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  1. David_Black

    [F1-PP] A more refreshing beverage

    "I was a front-liner for a while, but now I just run the tavern," Hiro piped up in response to Lessa's question. "and Dave here until recently spent all his time drinking me out of business. A few days ago however he opened up a shop in Tolbana called Black's Books and Baubles. Fancies himself an artist now. Personally I think he should be helping the children trapped in this game keep up on their education, but what do I know. I'm just a guy who sells fake beer to nerds." There was venom in Hiro's words, and while he was talking to Lessa he never once broke eye contact with David. Shrugging, he let the anger fade from his face, and went round to the other side of the bar to pour himself a drink. David on the other hand played everything off very calmly. "Yeah, I know buddy. It's just with everything going on in Sword Art Online I wouldn't be sure how to even begin. There is only so much I can teach them as well. I'm no math whiz, and I know nothing of history. Plus these kids are from all over the world. How on earth am I supposed to know, and cater to each individual curriculum? It's impossible for one man. The best thing I can do for them is record what knowledge I do have into my books, and give away the Vanity quality copies." He finished before taking another massive gulp of his root beer. Wiping the foam from his face he looked Lessa in the eye. "What about you? What do you do?" He asked with great interest.
  2. Since acquiring a location for his shop David had not had much luck in filling it with merchandise. Paper was reasonably cheap, but continually balling it up and tossing it on the floor of his studio was starting to become wasteful. It wasn't so much that he didn't know what he wanted to write, but how to phrase it. Some drafts were coming off as too technical; sure to leave the reader sleeping within minutes. Others too artsy, and lacking in direction. What he needed to find was a middle road. Some way to write about topics that left others interested, but still provided all the required information. "I've got it!" He exclaimed tossing down his quill. If he could record himself speaking via an audio crystal he was sure to write in a successful manner. David had always been great at public speaking, and conveying complex ideas through short speeches. Rolls
  3. On a not so busy street just off <<Fountain Square>> in Tolbana sits a two story white stone building with a red ceramic tile roof. The door is ornate, lovingly carved cherry with a knot work border, and floral design on the interior. It's fittings are made from polished brass, and the heavy knocker resembles the face of a young wolf with it's teeth barred. To the left of the door is nailed a brass placard embossed skillfully with the following words: Black's Books & Baubles Artisan for hire, by appointment only. Proprietor: David_Black No sooner than you open the door is your sense of smell assaulted by the pungent aroma of whatever incense the Herbalist had on sale that day. The light within the shop is dim, and provided only by candles as the windows are obscured by thick black curtains. The walls are lined with well stocked bookshelves, and the shop area itself looks much like a parlor with two sofas, and two rather plush looking chairs surrounding a central coffee table. Every flat surface is covered in knickknacks, and oddity. To the rear of the room stands a single glass display case in which more precious artifices are stored. A door leads out of this room to both the left and right, but they are clearly marked staff only. Pricing TBD In-Stock None: Come back soon. Custom Orders & Order form Not taking orders at this time, sorry.
  4. The next morning David was at Barnabas's door before the sun came up. The old man took his time in answering obviously still sleep when David had rudely awoken him. Without a word he beconned the budding Artisan in, and pointed to a chair for him to sit in. He made tea for the both of them, and refused to say a word until both of their cups had been drained. "Alright kid, what do you have to show me." Barnabas asked pointing to the small cloth wrapped object that David had brought with him. David smiled, and took his time unwrapping the loupe. At no time did he touc it with his hands, instead opting to hold it with the cloth. Reluctantly he handed it over to Barnabas to inspect. "I know it's not much, but I hope it's good enough to earn my place as an Artisan." David said looking towards the floor. Though he was sure that he had done his absolute best, he wasn't sure if that would be good enough. "You have passion, and you're humble. Those two things alone make you good enough to be an artisan David." Banabas said smiling. "This however is a work of art. Treasure it, and the knowledge you have gained by making it." Thread Summary
  5. Over the next few days David did not leave his room once. Hiro occasionally brought him up some soup or something to drink, but would always have to leave it at the door. David was focused, and he loved what he was doing. It was amazing to him how soft Brass was despite the fact that it was metal. One small strike with a hammer to bend it often left tool marks that had to be filed away. Chiseling was worse however as it was easy to strike too hard, and take too much material away. Adjustments had to be made to the design. By the time he was through the loupe had lost one of it's lenses, and thus a degree of magnification but otherwise looked remarkable. It had been a lucky first project for David, and he was eager to show it off. After one final night of cleaning, filing and polishing it would be ready to present. David almost could not control his excitement.
  6. The rest of the day was rather uneventful. David bought the barley, and hops for Hiro, and managed to get some delicious steamed pork buns from a rather amazing smelling food stall. He made his way back to the tavern without incident, and laid his bounty out on the bar for his student to inspect. The brewing supplies he put in the cellar where all of Hiro's cooking equipment was stored. Looking at the stuff he had purchased David noticed that none of the tools were new, but they were all in excellent condition. The materials were top notch, and everything was organized so neatly that David could have found anything in the satchel blindfolded. "Thats quite the haul." Hiro said beaming at the budding Artisan. "Guess you're serious about this huh?" "You bet. I want to teach people, and through this profession I can give people the means to teach themselves. I've been looking through the enhancements that I'll be able to provide and quite a few of them would be helpful to most players. Not to mention the fact that I can make books, and enhance them. Knowledge and power all wrapped up into one. Who could ask for more." David replied before popping a piping hut bun into his mouth. "So you get the things I asked for?" Hiro asked now sounding quite concerned. "Sure did. It's all in the cellar." David responded knowing full well what was coming next. "And my change?" "How about one of these pork buns?"
  7. After David had paid the man, and gotten the location of the glass maker he collected his items and went on his way. The glass maker was on the other side of the marketplace, and would not exactly be easy to get to at this time as it was nearly noon, and most players that called the Town of Beginnings home were out and about shopping for their midday meals. Still David waded through the almost endless sea of people, and made it to the Glass works in just under an hour. His stomach was rumbling however, and he resigned himself to getting a small bite to eat after his work here was finished. The meeting with the glass blower went smoothly, and he even gave David some advice on how to make the required lenses himself next time. Six thick disks of class were tucked away along with the rest of the supplies. Now all there was left to do was to actually make the thing. David's smile grew wide at the thought of bringing a finished piece to Barnabas for inspection.
  8. Emmet set to work compiling a nice, but cheap set of jeweler's tools. It contained several hammers, chisels, punches, files, and pliers. Everything he would need to begin making his Trinkets. He placed all of these items in a leather satchel, and set them on the counter. He then placed three rolls of sand paper (three different grades from coarse to fine.), and a glass jar filled with some sort of thick white gel in with the tools. "The brass will take a minute. You want it cut in any particular fashion?" Emmet asked. "Yeah, cut out six disks at about a two inch diameter for the widest, and about half an inch for the smallest. Just gradually step up from there, and I can do the rest." David responded knowing exactly what he wanted. Emmet simply nodded, and made his way into the back room. After a few minutes he returned with the items required of him.
  9. "Well the tool's won't be any trouble. I have bins full of files, and chisels for this sort of thing over there" Emmet responded pointing a thick, soot covered finger towards the wall directly behind David. "The brass ain't no trouble either. I keep a good stock of that sort of thing. Sand paper, and I assume polishing compound I can get you aswell. There is only one hitch. Glass, or natural Crystal. While I can get such things I ain't got any here. I'm not exactly inclined to leave either as there is still work to be done today. Tell you what, you pay me 200 col for everything on this list except the glass, and I'll let you know where to find my supplier. Heck I'll also throw in a few tools you seem to be missing." David nodded emphatically, and let out the phrase "That sounds amazing!". He did not expect to get so much help from this particular NPC, but was more than grateful for it.
  10. A bell chimed overhead as David entered the shop. The steady pounding of steel could be heard ringing out from the back room. The shop was uncomfortably hot, and made David adust his collar a bt from the sweat that started to pool around his neck. "Welcome to the bent nail. Name is Emmet. I'm the head honcho around here. How can I help you today?" A grisly beared man wearing little else but a thick leather apron, breaches, and gloves asked fro behind the shop's counter. The walls were lined with barrels and crates of various tools, and building materials. David walked straight up to the counter, and placed his list upon it. Pointing to it he began to ask for his supplies. "I need these items, and as cheaply as possible. Quality does not matter." he said remembering that Hiro was footing the bill for this little trip, and he still had to buy the barley and hops for him.
  11. No sooner than his conversation with Hiro ended did David dart out of the Tavern, and begin to make his way towards the Marketplace. What seemed to be hundreds of people flooded the streets, and from a glance David could not tell if they were players, or NPCs. Neither would have shocked him with how immersive the entire world of Sword Art Online was. It was slow going, but David knew exactly where his destination was at this point so he was able to cut through a few alleyways avoiding the most traffic. It was only about 20 minutes after he left Hiro's Tavern that he came across the very shop he was looking for: The bent nail Blacksmith. The building was of the common type for the area. Stone blocks made up it's exterior with a crude wooden door hung at it's front. A sign with an anvil, and a bent nail laying on it swung above the door in the breeze. Three chimneys extended skyward from the flat roof. David grabbed for the door's handle, and made his way inside.
  12. List in hand David made his way for the door. The marketplace was close at hand, and he knew exactly where he wanted to stop in first. There was an NPC blacksmith who specialized in tools for professions that might be able to provide him the things he would need. Just as David reached out for the door handle however voice called out from behind him. "Where ya headed Sensei?" It was undeniably Hiro, and he sounded genuinely interested. "Headed out to the market. I'm about midway done with the <<Earning a Living>> quest. I have to buy some materials with which to make my little project to present to the quest giver." David answered with a bright smile on his face. "Sure sure. Well pick me up fifty units of barley, and fifty units of hops will you? They just need to be of Vanity quality as it's for the ale that I serve you. This should cover it" Hiro said as he punched some numbers into his transaction menu. A window popped up in front of David's eyes bearing the message. "Transfer of 1000 Col from Hiro recieved. Personal message: Good luck buddy!" David's jaw dropped as he noticed the substantial sum of money deposited into his account. "That will cover ten times the barley and hops you've ordered Hiro, need me to pick up something else?" He asked dumbfounded. "No, just get your supplies and get to work. The sooner you finish that quest, the sooner I can get you out of here. Oh and I expect any change to be brought back to me."
  13. Since David had not actually been awarded his profession title in game he knew that whatever item he created could only be of Vanity quality. This meant that it could not have any enhancements put upon it. This was fine as he had no practical use for the loupe at this stage anyways, but it would serve as a reminder to him that he should always work hard, and stay focused on the details. There was still the small matter of gathering the required materials and tools. A quick trip to the blacksmith, and the marketplace would be all that would be needed. David grabbed a quill, and some paper to begin writing down his list of materials. 1: Fine chisels. 2: Brass, or both copper and zinc to make it. 3: Glass or Crystal. 4: files, and sand paper. Most of these items would be cheap, and easy to acquire but because glass and crystal were so often used in the alchemist's craft David knew he might have a hard time procuring them.
  14. Hello world Names Anthony, I'm 25 and currently reside in Arizona. I'm a Christian, but not the judgey overbearing type. We're all human, and commanded to love one another. I am an apprentice field engineer for an electronics company based in the US southwest , but currently out of work due to health issues. I have played several characters on anime themed roleplay sites in the past. I rather enjoyed playing more academic characters. I enjoy good books, hot tea, and D&D. Redheads are also quite enjoyable. As is a nice glass of scotch in the evening. I dislike pineapple on pizza, Fireball (if you can call it this) whiskey, and social situations. #roastmebro