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  1. Outside an armor shop open to mostly new players, the forge of NPC armorsmith Griswold glows brightly thanks to its remaining embers, emitting out a bit of smoke. He wipes the sweat off his brow as he has finished forging a spangenhelm, forged out of a single iron. In the age where Norman knights exist, a helmet like that would offer splendid protection, and thus very valuable at the time, only reserved for the best. The helmet has a large nasal that completely protects the nose's front. "Beautiful, ain't it?" He asks as he looks at Kioshi, who is currently unarmored, his Zweihander belted around his waist. He is staring at the street filled with NPCs and players walking here and there to attend their own businesses. Though this town can be busy, it isn't as busy as the Starting City, the place where as far as Kioshi knows, is Aincrad's metropolitan. Kioshi turns his head to take one look at the helmet, and nods honestly. "Say, mister, will it be fine if I see your current armor out of curiosity?" asks Griswold. Kioshi nods again and stands up, swiping his finger down to get his entire set of Kelly armor and then donning all of its pieces. A full body breastplate, spaulders, tassets and a full helmet with a single horizontal slit for the eyes. Griswold looks at the armor in awe, impressed by its crude yet very protective design. @Slayer
  2. ID: 105000 -- CD: 1 (It tastes like s*it! Lose 1 Material. Gained 1 EXP) ID: 105001 -- CD: 8 -- LD: 6 + 2 = 8 (Failed to salvage. Lose 1 material. Gained 2 EXP) With his shop set up, Kioshi wastes no time in getting right to work. Though the shop looks like a modern food stall similar to what one would find in a shopping mall, the kitchen is a completely different area. With stones as walls and grass as floors, the area is equipped with a campfire complete with its own stand, some basic cooking pots and utensils and a modern clean basin. An oven is also included in the kitchen. Kioshi attempts to make another simple bannock, mixing flour and water. After the dough is wrapped, he attempts to wrap it around a stick and roasts it over a fire, only for the dough to slip away from the stick and fall into the fire, much to his disappointment. He tries a second time with a new dough. This too fails, and no spare dough can be salvaged. Maybe a frying pan is a better option these days.
  3. Welcome to the Revenant's Bush. You pay for it, you eat it you wuss. Most of these foods are wild-oriented, in the style of such delicacies like Australian bushfood or the cuisines enjoyed by American fronstiermen in the Rocky Mountains that worked under competitive fur companies. Not preferring such food? We have civilized versions like pies, sushi or whatnot, but their quantities may won't be as much as the former type of cuisine. Happy dining, warriors, and eat hearty. For who knows, you might dine in hell tonight if fate permits it. The stats, prices and order form is below this sign. The menu is at a different section. Stats: Order Form: Prices (and a special discount):
  4. ID: 104996 Kioshi: HP 140/140 -- DMG 8 -- MIT 35 -- Energy 10/14 (Used Cyclone!) Mad Templar: HP 40/80 -- DMG 28 -- MIT 0 -- +1 Bleed BD: 10 MD: 2 The wind blows through the desert of Floor 5, cooling down its warm sands and animal inhabitants such as lizards and rodents. Something growls in pain. A sick sound of torn flesh is audible. A figure backs away frantically while its chest bleeds, suffering a large painful cut. Something else is spinning like the cyclone of a hurricane with a hint of green, threatening to harm the figure with its own color. A few seconds later this cyclone stops spinning, and reveals itself to be none other than a fully Kelly-armored Kioshi, the Zweihander's green color fades to nothingness as his Sword Art was already unleashed. He is standing in a battle stance, legs spread open and sword pointing towards his foe. The bleeding figure is a skeletally thin humanoid, wearing nothing but a crude cloth that covers its rear and groin. A rusty full Templar helmet covers its entire head. In its hand is an old cracked arming sword, one handed. For some unknown reason, Kioshi just happen to saw the skeletal Templar wandering around the desert during his stroll. Its reaction upon seeing him is to immediately sprint and charge towards him, raising its sword while wailing inhumanly in anguish. Now it more or less regrets on trying to take this 'old' geezer down, but it is too late for that as Kioshi suddenly launches another attack against it. @Dustin
  5. DING goes her oven as her crepes are ready to be taken out and eaten. Maggie dons her oven mittens and carefully opens it, retrieving her finished product before shutting the oven with her legs. "Have some crepes with me!" She says gleefully to Kioshi, who had already kept his bannock into his inventory. Hearing her suggestion, he nods without objections, seeing no reason to refuse her further hospitality. Sitting down beside her at the counter, both of them munch on the delicious crepes. They are wrapped around strawberries, a delightful treat to Kioshi as he loves strawberries. Maggie giggles at the fighter that is enjoying his small meal. "You really like my crepes, don't you mister?" She asks as she pats his shoulder, though he reacts nonchalantly to this by just gazing her while his mouth chews on his food. "I guarantee you that one day, you will be just as good as the expert Maggie! When you are ready, experiment yourself on your own dishes okay? Make them unique and tasty enough to send your customers into a bright mood," she adds, to which Kioshi just nods for the sake of making her happy. It is time for him to leave as the quest is coming to a close. He bows to Maggie as thanks, in which she bows back in return. "Safe travels, warrior!" She says while waving her hand at the door, watching her student waving back and moving on further into the city for rest and training for further adventures and fights. The evening passes by with heavy rain, pouring down Aincrad while giving off a sense of serenity to Kioshi, who is sitting by the window on his chair, staring at the roofs of the Starting City since he is sleeping at the first floor of an inn. -- QUEST COMPLETE -- OBTAINED 400 COL, 6 T1 Materials (5 Reward + 1 Gathered), Crafted Item, Cook Profession and 2 SP (1 Thread + 1 Quest)
  6. ID: 104944 CD: 10 (Uncommon food created!) Eureka! At last, after what seems like forever of trying to form a simple dough, Kioshi has done it. Neither too sticky nor loose, Kioshi gently lifts it up from the bowl. It could fit his two palms, and it is slightly as thick as a hamburger. Maggie claps her hands as she exclaims, "See? Keep trying and you'll make it! Use mistakes as your teachers! Now, onwards to baking it..." The next several minutes consist of the blonde NPC teaching him on applying some grease onto a frying pan on her stove, followed by frying the dough on it. At this step, Kioshi takes extra measures to really be aware of the change of color and smell of his cooking. Whenever Maggie yells, "Flip!" Kioshi does so carefully. No rush, according to Maggie. He has all the time in the world today. As soon as he lifts the cooked bannock off the frying pan, his inner self is delighted to see his first creation. Soft. Tasty. Warm. And filling too. "You can keep the bread if you wish," says Maggie as her lips curl into a sweet smile. Her cuteness is honestly appealing to Kioshi's eyes. It matches her fun and tolerant personality.
  7. ID: 104942 CD: 5 (It tastes like s*it! Lose 1 material) Though he can grasp the mixing ingredients part, it is the kneading and amount of water that gives him difficulty so far. The thing about this procedure is that he has to ensure that the dough isn't too sticky and avoid his hands from accidentally pulling off chunks of it throughout the kneading process. It is hard work indeed, and at one point he asks in a soft but gruff voice, "...wouldn't a whisk or spoon better?" "Trust me, dear, it will take more force and time than your hands," Maggie says softly, smirking at him while she is leaning her back against the counter, standing just beside Kioshi. "Your hands are bigger and more flexible than those tools. Plus it is easier for you to ensure that the entire flour is formed into dough. Both in and out. Don't waste more unnecessary energy into this simple task, dear. The last thing we want to see is you giving up on only the first step of a ladder."
  8. ID: 104940 CD: 4 (It tastes like s*it! Lose 1 material) "Trial and error, dear. Such is the natural part of progression," says Maggie as Kioshi adds a bit too much of water, and as a result, the dough became too sticky, the same goes to the remaining flour. He just looks at the bowl with a miserable look. Even though he acknowledges that it takes effort and time to try to perfect a craft, he develops doubts of his ability to make food. Maybe he really isn't fit to be one... "Cheers love. Get a new bowl and pour more flower from its bag. I'll dispose of this one," Maggie assures in a bright tone as she takes the old bowl and dumps the s*itty dough into a dustbin before speedily tying the garbage bag and takes it out of the house for town cleaners to pick up. She comes back to see Kioshi already pouring flour into the new bowl, smiling as she gently pats his shoulder, trying her best to encourage him to keep moving forward.
  9. ID: 104922 CD: 8 -- LD: 10 + 2 = 12 (Material not salvaged. Lose one material) "Then add 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Now you can add water and start kneading," says Maggie. Kioshi follows her instructions and after having the mixture fairly moist with water, he starts kneading slowly, not wanting to squeeze too much in fear that the dough might break up. He is surprised that something as simple as kneading takes effort, as soon he finds himself squeezing the likes of clay. The dough becomes a bit stickier as he goes on, and for a moment he thinks he is in good progress. Soon he notices that some of the flour as still in the bowl, wondering if those can be wet and kneaded together with the dough. He points this to Maggie, who has been looking at him the entire time. "Oh? Still have flour left in the bowl? No worries, you can do the same as the dough and combine them altogether," she explains in a soft voice.
  10. ID: 104921 CD: 7 -- LD: 19 (Material salvaged.) Kioshi pours some flour into a bowl, deciding to try to make bannock, a type of bread that is very simple to make even if the wild, providing that the person brings flour along with themselves. Just flour and water...at least that is what he knows so far. He is about to pour water into the flour when he has seconds thoughts about what he is doing. Is this correct? How much water does a flour need to be dough? "Having trouble~?" coos Maggie as she notices his plight, giggling at that like a little girl that just pulled a trick to her brother. "Not too much, mmkay? Otherwise the dough will be sticky. Tell me, what do you want to make?" "...bannock...," Kioshi mummurs audibly. "Bannock it is. You need more than flour and water. Come to me and I'll show you the right way."
  11. "Oh wow! You actually came back! I'm so happy!" Maggie the female NPC exclaims with a wide smile as she bounces happily. She looks like some mother of a protagonist in an anime or manga. Blonde hair with a long ponytail. Nice pair of C grade cups. A young face even though she looks like she is around 30 or even 28. Overall she is a jolly type and most likely willing to tolerate whatever mistake he might made in his first try in cooking. Kioshi only nods in response to her welcome and puts all gathered ingredients onto the counter, much to her delight. She swaps the vanilla and the eggs with three other cooking materials, all wrapped in leather wraps. Up to him to figure out what are inside those wraps. She gives these to him, which he receives from her hand. Now it is his duty to commence cooking. "While I finish my crepe, you can go ahead and make your first ever snack! I will back you up, harbor no worries. Always take baby steps before you can grow legs!" Sounds a bit cheesy...or whatever, but at least it makes sense in this context. Kioshi unwraps one of the materials as a sign to start cooking now. The wrap is pulled off to reveal a bag of self raising flour.
  12. The journey back to the Starting City ends when the sun leans west, sunset is around the corner. The sky adorning a mixture of bright red and orange like neon lights in a cyberpunk city. Oh Aincrad is partially cyberpunk alright, if anyone cares to consider it as one. High technology with the game's mechanics and virtual reality system as such examples, and a sh*tty point in life or social order thanks the eternal entrapment within this digital fantasy and general mistrust. Speaking of cyberpunk, Kioshi thinks throughout his teenage years that Japan is already in such a setting in reality. Technology has advanced with VMMORPGs, intelligent robots and whatnot. And it shows no sign of stopping itself from pushing the forward button on its universal remote. The only cyberpunk tropes that is missing in Japan are a dystopian social life and megacorporations controlling the entire nation of the Rising Sun. Glad these things do not happen at all, and would hopefully remain so in the future.
  13. ID: 104886 LD: 17 + 2 = 19 (Found 5/5 Materials!) In an unexpected turn of events, Kioshi spots a battle between two boars, fighting for seemingly no reason other than probable territorial or strength dispute. One of them is already injured, evidenced by the cuts on its face and body thanks to the other's tusk. The other somehow lost an eye and the tip of one of its tusks. The fighting becomes aggressive as the tusked boar suddenly bites the other's snout, in which it squeals in pain in return. It proceeds to repetitively ram its underside, the tusk disemboweling the poor brute while intestines spill out of the exposed cavity to its death. No sooner after the winner quickly sprints away from the scene, Kioshi approaches the loser's corpse and without hesitation, uses his sword to gut it and cut off some of the most tender and delicious part of the meat. It is quite awkward to carefully hold a few meters below the long blade's tip so it would be like holding a knife, and he does his best to try not cut his own hand. But alas, he manages to successfully extract the last amount of ingredients for this tedious quest.