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  1. *Editing* Quest Information: Thread Battle Ready Inventory: Skills/Stats/Etc.
  2. Thread Complete! Rewards: Col: 400 SP: 3 [1(1xPage) + 2 (Quest)] 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) 1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)
  3. As he mixed the ingredients with a small metal stirring rod that Zackariah had given him, the potion that came to be ended up a lot better than Kion would've expected it to. It was either the material he had found, or maybe just that Kion had a higher natural aptitude for crafting than he'd thought previously. Either way, when the potion was all mixed up, Zackariah seemed amazed by the success of the potion. "Oh yes, yes! Nicely done! That potion looks brilliant!" Zackariah took a good look at the final result, then took the potion and set it aside. "For your efforts, I'm giving you a few of my own potions that I sell in my shop!" Zackariah gave a total of seven potions to Kion. "These shall help you on your journey, Kion! I don't mean to be a bother, but if you would not mind, I do have another favor to ask of you..." (To be continued....)
  4. Kion eventually made his way into the NPC alchemist's shop, and walked in. He quickly found Zackariah in the small but tidy shop. Kion explained to him that he had found the materials and what they were, and Zackariah thanked him. "Now it's time to put these materials to work!" Zackariah spoke excitedly as he grabbed two small test-tube-like vials and passed them onto Kion, a long with a little vial of water and the flower and a small book. "Now," Zackariah said, "I simply want you to mix the material with the flower in the vial, along with a small sprinkle of this little dust." Zackariah set something on the counter that looked kind of like a salt shaker. Kion wasn't quite sure what it was, but it definitely was not any kind of salt he had seen before. It carried a very strong scent, but a good one. It complimented the smell of the flower materials. Rare quality, success!
  5. Kion continued walking down the path while looking up a the Town of Beginnings. As he walked, he carried his sword at his side. It was made from boar tusks from <<Frenzy Boars>>, and wasn't too strong a weapon, but Kion figured it was enough to help him defeat many of the creatures in the plains surrounding the town. As he walked, he spotted a small flower that looked a little different than the ones he had seen before. He picked up the material all the same, and quickly made his way back into the city and on his way to the alchemist's shop. Now where was that shop located at... Kion looked around a bit before pulling up a map. As it seemed, he had gotten so excited in finally leaving the Town of Beginning's that he had forgotten the location of the NPC's - Zackariah's - shop. The quest map would help him though. Quest Material found! 5/5 (+1)
  6. While Kion did not want to be trapped in this game, he kind of thought of the virtual reality game as being an escape from the real world himself. He could escape from the judgemental eyes of his family, expecting him to be just like his older brother, when in reality, he really wasn't anything like him. He could escape all his problems. And in this game- he felt free- free to whatever he wished. At least, that was until the announcement of the death game happened that day - then every one of the players' new found freedom in the game quickly vanished. The void left behind was filled by the lingering fear of death, or of the game not being cleared and them never making it home safe. A fear that still lingered in their souls today, even so long into the game. Quest Materials: 4/5 (+0)
  7. Kion felt the need to not only get the full Sword Art Online in-game experience, even with the risk of death; But, he also felt the need to help free those trapped in this game. Every one of those players still living in the Town of Beginnings. Every player fighting for their own freedoms on the frontlines and in the boss raids. Every player just trying to get by in the game until it is either over for them or the game is over. Even every player that liked the game and didn't want to go back home, the ones who did have a good family or something of the sort to come back to. Kion wanted them to come back, but wanted them to come back to a better home. A better life than they had before they had came into this game. Maybe, either way, they were planning to use this game as an escape from their irl lives. Quest Material: 4/5 (+0)
  8. Kion continued his walk. It was weird, but all of the sudden, he felt the need to get out of the Town of the Beginnings the way that he did. He had been there for so long - almost forever, for what it felt like - but now he wanted to become stronger. He'd seen the other troubled players wondering around that town for way too long. Kion wanted to help clear the game, help liberate these people. Some of these people, most of these people, had families at home that loved them and missed them dearly. There were people in the real world watching the game's death list daily, scared to see the day that someone close to them's name appears. There were even kids in the game, some being watched by people, while their parents are who knows where. Maybe they died in the game. Maybe they let their children buy the game and didn't get on with them. Maybe they were just dead irl. Either way. These people needed to get free, no matter how cool this game seemed. Quest Material: 4/5 (+0)
  9. Continuing on his walk towards the Town of Beginnings, AKA Starting City, Kion kept his eyes peeled for the little flowers he had previously seen on the path that could be used as materials for the alchemist who gave him the quest, Zackariah. He still needed to find two more for the alchemist to help him create his potions and to teach Kion a variety of things about Sword Art Online, or so he'd hoped. This was the first real time Kion had explored much outside of the Town of Beginnings. It probably wasn't the safest thing to do it alone, but he wasn't too worried. After all, he hadn't even ran into a single monster fight and he was already almost back. As he walked, he eventually saw a small flower identical to one of the ones he had seen earlier on his little journey outside the town. Kion picked up the alchemic material and continued on his way. One more. Quest Material Found! 4/5 (+1)
  10. The Town of Beginnings looked simply humongous in the distance. The bottom floor, Floor 1, was of course the biggest floor in the tower of Aincrad. The biggest location of the first floor was of course the Town of Beginnings. Everything seemed to happen there. The town, which formed a semicircle facing the north, was said to have a diameter of about a kilometer. The number of people in the town were too many to count. The town was filled with players who were too scared to go into the wilds of the game (scared of death), players who didn't care enough to help advance through the floors to liberate other players, players who are there to help others grow threw the levels and just stay in live general, and so many more players. Heck, Kion had even seen a place where a lady had been taking care of children lost in SAO. 3/5 Quest Material(s) found. (+0)
  11. Kion

    Rebirth Bundle?

    Just to help you out a little bit, I thought I'd mention that @Teion told me that the rebirth and new character bundles are retroactive for up to 30 days. So, if you made your character within thirty days of the 2.5 release (which it seems like you did), then you should be fine.
  12. Walking up to the small flower, Kion picked it up and examined it before the item menu popped up. That's three! two more materials to go and I can almost be done with this quest. Or, for that matter, this part of the quest. The flower looked fairly similar to the ones in a garden that he saw on a daily base on his bike ride to both the public high school and to his job at the local grocery store. Heck, Kion ran past the garden a lot during runs with the school track team. Kion shook his head to clear it of thoughts of the real world, with one closing thought. I wonder if I'm gonna get trouble at work for this whole Sword Art Online thing... Hmmm. Kion continued walking down the path, and in the distance he was able to see the Town of Beginnings again. Hopefully he will have collected enough materials by the time he made it down there back to the town. 3/5 Quest materials found. (+0)
  13. @Vigilon And there is what I missed/forgot, players can kill NPC "players". I agree with everything you said for the most part then, now that I know/remember that. Sorry, guess I probably should've checked deeper in the guides for that rule.
  14. But at the same time, the other half of Kion knew that this game was the best thing to ever happen to him. I mean, heck, he was in a game! How many generations of gamers could only dream of such a reality?!!? It was an escape from the real world, offered a refuge from society. And being stuck in the game, he wouldn't have to worry about his siblings/parents making him get off to do more stuff to benefit them. If only the game allowed pets to join the game too, Kion thought to himself, still in regards to Lucy. But at the moment, Kion needed to know there was nothing he could do at the moment besides gain levels and move up the ranks across Aincrad. After all, it was the only thing he could do, wasn't it? Kion was distracted from his trail of thought by a flower just a bit farther down the path, glistening oddly in the sunlight. 3/5 Quest materials found. (+1)