roll Result: 11 Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Vitality|Vitality (recovers +4 Energy) Description: A small cup of black coffee, made to wake you up and energize you for your day. Post Link: link
  3. Ryo put his hands behind his head, and cocked his body to the side. "Oh yeah that date was nice. We missed the dance thou, but it was still pretty romantic." Ryo said giving a grin. "Thanks for being a wingman." He said, giving a chuckle. Ryo changed poses again, the fight still fresh on his mind. He knew the fight was going to be easy, but one hit KO easy? That wasn't going to fly. Not with Ryo wanting to make his way into the front lines as quickly as he could. "So, since that was a literal breeze. How about we do one of," Ryo said as he fumbled through his inventory and pulling out a rolled piece of parchment paper. "a dungeon." He said grinning. But another thought crossed his mind. "How about we go further up and do this on like, floor twenty one?" Ryo suggested not knowing what the proper dungeon balance was. Anything that brought more experience his way, the better. -Entering Floor 21- After some talking Ryo made his way to floor twenty one. Stepping out of the teleportation gate Ryo looked around. "Heh, half expected Tartarus with how this floor looks." He said half joking, referencing the tenth floor. He took the dungeon map and opened it. -Beginner Dungeon Map used- The map lead the two to a large mouthed cave, it dripping from the moisture in the air droplets dripping from the stalagmites that hung from the ceiling. Ryo gave out a whistle. "Kinda big ain't it. What you suppose is in there?" Ryo questioned his friend. @Hestia 1/3 posts for full energy
  4. Ryo leapt back as the door splintered even further. His hand dashed to his blade. The door blew open, splinters bouncing off the floor as the door hung off of one hinge. Ryo drew his blade, it's blade shining silver from the pale moonlight. He didn't look up as teion called out to him. "Nawh love, still here. About to kill you though, so that's a shame." He said readying an attack for the doppelganger that stood before him. "Alright dear, have fun. Play safe. [censored] me up." Ryo said calmly as he rushed at the creature. Ryo slid to a stop and quickly brought his blade up, then down for a crossing slash but his blade was caught by the beast and he was tossed aside. Ryo rolled backwards onto his feet, and stood up proudly. He rotated his sheathe and put away his katana and waited. The fake Teion took a step forward and lunged, a hand becoming a large mass of black oozing tendrils. Ryo reacted and drew his blade with blinding speed, throwing the incoming blow backwards. With fake Teion's arms in the air, Ryo turned and jabbed his blade backwards. A solid thunk, followed by a squish was drowned out by the cascading scream that echoed in the empty attic. Ryo turned, and flicked his blade cleaning it of any goop that was still on it. He turned around to look at the creature he had slain. It's body decomposed rapidly, turning into a bubbling black mush before evaporating entirely leaving no trace. Ryo said nothing, but quickly gave the ground where the corpse was a spit as he sheathed his blade and ran to the window. Climbing up to the roof, Teion was nowhere to be seen. Looking around, he could see the familiar outline of Teion attacking a shadow copy of himself. She had that covered, Noot and Spencer were safe. His eyes scanned for anyone else from his troop. No one, he found no one. Ryo leapt down from the roof, landing with a solid thud and rolling to a kneeling position. "Hey love, miss me?" Ryo said, out of breath from the exhilaration that was the leap from the roof. Ryo turned to Spencer, and studied him closely to make sure it was the real Spencer. "Yo, it's me. Where the rest?" Ryo asked, wanting to know where everyone else was at.
  5. Ryo

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    Killing a murderer only births another murderer. Words to live by, wise ones. But they were wrong. Killing a murderer stopped more grief, it stopped other potential murder. Ryo bit his tongue, to prevent himself from misspeaking as he tried to collect words from thoughts. "I did worse things than murder." Ryo said. "I've gained trust, only to sell it to the highest bidder. You remember when Lowenthal and Jomei assaulted that slave ring to save Piera and Lee?" Ryo asked rhetorically. "Who do you think sold those two to them in the first place?" Ryo said, admitting his guilt. "The same guild of slavers as murderers that targeted Lowenthal, only Ariel beat them to it." Ryo nearly spat out. "I don't plan on dying. At least not yet. I want to repent, and I want vengeance." Ryo said looking down at a clenched fist, trembling with untold hatred. "That guild needs to be wiped from the face of Aincrad, those players freed, Lowenthal avenged. Everyone who's ever suffered at their hands needs vengeance. And no one else is going to deliver it." Ryo said, looking back up at Clarence. "You're right. If you kill a killer, the number remains the same. But if you kill a hundred killers, it goes down by ninety-nine." Ryo said, looking determined.
  6. Ryo looked behind him and saw that instead of trying to sneak up on the beast, Hestia instead opted in to instantly gain some hate. At first, he was confused. Unsure of why hestia didn't try to stealth as well. But then he noticed that she was on the opposite side of him, giving the flanking position an easy target for Ryo. Ingenious really, now that he had thought about it. Ryo smirked. "Alright, so we're doing this." He said to himself, gripping the wrapped handle of his blade and charging in. Sliding to a halt, his momentum carried into his blade and Ryo quick drew out his blade. Wind circled around him, blowing ash around him in a light breeze as a single line cut through Byakko with ease. Ryo turned, and took a single step away before sheathing his blade. As the guard contacted it's sheathe the beast exploded into multiple pieces of light. Ryo turned back around to Hestia. "So yeah, dating Teion is really nice. She's moved in now." Ryo said, nonchalantly continuing conversation. ID: 110500 BD:11(8+3)[charge used+2 base][San Ge used -15 Energy] 14 base + 2 Charge = 16*15 San Ge = 240 - 40 mitigation = 200 damage dealt Byakko~ HP: 0/150 Dmg: 60(Treated as Burn damage on a 9-10) | MIT: 40 [H:5] Hestia~ HP: 1625/1625 | Energy: 150/158 DMG:16 | MIT:151 | Thorns: 54 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [H:0] Ryo~ HP: 600/600 | Energy: 45/60 DMG: 14 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 | MIT: 8 | BH: 12 | Charge:+2 DMG(once) BRI: 5x Healing Potions(+50hp) | empty | empty | empty | empty |
  7. Ryo made it to the spot where had agreed to meet up with @Hestia. He got a new blade, a new familiar, and some new determination to better himself. If he wanted to go onto the front lines, he was going to need experience. And in more than one form of it as well. Hestia was an avid front liner, and pretty damn strong to boot. And on top of that she was a good friend, it made her the perfect candidate for some training. He tapped his foot, he paced back and forth as he waited. What was taking her so long? She was normally so on point, and punctual. Maybe it was because Ryo lived closer than Hestia did. Speaking of that, where did hestia live? He shrugged at the thought, thinking it weird for himself to think so deeply into the personal life of a friend. When Hestia did arrive Ryo greeted her with open arms. "There you are!" He exclaimed. "I was starting to get worried. You did get my message about wanting to get stronger for the front lines, yeah?" Ryo questioned. Not that he didn't know, of course she did. "Anyway, got a few quests lined up and since this one was easier and closer to home I can do this one first." Ryo said, explaining himself. Ryo opened his menu, and pulled out a small notebook. "With the people I've asked around for numbers on the boss for it, it seems like I could do it solo but things are always more fun with friends. Right?" Ryo said, putting the notebook away. Making his way through the forest, as Ryo had already acquired the quest from the amazons, he smelled a stench in the air. The smell of burning wood. Ryo crouched down, and motioned for Hestia to do the same. Ryo crouched down, and hastily made his way around the forest, his katana bumping into branches and the brush. Around the bend Ryo spotted a large burnt circle in the forest, and in the center a now awake Byakko. ID: 110498 LD: 6 Stealth: 6 Stats for this Thread Ryo~ HP: 600/600 | Energy: 30/30 DMG: 14 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 | MIT: 8 | BH: 12 | Charge:+2 DMG(once) BRI: 5x Healing Potions(+50hp) | empty | empty | empty | empty |
  8. Using 1 essence of steel found here. For Spirit found here. And obtained here. Giving Spirit one slot of Paralyze.
  9. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo chuckled. "Yeah, and now Pennyworth will have to clean up her webbings. Gives him something to do around the house beside endless dusting." Ryo said, hiding the spider into his jacket as he stood. He opened his menu to check Yuki's stats and sure enough, she was an physical damage dealing type. But she was level one it seemed. Of course SAO didn't properly scale familiars to the owners level. "Yeah, she's a combat familiar. But damn, she needs some experience." Ryo confirming that she needed levels. Then Teion mentioned a quest chain of sorts. Ryo thought about it for a moment. There was only a few quest chains that existed, some of the better ones in his opinion. "Which one did you have in mind darling?" Ryo said, smiling at her. It was kind of obvious that Teion wanted to step up the questing some, and actually murder some things together. He couldn't blame her at least. He wanted to as well.
  10. For those who own a copy of Dead by Daylight there is myself, @Teion, @Spencer, @Hestia, and @Kimi who all own it and play regularly if anyone wants to play with.
  11. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    The spider traveled along Ryo, small strings of webbing covering his body. Nothing to restrain him, most likely from the spider being excited. Ryo let the spider crawl over him, letting it rest on top of shoulder after it had explored his body. Brushing away the few strands of webbing, Ryo answered. "Can't say. Never had a spider before. But my science class had a tarantula, back in like middle school." Ryo said, trying to follow the spider's movements on his body. "Cute little girl though. She seems so curious." Ryo said, giggling slightly as the spider tucked itself away into the inside of his jacket. Ryo thought for a moment. "I think, home would suffice for now at least. Gotta give her a name." RYo said, thinking for a moment. "How about, Yuki? It means snow I think. Best I can explain with the language filter on." Ryo said, chuckling at his new pet.
  12. Before Ryo could adjust himself, more and more people had shown up. A cloaked PK'er, masquerading as an Info Broker. Another masked individual, who was polite enough to remove it. A white haired woman. And finally Kiari of all people. He was about to inquire within about the aforementioned goods, but then tensions rose. Ryo scoffed slightly and interjected. "Look, sorry to interrupt. But I don't care about some feud you two have, or who is more honorable than who. Like everyone else here," Ryo motioned past the now armorless player to Zandra. "I'm just here for the handout. And then I'll be on my way." Talking to Zandra now would be pointless, especially since she's keen to starting fights and was significantly stronger than Ryo was now. A wrong word about Ariel or Jomei could trigger something in her to snap. Either way, best to tread carefully for now. "I'll take this one." Ryo said, selecting the item. Ryo took the item and stepped aside. "Alrighty. I'm just gonna, leave now." And began to slowly inched his way away.
  13. Ryo

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    As Clarence threw himself from the chair Ryo acted, his hands moving in third own. As a dagger was pointed at him, the edge of a katana was now placed at Clarences neck. "You know NOTHING!" Ryo shouted back at the man. "You think you're the only one who's experienced loss? Experienced this hurt, this pain? You were at least a nice person." Ryo said, keeping his katana pressed against Clarence. "Lowenthal was a great man!" Ryo said. "But I'm not him." Ryo said, his hands shaking. "Lowe never lied. He never won the trust of people to turn it against them. He never killed innocents, he's not guilty for the things I've done." Ryo said, finally removing his katana from Spencer. "You asked if I believe that those kind of people deserve death. They do." Ryo said. "Ariel is guilty of one murder. And I'm guilty of many." Ryo said, stowing his blade. "Killing her solves nothing. Wrong. It takes a murderer off the streets of aincrad. It doesn't bring him back, nothing will. Nor will it bring me peace of mind. Nothing will." Ryo said walking over and picking up the chair and setting back upright.
  14. Ryo

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo rolled to his feet, crouching down. He quickly answered Teion. "Yeah no I'm fine. Sorry." He said, apologizing for sprinting off. Looking over at the large spider across the way he stared at it, and it back. It stood there, it's mandibles twitching slightly as Ryo got to his feet. "Uhm, you think that's it?" Ryo asked, motiong to the spider. A dumb thought crossed his mind, as he removed a small twig from his hair and tossed it aside. Ryo knelt down, and inched his way towards it. "Hey there little guy." Ryo said, holding out an extended hand. The spider flinched, and waved it's head at Ryo. "Alright, girl then. I guess. I dunno." He said, still surprised from the initial leap onto the side of his face. Inching closer still he spoke calmly, and soothingly. "Relax. We're not going to hurt you. Okay. We're friendly." He said, getting just out of reach of the spider. The monster looked at it, Ryo's face reflecting in the many pools that were its eyes. The spider shifted, before thrusting itself into Ryo's open palm. The spider let out, a chirp or something close to it. An audible noise of sorts that was high pitched, yet low at the same time. Ryo instinvely began to pet the spider. "Hey, I think this is it." Ryo said over his shoulder to Teion. The spider crawled up his sleeve, and rested onto his shoulder. Bright white, with blue eyes, spindle legs. "I think I'm gonna name her 'Yuki'." Ryo said, running a finger over the fur of his new spider. @Teion
  15. Ryo

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    The grip on Ryo's gloved hands grew tighter as Clarence said that he would spare the person who killed Lowenthal. "Let them, live?" Ryo said, unable to look at the man. He was right, Clarence was a coward. Unable to do the right thing. Not man enough to call upon a greater need. "And just let them go unpunished? Let them go free?" Ryo said, not quite yelling but still his voice raising. "Lowenthal was a good man, better than both of us. His killer, should die." Ryo said, his voice calming. "She should die." Ryo said again. He ignored Clarence's offer of tales of Lowenthal. He offered nothing he already didn't learn from the man himself nor anything new. But, something clicked inside of his head, a feeling. Anger, the lust for revenge, a need to just hit something came from nowhere. Perhaps it was Clarence's choice of words, or perhaps it was something else. "One more question." Ryo said, relaxing his body. "Before Velvet Room there was another guild. Absolute Pin. It's records are lost to me, but you're smart." He said, wanting answers. "Tell me, who was its leader? Where can I find them?" Ryo asked multiple questions, a fisherman casting many lines hoping one was to be caught. @Clarence