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  1. So, is Discord down for everyone else? I can't seem to log into it.

    1. Destiny


      Yes, yes it is 

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    Andromeda's Evaluations

    Approved! :D
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    Rewarding Staff Members

    I suggest a player assist system. Donating time to the site in which ever way shape or form would awarded players with "AP"(Assist Points) And those are spent on SP at a rate of something like, 10 AP to 1 SP. These AP can be earned by staff and players alike. Discord Roles (already have those as staff tags) Wall of Acknowledgment and a custom roles displayed on the main page are already on there. As members of staff. Quests are already custom, staff are the ones who make them. As a staff member who has made quests, a valid reward should not be 'make another'.
  4. Ryo

    Rewarding Staff Members

    From the amount of work and headache that goes into creating an event I would frankly love to be compensated for my work. I'll go over how a Floor Boss is created. First you get an idea in your head, as well as a few mechanics. Something to make the boss fun and enjoyable but not outright unkillable or a slog to get through. After that, you have to flesh out your ideas moreso. You add dice rolls, and numbers to its HP and other stats. You nab an image give the boss a name and slap it into staff section of SAO and wait for other members to get around to looking it over. System Dev and Floor Dev members spend time looking over the creation and numbers side of things. Getting feedback from everyone in staff and those who are in charge of staff takes around a month and a half to get solid responses back from. After that you make changes to fix what was wrong. Nerf an attack here, add a neat ability there. After you've made the changes, you now have to get feedback back from everyone again. Sometimes this process is faster, sometimes its slower. Once numbers are done, it's time for rewards. Under the current system, and age of players it's really hard to find anything that frontliners need or want that will go to a last hit person. We'll have to make at least three kinds of rewards that would be interesting to have. And since staff was slapped with a no more special rewards all of the creativity to boss rewards has been restricted to Demonic Weapons with unique enhancements. And therein lies another unfortunate balance. Keeping the reward thematic, and useful. Since players can just up and make demonic items, or the perfect weapon they want or need. Unless the weapon suits a person's build, it completely useless. No one is happy. But now that rewards are agreed on, time to let the players post the boss prep thread with the blurb you've given them to give hints about what the boss will be. Which can be as obvious as you'd like, or as subtle. Doesn't matter either way. The same strategy is going to be used. Party up, use howl, and slap it until its dead. Which is a fault on our end for not having combat be any more 'exciting' than that. Once that's done, the players then say that they want to fight the boss. The boss makes it's post and then the fun begins. Which is, waiting about two to three days for everyone to post. Last boss raid had about, 15 people in it. So, in top of the complicated boss stats and abilities to keep track of. The staff member running the boss also has to make sure that the 15 people in the fight are tracking their stuff correctly. Toss in a few DoT effects, a stun or two there. Boss makes an AoE attack. And that's a LOT to try and keep track of. And that is one person. After double checking everyone's stats to make sure everyone is on the up and up, then they make the boss post. Which is 150+ words and then try to make sure that everyone's post is recognised in that post. And then do all of that, for upwards of two to three months sometimes even longer. And then try to balance real life whilst being barraged by players to post for the boss, or doing about 3 hours of work into a single post and then try to make a post for their character. tl;dr Creating a boss, and running a boss are two seperate things that take several months of time, effort, and energy and a more substantial reward should be given out.
  5. Ryo

    Rewarding Staff Members

    Hello SAO-RPGians! We recently had a discussion in the staff chat, and thought it would be appropriate to bring it to the community. The conversation ran along the lines of how much work goes into the events that take place around site. Keeping track of everyone's stats, keeping the events in context and engaging, and making sure that things stay on a reasonable timetable can really take a lot out of a person. Because of this, the idea was brought forth that perhaps it would be appropriate to reward the people who work on making events like this possible. A concern we had was how the community might feel about something like this, especially if we implemented it behind closed doors without talking to you all about it first. We don't want you guys to think that we're just trying to give ourselves an edge here, so we're asking for your input. Do you feel that the people working on these events should get rewarded for their efforts? Why, or why not? What sorts of rewards do you think would be appropriate if we were to move forward with this? Let us know in the comments!
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    Nora's Workshop

  7. Ryo

    Noctua's Athenean Crafts

  8. As the pair was scolded for having food not bought via the concessions, Ryo pouted as the pretzel was put away. Looking down, Ryo could spot a pair of heads he recognized. Jomei, Tel, Jevi, and Spencer. Spencer and Jevi were closer, with Jomei and Tel basically being on the other side of the tent. The couple looked cute, but somehow regal together. They both commanded a strong presence in the front lines with Jomei being the figurehead for raiding parties and Tel as his right-hand woman. But it was bittersweet as the lights dimmed, and the true show began. The seat shaking slightly, Ryo stood from his seat. "What?" He exclaimed to himself as the dead began to rise from the ground around him. "Great, first the mansion. Now, this." He said, wishing he had prepared better. And to make matters worse, he'd have to admit that Pennyworth was right, this was going to be a violent event. Lifting a boot, he planted straight into the chest of a zombie and gave it a good shove tossing the dead thing backward as he helped Teion get down to where Spencer was shouting. Meeting up with the lad, he had noticed that Jevi had arrived as well. His katana now drawn from its scabbard Ryo readied himself for an onslaught of the dead. Seeing that Spencer and Jevi were buying snacks, caused Ryo to raise an eyebrow. "Now? Of all times you both pick now to grab something to eat?" He said, only then noticing the stats that came alongside the food. "Oh well. I'll be damned. I'll take two." He said, quickly pocketing the energy drinks. +2 Offbrand Energy Drinks
  9. Ryo's hand immediately slapped to his hear as his body turned to face the woman he loved more than anything else in this world. The sudden swell of fear suddenly subsiding back into giddiness and laughter. She got him, fair and square, and he had set himself up with that message from just a few moments ago. "Nice outfit," Ryo said as Teion made her way beside him. "And yeah. Did he also give you a cryptic warning about violence at Halloween parties?" Ryo said jokingly telling the truth. It was only the circus, not like anything dangerous was going to happen. Last year nothing serious happened. This would probably be the same. Just a fun, spooky show that ended with a raffle that gave someone a demonic or something of that effect. The last few events all had a raffle but as Ryo looked around he noticed that it was mostly players in the tent. Perhaps the NPC's around here didn't have enough Col for the buy-in and looking back at his pocket coffers, he barely had enough. "Oh, thank you." Ryo said leaning in for a bite of the pretzel.
  10. Ryo counted in his head. "I can't be sure if I got the one in the attic. But I had one, you had one. We just got the one here. SO I'm assuming there's one for each of us." Ryo said, running back with the group. Ryo thought for a moment. "Hestia most likely found a spot and hunkered down waiting for use to eventually arrive. Jevi is fast, she's probably." Ryo stopped himself short. "Right in front of us." He said to himself, ready to attack if need be. Seeing Jevi's reaction, however, caused a sigh of relief to be released. "Yeah, it's us." He said, removing his hand from the hilt of his katana. Ryo smirked towards Jevi. "Not impossible to kill. We're going to end this." Ryo said, ready to take the fight to the house itself. Ryo stepped forward, readying himself for a small speech. "These beasts are nothing else than monsters we face on a daily basis. No more dangerous than a few boars. They work of fear. Trying to twist that fear and manipulation to take control of your mind, to break you. Don't let them. We're much stronger than that. When you no longer fear them, they hold no power and can be killed." He said, thinking again to the false one he had faced in the attic. "As for the plan of action. We need to find the others. And after that, we can go house hunting." He said finishing his small speech, proud of his one-liner.
  11. Ryo awoke on the eleventh floor, as he normally did. He had slept in, and Teion had already left to start her day. Stepping downstairs, Pennyworth scolded him. "As much as I don't trust her, she at least wakes up on time. Unlike you, young master." Ryo rubbed the back of his head in slight embarrassment. "Look, I'm a young adult. I should be getting all the sleep I can get." Pennyworth nodded. "Yes. If you did anything with your day maybe." He said, before handing Ryo a flyer for a Halloween event. Ryo looked the flyer over. "Looks like fun. You saying I should go?" Pennyworth began to dust off a bit of the house. "If it means getting you out of the house, then yes. But Master Ryo a word of warning. These events can get a bit, violent at times." Ryo laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "Last year's event went over well enough. how bad can a circus be? I get jumped by a bunch of pumpkins." Ryo said jokingly as he stepped outside. Making his way to where the event was advertised he messaged Teion, asking if she was going to make an appearance at the event and that he was on his way to it. He also let her know that he would be there if she needed him for anything. Stepping up to the large tent he saw a few faces he could remember. There was Jevi glad to see her out an about again after the mansion. Jomei and Tel were also present, and Ryo recognized Calrex from the Frontline newsletter. Not a huge crowd like he had anticipated from an event on such a holiday. Least not like last year's. Perhaps there was something different about this year? none the less, he paid his fee and took a seat.
  12. Ryo

    [PP/F5] <<Arabian Nights>> First Night

    Ryo leaned back in his chair, not liking to suddenly being questioned. "Just relax you've already seen me half-naked at the beach party before." Ryo said in defense of himself raising his hands to fend off how close Kit got to him. As she demanded to know more about him, and before he could get a response in she already had darted off to instigate another player. Ryo sighed in a bit of disbelief. Was Kit really like this? She seemed much more, friendly and carefree. But this, this was a bit much. She was uncaring, brash, and all over the place. Ryo blurted out, in a huff of frustration as Kit introduced herself. "It's Ryo and I. Not the other way around." He said, standing from his seat to make his way over to the two. Ryo held a gloved hand out to Kooh after he was introduced. Another tick that was mildly infuriating that Kit had opted to do for him. After that, he felt obliged to answer the question before Kit had a chance to cut him off again. "Contacts tell me that the quest name is called 'Arabian Knights' and that it's a play on the old story surrounding that. However, other than that, it's your standard quest. Get to the place, kill the bad things, turn in the quest and done. Easy peasy." He said, shrugging his shoulders.