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  1. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako stalked her prey, ready to hunt it down and get its wonderful tusk. But Jevi's outburst caused her to jump causing her to falter on her swing. She missed, but the boar didn't. Tusks gored her leg and it sprinted off into the distance. Minako let out a sigh, knowing the boar would be back soon. Jevi had cursed up a storm, something that would've easily demonetized someone from unhappy advertisers who want to promote their stuff. She sighed as she tried to find that baby boar that had darted off. "This quest is ass." Minako said aloud, complaining. "The boars hurt. And They're hard to hit half the time. And the drop rates are too high." She couldn't see the baby boar so let out some frustration. "What kind of sadist made this quest in the first place!" She cried out, cursing the person who decided that a high drop rate was a good idea for a beginner quest. She only had enough SP to buy a combat skill, not that and a luck enhancer skill. ID 125352 BD 2 MD 7 LD 10 [0] Minako | 17/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  2. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako nodded. Divide and conquer, she thought. They divided up so they could conquer the task at hand. Splitting up was kind of a bad idea in horror movies or spooky movies, but this was different. This was a grindy quest, so splitting up so they could face their own boar seemed to be the best plan of action. She started the shave some of the tall grass with her blade, trying to scare up a baby boar. And soon enough, she did just that. A baby boar sprouted from the grass and met a swift end by naginata steel. She shook her head and tilted it when Jevi called out. Minako shook her head. "No luck here. Let's keep at it." She said, starting to grow a bit tired from the high drop rate for a tutorial quest. She dived back into the grass, trying to spook up more boars. ID 125340 BD 7 MD 4 LD 8 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 499/500 | 50/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  3. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako readied herself. "Right!" She called out to Jevi. The small boar had charged Jevi, but that was its mistake. Jevi dodged out of the way easily and the boar tripped over itself trying to course-correct itself. But it was all for naught. Minako spun her naginata down low, cleaving upwards slicing the animal in twain. The creature showered into small blue crystals, and as Minako closed the loot screen she was disappointed. "No tusk. Gotta kill more." She said, half-heartedly. But she parked up a bit. At least Jevi-Sensei was giving her compliments and she was glad that she was starting to get the hang of the game's combat system. "Combat feels a bit, weird. Like you start the movement and the game takes a hold of you. But only for a moment. You have to let the game do its thing, and be ready for the attack. Otherwise, you just fall and bust your ass." Minako said, trying to explain what she was experiencing. ID: 125338 BD: 7 MD: 4 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 500/500 | 49/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ]
  4. Minako

    [EVENT - OP - F1] Noobs, Assemble! (T1)

    Minako chuckled. Thank god he had a slight sense of humor, though he did have a slight self-esteem problem. Even if it was for a joke. She played along and laughed with the man. Jevi had arrived with another man. Minako's eyes squinted, she recognized this man. This was the guy at the valentines day dance event that that blue-haired harlot had stolen from her. She did another quick look around the area, not being able to spy that bluenette anywhere. She hid a smirk, taking a little pleasure knowing that she didn't land a man. But at least now Jevi had a chance. But that was before introductions took place, and the dead rose the earth. Jevi and Spencer ran over to another group, whom Minako assumed were close friends. Leaving only her and Vandrin to fend off the undead. Vandrin quickly made a stand, calling for all the low leveled players to get together to fend off the shambling corpses, ready to take them all on himself. Minako sprung into action, pulling her Naginata from her inventory she stood beside Vandrin. She took a deep breath. This was her first time fighting something other than boars in the game, and this one looked at least a bit human. "I'm with you Vandrin!" Minako called out trying her best to look determined. +Funnel Cake +3 Damage (used) +Obnoxious Corn Dog +30 mit (used) + (3) Off Brand Energy Drinks
  5. Minako

    [F1-PP] The Second, with Jevi

    Minako pointed at the baby boar. "See! He's really fast! It's not my fault that I'm so bad at this." She said readying her weapon. She swung down, but she knew the Boarlings tricks. And this time, what she had swung was a feint. Instead of hacking downward as she had been, consistently missing, she curved the blade instead and let the airflow of the blade carry it at an odd angle and caught the baby boar by its feet. Slicing the feet freely in one go, the baby boar vanished in a plume of crystals. Minako blinked for a second or two before her face beamed into a great big smile. "Jevi! I did it! I did it! I killed another one!" She exclaimed to her friend. Minako pursued over the loot screen. "And better yet, we got another tusk! Just one more Jevi and we can leave this awful place behind to rot." She said, giving an affirmative nod. ID: 124982 BD: 7(hit!) LD: 15 [0] Minako | 20/20 | 1/2 | 6 DMG [0] Jevi | 500/500 | 49/50 | 7 dmg | 2 Acc | 36 Mit | 7 thorns | 12 Bleed Boar Younging: 0/5 [ ] 3 damage on hit
  6. Minako thought for a second, a finger pressing against her bottom lip. "But what to use as a pick-up line?" She pondered. "First impressions are key. And I would be going in blind. What if he's the typical meathead who just keep commenting stuff about boobs when I'm just trying to unbox my latest Persona figurine." Minako said, speaking from a bit too much experience. She let out a sigh. "Men are so impossible to talk to." Minako looked over at her friend. "Just hiding away in your shop?" Minako asked, almost in disbelief. But she knew what was going on, well she had a good idea about what was going on. "look, Jevi-sensei. If you need to talk about things I'm free. Most of the time at least. I'm always looking to hang out with friends." Suddenly an idea hit. "Hey! I know! What if we hit up a party after the event and eat all sorts of sweets, and drink all sorts of stuff? We can even make you a not so slutty costume!" She leaned in and whispered loudly. "I already have a costume made for such an occasion." She said, moving back to her seat. She stared at the empty circus center, the fresh dirt unmoving, fresh, and free of prints of any kind. "And I kind of know what you're going through. And you helped me, so I wanna help you. But, only if you want me to." She said, not looking at Jevi. "While you think about it. I'mma go get a snack. Be right back." Minako said, hopping up from her seat and making her way past a few members of the crowd and promptly planting herself next to the man she had oogled earlier. She cleared her throat as she nervously began to speak. "Hey, are you candy corn?" She asked the man next to her. "Because those are my favorite Halloween treat." She said, unable to make the sexy face she wanted to make, and instead opted for embarrassed goober. She started to chuckle nervously, waiting to see if her icebreaker had any effect. @Jevi @Vandrin
  7. Minako stretched her arms above her head as she sat up in bed her lips smacking as she finished a loud yawn. Swinging her legs out of the bed, she was woken up completely by the cold floorboards of the inn she was staying at. She peered outside her window, not caring if the people below on the streets could see her in her jammies. But as she peered out she noticed the slight fog that hugged the ground, she looked over and saw a large tent in the distance. Her menu couldn't react fast enough for her as she changed into her normal school uniform and rushed downstairs. Sprinting to the fairgrounds Minako took her sweet time looking at all of the decorations, barely able to keep her excitement in check. "Awww, it's all just so spooky. I love this time of the year!" She said giving a small twirl. She spotted what seemed to be a fairly large line, and stepped into it. Ahead of a few people she noticed Jevi, but before Minako could say anything her friend disappeared into the tent. Pouting she waited in line. Arriving at the front of the line, she quickly paid the 500 Col not batting an eye at the price. Making her way inside she was amazed at just how big the tent was. Her eyes sparkling with delight she quickly found her friend and slid next to her on the seat. "Hey there friend-o!" Minako said happily. "You think they have popcorn in this place, or you think we should've smuggled some snacks in here?" Minako took a quick peek around the stands. "Speaking of snacks, look at the cutie over there." She said, motioning over to a man who was awfully tall. "His shoulder's look so wide." She said, almost sighing. "What I wouldn't give to be swept away in those arms like a princess." She said, crossing her arms around her chest and giving herself a little hug. "But what about you Jevi-sensei?" Minako asked, letting the moniker slip for the first time. "You been up to anything much?" Minako asked, not wanting to hog the entire conversation. "I went to a mansion the other day. They let me pick materials in their garden." Minako said, her short legs swinging off of the bench. @Jevi
  8. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    After the sad mopey session at the stepping stones, the only thing left of interest was the obstacle course. Making her way to it, it reminded her of a small ninja warrior course. She could never do one of these in real life, but she wanted to give it a try in the virtual one. Perhaps if she was able to conquer it then maybe her confidence would be boosted. After her mind was betraying her like this, she needed it. First up were some stepping planks. She looked down and saw that there was a small pool of safe water. It looked not gross, but cold. She wanted to avoid at all cost as she didn't want to spend most of the day here with soggy stockings. Easy enough, they were like the stepping stones from before. She hopped onto one and immediately began to slide. She quickly lept onto another, then another, and then the last one and found herself at the end of the first hurdle. ID: 123755 LD: 1
  9. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    Moving away from the statues, Minako made her way to several stepping stones scattered about in a field of flowers. She repeated her walk up to the garden and began to hop from one stepping stone to the other on one foot. And if the stone was too far away, she'd use two feet and try her best as to not trample any of the flowers there. She caught a sudden glimpse of a pair of players picking a flower or two and talking to one another. Probably a couple, madly in love and with nothing better to do then enjoy each other's company. She sighed as she slid down into a sitting position and began to pick a few flowers. How long had it been since she had last heard from Baldur? Or Hikoru for that reason? Since Christmas at least. Neither of them wished her a happy new year or invited her for Valentine's day. She had even baked chocolates for the occasion but only ended up eating hers alone. ID: 123732 LD: 13 +1 Material | 9 total
  10. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    Next up on her list were the large statues made of the hedge. Lions, tigers, bears, mythical creatures, and other animals were scattered all around the garden, mixed in with other decorations. Minako spent a few moments appreciating the amount of work that went into something so wonderful. She gazed around and let out a small sigh. She was starting to get lonely and only a few hours had passed. She wondered if Jevi would enjoy this place, or if it was too girly for a girl like Jevi. After all, Jevi seemed like the type who would be the one spending time in a gym rather than a garden. Minako began chuckling as she then pictured Jevi as a date option in some sort of sim dating game. The lovable meat-head who drank protein shakes and exhibited nothing but the true form of the human body. But, the meat-head always was a softie in the end. Perhaps Jevi would like this kind of place after all. ID: 123731 LD: 20 +2 Matierals | 8 total
  11. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    Next up for her was the hedge maze. She had played a lot of puzzle games beforehand so she knew some tricks when it came to solving puzzles, like mazes and the like. She entered the maze confident in her ability to get through it. She began to follow the left wall, knowing that it would show her the correct way to go. Eventually. About, forty minutes passed and Minako was still inside the maze. Just how large was this maze supposed to be? Another half-hour went, and about three people lost in the hedge maze later Minako finally found her way out of the maze. She looked back at the maze and did a small jump of excitement, ecstatic that she was able to complete such a large maze. She waited outside of the maze to also congratulate the people she had run into on completing the maze as well. ID: 123730 LD: 19 +2 Materials | 6 Total
  12. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    Well now that she was here, Minako wondered at where she should start first. Since it was early morning, it was only her and a few other players running around gathering materials to use for crafting. She had full run of the place. At least, until it got busier later in the day. She figured she would start with the fountain, thinking that maybe a lot of materials were hidden in its waters. She pulled her self up onto the edge of the fountain and sticking her arms out to her side, began to walk around its edge. The cold water splashed against itself, cold droplets splashing against the bare part of her leg. The tingle of it caused her to giggle, and soon enough she was beginning one of her laughing fits. She slid off of the fountain and began to attempt to dry off her ankles from the cold water before moving on. ID: 123729 LD: 14 +1 Material | 4Total
  13. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    The gate opened and a lot of the land at her disposal, Minako set diligently making her way to the garden in the back. Stepping on some stepping stones and making a small game of it, Minako found herself the be the center of a few side glances from a number of the guards in the area around her. Her face flushing again, she resumed walking normally. The back garden is called just a garden was a severe understatement. Minako's jaw dropped at the size of it, commonplace around here it would seem. A bubbling fountain, a hedge maze, bush statues, stepping stones, hell even a small obstacle course. All of it in view of a large pane of glass attached to the back of the mansion. She couldn't make out faces, but she could see shapes moving behind the glass. Despite all the goodwill, and word of people saying that the owners were nice it was still unsettling that she was being watched like that. Not from a monitor via the internet, but from a window just a few meters away. ID: 123728 LD: 9
  14. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    After around an hour and thirty minutes had passed, Minako found herself at the front gates of a very impressive mansion. Very grandiose with white marble pillars, a large front walkway that snaked through the lush and well-trimmed green grass that was about a full two acres of the land itself. Minako let out a soft whistle in the wonder of the sheer size of the building. If the front lawn was this big, then how big was the actual garden? She stepped up the wrought iron gate which stood an NPC guard. "Halt. Who goes?" The guard asked. Minako stuttered with her words for a moment as she stumbled for an answer. "Uhm. I'm Minako!" She said, almost at a shout causing her face to blush a bright hue. "I'm here to use the garden in the back?" She said, the color still filling her cheeks. The guard chuckled a bit. "It's alright Miss. Garden's in the back." The guard said, opening the gate for her. ID: 123727 LD: 5
  15. Minako

    [SP-F1] Nature's Treasure

    After getting the location, Minako skipped off to it. She was told that it was a special kind of garden of sorts. A garden in front of a large building that hosted fancy parties and the like. She was told that these people spent time and enjoyed that spent time, watching players come in and pick materials day in and day out. Something about the betterment of friendship and that every event brought people closer together, yadda-yadda. She didn't care about any of that, but she still listened to the people that spoke to her in fully out of politeness. She didn't want to be rude to them, especially since they took time out of their day to help answer her question. The garden was such a long way away, however, and would take the better part of a few hours to arrive there in a decent time to start gathering. ID: 123726 LD: 13 +1 material | 3 Total