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  1. "Just saying. Being poisoned is not high in my list of things I'd like to be." Ryo said, joking with the woman. Ryo followed the woman and opened the door for the woman. "M'lady." He would say, before following her in. The pub was messy, and loud. Not a kind of place that Ryo would like to hang around in. "Let's hurry and get this quest done. Place makes me uneasy." He said, leaning his head towards Hestia and whispering to her. He would continue to follow her throughout hestias quest steps. (Phone post)
  2. [PP-F10] Batman and The Penguin (Ryo)

    Ryo thought in his mind for something to his partner. "Hmm." He said in thought. "You win a tiny bit of information about me. I am bisexual." He said, touching his chest in a 'holier than thou' sort of pose. Spencer has suggested twenty questions, and Ryo was confused as to how to start the game. He chuckled and tried to explain. "So, twenty questions is that one of us pick a noun, and then the other has twenty questions to guess what it is. "Here, I'll pick something," Ryo said giving Spencer a smile. He thought for a moment, trying to pick something. "Alright, I've got something. Go ahead and ask your questions. I am ready." Ryo teased.The word he chose was pumpkin, as it was fitting for the time. Ryo took a swig of his drink, looking at the man in the penguin costume across from him.
  3. [PP-F6] Hanging Around

    Ryo listened to Teion's tale. About the mysterious man that she had stopped from killing himself. They gained a bond of some sorts, and now they were dating. Why did this make him angry? Who was this guy, and how did he sucker Teion into this relationship thing? He let his face remained expressionless, but his fist clenched. Teions thought of suicide, her mention of the Halloween party, then her depression. All of it was hard to sink in. The waiter returned, calling them both in love. He shot him a glare, as well as Teion, did. How dare he assume such things. Teion was spoken for, and that made him angry. Teion confirmed his thoughts, saying that they two were seeing each other. He slept in her shop, he saved her life as she saved him, he was everything that Ryo couldn't be. What was it that that made him better than him? The question kept bouncing in his head. Why? The silence was broken yet again by the French npc yet again. "Bonjour Good ser, madam. I have here, this note. Dropped off by some man just now." He said, handing Ryo the note. He gave a polite bow and hurried back towards the kitchen. Ryo looked at Teion, then at the door seeing if it was opened recently. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary, Ryo opened the note. 'Dear Sir Ryo, I regret to inform you that I have poisoned Miss Teions drink. If you want to find the antidote, I have a game for you all to play. I have hidden it among various vials and other concoctions in a potion shop on the second floor. Good luck hunting! ' The note ended there, and Ryo looked it over in a quick panic, trying to see if there was anything else on the note. it wasn't signed, but it was handwritten. "Teion, you're gonna want to read this," Ryo said, handing her the note. "It says you were poisoned, you feel any different? Notice any status changes?" Ryo questioned, still looking around for someone else to be in the tavern, but to no avail.
  4. Ryo laughed. "If I don't aim high, how can I hit anything?" He said, making a small jab at his own height. He followed the woman, who had yet to introduce herself. Ryo had his hands in his pockets until they were closer to the gates. As they exited he would equip his katana, and keep an eye out for materials as they walked. It was only the first floor, so he didn't expect much in the way of ambushes or anything catching them unawares. He also knew the area well, from his time of helping that group of people. Ryo grimly reminisced his flawed past. He shook his head, no longer wanting to think about it. "There should be a cave not to far from here. And if this is a beginner quest it wouldn't be too far from the gates." Ryo said. ID: 94189 LD: 19 +1 material 1 material total
  5. "Oh, a dinner! What a marvelous idea!" Ryo said, clapping his hands. Perhaps Teion would like something of that sort. A handmade meal, maybe some candles or something to that effect would be nice. Or, would that be a bit too forward? He ran a hand through his hair. Thoughts for another day. "Poison huh?" Ryo said again, repeating Hestia. "Do we have any antidotes for the case of us becoming poisoned?" Ryo asked. He wasn't too worried about killing the mobs fast enough, but he didn't know if the poison was potent enough to kill a player or not. Or how long the poison persisted. "I'm just going to guess that we just murder a few things, and turn it into the quest giver. Seems like most of the quests have that logic behind it." Ryo said, stating things as he saw them.
  6. [PP-F6] Hanging Around

    Ryo gave the old french NPC a look as he kept talking. How did he, when did he, how could he. The sheer existence of the NPC boggled Ryos mind. Were they being followed? But, having an NPC change floors was unheard of. But, did NPC's recognize people? Could they? His butler did, so why couldn't this NPC do the same? Ryo scratched his head. The waiter ran off, presumably to talk to his NPC buddies and fetch Teions drink. As damp as Ryo was, a drink didn't sound right. "So, what were you doing in that time of trying to forget me?" He said, in an almost joking matter. He knew the woman didn't want anything to do with him. That was shown by he disinterest, and the fact that she hadn't tried to message him at all. "I mean you were probably super busy with, things." Ryo said, trying to think of what Teion would be doing.
  7. [PP-F6] Hanging Around

    Ryo was taken aback by her counter question. What was special about her? A question he had been asking himself ever since Lowenthal had saved him, and they had been trapped. "I don't know what makes you special. And I don't know if I could ever answer that question." Ryo started to say. "I don't want to 'fix' you. There's nothing wrong with you, as far as I can tell. I just, want to understand you, know you." He said, keeping his eyes on her. "I can't explain why I want to because I don't know." Ryo said. Footsteps approached the two, and Ryo turned his head only to react and nearly fall from his chair. "No!" He exclaimed. "Not, not you!" "Ahhhh, hello my young couple friends!" A familiar french voice cried out. The same NPC from before, the one from the cafe had appeared and was now serving them. "It's raining pretty bad, non?" He asked, stating the obvious. "Would you delightfully couple like something warm to drink perhaps?" He asked. Ruo kept his mouth shut, angry at the NPC for showing up. But was somehow thankful for the distraction. "No, I'm fine." Ryo said, picking himself back up. "Hon hon, and you mademoiselle?" He asked Teion.
  8. [PP-F6] Hanging Around

    Ryo chuckled. "No, that's not what I meant." He said, removing his boots and setting them by the fire. "I meant, trying to forget me. The horrible thing I did, and how I treated the situation." Ryo shifted his weight to make himself a bit more physically comfortable. The tension still hung in the air and was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Ryo's thoughts weighed like a ton, crushing his mind even further and further. "Look, Teion. I-" Ryo began but was unable to find the words. He muttered, and rotated his head, trying to jumble them out. "I don't know how to explain it.And, I don't think I ever can but, there's something about you that I can't shake." Ryo said, his eyes catching the embers of the fire. "Teion, are you happy?" Ryo asked as he looked over at Teion who was adorably sitting in her chair. He didn't know where that question came from, or how it lead to what he was saying before. But he felt like it was something, someone would've said. Whom, he didn't know exactly.
  9. Ryo followed Hestia for a small while. He had spotted her a short while ago and planned on saying hi. His menu dinged and he saw that it was from Hestia. Ryo chuckled as he leaped up and latched himself onto her back. "Hey Hestia! How you been?" He asked in a cheerful tone. "I got your message, and I couldn't come fast enough!" He said joking with the woman. He opened his menu and looked at the message. "Oh, another quest? I'm down for it." He said, agreeing with Hestia's offer. "You wanna go to the pub first still, or nah?" Ryo asked, jabbing a thumb in the other direction towards the pub. "So, what's the venomous warg about?" Ryo asked Hestia, not knowing the quest all that well. He didn't know much else to say other than, "How have you been Hestia? You find anything to do for valentines day?" He asked.
  10. [PP-F6] Hanging Around

    The crack of thunder startled Ryo, causing him to flinch slightly. The rain fell lightly at first but soon came into a hard torrent. Ah, goddammit. "Here, let's get somewhere dryer, we can talk there." Ryo said, quickly swiping open his menu and retrieving his leather jacket. He draped it over Teion, motioning for her to start moving. "C'mon I know a place in town." Ryo said, still draping his jacket over her. He had to get close, and he had already gotten used to being soaked. He lead Teion along the forest path and into town where he had opened the door for her and let her inside the tavern first. Ryo removed the jacket and added it back to his inventory. "There we go. Safe from the rain. And it looks like we're the only people here. Aside from the NPC's of course." Ryo said, his clothes still dripping water from the rain outside. He slicked his hair back, letting its weight sit on his spine. He motioned over towards the fireplace seats, someplace warm for himself to naturally dry off. Ryo stared into the fire, finding the courage to spark up another conversation. "So, I can't stop thinking about you," Ryo said, his eyes reflecting the light from the fire. "And I don't know why either. I've even tried doing quests, and hanging out with other people. You've been doing the same, haven't you?" Ryo asked, his knees sinking closer to his chest.
  11. Name:Ryo Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 1 Roll ID:94054 Roll Result:12 Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Antioxadents Description: A small bowl filled with various cooked nuts, adorned with cherries and other berries. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15828-f-11-junes-food-court/?do=findComment&comment=535941
  12. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Ryo had made no plans to attend this player ran event. It wasn't much of an event really, but more of an invitation to hang out, talk a bit and grab some materials. It was the perfect distraction he needed to get that violet-haired woman out of his mind. His hands in his pockets, Ryo walked to the predetermined meeting point which was just outside the beginning city. Taking his sweet time Ryo arrived late, noting some already new faces. Ryo raised a hand, giving them all a greeted wave. "Hey!" He said, granting them all a smile. A group of several blondes, and a smattering of brunettes. Ryo approached, looking over to his right, noting the duel that was happening. "So, what's that about?" He asked the nearest blonde. "I'm Ryo by the way. Future Hero of Aincrad. And you all are?" He asked, introducing himself to the group. @Tressa @Krysta @Gwydion @H3LL0
  13. [F-11] 'Junes' Food Court

    Another day another chance to make his name known, Ryo went to work. Business was slower than normal, perhaps it was the January cold winds that kept most NPC's at bay, but some players happened to stop by to get some eats. Floor eleven was mostly temperate, with warm winds and nice ocean air but January made the winds cold and the sun dimmer. There were few beach parties, except those who would vacation from floors like the fourth one. Ryo went to cooking, and made his instruments too hot, burning the food. His material had shriveled up, not only stinking up his store but also becoming the worst thing he's created thus far. Ryo sighed, tossing the crisp into the nearby bin. He lowered the temperature and went back to cooking. Seemed as though he was doing everything right. He was getting the commands all right, the mini-game seemed fair this time around and in the end, he got a perfect food item. (9 exp) ID: 94053 CD: 1 (critical failure) ID: 94054 CD: 12 (perfect) Name:Ryo Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 1 Roll ID:94054 Roll Result:12 Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Antioxadents Description: A small bowl filled with various cooked nuts, adorned with cherries and other berries. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15828-f-11-junes-food-court/?do=findComment&comment=535941
  14. Ryo helped the woman up off the ground. Jesus, she wasn't Japanese, that was for sure. If face structure and color of skin didn't tell him, it was the height. She was damn near as tall as him. Wasn't SAO supposed to be locally launched? What was with all of these foreigners getting their hands on the game? He ignored the thought as he had somewhat more pressing issues at hand. "No need to apologize. I was, distracted." Ryo said, almost solemnly as he thought about Teion. But, perhaps this was the distraction he needed after all. "A cave you say?" He inquired. "I think I know the one you're talking about, the one for that beginner quest right?" Ryo asked. He had already grown too strong for those quests, and he was sure that he already had some idea of how the mechanics of the game worked. He held out his hand again, this time introducing himself. "I'm Ryo, future hero of aincrad." He said confidently. "I'll help you find your cave. But since I'm too strong to get any rewards from it I have one request. We find any materials or items along the way. I get them. Deal?" Ryo asked.