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  1. Tyonis

    Tyonis' Trades!

    Tyonis walks into Neo's shop, and, after not catching her, he leaves a small box with a note on it behind the counter. When she opens it, she'd find the best rapier Tyonis has crafted to date. Trade Request: @Neopolitan The Martial Tuck is a free gift from Tyonis to Neo, requiring no trade in return.
  2. Tyonis chuckled ruefully, unsure if Spencer knew how close he'd come to the truth about his statement concerning government surveillance. As if on que, the Cave Guardian emerged from the opposite end of the chamber, bursting through the cave wall in a grandiose entrance that surprised Tyonis, since this was such a low level quest. 'Kayaba went through all the stops to impress new players, I guess,' he mused and readied himself. The Cave Guardian lumbered toward him but its movements were so slow, Tyonis could have easily dodged the creature's stone fist even without the superhuman aid the Skill Assist System granted him. He rolled out of the way with practiced grace. In one hand he held his spear, in the other was a small bottle of crystal clear liquid. "Bottoms up. This thing expires after the quest anyway, so..!" He downed the potion in a single gulp, ignoring the harsh taste. His whole body became encased in some kind of polygon-like transparent shield and a new buff made itself known by his HP bar. Once the buff icon appeared, the shield vanished. Word Count: 184
  3. Tyonis

    Tyonis' Evaluations

    Name: Martial TuckYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 3Roll ID: 103126Roll Result: 12Item Type: RapierTier: 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: Accuracy | Bleed | ParalyzeDescription: The first Perfect Rapier Tyonis ever forged. He modeled it after a civil war tuck side-sword, a cross between a traditional rapier and an armor-penetrating estoc. This one-handed sword features better balance, slashing potential, and penetrating power at the cost of a shorter striking range and greater weight.Post Link:
  4. Emboldened by his success at crafting a [Perfect] Tier 1 Rapier for Neo, Tyonis turns his attention to Spencer's mace. He wouldn't forget the first friend he made in Sword Art Online, not by a long shot. He wiped the non-existent sweat off his brow, picked up his hammer, and went to work. By work, that meant taking his free hand and swiping through a few menus to start crafting the mace. It was the thought that counted though, right? Tyonis chuckled and prepared himself for the crafting mini-game as it came onscreen. "Spencer, pray to whatever god you believe in..." Tyonis muttered as the game started. When the game finished Tyonis could only sigh in annoyance at the subpar weapon he'd crafted. Word Count: 107 Date: 13JUL2018 ID: 103127 CD: 10 (Success) EXP: +4EXP
  5. Ever a creature of habit, Tyonis awoke an hour before dawn and went through his morning workout routine. This time, he teleported up to the 2nd Floor and ran a few miles around the lush forests, just as a change of pace. He returned and went through his personal hygiene. It was strictly unnecessary in SAO, but going through the motions reminded him of what he'd lost and what he'd have to look forward to. It was a means of grounding and refreshing his resolve every day. He dressed into his blacksmithing gear and approached the workbench, waiting for the familiar crafting prompt to show up. With a few swipes of his menu, he began trying to craft another T1 Rapier and maybe even a mace! Word Count: 126 Date: 13JUL2018 ID: 103124, 103125, 103126 CD: 7 (Salvage) LD: 12 (Success); 5 (Salvage) LD: 13 (Success); 12 (NAILED IT) EXP: +15EXP; Tyonis reaches Rank 3 | Blacksmith
  6. Tyonis walks into the shop, surprised by the maid with a snake coiling around her. He almost drew his spear but a quick self-reminder reassured him that he was still well in the safe zone. "I... uh. Yes, I'd like to make a purchase." Tyonis coughed into a closed fist to restore his composure. "I'm pretty sure my hidden luck stat is somewhere in the negatives, and I was hoping you had something that could help me improve my chances at getting loot and such." Tyonis looked around and noticed the Wanderer's Eyes in one of the display cases. "That one looks perfect! Is it for sale?" Purchase Request: [Rare] Tier 1 Jewelry - Wanderer's Eyes (+2 LD) for 550 Col.
  7. Reward Summary: Tyonis: » 2 Additional Skill Points » 1 Additional Skill Point (20 Posts) » 200 Col (20 Posts) Asakku: » 2 Additional Skill Points » 1 Additional Skill Point (20 Posts) » 200 Col (20 Posts)
  8. When Tyonis got the Quest Complete window, he couldn't help but sigh in relief. This had to be one of his worst showings in SAO to date. He sheathed his weapon and walked over to @Asakku, with a coy grin as she showcased her prize. "Yeah, great job!," he congratulated and offered her a high-five if she would take it. "Well, that's one less tutorial quest down, I guess." Tyonis scratched the back of his head then addressed Asakku, fully. "I know this wasn't the... best of fights, but I'd like to fight alongside you again. Hopefully next time, I do a bit better, though." He swiped through his menus and sent Asakku a Friend Request. In his opinion, her accepting would be worth more than the quest rewards. "So, what do you say? I could definitely use someone like you watching my back. And I could watch yours too, don't let this bad first impression ding me too hard!" He added.
  9. Tyonis

    [PP - F02] «Long Live the Queen»

    Tyonis closed the Quest Complete window before addressing the party once more. He eyed Tsu's tongue as it emerged out of her mouth and wafted in the wind for a moment. It took him a second to realize she was trying to go for a... tongue-five. So Tyonis swallowed his apprehension and high-fived her with a chuckle. "Thanks for the healing. I didn't know SAO had support skills like that, I'll have to look into getting one or two." Neo was ever silent, but once she joined them Tyonis addressed Mars. "It's fine. With you around, we were in no real danger and learning how to fight is just as important as winning. If not more, so don't worry about it," Tyonis waved off the man's concern. "You still did a decent amount of work in the opening. It would have been much harder if it stayed airborne. Knocking it out of the sky made the fight manageable." He then addressed the group as a whole. "All right, I appreciate everyone coming out to help. I sent you all Friend Requests, so if you ever need to fill in a party slot, hit me up and I'll come running." Word Count: 199
  10. Tyonis could only chuckle ruefully as Asakku managed to make light of the situation. She was taking this setback far better than he. "I need to Rank up my 2H Assault Spear skill higher after this. Remind me to pour all my points into it after this fight," Tyonis said with a shake of his head. "I guess the both of us are just biding our time now. Damn this creature is obnoxious." The Variant Nepent approached once more, charging Asakku head on. Luckily it missed by a hairsbreadth, buying the duo one more turn to regenerate their Energy. "I should have enough for another Sword Skill in a few seconds Asakku! Hopefully, I'll be able to deal some damage this time." He informed with a heavy sigh. Judging by how thick the creature's hide was, even if he were to hit, he'd need a critical in order to finish the monster off in a single blow. The thought of this fight dragging on was maddening. Word Count: 166
  11. "Oh man, if I went blind - I don't know what I'd do. I might just hold out on those cybernetic eyes that are coming out soon. But they don't pay Soldiers top-dollar, mind you." He mused with a chuckle. He looked up to where Spencer indicated and let out a low whistle as they approached the medium-sized chamber. It was flat and circular with one exit and, as the book said, there was a single rocky outcropping in the very center with a glowing green gem illuminated by a single shaft of light coming from a small hole at the top of the cave roof. Tyonis walked up to it and folded his arms, shooting Spencer an amused look. "Well. If I didn't know any better I'd say this was a TRAP!" Tyonis called out the last word, letting it echo throughout the chamber. When no monster spawned he shook his head. "Ready your mace, I guess." Tyonis shrugged and plucked out the stone. Word Count: 164
  12. "Another day and not enough Col," Tyonis muttered to himself as he begun his morning routine once more. He helped himself to a meager breakfast. After all his recent expenditures lately, he needed to be a bit more conservative with his funds. Hopefully, he'd manage to craft something worthwhile today. He was running out of materials fairly quickly and dreaded the idea of having to spend a whole day gathering more. "RNGesus, please, today, just let me craft SOMETHING useful!" Tyonis even cupped his hands together and closed his eyes, praying for any sort of miraculous, divine boon. When none came, he simply sighed and swiped open his menu. "Well, time to collect more slag." Tyonis resigned himself and made to craft a Rapier for Neo. He managed to craft a single [Uncommon] T1 Rapier, but it was definitely not up to his standards. Word Count: 134Date: 12JUL2018ID: 102909, 102910, 102911CD: 5 (Salvage) LD: 6 (Fail); 9 Success; 5 (Salvage) LD: 16 (Success)EXP: +10 EXP
  13. Tyonis

    [SP - F06] <<The Gemini>>

    Reward Summary: Tyonis: » Extra Skill | Concentration » 3 Additional Skill Points » 600 Col » 400 Col (20 Posts) » 1 Additional Skill Point (20 Posts)
  14. Tyonis

    [SP - F06] <<The Gemini>>

    Tyonis muttered a few profanities at the Gemini's back but didn't make any attempt to stop it. The Quest Complete prompt appeared and he accepted the rewards. The Extra Skill: Concentration was added to his Skill Window and, as he assumed, it increased his combat accuracy by 10%. 'Not bad for 3 hours of work,' Tyonis nodded approvingly. He reequipped his pants and leapt out of the water, happy to be clothed and dry after spending so long in the freezing river. He drew his spear and ran his hands along the shaft. "Well, partner," he said, twirling his weapon. "Let's bushwhack our way back to civilization." And with that, Tyonis began the long trip back through the jungle. Like before, he didn't run into any monsters on the way, which surprised him twice over. 'That place must have been a very specific spot for this quest,' he mused. Or maybe his luck was just that good. He shuddered to think what would have happened if he encountered a monster earlier when his HP was so low. When Tyonis did reach the teleportation platform, he vanished in a flash of polygons, with a satisfied grin plastered on his face. Word Count: 199