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  1. The boy realizes what happens as the girl calls him dummy and bring up what she said before. She’s right. But she’s also wrong. I don’t like her. Women are so confusing. He backs away from her, not knowing what to do about What he was thinking. Do I like her? He looks up at the girl with purple hair and tilts his head. “Fine, I’ll tell you.” He spins and starts to walk with her as he begins to talk again. “There is a girl, but I’m not sure if I like her.” He keeps walking his familiar floating by him like it’s trying to annoy him. So he waves the small flame away and he begins to think for a moment. “I definitely don’t...” his hands fidget together as he continues, “not like her.” The poor explanation was the best he could come up with as he isn’t able to emote as well as everyone else in the world. The small flame moves over to the girl and looks back at Huginn, he had forgotten the familiar is a Will-o-wisp, which were like sprites. Plus, the familiar’s name is Felicity, so it was obviously a girl. “You’re right, I’m sorry Felli. Human girls are gross.” He says, looking over at @Arabelle, “You’re not so bad. Still, you should keep your distance.” He spins and walks out further into the woods, a few steps ahead of the girl. His eyes land on a rock, as he bends down and picks it up, getting another material.
  2. Huginn

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    He watches her expression not change at all. In the anime in the real world, a small cartoony Shiro would’ve popped up looking drained behind him, but this was real, for all intents and purposes. Well that expression wasn’t very helpful. All she did was bring up talking to me as a change of pace. His blushing disappeared entirely as he shifts his body, looking at the girl. “So...” He recomposes himself as he thinks on what to ask her. His mind begins to race, flipping between hot, topical questions like “what’s your favorite mathematical equation?” And “what’s your favorite paradox?” Almost like time hadn’t Passed at all, but was really an eternity for the boy, he follows up with, “What do you do for fun?” His tone falling back to emotionless, but inside he genuinely wanted to know. Something was different about her, she wasn’t too loud, she wasn’t too callous, she was dense but so is he. Her presence almost put him at ease, and his attention was drawn to her. Is this what being friends is like? Because this is weird. Next she’ll ask why I decided to join Aincrad. Then my bank account number, or even worse, my birthday. He slides his hands into his pockets despite being more comfortable with them out and looks down, avoiding her gaze even if it wasn’t on him. @Mishiro
  3. Shiro looks at the girl confused for a moment when she brings up taking a class and calls herself “the best” at Piano. “Well sharing my music is something I only do every once and a while. Only offered it to one girl.” He looks down at the ground and speaks softly. “And I’ve taken several classes, parents wanted their genius son to do more then just follow his sister around and cause trouble.” His tone as he speaks changing for a moment. She was getting to him. He looks up at her and tilts his head as she apologizes and then tells him to ignore something. “No need to justify the lecture. I rather enjoyed it. Gave me a new perspective.” He smiles to her, this smile looking genuine as it is. Innocent and full of life, unlike any smile anyone has seen from him before. Then she asks if he was sure there were no relationships in his life. Even widening the playing field by asking if there was anyone he liked. Normally a quick “No, end of discussion.” Would’ve cut her off and he would’ve walked away, which would’ve been much better than what actually happened. “Wha- no way... girls are gross. Eww. Cooties and stuff? Stay away.” A blush covers the boy’s entire face, and his eyes read clear as day he was lying. It obviously wasn’t the girl in front of him, he’s too calm otherwise. Do I like anyone? I don’t think I do. Of course there is this girl who is nice to me. And she even took me around the Christmas party, but... I don’t like her do I? His face reverts to normal, scrunches up and he thinks really hard. “No! Girls are gross. She’s gross.” He smiles as he says this, not knowing why. His eyes quickly glance around the new area he moved to as he leans his back against a tree and looks out into the distance for something out of place. Nada. “anyways, If you’d like, I’ll play a song for you. But the problem is, it’d be a waste of time, I couldn’t compare to the best.” He tried to use flattery and an entirely different thing to change the subject from anything remotely related to liking some girl he totally hates. @Arabelle
  4. Shiro’s attention is grabbed by a word he knew very well. So she plays piano? Doesn’t seem like the type to me, but who am I to judge? “I tried piano once, the playful tunes and the light dancing of notes. It was beautiful until I messed it up.” His words carry a light in his eyes, like he was actually interested. “I instead chose to play Violin.” A brown shape appears with a black blob close to the bottom and strings to the top. A violin falls into his hands as the bow appears in the other. His eyes move up towards her. “I play it on my own because I don’t like people hearing when I mess up, it makes me want to quit.” He slips the violin into his inventory as he scans the area underneath him and manages to come up empty handed once again. “Relationship issues?” He tilts his head at her and his voice slips back into the emotionless and empty sound from before. His quiet nature takes over as he slumps up against the tree and just watches the sky through the pin holes between the leaves. “I don’t have any relationship to have problems with.” He mumbles to himself as he thinks on whether she was talking to him or to herself. @Arabelle
  5. Shiro watches the girl for a moment as she speaks. His timid nature had seeped into the game and it always made him wonder if people were calling him weird behind his back. I’m probably not important enough to be spoken about. His emotionless expression changes for a brief moment, almost like he was disappointed. “Almost expected something more. Guess this isn’t that type of game.” A brief smile and chuckle can be heard from the boy as his familiar floats down next to him and then dances over to a plant on the ground. “So, I’m guessing by how much you talk you don’t do a lot of things alone.” He picks the flower up and looks at it, then at her. His eyes bounce between her and the flower a few times before he squints and dismisses the item into his inventory. It’s time I start gathering for myself. He looks over to the girl and thinks for a moment. What would Misako say? Think Shiro, think. His eyes light up and he looks genuinely excited to ask, “So what do you like to do for fun?” He slumps down by a tree and pulls himself tight into a ball. @Arabelle
  6. Shiro stands up straight after coming up empty handed once again. The scythe caught him off guard, yet he stands completely still. Not out of lack of fear, he was afraid, but he knew even if he tried, nothing could keep her from killing him right there. She then sheathes the weapon after making a remark.“I guess we could head deeper into the woods, even though technically the odds are exactly the same.” He says. He begins to think about what the girl was saying before and then comes to a realization. “They day the best adventures are taken with friends, but the best journeys are taken alone.” He remarks, his tone a little more open than before, but his face immediately shows a regression into a more emotionless state as she finally asks what she should call him. His head tilts, as he squints his eyes. “Doesn’t bother me either way.” He says, his words carrying no emotion. He looks on the ground, sitting and leaning up against a tree, as he turns to the girl and looks around. This place would be nice to practice violin, but it appears that other people could be showing up here from time to time, so the need to move would be on my mind constantly. He looks up to the girl and tilts his head, “Why’d you ask me to come along? There’s a few thousand players in this world, all of which are probably better suited for this than me, and yet, here we are.” He looks towards her but not at her, more like through her, or behind her. “It could be because of what you said earlier, and I was the closest faceless blob you could have help you then never talk to again, but I think there’s another reason. Then again, I’m not good with emotions and deeper thought processes, I’m only good at what can be measured.” His vision focuses in as he realizes how much he just said, he looks embarrassed then to the ground. “Sorry, I won’t talk anymore.” He adds quietly. ID: 112333 LD: 5 + 1 = 6 0 total @Arabelle
  7. Huginn

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Huginn’s ball of blue inconvenience comes drifting back towards him as he stands nervously around two players he had already met, one he was fairly certain was a maniac, the other was a true lady from what he could tell. “I’m just here for a drink.” He answers quietly and then hears her statement about a “Shiro-Chan” hmm, wonder who that is. It’s one of 10,000 names so it could be anyone. Except for the people in this little watering hole of course, but let’s not get into philosophy. His hands encapsulate the familiar as he hold it close, almost like it’s protecting him instead of him protecting it. Like the security blanket of a little child, he holds that glow close to him. He throws his hand up towards the person who stands behind the bar and asks for a water. “Who is Shiro-Chan and what do they have to do with me?” He asks himself quietly. The other player, the one he didn’t recognize, asked another question, something about who all is coming along and Shiro draws in his brows, tilts his head then looks up at the ceiling. He couldn’t decide, last time he fought with the colorful girl he had a decent time, but the other girl was loud and the boy drinking at such an early time, sad, was shaping up to follow the latter. Then he hears a name he recognized. A name that would make this trip more worth while than before. Mishiro will be there? Gotta wait do you don’t seem... “I’ll go.” The words are followed by a look of surprise from the boy. He didn’t usually make such impulsive decisions like this, but he had no idea what he was doing anyways. It’s not about Mishiro, is it? No. It couldn’t be. No girl is gonna change my decision, especially not her. She’s gross. He shakes his head and grabs his water, sitting down and drinking it like if he finished it that second he’d wake up in his bed the next morening and this awkward situation would just be a horrible dream. @Bell @Arabelle
  8. The boy’s eyes scan across the field again, and the girl behind him talks as he does this. This is true, if she is an info broker then I guess I’ll have an enemy. An awkward chuckle comes from the boy. “Then I’d have to disappear again.” He says, realizing he isn’t gonna find anything this time around. “It’s not like I don’t see you as a threat, it’s more like I don’t care.” He adds, sliding his hands in his pockets and standing around, his familiar just above his shoulder. Gathering is always boring, and even worse I have someone who’s always trying to make conversation. Should I cave and give her a conversation? Or should I just stay to myself? ”It’s not like I could do anything about it anyways.” His eyes still on the ground despite not having found anything. This game makes abusing power so much easier than in real life. In this game you get power just by doing small things like gathering, in the real world everything takes so much more work. He smirks a little, knowing he didn’t have to trust this girl who he was starting to question where she stood on the sanity scale, because it’s either she sells his info and he has people bugging him all the time, or she doesn’t and he has another person to avoid. ID: 111915 LD: 3 + 1 = 4 no mats found 0 total @Arabelle
  9. Huginn

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Shiro was hiding in a tavern trying to keep to himself because that’s what he does. Hoping no one will talk to him or bump into him or anything, and to do that, drawing attention was the last thing he wanted to do, so having a glowing blue familiar unlike any other was a bad idea, but Huginn loves his little Felli, just not everything she did. He had heard a familiar voice and was fighting the urge to look behind him to see who it was, but he was curious about who it was. Why does that voice sound so familiar? I’ve never done anything with anyone more than once. But before he could talk himself into turning around and looking his blue ball of glowing whatever it was made of floated away towards the girl with purple hair, son of a gun, why’d it have to be her? He calmly stands up and walks over to his familiar who is checking everyone out at the little group. Come on Felli, don’t do this, spare me the trouble and just execute me instead. His emotionless face drops into a slight frown for a moment as he reaches the side of the room with the small group. “Excuse me, could you hand me that glowy ball of annoyance?” He asks the girl who had done the tutorial quests with the boy.
  10. Shiro was minding his own business when he got an invite to a party from the girl who had just tried to list off a few nicknames for the boy. But Shiro is already a nickname because Misako hated saying Yamashiro. He sits in silence then decides to weigh in on the subject. A quiet “I don’t do nicknames.” Falls from his mouth. Maybe she heard, maybe she didn’t, what did he care? His eyes scan across the ground as he looks for something out of the ordinary. It’d Be best if after this I never interact with her again, that’s how this usually goes right? Meet them, do something and never see them again. Kind of makes these things stupid. His familiar floats down and hangs above a small flower, Delicately the young boy walks over as he grabs it and breaks the stem. “Do you want this one miss?” He never forgot his manners. Even trapped in such a hell as this one, he always felt like the people who spoke to him deserved the respect of manners. Sometimes he refused to treat people with such respect, but only if they deserve it. His emotionless eyes move up towards the girl, the only change from before is the tilt of his brow as he looks at her. It’s probably a weird thing to do, but it’s definitely the nicer route. And as she said, I am the one holding her back. He looks back down towards the flower and stands up. It’s a material, probably used for potions. It’s the most common use of plants, especially when chemistry was still called Alchemy. I wonder what effect this potion would have on a player. He pulls the flower up to smell it, maybe that would give him a hint. Nothing, never even smelled this before. How can a game give me this much information, yet skew it just enough so I’m lost? It’s kind of unfair. He stands and walks over towards the girl. ID: 111860 LD: 13 + 1 = 14 @Arabelle
  11. Shiro thinks for a moment. Of course; I’ve already made a fool of myself; and then tried to pull it off as being a dick. He tilts his head and looks up at the sky then rubs the back of his head. His eyes obviously balancing the options, as he nods and his familiar floats up and towards the girl like it’s analyzing her to see if she’s trustworthy or not. Oh shoot, if Felli doesn’t approve I guess she can’t come. The girl, not Felli. He wraps his hands around the blue glow as he pulls it towards him and chuckles lightly. What would Misako say? Let’s see... nice, considerate, scape goat. He thinks when his mouth opens and the first words that come to mind pop out. “Sure, why not? But the thing is I’ve made a... fool of myself already.” He says, turning and letting go of his familiar as it dances up towards his shoulder. That works, I guess. Er at least, I hope. He spins and begins to walk out towards the edge of town again, opening his menu and searching through the names of nearby players. “The name’s Shiro by the way.” He looks through towards the quest log as he reads up on the requirements, and he looks towards the glow above his shoulder. Don’t you have a helpful little enhancement for this? He plays with the flame as they reach the edge of town and step out into the field. @Arabelle
  12. The boy heard the girl walk past him, and he had no idea what to do. Damn it shiro, I’m sure she’s just gonna walk in and ask for the quest. Why can’t you do that? He sits in silence, playing with his familiar and watching the empty husks walking by, cause to him they were nothing, barely more than a distraction. So she goes in, asks for the quest and walks out, that seems reasonable. He hears the door start to move, so he drops his head back down to where it was before. "Hey," Shiro was caught off guard by the word, most people would’ve just ignored him and carried on their business, which was what he was hoping for. His eyes move up, as he squints and moves sluggishly, like a boy who had just woken up. “Yeah?” He looks at her, she looks loud. All I wanted to do was wait until someone said something that made sense as the activation dialogue, then I would’ve gone in. But no, this game has a funny way of taking your plans and telling you to shove it. He stands up and turns, but then she speaks again. “Didn’t know what to say, so I came out here and listened for clues. These crowds of people may be annoying, but people talk, and that is helpful to me.” He steps up into the shop and looks at the NPC. “I’m looking to get some basic knowledge about this game, heard you were the person to talk to.” His false sense of bravado keeping him just aware enough to remember that isn’t a real person, “I heard you ran the tutorial quest, wanted to give it a go.” He asks, and a window pops up as the shopkeep replies and he hits “accept” as he turns to walk out. ”Have a nice day ma’am.” He says, walking backwards, “Oh, and thanks.” He begins to walk away, not knowing what to take away from that interaction other than curling up in a ball is not such a good idea after all. @Arabelle
  13. Shiro stands outside of the shop he has heard about from so many people. Not people he spoke to, but instead people he passed on the street. His eyes scan up the door as they land on a sign. This is the place. They all look the same here, so I guess the sign is helpful. He walks up some stairs and opens the door walking in and turning to make sure the NPC doesn’t start talking to him. I’m sure if I ignore him the quest will just activate. Some games do that, and it would make sense if this game did too. There’s no dialogue options, or rather infinite dialogue options. His familiar’s blue glow floats out from his pocket and starts to dance around his head. It was obvious she was trying to get the boy to look at the NPC. Felli flew up to his ear as he felt her warmth brushing up against his skin. “What do you want Felli? I’m busy.” He whispers, turning and looking up at her. But apparently the playful nature of his familiar would be his undoing as she floated above his head. His eyes locked with the shop owner as he quickly turned back down and walked out. It’s completely reasonable to walk away, you don’t know what to say to activate the quest, and it appears the vicinity activation isn’t a mechanic in this game. This game is gonna be much worse than I thought. He sits by the entrance to the shop on the ground in a ball by himself. Except for the blue light floating above his head like his own little rain cloud. @Arabelle
  14. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Daybreak

    Shiro smiles, he had made his first ever friend. Of course, he wasn’t too excited, he had heard that can make him lose his friend. Gotta be cool, Misako always said that to me. Her question catches him off guard, can we be friends? I’m not the best person, but apparently that’s okay to her. He smiles, opening his inventory and sending her a friend request. He stands up and lays down a sum of col as well, also leaving a tip for the waiter and finishing the cup of black coffee. He then turns and walks up to the counter, “Do you guys sell Oreos here?” He asks, implying that he wants a bag. The NPC at the counter grabs a small pouch of cookies and hands them to the boy, as he smiles and hands her some col. “Thanks.” He walks out of the cafe, leaving that day behind him in satisfaction, after all, he couldn’t have asked for a better start for what becomes a less than beautiful day. He continues his search for his sister in the town, but as usual, the faceless see of players and NPCs swallows him whole, as he disappears from sight and continues towards a spot to eat his favorite snack. @Ghost
  15. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Daybreak

    Shiro smiles. So, that’s her go to question? I guess she’s just as bad at this as I am. “Back to your question before, about my hobbies, I didn’t answer because I thought I’d be interrupting you. But I mostly play violin anymore.” He says, then he thinks about her other question and begins to speak, but cuts himself off thinking on the question a little bit more. “I guess I’d have to say neither. The fear of constantly worrying about either of those would be enough to get myself killed.” He answers as truly as he can. But then he thinks on it a little more. “But, in this scenario, I have to give an answer, so I’d say how I die. It would take some of the fear out of my final moments.” He says, looking down at the necklace around him. I hope I die doing something I love. Or at least making a difference. I don’t want to fade into nothing and be forgotten, but sometimes that seems like the best course of action. If I make a mistake then the person forgets about me, it’s like I never messed up in the first place and their life is better without me. He frowns, pulling his gaze back up towards her and taking a drink. “What would your answer be? Also, about the park thing, it sounds nice.” @Ghost