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  1. Huginn’s eyes watch as the woman knock the Monster off of its feet. She didn’t look thankful by any means, instead picking a look of confusion and frustration. I know that look all too well. I guess I’m in Misako’s shoes now. Whatever, it might be nice to act recklessly. He spins his spear around, the gold catching the light and holding it like it was glowing, the boy’s foot lifts up for a second and throws itself out to the side as he spins his weapon, throwing him off balance just enough to put his weight behind a slash with the blade of his spear. The lightning dancing around his spear shuffled up to the Minotaur during the gruesome cut and its eyes fixate on the boy. “I guess I should’ve stayed back. That was one of my best attacks.” His hand stops the spear as it comes back around towards him. His emotionless face exhales heavily like a scoff. Pathetic. I’m pathetic. I could’ve just gone out and grabbed the jewel. I could’ve possibly been back by now, but I had to be all macho and try to save the girl. Looks like the girl will be the one saving me. His eyes shift towards the blonde girl as he tilts his head. “I’m just in your way aren’t I?” He slams his spear into the ground, noticing the Minotaur has stopped moving and had golden sparks of electricity in his wound. Hands in his pockets and stance relaxed, the boy looked like a moody teenager, except for in his face. His face held no expression even still, knowing he could easily be slain by the monster standing in front of him. [1] Kooh: 400/400 HP | 31/40 EN | 7 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [3] Huginn: 40/40 HP | 3/4 EN | 2 DMG | 9-10 Paralyze Hoya Minotaur: 5/45 HP | 30 DMG [PARALYZED] @Kooh
  2. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    The boy’s spear spun around leaving a sky blue flame behind in a comet tail-esque path. His spear glows green under the blue flame as he pointed it at the nearest plant. “Got it.” He flips his hand and pushes the spear forwards, but the boy’s hand locks up, his spear stopping a few centimeters short of the vines carrying the big stupid plant’s head. Well that’s unfortunate. I need to step it up. He pushes his black boot into the ground, moving around the flytrap looking creature. Just like the way I fought those boys on the playground. Nothing more than a prick acting bigger than he is. His eyes move back towards the boy in a mask standing next to the girl. His chest felt tight, like he was watching his dad leave for the night, his focus was grabbed by the two. Pain filled his heart as he watched her talk to the man so naturally, leaving him to fight like he wasn’t actually there. That mixed with the memory of his father leaving to a night of being shot at by people with no souls, yanked at his tear ducts, pulling open the gates and letting a few tears out. The monster’s vine swipes across horizontally, Huginn managing to jump back in time. His hand comes up and wipes his eye after he had dodged such an attack. Huginn: 80/80 HP | 6/8 EN | 6 DMG | 1 Para Flytrap: 40/40 HP | 12 DMG @Pinball
  3. Shiro looks at the girl with red hair and nods. “I like the second floor, but that’s more for what happened on it not so much about the floor itself.” He begins to think more and opens his mouth, “Pure aesthetics wise, the fourth floor is my favorite.” His focus shifts out into the field as he looks at the plants and other foliage on the ground, not looking back to Kirbs for the remainder of the walk. “Okay.” He says frankly in response to the girl, his feet digging into the dirt as he walks. The boy was feeling the conversation winding down, so he accepted the death of it for good. Maybe he could even kill it off himself. “It’s been fun.” His emotions hidden well under a shroud of teenage angst, so when he turned to her and shot her a weak smile it probably looked funny. The boy’s familiar floated towards him as the lights of town came into view. @Kirbs
  4. Huginn

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    He smiles so quickly you’d think the question was tickling his ears. The thought of walking with her for a while made him happy, happier than the thought of interacting with anyone else ever had. He thinks for a moment and then decides on the answer. “I don’t really have a preference, I’ve never gone on a walk solely for the sake of walking.” He says. The smiles slowly fading now that he realized that probably wasn’t a satisfactory answer. But it was too late to change it now, without seeming rude at least. Besides, he couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. He leans forwards in his chair, hovering above the table before he realizes he forgot to get a drink. “Shoot, I didn’t ask for a drink.” He says, trying to keep quiet about it. Looking at Mishiro, then shifting his gaze towards the waiter, he starts to think about whether or not he has time to drink something or not. @Mishiro
  5. As quickly as Shiro lit up his flames die down. Of course, it helps that he was put in his place by the woman in front of him. His eyes planted in the ground like the grass beneath his feet, he simply says, “Sorry.” His familiar floats back towards him slowly and hovers over his shoulder once again. His eyes move up towards the girl, and his expression had returned to the emotionless stare he had when he first met her. “You said you want to help, and if you’d still like to I’d appreciate it. Though I’d understand if you don’t.” How could he call her sinister then ask her for help? It was selfish, and he hated it. She did nothing wrong, so why did I say that? I guess these are the things we need to ask ourselves sometimes. His eyes move off of the lady and across the field. Nothing out of the ordinary here either. Finding materials wasn’t any easier with the familiar everyone said would help him find materials anyways, so really he kept Felli as an excuse to talk to Mishiro. “There’s 10,000 players in this game, the number of people named Shiro whether it be real name or username is probably higher than most would think. How was I supposed to draw the connection between the two? And I wouldn’t expect her to talk about a random person like myself, so of course you couldn’t know that way.” He begins to get fired up a little again, calming himself down quicker this time. “The fact that you saw us at the Christmas party makes it a fact. You knew she was happy...” he stops speaking for a moment, looks at the ground and then back at Arabelle, “Did she really look that happy to be with me?” He asks in disbelief. “Why would anyone be happy spending time with me?” He mumbles, trying to keep her from figuring out how he thinks of himself. (Though it’s not like she didn’t already know.) He starts walking towards her and looks her in the eyes. “Look, like I said, I’m sorry I reacted in such a rude way. But as I also said, I’d like some help, I wanna talk to her more.” His expression serious as a kid trying to get the doughnuts from off the top of the fridge. @Arabelle
  6. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Shiro’s spear materialized out of thin air, the golden spectacle with lightning dancing around it spinning with the bottom landing on the ground between Ares and himself, “Then let’s get this done.” His familiar having floated herself back over to the boy he began scanning the area. What does he mean protect her? Why do I need to protect her? I’m no knight in shining armor. Besides, how do you know I’m a weak [censored]? His black hood hanging off the back of his head folds over itself as it turns with his head, searching for a monster they can handle. Felli floats by the masked man for a few moments, almost as if it were checking him out once again and then floating back over to the boy. Her blue flames nipped at his hands as he pushed her up to his spear. Her body breaking into six small flames and making two triangle around the blade of his weapon, spinning slowly in opposite directions, before a single flame engulfs the blade. Like cultists chanting in a circle. @Pinball
  7. A single word shot Shiro through the heart like an arrow. His face looks the part as well, except it’s a BRIGHT pink. “Love...” Was that what it was? Shiro has only ever known one woman that he loves, and definitely not in the same way. That was more a familial love, it was required. She’s kind of cute, but I wouldn’t say love. He clenches his fist and tries to focus on the task at hand. It’s not love... it can’t be... I’ve only known her for a short while. His eyes scan the area, but not actually grasping any information. “Love isn’t real. It’s just a release of dopamine and norepinephrine, nothing more than chemicals and general attraction.” Shiro lied, and it was obvious he was lying. He was always bad at lying, he believes in love, but not that he’ll ever be in it. His familiar danced on the leaves of a flower and The boy in black reaches down to pick it and practically falls forwards when Arabelle says the girl’s name. “What? Huh? Who? Wha- Wha- how?” He fumbles over his words, not sure what magic she used to figure out who Mishiro is, until she reveals that they’re best friends. That’s when Shiro finally realizes just how crazy this lady actually was. “Have you known this whole time?” He’s completely and utterly frustrated with himself for being so easily bamboozled by such a maniacal witch. He closes his fists again and pulls his hood up, grabs the plant and looks at her. “Lying isn’t sweet and innocent, nor is prying a kid for information.” His familiar flies over to the lady, floating around erratically like it was giving her sass. The boy nods towards his familiar and smiles before turning back towards the woods. “I agree with Felicity.” His tone sarcastic as he leans against a tree. @Arabelle
  8. The boy notices her reaction, thinking for a moment and begin’s speaking himself. “What’s your favorite floor?” He asks, trying to keep the conversation going. Carrying these things is exhausting, I’m never talking again after this. Of course that was an exaggeration, he was actually having fun. Despite being super anti social he had no problem talking to this girl. It wasn’t the same as talking to Mishiro, but it was definitely better than talking to Arabelle. She seems cool, but I feel like I’m annoying her. He pulls his hood further down forward, covering the majority of his head. The black hair under the black hood kind of made him look goth, but the rest of the black attire weren’t helping either. His eyes pan across the field and he looks at the girl. “Fine I’ll take the armor. Maybe I can use it for small adventures.” He smiles, like a child who just complimented someone. “Wanna go to a nearby cafe? I know a few that serve cookies, ice cream, and other sweets.” The smile had disappeared as his face turned back to the deadpan expression usually seen on his face. @Kirbs
  9. Huginn

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    The face he had in his mind started speaking. It was a surreal moment, like watching a dream come true. Not that he had thought about this exact moment before, he’s not a weirdo, but the image in his mind lined up with reality, and he was stuck between the two. Then she actually spoke, and he couldn’t be more surprised. The way she described walking around town was amazing, she understood what it means to do something fun. She looks at the little details, like an artist trying to recreate something. Then she asks him if he would like to accompany her on one of her excursions. “I would actually like that.” A genuine smile forms on his face as he looks across the wooden table and over the drink in front of her. His eyes locked themselves in place, like a missile tracking a target, the stayed on Mishiro’s eyes for a few moments before Shiro’s mind kicked back in. His cheeks turn a bright red as he quickly turns his gaze over to the waiters and other staff. He began to worry about if she would think he’s weird, or if she was just messing with him the whole time. @Mishiro
  10. As the town begins to come into view, the girl says something about quest rewards and the boy begins to think. Last time I did this I thought the quest rewards sucked, so I guess I’ll just take them and use them until I get better gear. His eyes shift towards her as he smiles genuinely. “Thanks.” His smile disappears, as he begins to think. “Though I’ll only need it for a little while, are you sure you don’t want it to sell to a merchant or something?” He asks, starting to get more comfortable around her. She wasn’t too loud, but she drew out a more talkative side of Shiro, and that made him feel like he was in control of the conversation. “I usually just play violin for fun. That and take walks in the dark.” He grins at the thought of playing the violin while walking through the beautifully dark fields of Aincrad. “I love the fourth floor at night. It’s never truly dark. The snow turns bluish but still reflects enough light to glisten. It’s amazingly beautiful.” While being quiet made him more at ease, she had an aura about her that made him wanna talk a bit more. @Kirbs
  11. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Shiro’s eyes dance between the girl and the masked weirdo. I don’t see why not, but still. That guy gives me the creeps... but Mishiro is actually fun to hang out with. He thinks for a moment and then opens his mouth. “I’ve got nothing better to do. I guess hanging out won’t be too bad.” He feared he may come to regret the words, but that was a problem for future Huginn. Right now he had to worry about figuring out who the masked man is. His eyes land on the orange cursor. I saw a list somewhere with some orange players on the first floor, but the odds of him being someone on that list are pretty low right? He tries to think back to the names on the list but literally doesn’t remember a single name on the list. It’s gonna be an issue if I can’t find out who he is. If he does cause trouble, I’m sure there’s nothing I could do anyways. He turns to the man who calls himself Ares. “How do you know Mishiro?” He asks, not worried about the origin of the masked stranger anymore. The familiar dances over to Mishiro playfully. Felli seemed happy around the girl, a lot like Shiro was, but less expressive being a flame and all. The flame floats around her in an upward spiral, finally floating in the air above the girl’s shoulder, happy as can be. @Pinball
  12. Shiro had no idea how to react, so he didn’t do anything. His steps were calm and precise, yet quick and short. His walking carries him on the verge of the light, avoiding the lady as best he can. The world is dark and scary. At least to most people, I think it’s amazing, the colors and sounds culminating in a serene world of sensory stimulation. The boy looks at the girl, and slows down, walking right next to her and turning towards her. What was that question I’ve used a thousand times. He thinks for a moment then realizes something, maybe if I can talk to her the whole way there I can distract her. “What do you like to do for fun?” He asks, his voice soft, almost like a shy kid talking to someone of the opposite sex... oh wait... The familiar’s light keeping his face lit slightly blue. His eyes moving back and forth between the girl’s face and the familiar. @Kirbs
  13. Shiro’s eyes lock on the girl as she follows up his attack flawlessly. Her grace with the weapon almost entrancing. Like a dance with a knife. Though Shiro’s mind was stuck on the wink she snuck him, turning his face a bright red. “Felli, stick with her on the way back.” He pushes the air behind the luminous being and forces it over towards Kirbs. The obvious blushing was supposed to be hidden in the darkness, but the familiar was brighter than he thought, making his red cheeks just as obvious, if not more obvious than before. It’s just cold, that’s it. The wink was just a joke Shiro, get a hold of yourself. He pulls his hood up and tries to hide under that too keep her from noticing anything out of the ordinary. Though she didn’t know him all too well, so the woman probably wouldn’t recognize anything he did as out of the ordinary, unless she was comparing his actions to a normal person. @Kirbs
  14. Huginn’s familiar danced around the red headed Brit, leaving him in the natural light. “I think it’s amazing out here.” His black outfit blending in with the night, save only for the dirt path lit by the silver strands dangling down gently. Her tone appeared to be that of someone who was in fear. He knew the tone all too well, it was the tone his voice carried every night when his father was working. “Guess we’ll hurry up then.” He launches out into the night, running as fast as he can. Like he was actually having fun an instinctive smile crosses his face. At this speed, the rays began to morph together and become a constant stream of bluish gray locked under the trees. His spear spins out and the flame of blue catches up to him and sits on the spear head as he slams it forward, narrowly missing the deltoid of the dark elf. Damn I missed. Why can’t I ever hit that attack? It seems like an easy attack to land, but I guess not. Huginn: 80/80 HP | 6/8 EN | 6 DMG | Para: 1 Dark Elf: 12/12 HP | 9 DMG @Kirbs
  15. The word dead sparks a look of pure terror on the boy’s face. Does she even realize what she just said to me? Damn, I thought people were supposed to be nice. She couldn’t have known what she just said to the boy, so he decides not to give her an ear full. Not like he could if he wanted to. He gives her a fake smile and walks ahead of her. These woods are dark and eerie at night, so I don’t blame her for being in a rush, but slow down. Take in the scenery. “Wait...” the word comes out without him realizing he had said something until he feels his mouth shut. “This Forrest is dark and loomy, but when the moonlight shines through it can be beautiful.” He walks, trying not to rush through the Forest. The talk of nature had forced him to open his mouth so he might as well continue. “I heard that the silver strings of moonlight can make for one spooky evening... but I’ve also heard it’s ideal for romantic settings.” His behavior had changed, ever so slightly. Like he was more relaxed, though his emotions still hidden for the most part, even through that last bit, not a drop of embarrassment seeps out. Like he didn’t know what he had just said, his words don’t affect how he feels. @Kirbs