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  1. Illia

    [PP-F4] Distressed Damsel's

    After healing Illia began to glance back up toward Zandra, her eyes tearing up a she couldn't deal with this and just wanted to return to the safe zone before anything worse happened. The red hair would be flying back past her face as she apologized, "I-I'm sorry I promise to find help!" She shouted, the woman sprinting away from the fight in a hurry as she would make her way far from the battlefield now panting and shaking her head. "Please s-stay alive so I don't have to see your name up on the monument. She would admit this knowing far to well that she wasn't going to be any of use this only made her feel more worthless upon the sudden recollection as she would look around the city. She wandered up to a woman, her large cross shield upon her back as she begged, "P-please you have to go out toward the woods their are two pker's out their and the woman w-who saved me she needs h-help!" The tears streaked down her face, "T-they are just s-south of the village." She mewled softly only to see the pink haired girl sprint off in that direction.
  2. Illia

    [PP-F4] Distressed Damsel's

    Illia blinked, the new figure now standing defensively before her catching her slightly off guard. "Y-you heard me?" She winced before shaking weakly as she was just preparing to say her prayers to her God. Eyes starting to water as she would pull herself up back grinding into the tree that she had been skewered to now reaching a hand down to her stomach to poke a finger into the pixels. "I-I'm fine when did you hear me?" She winced not really remembering anything after he had her pinned into the tree screaming. The panic was all that consumed her thoughts and mind as she would glance up noticing the rather beautiful armor of the lady who came to her rescue adorned in what seemed to be heavy armor. "J-just don't let your guard down he's strong and fast." She warned her before then collapsing back down and closing her eyes as she would take a few seconds to simply catch her breath still a bit shaken up. Her health bar was so low that even the wild animals here could have been enough to send her on her way. "I-I can't take another hit I'm sorry." She whispered staring toward their feet. @Zandra
  3. Illia gasped, the small redhead girl was now run through with a sword straight through her stomach. Eyes widening as she began to focus more upon the damage that had been done. Each passing second her health bar continued to catch up with inflicted attack. A normal wound in the real world like that would have left behind a stain of blood most likely forcing her to cough up some but in here a few pixels would begin to flake up into the air. Her tearful eyes staring back toward her attacker. The Red head's gaze was now brought up by the angry man as he left the katana sheathed through a tree and her gut. He would happily take a peak of her catch as he began to contemplate the uses of the weak player. "What have we here, perhaps another maid or servant for the guild I might say." His tongue would flick like that of a serpent against her ear. She turned slightly to escape only to cringe and watch as she felt felt herself still skewered to the tree with no pain though her eyes would make note as it fell to a small sliver if he had intended it her life would be over with a simple swing. The red cursor over his name cause Illia to curse her own bad luck upon simply foraging missions it seemed even here in the snowy tundra she wasn't safe. "Y-you-" She grimaced before now stopping in her track as the bladed slid up leaving her with no less then three health left before pulling it out and leaning against his sheathed sword even a punch was enough to send her into the oblivion of death in this game. "Now, now, no reason to get rude with you language dear we found out that you stopped hanging with that guy you use to run with, so we have a proposition. Die or come work for us using those skills of yours for absolutely zero pay." @Zandra
  4. Illia

    SAO 2017 Holiday Raffle

    I'm here for my rudolph. ^^
  5. Illia

    SAO 2017 Holiday Raffle

    Free stuff would be helpful merry christmas.
  6. Think I killed the threads I was in >.<

  7. The forest was gorgeous, though the white haired jerk seemed to keep ruining the scenery for her as she grumbled. It seemed like every other gamer you met acted just like him strong and egocentric even when others worked harder. First Macradon now this Frost character. The fiery red-head puffed up her cheeks, the attitude of the second male companion was quite infuriating everything he said seemed to be a jab in her direction. She simply scoffed and now patted the young kid along the back giving him the encouragement to go off a little ways ahead of them to search for his own materials. "You know you don't have to be such a ... such a ..." she mumbled over a few unkind words, the kid still in hearing distance as she instead began to mouth the word, douche bag. It seemed a bit childish to try and hide such unkind words, particularly since most kids in this day an age grew up with such harsh vocabulary in the public school districts. "Just put up with our company a bit longer, I know you hate me but this mission for him is a big deal unlike yourself besides someone as low as you obviously has no skill else you would be out there on the front line by now fighting for the rest of us. You probably can't even take me in a duel and I'm not even that good." @Frost
  8. Illia now frowned hearing the comment about seven dwarves as it didn't even make sense, he was the only one around here that even remotely resembled Snow White. The boy however moved forward nodding as he joined Frost seeing the elderly brother vibe from him as he laughed. His own sword being unsheathed as he pointed it toward the sky. "I'm also going to defeat all the bosses so we can break free and into the real world. I just hope that they allow us to come back to this world it would be fun to see again. Without the death problem that is, if it really is permanent after all we don't really know." The red head grumbled before now leaning back against the tree, she would let those two boys be boys she herself keeping an eye out around their surroundings. Among the forest there were the immovable objects trees and bushels that one could use for hiding. Her eyes wouldn't really hone in on the idea of resources as she imagined he was the type who preferred to gather things alone. "So what's your story, Snow White hair? Why did you join this game were you told that it would be fun by friends or you happily leaped into the breech by yourself?" @Frost
  9. Illia glanced back, a young boy with his starting sword peeked out with his weapon raised with uncertainty even after the reassurance of the girl he followed. A motherly offer of her hand stretched out for Chichio as she now glanced back toward the man she had the displeasure of meeting. It wasn't entirely his fault, she had been found in a rather awkward position. The kid now clasped onto her hand, sword sheathed once more as she stared out from behind her. "It's fine, he wouldn't harm anyone. He's to afraid of other players setting up traps to kill him, isn't that right." A remark from their previous meeting as she now sighed hoping to change the tension between them. Illia nodded toward Frost's comment of adventuring into the forest. The tone in her voice disappearing as she tried to lay back. "Yeah, Chichio here wanted to gather some materials. He wants to start his own business I think so he can help support the other kids. Don't worry I will try and keep out of your hair, we don't want to intrude on your mission." Chichio nodded agreeing with this as he planned to become a strong fighter one day if this game still. @Frost
  10. Illia's downcast gaze focused in upon her fingers, they began to tap gently dancing across the wood of the furniture till the waitress came back first offering the glass that the blonde had ordered. The other one appearing to be a lemonade, as she sighed she began to make her way over it was seemed only natural to make her job easier. Illia gently strolled up catching the waitress's hand as she turned about hoping to prevent another incident. As she shifted now holding her own glass which she steadied upon the serving plate. "I will just take that, also if you want just bring my meal over here that way you don't have to go stumbling back and forth. It ought to make your life a whole lot simpler since you only have to serve one fewer tables." As she stepped over to the empty seat she would give Pinball a rather simple glance, she didn't much care about the way his eyes were lingering upon her head. Her red hair did stand out and she often felt it was the only thing they took note of. A sigh and hit of glass upon wood would try and wake him up. "Did your mother ever tell you it's not polite to stair at girls, especially in a game like this. It's a pleasure to meet you both my name is Illia and I suppose I will enjoy the solemn company of you two. I must admit you two both are a site for sore eyes if I have ever seen them. Drink and have a party if you are that gloomy." @Pinball@Kasier
  11. Illia knelt down, gently patting the child on the head with a smile as she offered her hand to the flustered boy. A gentle sway of her arm sent the two clasped hands into a rhythmic swing now glancing forward one hand still upon her rapier. A squeeze to her hand though caught her attention, now cast down toward the child as she giggled. A question pushing forward in her mind as she asked him. A calm collected voice asked, "My name is Illia what's yours?" The rosy cheeks of the child looked down still embarrassed that he was being lead on his way to collect materials with a girl that was older then himself no less. He gulped before whispering out, "Chichio is my name. Thanks again for joining me, I still haven't actually gone into these woods all the other kids said it was to dangerous." A gentle squeeze of the boys hand would reassure him, as she nodded slowly keeping her pace to stroll as the boy's pace was shortened thanks to the difference in height. As they strolled through across the plains and in through the thicket just before the woods she winced at the sound of someone. She quickly lifted up Chichio and laid him down at the base of a tree near some brush. "Shh stay here I'm going to check what or who is out there can you remain quiet for me?" A gay smile now spread over her lips as she planted a gentle kiss upon his head as if not worried that they could have been followed by ill-tempered players. In a flash she left his side the young one now glancing out from around the tree to watch the scene. She ducked behind some brush to catch a glimpse. After recognition of the whit hair she winced, crap now he really will think I'm stalking him or plotting his death. Illia sheathed her weapon and raised her hands as she spoke out. Her red hair still made her stand out in the woods like a plump strawberry. "Didn't really expect to run into you again, it's safe Chichio you can come out now."
  12. Illia's perch was steady, reclined back against the stable trunk of the tree she would sit a few sniffles being the only thing heard if they were directly beneath. Like a parrot caged, she would sit this game locking her into a strange world she no care of remaining in. Across her cheeks a few dry streams where her tears had glided across her pale white flesh all the way to the roots of the tree. A memory back to two players, Hakai and Macradon had chastised her for thinking to highly of herself where she had first planned her solo run. Only a few days after she regretted it, searching for others and slowly realizing that denial was the only path. Time wasted supporting those who were depressed didn't serve any purpose now as she thought of the long climb to the front line. "Stupid girl, thinking that you could band together with anyone. This is what video games are right, long solo adventures desperate and in search of a place to belong." A pause would separate her thoughts before giving a silent scoff at her own ideals. "Pathetic." Her eyes closed shut, now relaxing after all of her own spout of self-loathing. This wouldn't do, it was simple change your state of mind and you could change that image which the world saw. A clenched fist slammed into the trunk the momentum forcing her off the branch which she fell form, her feet crushing the vegetation beneath her soles. It was time for her first real engagement, the fiery girl now stepped through the forest pushing on toward fields where there were numerous boar spawners. The silvery rapier being unsheathed now. It was just a few minute when she took toward the fields that she saw a player, he was a young child simply practicing sword swings no older then nine. As he swung about she let out a soft giggle now raising her rapier up to parry a wild swing that was launched behind him. "Gahh!" The boy tumbled backwards and fell onto her rump now grimacing, his childish feature now lighting up red from the sight of the girl who had parried the strike. "You know if you do that to often you might end up with an orange cursor. I suggest you practice in simple duels so you don't get into any trouble." Illia offered a gentle pat to the head just before gripping his arm and helping him up to get a rather fluttered apology. "Y-yes ma'am sorry about that. I was umm wondering would you like to help me search for materials in the woods? I'm trying to purchase my own house for my friends and I was hoping to make a living selling crafting materials." Illia nodded happily obliging the young one. "Of course." @Frost
  13. Illia cringed it seemed her approach was overly flawed, to a point that she had completely warded off the man who she was attempting to recruit. Even in her pure honesty of regret he chastised her as if she was just a cat who had just scratched up the carpet. Annoyance now bubbled inside her gut as she decided it wasn't fair that he was to speak his mind without a single rebut to her own integrity. "I'm not going to stand there as you accuse me of being some sweet little trap for murders! I'm not so low as to stoop to such a low form of living, I hate those who treat life like it is meant to be simply washed away. The first vow that I made as a doctor was do no harm, er ... it will be if I ever manage to finish my medical degree that is. Frankly that all is a dream now considering this is our life. So before you go accusing me of being a part of them. Good day!" She then reeled back putting her hands on her lips realizing she just gave some truths about herself in a game, she didn't enjoy telling people that part of her life. After that she turned tail and sprinted off toward the direction of the woods attempting to calm herself. Having trained more then the snow white male before her she would have put a fair amount of distance between them. Climbing up a tree after making sure they were out of range as he had requested. "S-stupid stupid idiot. You can't trust anyone in this game, don't let your barriers down." @Frost
  14. She hung her head, embarrassment plastered over her red cheeks as she now began to bow apologetically with a response. "I'm so sorry again for acting like some creepy stalker, I just have been keeping an eye out for other weak players in hopes of locating a few people to journey fourth with. I guess I shouldn't be quite so roundabout with my introductions. Thus far though I have met two players upon this mission, I must admit I can't wait to continue onto the rest. If you would be so kind perhaps we can both continue down this road together?" Illia now rocked back and forth on her heels after leaning back to an upright position, her red hair whipped back and out form her face as she kept her gaze away from his. The rather adorable white hair upon his expression was quite handsome. She herself wondered if it was dye that he had purchased, not knowing many people who weren't albino's at that age. Attempting to remain partially formal after her debacle, she replied. "It's a pleasure, sir Frost." @Frost
  15. Illia glanced over, she noted the woman who had entered now moved toward the window seat and after was a man who stepped through her eyes staring rather lazily away now as she saw the waiter. A slight raise of her hand flagged him down as she asked for her own menu. Studiously, Illia began to glance over the world now opening her eyes at the options. There were plenty of delicious meals that gave her ideas, she still hadn't opened up her own restaurant since her mission. A hand reached out gently guiding her eyes down the menu as it came to a halt upon a seafood dish. Lobster with fries and a Caesar salad. She then began to speak up. "Excuse me, I would like to have the Lobster. For the dressing I would like something that is Italian. After all, I must try new things while I'm still here." The shattering of a dish being dropped upon the ground caused a slight jump in her seat, a hand rested upon her rapier as she made note. A shallow sigh escaping her lips, as she was still a bit jumpy with her new start. She planned on escaping the safety of town and yet here she was from a simple glass being dropped. It did remind her though as the waiter prepared to walk away. "May I have a lemonade as well to drink." @Pinball@Kasier