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  1. Minako looked at the stinger and it's gland and thought nothing of it as she retrieved the spear from her back. Rubbing the gland to her weapon she could see the temporary status effect being added in the form of more damage. Nice. It would help a lot since the quest was already a challenge to do, she needed all the help she could get. Minako nodded. "Yeah. It's a pain sometimes." She said before explaining more. "In order for it to work with my capture software I had to jury rig a couple of HDMI splices and with enough zip ties to get it to work. I couldn't see the chat while I was in game though, but I had people who had dev kits who were working a system mod that let me do that. Sword Art was supposed to be just the tip of the iceberg. But it ended up like this." She said, a bit melancholy. Minako shook her head. "No, I wasn't slapped a friend of mine was. I told her about the dragon attack and she confronted the guy. Apparently, he had a girlfriend who was just a stupid as he was, and she slapped him." Minako said, throwing her hands into the air dramatically. "I did throw some punch on her though and was ready to throw hands. I have never hated someone that much in my life." She admitted before trying to cool down. +1 damage (base increased to 6 from 5) @Mari
  2. Minako quickly fumbled back through the menu as she retrieved the antidote again, quickly uncorked it, and downed it. She tossed the bottle aside and as it shattered into blue crystals she shrugged. "I mean, I can't blame you. I don't think I could call someone friend and be a teacher at the same time. What if I said something that hurt our friendship? What would I focus on bettering them or friendship? It's too much." Minako said, thinking about the situation. "I used to be a streamer. But, maybe I still am?" Minako said turning and walking backwards to face Mari as they spoke. "I turned on my equipment before I dove in, so maybe I've been streaming this whole time?" Minako said, chuckling. "But, I really doubt it. They'd have us in hospitals or something, and remove us from the internet." Minako said, spinning back around and walking normally. "Wait. You can speak english? That's amazing!" She exclaimed. "I always wanted to learn, expand my language horizons a bit, but it's all just so hard." She said, almost defeated. Minako's tone changed. "Yeah the Gala was a lot of fun. Especially if some dingy broad and her idiot lover think that they can walk all over everyone just because they have some dingy dragons." Minako said through almost clenched teeth. "God, I hate people like that." She said, rubbing the bridge of her nose with her free hand. "Like, who just slaps someone because they didn't like what they said? You just leave! Ugh!" Minako said, not realizing that she had begun ranting. @Mari
  3. Minako nodded as Mari explained everything, placing a hand on her chin. "I personally think that teaching is a very respectable profession and I'm glad that you're making a bunch of new friends." Minako said nodding her head once. "Fortunately, I don't think I want a teacher. Just, someone to hang out with and kill bad things with. Then go out for," She paused and thought for a moment. "I dunno, whatever it is that friends go out and do." She said waving a hand around. Her mind snapped back to attention as Mari mentioned the actual quest itself. "Oh right!" She said, fumbling through the drop down menus and retrieving the antidote. She showed the small vial of herbal medicine to Mari before adding it back to her inventory. "Yep, got it. I've also got a few potions that I've managed to scrounge up." She said, double checking her inventory. Minako tugged on her armor a bit and adjusted her spear before heading off into the direction of the quest marker. "A teacher huh? Were you that before the game, or something else?" Minako asked. @Mari
  4. Minako made her way out to meet up with Mari. She had met the woman once before at the gala, and the pair had quickly hit it off. She had posted saying that she needed help for a quest as she was quite underleveled for it, and who else but Mari decided to help her. Stepping out of the safe zone, Minako changed out into her armor. She kept the school girl uniform on when she didn't need to be in combat as she was still trying to get used to how it weighed against her body. Marching across a bit of tall grass, Minako could see a familiar face out in the distance. At first she didn't recognize her, not without the fancy clothes at least. "Hey! Mari!" Minako said calling out her name before breaking into a light jog to close the distance. The armor was heavy, but every day it seemed to be getting lighter and lighter. After reaching Mari, Minako gave a small wave. Minako had already taken a look at the quest beforehand and gotten the specifics from a few other people who had completed it. The monsters could possibly chunk Minako down, but she had a small stash of potions still along with the antidote she received from the quest giver. And with Mari by her side, nothing could possibly go wrong. Minako wrapped her hands behind her head as she crossed her legs in a standing fashion. "How you been?" She asked curious as to what her friend had been up to. Jevi had gone dark, possibly dealing with guild stuff and Quinn, another person she had met at the gala, had disappeared entirely without even so much as saying a word to her. @Mari STATS
  5. Minako chuckled. "It's Minako. But you were close. You're Quinn, yeah?" Minako said, trying to recall the name. Minako was actually pretty good at memorizing names, she knew most of her staff by their usernames and their real names back when she streamed. Minako nodded in agreement and understanding to Quinn's answer. The view over the valley was very nice. Minako flinched in her spot as Quinn flinched as well. The NPC was a human female offering a quest. Minako opened the quest details and poured over its contents. It seemed to be a search and rescue sort of mission. Find the lost child, and bring him home. Minako rubbed the back of her neck before standing from her seat and swapping gear. Now in her Wyrm's Calling armor, she was ready to accept the quest. She looked over at Quinn who looked mostly hesitant. "I'm going." Minako said. "I can't leave that child to whatever fate he's been given. Even if he is just an NPC." Minako said, determined to make a change. "If you wanna come too, I'll protect you." She said, offering to be the role of protector. @Quinn Stats Level: 6 [0] Minako: 120/120 HP | 12/12 EN | 5 DMG | 18 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | Recovery: 2| Burn: 1| Blight: 1. | Heavy Momentum: 2 Battle Inventory: (5) Healing Potions [Post Action to use; Heals 50HP on use]
  6. Minako noded. "I come out here every so often to train a bit with my spear." She said, propping the weapon on the bench beside her. "I need to get stronger so I can help save the people who are trapped in here." She said, sounding determined. Again her gaze drifted over the sea of rolling grass and endless sky. She wondered how one could get there, if everything was explorable in this game, which it was, how was one supposed to get down below without the proper rock climbing equipment or skills needed to scale the small cliff. And on another note, was fall damage even a thing? Could they just, jump down there and explore. But then even if they survived, how would they get back up? Minako scratched at her temple. "Yeah, wish I could get there too without a hassle." She smiled. "But hey, what brings you out here?" Minako asked curiously. @Quinn
  7. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "Yes." Minako chuckled in her mind as Jevi walked over to Vigilon. Jevi was strong, commanding, and powerful. Even a brat such as that buffoon would see that much. She manhandled the guy, gave him a stern talking too, and marched back over to the group. Minako tilted her head in response to the butlers answer. It was a bit confusing as to why she wanted to blend in, let alone blend in as an NPC. But those thoughts went away when she asked if they single. Minako's face flushed with a hint of red. "Yes. But we're taking turns matching us up to cute boys our age as they come in. I'm next in line." She said, again adding on the last bit a bit too fast. Then another woman approached Vigilon before making her way to the group. She then turned Jevi around surprising both Jevi and Minako, and slapped her across the face before spouting some nonsense and turning around. Did that just happen. Her boyfriends dragon attacks her, Mari, and several other people. Causes a scene at a fancy party. And when called out on his idiocy, she defends that and hits her friend? Oh, hell no. Jevi followed, and retorted but Minako was already red in the face from anger. She took in a deep breath through her nostrils. "Excuse me a moment, will you?" She said to the two women beside her. She marched her way over to the woman, grabbing a cup of punch from off a table as she stepped by. "Hi excuse me. A moment of your time?" Minako said, forcing herself to be in front of the red haired woman, Jevi and the assaulter. She quickly tossed the cup of strawberry punch at the woman. "Now listen here, [censored]!" Minako screamed out. "I have no idea, who the hell you think you are but let me give you a life lesson, right now." She said, jabbing a small finger into the chest of the woman. "From what I can see, that idiot has two pets. You and that dragon. And from what I can tell, the dragon is far more trained than the dog." Miako spat, ready to throw down in the middle of this party. No one [censored] with her friends. @Jevi @Krysta @Zajcica @NIGHT @Azhoda
  8. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako crossed her arms. "I didn't kidnap her. She looked lonely." She said, defending herself. "If anything I liberated her from boredom." Minako said, teasing her much taller friend. YUki then introduced herself to the pair. "Yuki is such a cute name!" Minako said exclaimed. "I love the snow!" Minako said as in her mind she thought of the future winter events. "The fourth floor is completely covered in it, and it's a lot of fun. If you ignore the yeti thing that's there." Minako said, placing a finger on her chin in thought. But much like her evening and mission to eat as many fake digital chocolates she could, Vigilon had gone and ruined her concentration as well. With a loud cry, and an impressive display of maneuverability, or just dumb luck, managed to avoid falling into the large puddle that he had slipped in. Minako covered her mouth and looked away and let out a loud chuckling noise, as she leaned in to whisper to Jevi. "He had his dragon familiar attack me, and my new friends over there." Minako said pointing towards Mari, Quinn, and the other blonde woman. "It was very graphic and traumatic. It made poor Quinn have a panic attack." Minako said, flashing Jevi a pair of sad eyes. But soon after the display of extreme ineptitude of being able to stand upright by Vigilon in the middle of the event room, a waiter appeared and offered a tray of treats. From the green crystal hovering above the player, Minako could clearly see that it wasn't an NPC butler at the least. Minako took a small piece of fruit from the plate. "This will do for me. And a question perchance." Minako said, looking at the slightly smaller player. "What's a player doing butlering at an event, that already has butlers?" She inquired, noting the butler from earlier that had served herself and Mari. @Jevi @Zajcica @NIGHT
  9. Minako practiced in the open fields of the second floor. Her new lance was a bit heftier than her starting weapon, but she was getting the hang of its weight and its movement. She still swung it clumsily, but at it was leagues better than what she had previously. After a brief workout, Minako wiped the sweat from her brow as she swapped from her armor back into her normal attire. She attached the lance to her back, and using video game logic it stayed there. And with that workout out of the way she made her way back towards the main settlement. To her right she did notice a group of children playing in a open yard, most likely a school of some kind. And just outside the gate there seemed to be a view spot, a kind of destination spot for good screenshots or date spots. If she recalled correctly, it showed the majority of a great valley covered in tall grass that moved along with the wind to give the valley the illusion of a green ocean with a matter of who knows what that laid in secret beneath its waves. Minako approached, wanting to take in the scenery for a small while. "This is an amazing few, don't you think..." A voice asked the air, or was it directed at Minako? As she got closer she could see a familiar bundle of hair. Minako leaned against the bench gently, trying not to disturb the woman. Minako too looked out into the distance. "Yeah, it is kind of nice isn't it?" Minako asked back to the girl. She recognized the woman from the event not too long ago. She had a small forae with herself and Mari. Minako chuckled lightly. "I didn't scare to badly I hope?" Minako asked as she moved to the front of the bench, taking a seat. @Quinn
  10. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako let out another defeated sigh as her body folded in half in defeat. Her health was already full, as was her energy. But her morale was pretty low, and she as sure it wouldn't recover in time. Minako thought about it. They could go back, Jevi making sure the boars wouldn't overwhelm her and Minako would try her best to get a hang of the combat again. And then pray for the drops to happen quickly. Or They could convince in a few days and Minako could have some better gear, and maybe a few luck boosting items. And then they could blast through the quest like it was nothing. Minako had already gained a few experience points from the boars she had killed, and was only needing to rest to cash in the level. She sighed again as she straightened herself out. "We'll reconvene in a few days. I know I have to do all the work, but I wanna grab a few items beforehand and try this again." Minako said, looking determined, and tired. ~~Thread Rewards~~ Minako: +1SP page compilation 200 Col @Jevi +1SP page compilation 200Col
  11. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako watched as yet another cute girl had walked into the gala, followed by another silver haired man. This entire event was a bust. This wasn't the kind of place a single man would go to in the hopes of mingling. Minako had fully given up. There were no cute boys coming to this event, and the last few people trickling in were the last straw. Minako huffed again before excusing herself for a moment from Jevi. "I'll be right back I swear." She said before scooting away a few inches. "I'm just going to go introduce myself to some people." She said, now darting away. She ran up to the woman in pink, ignoring the elderly gentlemen entirely. "Hi!" Minako said, giving a polite bow. "I'm Minako. Welcome to the gala, event, thing." She said, not quite sure what it was to begin with. Minako rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "I notice that you don't have a man attached to your arm, so I take it that you're single. That's perfect actually." Minako exclaimed. "Over here is where all the single ladies are hanging out at, making sure that any cute boy is immediately matched up with a girl. I'm next in line." Minako said, quickly blurting out the last bit before leading the woman over to Jevi. "Jevi, this is-" Minako thought for a moment. "Oh jeez, I didn't catch your name. You're?" She asked the girl. @Jevi @Zajcica
  12. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako nodded as Jevi's words rang as loudly as her plate armor did. Somehow, Jevi inspired Minako to do better, and to stop blaming herself for everyone's problems. She was right after all. This game was marketed as a dream come true. How was she supposed to know that it would end up like this. And if Jevi was able to understand, perhaps other people were able to understand too. There would always be the odd man out, someone who blamed her for her problems. But then again, there were always people who blamed other people for their problems. Walking into the blacksmiths shop a multitude of errors appeared on her hud. Looking over the quest details again Minako pulled at her hair. She stormed outside of the shop. "Jevi. This quest, for a lack of a better term. Is bull[censored]." Minako said. She opened her inventory. "So all the time that we spent today, means that only you get to turn in the quest because you go the items. I haven't got a single one." Minako said, pouting.
  13. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako perked up as she heard a familiar voice. She spun around to see Jevi standing tall above her as always. "Jevi!" Minako squealed as she threw her arms around the woman. "It's been so long!" Minako said before giving one last squeeze and removing herself from the woman. She looked wonderful in her blue dress, and she even went all out on her makeup too. Minako huffed playfully as Jevi teased her about not having a man. "There's no single men at this event. Or at least all the single men have already been marked, or are much to old." Minako said waving a hand dismissivlely. "But just you wait. I'll score one of these days." Minako said playfully. Minako tapped a heel on the ground. "So, what have you been up to? Any cool adventures or anything like that?" She asked her friend. She didn't divolve that she was thinking of leaving, especially after Jevi just showed up here at the gala. "Honestly, I haven't been doing much. I've been kinda lazy. Thinking about doing a lot of things against doing a lot of things." Minako admitted. @Jevi
  14. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako couldn't much of anything except watch as Mari consoled Quinn on her panic attack. Minako tapped her fingers against her lap, not wanting to leave Mari alone with a crying girl while she went to leave and have fun mingling with other guests. The crying girl introduced herself as Quinn, and through her crying Minako couldn't place the odd accent. Perhaps she was italian, or french? Something a bit more north-western then what she was used to. Mari introduced herself to Quinn, and left to fetch a drink for the girl. As she returned with what seemed like a jug of juice. She gave Quinn the juice and then offered some to Minako. She shook her head. "No thank you. I'm good." Minako said, not thirsty but feeling out of place. What was a normal conversation had turned into a spectacle then immediately into a trip to the nurses office. And frankly, it was getting really awkward when Minako didn't know how to handle anything. And then yet another blonde appeared. Was this entire event just women? Where were are the cute boys her mind promised? This entire game was just a farce. Quinn at least seemed to had calmed down, which was good. Quinn then also said that she shouldn't had come, which Minako held no stance on. All Minako had to go on Quinn was that she wasn't good in crowds and had eagerly jumped into the deep end. Points to her for trying at least. But at least now she seemed to have a handle on it. Mari the friendly introduced herself to the new woman, but another random woman was the last straw for Minako. Too many chicks here getting in the way of her time to shine. Minako stood up, and gave a polite bow to the group. "Mari, I do hope we see eachother again soon. We can get better, together." She turned to face Quinn. "And you're welcome to hang out with me anytime Quinn. I'd love to get to know you better." Minako said. "I hope you have a pleasant evening." Minako said to the last woman, before making her leave to go mingle with other members of the party. Minako looked around the party, and couldn't spy a single person that wasn't already talking to someone else. Perhaps she just missed her chance already. All the good men were either taken, or stayed at home for the evening. Perhaps the event was just a bit too formal for a single man to show up. Minako pondered just leaving the event entirely, another valentine's day event that was a wash up. @Mari @Quinn @Astralin
  15. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako turned to see Mari cursing as she was giving the other person about their familiar. The dragon continued to blast it's cold breath everywhere striking Mari in her face. Minako rose to her feet, ready to throw down if needed. Minako glared at the boy. "Seriously. Who even brings an animal to an event like this?" Minako asked one sidedly before moving to Mari's side. After making sure Mari was okay, and seeing that she was Mari asked if everyone else was okay. Minako nodded. "Only my dress was hit a bit." Minako said looking at the end of her dress that now carried a darker pink than the rest of dress as the ice had already melted. Mari introduced herself, and Minako to another woman. Minako politely bowed her head. "It's nice to meet you." Minako said, greeting Kairi. The meeting was cut short as Minako had only just noticed that Macradon had plunged his fists into the punch bowl. Minako stared at Mac a bit perplexed as to why he was digging for more strawberries, when everyone already had their fill of them. Minako followed Mari to another table, a bit further away from the now bustling crowd of people and the idiots that dwelled within them. Mari had also picked up another girl and lead her here to the table as well. As Mari took note of the sweets on the table, Minako already had a small handful of chocolates and creams in her mouth. The girl next to her was crying. Most likely from being blasted in the face by the dragon familiar. Again, who would bring such an untrained animal to a gala like this? Minako looked back and glared at the man. Looking back though the girl looked like she was undergoing a panic attack of sorts. Her mom would normally so things like this after fighting with her dad. It happened a lot. But to see that a girl that looked as young as she was, hell maybe even younger. It was kind of tragic. Fortunately Mari knew how to take care of things, or at least she seemed to know how to. @Mari @Quinn