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  1. Ryo listened to Teion as she explained what her quest was. Reflection, as it was supposed to be. Ryo looked down at the ground. His was the same, in that reflection sense. He was told he had a purpose beyond just what he had done. That he needed to stop focusing on his past, and focus on his future. He looked back up at the woman beside him. Maybe, he could do something like that. "I tend to have identity crisis from time to time. I have no idea who I want to be. I want to be the young guy, plucky and fun and always ready to joke around. But at the same time I'm growing up, and I know that I need to grow up to. So I want to look more like an adult, act like one. Stop being a kid." He said, continuing to walk. "I just don't know who I really am just yet." He said, somewhat embarrassed, but if Teion was going to confess then so was he. "In a way, I guess we both have our flaws. Crippling or not." "Here it is, just ahead." Ryo said, peeking through the overbrush. Looking through there was a small hut with a fire in front. A large black pot, a cauldron sat just above the fire with no immediate means of anything holding it up. There was light coming from inside the hut, as the windows were yellow a contrast the the greenery of the jungle. "Seems like this is the place. Want to check it out?" Ryo asked, ready to draw his katana if the pair were suddenly attacked.
  2. Ryo felt his arms get tugged, and his body moved closer to Teion. He felt her lips touch his cheek, and his cheeks flustered in response. She then darted off, moving past him. Ryo reached up and touched his cheek, and a warm smile decorated his face once again. He turned, and followed suit behind her. His face jumped up when she said a name. He was about to ask who she was when she continiued and the realization kicked in. "Thea." He said, repeating it. "I like it. But I think habits going to keep me from using it." he said smirking. "Mine, Ryoji." He said, giving her his real name. Not that it was much, he was just going by his nickname for years, and it just kinda stuck. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embaresment. "And it's gonna take me some time to get used to this." He said, moving up to her side.
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    Ryo's Tale

    Skill Point Investments 94 invested out of 97 total Rank 1 - Rank 2 - Rank 3 - Rank 4 - Rank 5 One Handed Curved Blade - Gain +1 base damage per rank with One Handed Curved Swords [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Katana* - Gain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5 with Katanas [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Charge - +1 base damage per rank to a single attack. You may only use a Charge attack once per opponent per combat and only if it is possible via roleplay. [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Light Armor - Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Light Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time. (+8) [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Battle Healing - While in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn. (+60) [||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||] Survival** - Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental attacks/effects. *Denotes Extra Skill **Rankless Skill
  4. Ryo felt his face grow warm as she spoke her mind. He was taken aback, he had expected a response about how awkward it was to be with him, or something about the quest, or something else. Not, that. But, did she really think that though? He smiled. A dumb, goofy smile. Like a child receiving a gift he knew he was going to get. He turned away from Teion, to recollect his composure. He turned back around, and looked down at the ground then back up to Teion. "I, don't know what to say to that." He said, taking a step closer to her. He reached down and took her hands in his own. "You already know how I feel about you, and we've been through so much. The butler, the bandits in the desert, my poisoning, the party." He said listing off the events that brought them closer. At least, in his mind. "I would love to go steady with you." He said, giving the woman's hand a formal squeeze. "Is there, anything else on your mind?" He asked her, wanting to make sure that everything was covered. "Oh, uhm. Dear." He said, flustering over himself and adding on the 'dear' part. Tei was his first girlfriend, and he wanted to make sure he got it right.
  5. Ryo smiled as he gripped the woman's hand. There was a small spark of interest. Ryo thought on it for a moment, had he actually touched another person's skin in this game? The thought danced a little longer, before it vanished into something different. Her hands. Teion's hands were surprisingly soft. Were all people this soft, or was it unique to everyone? The fact that this game explored such detail of the human body. Ryo thought about it. Wouldn't her skin be rougher? From the harsh sandstorms, constant battle, her weapon of choice, and the heat of her profession? Or, was there something different about her that he couldn't explain? He pushed the thought from his mind, and helped the woman to her feet. her face scrunched up, and her eyes moved to the corner. Her hands rested at her waist, her fingers fidgeting with one another. She didn't focus on him, rather than her thoughts. Ryo smiled. "Is there something on your mind?" He asked her, wanting to pry just a little bit. He had planned on chatting with her about the quest on the way to the forest anomaly, but if there was something else bothering her and if he could help her with it he would. "You can talk to me, no need to be 'short' with me either." He said, giving the girl a smile.
  6. Ryo chuckled as Teion explained that she didn't want to ruin the mood. That would assume that there was a mood to begin with. He still loved the woman, but the infatuation was settling. It was less obsession, and now more gentle. He didn't crave her love, nor did he need it. He still wanted it, but he didn't want it forced. He wanted her to love him, on her terms. He sighed, as an attempt to let his thoughts escape. "Mine did." He said, finally. "I didn't even recognize two of them. There was a blue haired man. And a silhouette of a girl. Then there was Lowenthal, and finally myself." He said, not explaining the shadows goals or messages. He didn't need to, and even if she asked he'd dance around the subject. "But enough about that. Nothing good comes from talking about it so soon." Ryo said, looking out over the horizon. "It's been a while since we've last seen one another. Valentines Day, if I recall." Ryo said, remembering the dreadful after party that happened afterwards. Since then he had gotten a haircut, his eyes changed color, and a new attire to make him seems more like an adult. Being short as he was, it was hard to look like an adult to begin with. His equipment clattered against his wait as he stood. He peered back over the horizon, staring into the forest below. Spying what he thought was a plume of smoke. He had seen it for some time now, but it was always in the same spot and never seemed to spread. "I wanna check something out. You wanna come with?" He asked, holding out a hand for Teion.
  7. Ryo turned back around to see Teions new outfit. A beige sweater that hung off a shoulder. He swallowed whatever I was in his throat, and cleared it by giving out a swift cough. "I like it. Looks good on you." He said, complimenting the woman. Ryos face flushed red as Teion took a step closer, seemingly inspecting him. Ryo stood his ground and allowed her to give him a look over. "Yeah. Changed the color of my eyes, and got a bit of a trim up. Trying a new look, and I think this makes me look a bit older. More like an adult." Ryo admitted, not saying that her touching his hair felt wonderful. "Well, I think it's cool. But only really at about this time." Ryo said, continuing to lead Teion along the makeshift path. Clamboring over fallen trunks of trees, scaling a small hill, and climbing several vines to reach the top of a cliffside Ryo finally was able to show Teion what it was what he was talking about. "Here we are." He said, looking out at the horizon before him. Below was a sea of trees, the leaves looking like a deep green ocean as they moved with the wind. The sun, now setting low cast it's orange Ray's across the land giving everything more of a gold appearance. "Found this a few days ago. I think it's quite stunning." Ryo said, taking a seat on the edge of the cliff face.
  8. Ryo thought about what Teion had meant before she trailed off. Other players came to mind, and camping this spot to steal items or kill unconcious players did seem like a stratagy one would use. Which again raised the question, why hadn't they? He took the damp towel in his hand and it dissapated back into crystals as it entered his inventory again. Ryo smiled softly as Teion spoke again. "Well, I would suggest that one tavern again. But I don't think that place is a good idea." Ryo said, running a hand through his hair. Perhaps a different place existed. He opened his menu and looked at the time. It was almost sunset here on this floor at least. "I have an idea though. A place where we can talk, relax." Ryo offered, knowing of a place. "And, you can just swap to a different set of clothing, and back again. I'll turn my back, or you can hide behind some bushes if you feel the need for privacy." Ryo suggested. The game wouldn't allow him to see anything, risque though the thought did cross his mind. The blush quickly faded after as he waited for Teion to get ready. "I've been a bit busy, with the few days we've had apart. New outfit, a bit of a haircut, even changed my eye color." Ryo said, smiling at her. "Also been exploring a bit, and may have stumbled on something cool. I wanted to share it with you." Ryo said, thinking of the venue. He took the lead, cutting the occasinal dense jungle with his katana. Ryo wanted to ask Teion about the quest. It had to be different from person to person, but he knew that it had to be all kinda of personal.
  9. Ryo

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Ryo sighed as Kairi had to do something else, besides help in the dungeon that was now half done. After much protesting, Ryo finally broke down. "Alright, fine. I'll get you out of here. Everyone else can run ahead, I'll take kairi to a safer area where she can teleport out." Ryo planned on going by himself, fully able to handle an ant or two on his own should the situation arise. But Spencer wasn't going to have that. And then the masked Erin tagged along as well. Ryo sighed in defeat, more frustrated that the party was splitting into two rather then losing two. But the escort of Kairi went smoothly, and she was able to teleport out. Turning back Ryo took his time going back. Surely Hestia and Kimi weren't so gungho that they would just rush ahead, and find the boss on thier own. Then the cavern rumbeled, signaling the arrival of a boss or something else. "God dammit. What happened to 'Yeah we'll sit tight'?" Ryo asked aloud, not needing an answer. Arriving to the scence Spencer and Erin leapt into action, quick to assist Kimi and Hestia. Ryo took a moment to study the large foe. Everyone else seemed to have struggled with actually striking the beast, with the exclusion that was Erin. Ryo readied his blade. The blade glinted in the soft light, and glew a bright purple as Ryo spun his blade. Striking the Ant Advisor with his blade several times, causing the lumbering Ant to reel back from the strngth of the blows. The damage was luaghably small in comparison to Erin's output. Ryo resheathed his weapon and rallyed back to the group. "Alright, i can't slice through it's exoskeleton but Erin can pierce through it." Ryo said, noting the party was mostly blundinging or slashing weapons. Erin being the only outlier with a pierce attack. "Erin, stay on the offensive. Spencer, try and stay back, the thing hits like a truck. Try and support with items if you have them or stun it if you see an opening." Ryo said, noting the now sizable dip in Hestia's life pool. Erin was gonna have to carry them, or Hestia and Kimi get lucky and set the thing ablaze. He'd have to take things easy with his energy pool now near half. "Hey Itzal, pleasure seeing you here." Ryo said, now reconizing the man. They had met before, and would reconize that small dragon familiar anywhere. ID: 101554 BD: 9 Damage: 81 [17(16 base + 1 Crit) * 8 Haku Senpu - 55 Mitigation] Energy Cost: 7 (+1 natural Recovery - 8 Haku Senpu) Group 1~ [H: 3] Hestia | 876/950 | 82/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 0] @Kimi | 420/420 | 40/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 142/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 2] Ryo | 500/500 | 27/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 44/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 320/320 | 22/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 519/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.
  10. Ryo simply nodded at the woman in front of him. "Good. I'm glad that it worked for you." He said changing his pose so that his hands were inside of his pockets. Her stern demenor caught him off balance, but he understood. Directly after his quest the same sort of feelings happened to him. He wanted to talk about it, but how? How does one just come out and tell someone every little dirty secret they have? Ryo didn't think he could ever tell anyone everything, even Teion. He sighed, as he looked down at the ground. She broke the small silence with a question. "Well, I was just passing by, saw that you were taking the quest. I just kinda, stayed around making sure that you were safe." He said before catching his sentence. "And, not to sound to creepy when I first happened by there was a NPC fisherman who was adamant about getting you to move. Something about prime fishing spot or something like that." Ryo said, flaing his hands a little bit in self-protest. "So I kinda fi-figured that if there w-was an NPC that was walking about, that their might be something else?" He said, trying to make his reasoning as intact as he could.
  11. Ryo's arm reached down and fingers touched a stone. He held in his hand for a few moments, inspecting its qualities. Smooth, flat on one end, and with a bit of weight. He tossed the rock gently into the air and caught it as it fell back down. What kind of game did he live in that was able to program and run so much? How was his computer hell, any computer supposed to handle this level of detail. To disprove himself even further he stood atop of a small waterfall and snapped his wrist, launching the rock out into the lake. The rock skipped a few times before coming to a stop and sinking into the deep. The lake rippled outward from where the rock had made contact with it's previously calm nature. Ryo looked down from his vantage point. She was still down there, medtitating. How long had it been now? He knew that she had some sort of issues, but he had never imagined that they would take this long. He had walked by, wondering if she would be here and when she was he decided to stay and keep her safe. it was peaceful for the most part, except for an odd fisherman who demanded that she be moved, and that she was inturuppting the best spot. Ryo solved that issue, and continiued to wait for Teion to move. It felt as though months passed, before she started moving again. Ryo worked his way down the path beside the waterfall, aand to the lakes edge. When she began moving. Ryo smiled before giving a shout to her. "Hey sleepy head!" He called out to her, giving her a wave, beckoning her to at least get out of the water. "C'mon, else you're lible to catch a cold." He said, unsure even if people could get sick in the game. Poison damage was a thing, that much he knew for certain, but he wondered if colds were out of the question. When Tei had arrived, Ryo produced a towel from his inventory and offered it to her. "For the hair." He said, knowing the pain that was soaking wet long hair. "So, how do you feel now?" Ryo asked, being straightforward. Ryo was sporting a new look. It looked reministent of his old gear, but more formal. Still the black long jacket, but now it was more open, revealing a black vest with a white undershirt. His katana was still at his side, the very same one that Teion had made for him. His golden eyes pierce through watery mist produced by the falls, and he couldn't help but smile at the woman in front of him.
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    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Ryo smirked. "One less coming up!" He shouted out, his body crouching low to the ground as his hand danced along the hilt of his Katana. Fingers five gripped against its leather wrapped frame and the feel of steel dragging along wood echoed throughout his arm as he drew his blade in a swift motion. The first Ant, being to preoccupied with Erin and Hestia paid him no mind, the foolish AI Ant. The first slash was low on the ant, slicing through its legs as if they were made of butter. A quick twist of his waist and a spin on his foot caused his body to rotate and keep his momentum. He raised his blade up high and struck again, this time removing the weapon arm of the Ant. Another spin, caused a small whirlwind to appear and it struck the Ant in its thorax. Launching it backwards, Ryo turned his back to it and resheathed his katana. When hilt touched the mouth of the sheath, the damage caught up with the Ant and it turned into pixels as it flew backwards. Ryo turned back around to look at the second Ant Elite. His mind went wild as his face remained calm. 'God damn that was cool!' His thoughts went, cheering him on on his small victory. ID: 100158 BD: 10 (I owe Hestia 5 bucks) LD: 10 CD: 5
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    Needa Few Mats?

    I make no promises <3 *picks them up*
  14. Thread Rewards Hestia 2 SP 266 Col Bottled Banshee Scream: A Potion that when used on Weapon adds Paralyze to it for the duration of the battle: If you rolled a 9 -10 Enemy is paralyzed on their next turn. Kimi 4 SP 266 Col Bottled Banshee Scream: A Potion that when used on Weapon adds Paralyze to it for the duration of the battle: If you rolled a 9 -10 Enemy is paralyzed on their next turn. Ryo 5 SP 268 Bottled Banshee Scream: A Potion that when used on Weapon adds Paralyze to it for the duration of the battle: If you rolled a 9 -10 Enemy is paralyzed on their next turn.
  15. Ryo crossed his hands behind his head. "Pirates huh? Sounds cool." He said, thinking of the activity. He wondered if Teion was a pirate fan, with her being an American and all of that. He bit his lip in thought as they all continued walking. "I don't know about a ship battle. Kinda don't like the ocean." He said. It was weird for him, at least in his mind. He didn't like the ocean, in fact, it kind of terrified him. And despite living in Japan, where the ocean was kind of a big deal, especially since the beach was just a short drive away. If Teion was interested in doing the quest, he had no qualms about doing it either. "I think the exit is right around here." He said, making another turn. The familiar entrance came into view as the trio came around. "And here we are. It was nice having you ladies along for the ride. Made things way easier. I'll catch you, ladies, later." Ryo said, heading back to the entrance of the teleportation plaza.