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  1. Huginn

    [Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

    Tier: 1 Build: Stealth DPS Discord: Dustin#0430
  2. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Shiro’s spear twirls around again, his hand tightly grips the shaft as he throws his weight forward and the spear pushes clean through the monster and suddenly it explodes into blue shards and red pixels. The fight was finally over but Shiro still felt something weighing him down. Must be my low energy. He transfers his spear back into his inventory and whistles for Felli. Hoping the other two didn’t hear him as he turned around and slid his hands into his pockets, he had no idea what to do. They appeared to have something between them, whether it be a past or tension, it still pained the boy to watch... so he didn’t. He closed his eyes, shook his head and started walking the other way. Why did I even agree to come here? I could’ve just as easily stayed home and accomplished the same goal. He frowns, watching the grass underneath him as he steps over it. Why did I stay and fight? Why didn’t I just make Ares do it and leave long before the monster died? Why did I watch them? He was hoping to disappear into the plains, maybe he would never see that stupid mask and cloak again. He didn’t care either way. He just wanted to go to the inn and sleep for the rest of his life. Staying up and practicing seemed like it wasn’t working, but even still, he would keep doing it. Keep pushing himself to catch up with the frontliners, keep learning all the fancy tricks and nifty skills to try and find Muninn. He just wanted to know if his sister was okay. Even in this world, the boy had learned to live life the same way as before. Reserved and secretive were always much safer than open and outgoing, because that reveals weaknesses. Shows kinks in your armor. That’s why he felt weak, weighed down and sluggish around them. His right leg pushes out further than the last few times he had taken a step, and the next step was even longer. The strides kept growing until he was running as fast as he could as far as he could. He had to get away, had to be alone. He needed to hide, escape, disappear. This was how he did it. ———————————————————— Huginn: 80/80 HP | 2/8 EN | 5 DMG | 1 Para  Flytrap: 0/40 HP | 12 DMG [DEAD] [OOC: If no one stops Huginn, he’s leaving the thread. I won’t post next round unless he’s stopped.]
  3. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Shiro gripped the spear and spun it around, Felli being over by Mishiro made this a little easier if he was being honest. He liked Felli, but she could be a nuisance; every she sees someone new she always makes him approach them. Obviously Shiro wasn’t the best at talking to people, but he managed just fine when it came to Mishiro (Not really, but he likes to think so) and he was willing to get by with just managing to barely be friends with people. Normally though, it would be Misako pulling him to meet new people. Shiro hated that. It was his sister though, so he couldn’t do anything about it. Not again. His spear moves towards the monster in an arch slashing at the monster once again, but the vines holding up the flytrap separate just enough to allow the spear to go through without hurting it. Maybe Felli being away wasn’t so good after all. The small blue flame draws a halo above Mishiro’s head, and then splits in two, floating down next to her head and then orbiting her body at varying heights. Slowly she made her way around the girl and then floats over to the boy in the cloak with the mask. Her flame heats up a little, turning a little purple towards the Flickering top of her sprite. Anger was apparent in this little ball of anti-Shiro matter. Huginn: 80/80 HP | 2/8 EN | 5 DMG | 1 Para  Flytrap: 10/40 HP | 12 DMG
  4. Huginn

    [F1-PP] Opening up a Library

    Felli floats back up to Shiro’s shoulder and hovers there, but he ignores her. She always causes scenes and expects Shiro to deal with her crap. “Well ma’am, sorry for intruding.” His shy nature makes itself apparent again, as he can’t look her in the eye. He sheepishly sits down and waits for his regular glass of water. The bartender walks over and looks at the two of the players and the people that had caused the commotion. A tall man with red hair sets a glass down and pours a pitcher of Ice water into the glass. “Those kids are always causing trouble, thanks for taking care of them you two.” He looks between the two players and tilts his head. “If you’d like some more work, about three floors up there’s a bear I tracked, you’re welcome to kill them and I’ll pay you for it.” He explains with a smile on his face. This man gave Shiro the chills, but mainly because he was a complete stranger, but Shiro looks over to the lady and shrugs.
  5. The boy was watching on as the man found his second material. “The problem with serving food to people is I’m not... not very good at talking to people.” He explains, his mind moving back to the lady with black hair and how he has tried to talk to her a number of times, failing just about every time. Even worse was the purple haired girl who had taught him that speaking to people isn’t that hard. Gosh darn, I hate talking to people. He pulls his hood up and tilts his head. Something about this area keeps me on edge, but Felli seems to be comfortable. Huginn looks towards the man. ”Call for me when you’re done.” He leaps off the nearest rock, landing firmly in the tree. His eyes fall on the area as he surveys it. Nothing seems to stick out to him, but he still watches the area carefully. Stooping down and chewing on a stick he watches players that frequent the area walk around in search of mobs and materials, he watches them socialize and play around. A quick leap carries him to another branch, and he hears a conversation. One player was telling another about the quest where you fight the iron guardian thing. The other complains about being to weak and instead suggests the Avalanche quest. I could ask Hikoru to help me on that quest.
  6. Shiro watched as the man grabbed a material and explained that he was once a merchant. The boy’s mind began to run with why he wanted to change. Then he mentions something about playing Piano and Shiro gets to thinking. “I play Violin and a touch of piano if you ever need anyone to play while you cook.” he explains, looking around and realizing the man probably needed to do this for himself. “I’d help, but I don’t know if this quest allows for that.” He says, Felli floating around his torso playfully as he talks. “Felicity helps me find stuff sometimes, and she helps me see at night.” He smiles, giving her a little pat. He smiles and looks at the dirt dropping down to sit in it. “But mostly she helps me kill things so I can level up.” He says. He hadn’t mentioned that that had slowed down recently, and even though he still stayed up late every night to practice in the boonies, he couldn’t help but feel like if he was doing harder quests he’d be stronger. He was getting sluggish after a three night binge of hunting and killing, but what was he to do? Just let gap between the frontliners and the newbies grow? No, he was gonna try to bridge the gap and catch up to this man he was assisting.
  7. He seemed to be weirdly curious about Shiro, and it was understandable. Huginn had learned over the two years that frontliners were always risking their lives, so being on edge was a regular occurrence for them, but the boy wasn’t nearly strong enough to harm the man. “Stealth, but Felli likes to make that difficult for me.” He says, poking the familiar floating around him. “I did the math and the two handed assault spear does the most damage without needing to do a quest, and stealth makes it easier to not get hit, so I figured why not try to combine the two?” He pulls his hood up over his black hair, and he walks out into the field. Felli was having a field day messing with the boy who could be mistaken as goth. As the grass crunched beneath the boy’s feet he begins to wonder something. “Why did you just now decide to do this quest? You’re high level so I would’ve assumed you’d have done this already.” He explains, thinking he was onto something, maybe even make a little conversation, but wasn’t expecting much.
  8. “Okay...” His timid nature had made itself known once more. Sometimes when he doesn’t think about it, he can be a regular introvert. His hands slide into his pockets and Felli floats around him. Usually Felli would be hanging around the girl Shiro was usually with, but Shiro wasn’t worried about the small blue flame, and Felli wasn’t fond of people like Shiro. He turns to start walking towards the area he had stated was the best spot, but his steps were quiet and his movements sluggish, almost like he was scared. As they walk through the town on their way out, the boy begins to wonder why the man assisting him was helping him out. Shiro hadn’t even made a name for himself in any manner. He’s a shadow everyone usually forgets, but this frontliner asked him to accompany him. Of course, he had made it a public request anyone could join, but he still accepted a nobody with an all black outfit. “By the by, my player name is Huginn. In case you needed to know.” He says softly to the other player.
  9. “I’m Shiro... sir.” He responds to the player who had invited him on this quest. He decided in the beginning to keep his manners on point because even though he wasn’t with his parents to make them angry, he figured when they got out it would be better that he never broke the habit. “I would be happy to help you out.” He says, nodding and turning to look at the familiar of the man before him. His hand moves towards his familiar and While Shiro was worried, he figured nothing would happen to Felli. ”With all due respect, I think we should head out here soon.” He smiles and turns towards the southern gate. “I had heard the best place is somewhere out that way. South into the woods.” He says, looking back at the player. “I’m sorry... I’m sure you already know that.” He looks down to the ground.
  10. Huginn had been reading requests for the easiest ways to earn experience and maybe get a little better at what he does. His little blue flame floats around him and hovers by a very specific request. The earning a living quest. Doesn’t look like it’s that hard, besides, it’d be nice to see what I’ll be doing when I get a profession. He pulls the request off of the pin and walks out towards the central plaza. As he walks into the teleport plaza, he notices a frontliner. A very particular frontliner that he had spoken to at the christmas party. Should I talk to him? Maybe he’s busy and I shouldn’t bother him. Before Huginn could even work up the courage to convince himself to talk to the master of stealth himself, Felli takes it upon herself to fly over towards him out of nowhere. Her floating while erratic, gives off the vibe of endearing friend meeting an old pal. She was always so happy meeting new people, mainly because it annoyed Huginn and she apparently liked to annoy him. “Felli-“ he says as he follows her up to the player, and without saying a word, grabs Felli and pushes her back to right above his shoulder (where she belongs).
  11. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Huginn smiles as Felli floats back onto his spear and the blade glows green. It starts to twirl quickly around his body and the but of the spear hits the ground as he lifts his feet off of it. The momentum manages to push him up and forward, and his spear spins once more before chopping a piece of the monster off. The motion would appear smooth from a distance, but Huginn had fought the system, and as such he sloppily lopped off a tiny vine and didn’t even notice he had paralyzed it again. Mishiro’s words carry over and fill his mind. He was getting annoyed by everyone acting like they know how to fight better than him. Everyone fights differently. That’s what I hate about the system. That’s what I hate about people who think a simple ‘you’re doing it wrong’ is a form of commentary. Felli floats off of his spear and over towards Mishiro. She dances around, and Huginn smiles at the feisty familiar getting along with his favorite person (although he still wouldn’t admit it to anyone but that purple haired weirdo) around. ”Okay Felli, you can go hang with your friend.” He smiles softly at the two, and grips his spear, flipping it up into a battle ready stance once more. Huginn: 80/80 HP | 3/8 EN | 6 DMG | 1 Para Flytrap: 10/40 HP | 12 DMG [Paralyzed 1/1] @Pinball
  12. Yet again Felli hadn’t found anything, so Shiro sighs and pulls his familiar up towards him. Then the woman says those words. His face turns bright red and he buries it in his hands, a classic anime girl reaction but there’s nothing he can do about it. What does she know? Oh right... she knows Mishiro. He looks up at her, his face still red and he looks her in the eyes. “You know we still have to craft the potion right?” He asks, making she doesn’t try to just leave him after the fifth material is found. “Plus, you’ve still got a lot to tell me about. How to talk to girls, how to talk to girls I like, and how to get them to like me.” He says, being a little more assertive than before. ”Besides, you want the SP don’t you?” He asks, turning back to the familiar and the grass. He had already learned so much and now he wanted to learn more. @Arabelle
  13. Huginn

    [F1-PP] Opening up a Library

    Huginn had stopped in a tavern to get a bite to eat when suddenly some boys had made a commotion when they messed with a lady. Huginn tried to keep his head down and avoid the confrontation, until Felli had flown up and floated next to the lady. He recognized her, but couldn’t remember why he does. Fine, I guess. I spoil you Felli. The boy walks over and grabs the pint they placed in front of the girl and downs it. He sighs and hides the fact that the drink tastes like watered down urine. “More please.” He sets the mug down, looking at the girl and his familiar. Blending in was easy, all he had to do was be quiet and keep his head down, that’s how you get through life with no excitement. The hard part was sticking out, and that was his goal right now. When he had asked for a drink, his voice was quiet and scared, his face had the same message on it. You could tell he didn’t want to be doing this. His hood was up, and his familiar floated down in front of the lady. With Felli here, distracting them won’t be easy, especially with her trying to stay by that lady’s side. He sits down and picks up the mug, downing it again. “I don’t see why you guys like this stuff. The appeal in the real world is that it gets you drunk and then it doesn’t taste so bad.” He says, his face deadpan now. @Kataware
  14. Huginn

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    She had decided to go, and he was already tired so he really had no choice but to get up. Falling asleep in a public area like this is stupid, even if it’s in a safe zone. He had hunted all day like a fool once again. Something about the disparity between him and the people who were clearing the floors made him want to try harder, but his lethargic attitude kept him from actually making much progress. “Yes, I’m leaving as well.” He stands up and follows her out of the café, smiling at the panda. The sight of an animal always made the boy smile, especially pandas. They were his favorite animal back home and they reminded him of a better time. Once outside, she had explained that she will be handing over the finished product the next day, and then she thanked him for the day. He pulls back and puts his hands up, shaking them back at forth in an “I’m innocent” manner. “No, thank you. It really means a lot that you’re helping me try and find my sister.” He closes his eyes and drops his hands, smiling warmly as they move into his pockets. “Not like I’m much fun anyways.” He says quietly to himself. Of course, his tone was always that of a spineless 16 year old boy, and incredibly quiet so if she was used to talking to him, she could’ve heard him. His smile disappears and he looks back into the shop. “I should really head out.” He says, looking at the way the players inside were interacting with each other so easily, and beginning to wonder if he would ever have friends like that. Once they had said their goodbyes, the boy would walk away, pulling his hood up and still struggling to fight the smile on his face. @Mishiro
  15. Huginn

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Shiro was getting annoyed, this fight was taking quite a while and a lot of energy out of him. His spear spun around and gained momentum, and the boy begins to push himself. The heavy spear begins spinning faster, and faster and faster, until it looked like a solid gold disk with lightning dancing on it. The anger in his eyes was misplaced, he had no hatred for this creature in front of him, no disdain. Hell, most would say he was impartial. The only reason he wanted to kill this thing was to practice using his weapon. While the golden spear spins, the boys arm shifts, moving in front of him so the head of the spear moves across the front of the Flytrap, the lightning and blue fire moving into the wounds and stopping the monster in its tracks. Why am I so angry? What is going on? It’s not like she’s mine or anything, not by any definition of the word. Some wouldn’t even call us friends. She’s a means to an end, helping me find my sister. His frustration seemed to follow the same path as the lightning, seeking refuge in his weapon and escaping into the monster. “Holy crap, Felli. Way to go helling me out there.” He says, looking at the monster’s HP dropping a decent amount. The small blue flame detaches itself from the weapon, floating down next to Shiro’s ear and hovering there. What are you doing Felli? Its blue glow quarrels with the black of his jacket, his hood hiding his face from the other players. “Get back on my spear Felli.” His command seems more like a request however, as he cares to much for his familiar to get mad at her for being herself. After all, she was distracting him from the pain he had felt after watching the two. Some of him wanted to leave this fight, some of him wanted to kill Ares. Horrified at the thought, he gripped his spear and Felli dropped back onto the head. Huginn: 80/80 HP | 4/8 EN | 6 DMG | 1 Para Flytrap: 26/40 HP | 12 DMG [Paralyzed 1/1] @Pinball