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  1. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    August looked solemn for a brief moment, "Yeah I'm sure he'd like that..." However he quickly snapped out of it. "As much as I appreciate eating healthy, I don't think I could become a vegetarian, no offence of course, but meat is probably the most tasty thing. When its not processed and full of oil and surrounded by a bunch of fake cheese and stale buns. I can't really call myself a chef but I tend to prefer cooking my own meals to eating at McDonalds." He let out an embarrassed little chuckle, "unfortunately I'm also lazy, so I tend to just lie in bed and pig out on chips." August put a wide smile on his face, although this was not something to exactly be proud of. Kirbs was right, and August couldn't deny it that life was much easier in here, "Hm, funny about that. I think beyond it being easier, its a completely different experience. Like, in real life I would probably never pick up a sword, and I certainly wouldn't use it in the way that I've been using it in here." He wasn't exactly an "outdoorsy" kid, and most of the things he enjoyed doing, could be done from the comfort of his desk or bed. However, he also couldn't deny that he missed life outside of this castle. "How long do you think we'll be stuck in here?" This was probably a question many people asked themselves, and one that August asked himself very often, although he had never asked another person before. Perhaps it would be considered rude and put a damper on the conversation, "aah, personally, I don't think we'll be in here too much longer. The clearing group will get stronger and we'll start steamrolling through floors." @Kirbs
  2. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    "You'll have to tell me about some of them sometime then!" Truth be told, the extent to August's retro video game knowledge was surface level for the most part. He had specific knowledge about a few games but not any as a whole. He was immediately embarrassed that his country was known for the fast food industry, "Well, I suppose you could count those as American, but I suppose they're so widespread at this point that it can hardly be called anything. But okay wow, deep fried Oreos does not sound appealing in the slightest. You know, I heard this story once of a woman who deep fried a stick of butter. I don't know how, or why, but she just had this deep fried gooey mess. It almost made me puke just watching the video." Recalling back to it, the memory almost made him puke as well. "One of my friends was really into drawing before we came into this game, and he was really good at it too! He did fan art and stuff and I think he even managed to sell some of it for a few dollars here and there. I think you two would get along." August didn't want to make it clear that he was talking about his dead best friend, and he didn't particularly want to elaborate on it further than that, however he was certain there would be follow up questions that he would have to answer. "Hm, interesting. I have to say though, it's a bit of a deep dive to say the least. Nothing like anything I've ever played before. Not even other MMOs. Despite the obvious downsides, I kinda hope that you enjoy it. MMOs are a ton of fun, and I'm sure that this game would have been too, had it not been the way it is." August was sure that after the game was cleared, someone on the internet would manage to recreate it in a different form, without the obvious threat of death. @Kirbs
  3. After he had calmed down, the girls responded to his frustration, realising that they had seen his outburst, he turned a bright shade of red. Another thing that caught his attention was the strange way that the two talked, they seemed to be the same person, finishing each others sentences. It slightly creeped him out but he didn't say anything about it, everyone was different in their own way and had their own quirks. He sighed, letting all the frustration leave his body along with his breath. It was a technique he had taught himself long ago to let all of his frustration and anger go. If nothing else, it was the one thing he had learnt from his mother, who taught him that being frustrated and angry, while it felt good, resolved nothing in the end. "Yeah I suppose. Sorry, been a long week I guess." He let out a strange little laugh and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. He continued on looking through the shrubbery below him, hoping desperately to find something, however, luck was still not in his favour. Nothing was in the shrub except for disappointment. A light breezed blew past him, which caused him to look out through a clearing to the sprawling landscape of the first floor. The environment around him and the good weather changed his mood from bad to a pleasant one. It was a nice day and he was out somewhere he would never normally go.
  4. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    "Fair enough, its been a while since I've played them, so I can't exactly say I remember the games pixel for pixel." August joined her laugh, "There isn't exactly anything like that in this game, they're completely different entities, and on a completely different scale. But, I think they both have their appeal, and some people will like older handhelds and some people will like the virtual reality games that will probably already have come out, well..." After he said this, he realised that perhaps the negative publicity from SAO would kill the market for the NerveGear and thereby the market for virtual reality games. August could tell that Kirbs was clearly from the UK, it was probably one of the most recognisable accents, despite there being many of them. "If you asked me what kind of food the UK was known for, I think crumpets is all I could tell you about", he laughed and continued, "although to be fair, I think the US is mainly just a combination of a bunch of different kinds of foods that aren't originally from there. Unless you're counting all the disgusting creations that people make. Ew." The amount of deep-fried, oil filled foods that he had seen at some of the more popular fast food chains made his stomach churn. "Oh cool as! What kind of art? I did some scribbles as a kid but that's about it." August thought about it for a second, but it baffled him completely that every player that was still alive in the game was a completely different individual with their own lives and interests back in the real world. Say...What made you want to play SAO anyway?" August had always had an interest in MMOs and video games in general, they provided him with a way of socialising that he would be unable to do outside of them. @Kirbs
  5. He still had to stay put, this was perfectly fine with him. However he felt like he was slightly taking advantage of Black, the giant wasp was down a third of its health already and he hadn't even gone near it, let alone tried to attack it. "Alright! I'll stand by and watch to see if anything is coming. Players or otherwise." Beyond the monsters, the players in this game were a very real threat, since the first floor was cleared and up until now, there have been many reports of players and even entire guilds becoming <<PKers>> or as they're more formally known, player killers. These people were worse than scum in August's eyes, they scared lower level players and kept many in the towns and out of areas that would keep them leveling up. In essence, they were hindering the progress of the game, and killing people in the process. August didn't exactly have a deathwish, so he didn't move. Part of it was his body being locked up by fear, and the other part was following Black's instructions. However, Black seemed to have this whole situation under control, as the mob hadn't even managed to lay a finger on him yet. He wanted to yell out some encouragement but it would probably distract him more than anything else. @Black
  6. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    August looked away slightly, "Sorry! I didn't mean to say the name wasn't good! I like Kirby, its just, thats kind of the main mechanic of the old games." August wasn't quite sure what part of his comment might have offended her but he wanted to play it safe. "I quite like food too! Although I haven't actually had anything in this game that tastes anything like my favourite foods. The basic bread you can buy from NPCs doesn't taste good, and there isn't much else you can buy around here. I should get cooking but instead I think I'm going to get blacksmithing. Maybe if I can find someone who gets cooking I'd have to pay them to make me delicious meals." August laughed at the prospect, it was a bit stupid to consider enjoying things in this game like the taste of food, but while they were here, he thought that he might as well try to enjoy the simpler aspects of the system. "So what else do you enjoy doing? I obviously haven't seen you around before, so what have ya been spending your time doing? I've hung around in the town of beginnings for the better part of a year, or however long its been, I've kinda lost track of time." August stared off into space as he said this, his mind yet again wandering off as he lost his train of thought. @Kirbs
  7. The battle had begun and August was starting to get more and more stressed. Black didn't seemed phased at all by the monster and instead charged in headstrong to fight it. His orders were for August to stay back and wait for his signal to attack, which August was prepared to follow religiously given that he didn't want to die. Black stormed the giant bee and struck it with a force that August could only hope to reach, and the beast squealed and screeched as a large red line appeared up its abdomen. The creature appeared to be stunned, so it didn't offer any resistance as Black lined up for his next attack. August, however, still couldn't attack, because if he crit the monster then he would be its primary target. Any hit would kill him so he would rather it die slower than him be at risk of dying. "Just let me know when to attack! Rather be safe than sorry!" August yelled across the heat of battle. Surprisingly, for a semi-boss battle, it was fairly quiet. There wasn't music, or loud noises from the surrounding areas, it was eerily quiet, and it disturbed August slightly. However he re-focussed and drew his sword, ready for when it was his turn to attack. @Black
  8. "Yeah something like that, eh." Truth be told, August had left the Town of Beginnings before now, however when he did, his only friend died at the hands of one of the many kinds of monsters that inhabited this game world. Since then he had been stuck walking around the many shops and visiting all the NPCs that he could. It was only recently that he had emerged from the town and discovered all the wonders of the castle outside of the starting town. To August's amazement, this game was not something to exclusively be scared of, there were many amazing things to experience that he would normally never get to experience in real life. Similarly to him, the man named <<Black>> came from the US, "Oh nice, what state? I'm from Minnesota, nothing too interesting." It was clear that the man was much older than him, or at least it appeared that way to August. After giving a little speech a little screen appeared in front of him, a party invite. He thought about it for a second, this quest could ultimately mean his doom, however, these thoughts were quickly dispelled and he clicked the button, accepting Black's party invite. The plan was to play it safe, August figured that Black knew how hate worked so he would be able to manipulate it to make sure August never got hit. It was a pretty full-proof strategy, the only thing that could go wrong was it August got a critical strike, then he would either be on par or above Black's hate, meaning that he would become the primary target for the very pissed off bug. "Roger that, ahh, so far all I have is damage and accuracy enhancements." August made a feeble attempt not to sound stressed out by the looming battle, however he trusted the man's instincts. He brought up his stats screen, setting it on <<visible by party>> and turning it so the both of them could see. "I've only just started so my stats are a little low, but I reckon beating this mob will bring me up a few levels." Setting off the two reached a more dense part of the forest that signified the lair of the <<Queen Bee>> monster that they would be fighting. "Well, here we are, whats the plan?" @Black
  9. August had stood there for what felt like a couple of hours before he gave up on his endeavor, "Fine I'll do it myself", August proudly announced to himself, as no one around him was listening. He set off from the main town on the second floor, out into the wilderness of the second floor. The terrain here was noticeably different from the first floor. Where the first floor had rolling hills and luscious forests, the second floor was more arid and covered in mountain ranges. They both had their appeal of course, however the first floor felt more like home, as the majority of the time that he had spent in the game had been on the floor. The general layout of the second floor expanded out from the main city of <<Urbus>>, which was located in the middle of a giant crater, meaning that he would have to do some serious hiking in order to reach the quest location, however it would give him time on planning how not to die. The mob, from what he could gather, did exactly his health bar in damage, so if he got hit then he was done for. Which is entirely the reason he was looking for someone to help him in the first place, however, he guessed most of the people who were able to help him were not on the second floor, and even those that were probably had better things to be doing than helping some low level player. Coming up to a stream, he decided that he would take a break, as he had been on his feet for most of the day at this point. He heard the familiar sound of flowing water so he headed in that direction to take a break. However, as he approached he heard the sound of another player. Being cautious, he approached slowly with his hand on his sword. Not that it would do very much, considering how weak he was, but he didn't wan to take any chances. As he got closer, he saw a man and a ethereal familiar, not one that he recognised anyway. August decided that the best course of action would probably be to introduce himself and at least make himself seem presentable. "Hi there, haven't seen you around before. Nice to meet you, names <<CrownS>>. Cute pet you got there." The facade he put up was probably only slightly convincing at best and totally see through at worst, but he couldn't show weakness in front of another player, especially a stranger. "Actually, you seem strong, could you help me with a quest?" August brought up his menu and set it to publicly view-able, opening the quest text that was hidden behind several options. "I'm a bit weak, but I wanted to try and complete it anyway. If you're not busy then would you mind giving me a hand?" He turned the menu around and positioned it so that the man would be able to read what was on it. Pointing to a spot on the map he continued, "It's not far from here, probably only about 10 minutes, it will only take a short while to finish it too." @Black
  10. August sighed, the nostalgic sound of his sword entering its sheath filled his ears. He opened his inventory and unequipped it, since it would only get in his way while he wasn't using it. In the heat of the moment however, this could be his downfall, as if a mob appeared and surprise attacked him, he would be dead in the water. August felt confident that he would be safe for the rest of the day, as long as he didn't stay out until it got dark. Since the boar was now dead, August decided that it would be prudent to move on before the sounds of battle attracted any other boars in the surrounding area. His main goal was still to collect the five materials for the quest, however, as the day dragged on this seemed like a less and less likely goal. The only saving grace of this whole venture was that the environment around him was superb, and the weather was nice, so its not like he could complain about that. Walking through the forest, he thought that something shiny caught his eye so he walked towards it, leaving the trail. However once he reached the location, all that was there were simple plant models. The only problem now, was that August was hopelessly lost, and he couldn't see the path that he just came from.
  11. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    August felt bad for laughing, he realised that she was obviously embarrassed so he decided to control himself a bit more. "Yeah I always found buying old handhelds and restoring them to be fascinating. I have no idea how they work but I love taking them a part and then replacing old parts or putting in upgrades. I had one of those old gameboys and I put a backlit screen into it from videos online." He was proud of his work however he must have sounded like a massive nerd, getting all excited about the inner workings of a video game console. He let out an awkward cough and continued on with his little spiel, "I can understand that, I never really used my phone for much, social media wasn't really my thing before coming here I guess, still isn't." He stared off into space, his mind wandering slightly from the conversation. The first floor had a wall around it, however this wall was only a few dozen metres high, so a lot of the light from outside shone into the landscape. August stared out at the empty void, from here all he could see was the blue and white of the sky and clouds outside of the giant floating castle. Keying back into the conversation, he found her observation a little odd, "I wouldn't call it original to be honest, I'm sure there are hundreds of people in this game that have some variation of the word <<Crown>>, plus I think Kirbs is a nice name, it's nostalgic." He sighed and smiled, "Although to be honest the thing that I remember most about the games is that Kirby just ate and ate and ate, but I'm sure that's not what you were going for." @Kirbs
  12. This was it, his first battle in months was coming to a close. While it was only a basic, level one mob, August still felt a sense of accomplishment at actually making some progress towards reaching a higher level. For the rest of the day however, August conceded that he wanted to take things slow and he would just collect his materials through gathering and ignoring other mobs. This would not only be safer but would also most likely be faster and more efficient, as not all mobs are guaranteed to drop materials. In fact, this boar might not even drop a material. August prepared his sword as it once again shone with a blue glow. He charged at the mob, a clean, concise stab piercing the mob's hide before it could even react. With a squeal the mob shivered before exploding into dozens of diamond shaped polygons, typical of any object that was destroyed in this world. A small screen appeared before him reading <<Congratulations!>> You receive: 30 Col August stared blankly at the screen, he had not actually received anything of note from the mob. Letting out a soft sigh, he relented that it was only a low level mob and maybe if he fought something slightly stronger then it would yield better results. However, it was back to gathering for him.
  13. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    August let out a hearty laugh, he had never met someone as...Interesting? As this girl appeared to be. It was clear to him that she was nervous, however he was unsure why she was. It seemed as though she was talking to herself rather than him, which made him raise his eyebrow slightly, "Yeah definitely a squirrel" he said, trying to sooth her discomfort by going along with her story. However he couldn't stifle his laugh, and felt slightly bad, as she could take ti as him making fun of her. With an awkward cough, he moved on, "I thought so! I used to love those games as a kid, well I'm still a kid I guess but when I was really young I used to play those games on the old handheld Nintendo consoles." The memories of these games brought back a wave of feelings that he hadn't felt since he was a young child. His parents bought him a Nintendo Gameboy Advance and one of the games that came with it was one of the old Kirby games. "I can't say my name is based on anything in particular. I chose it when I was young because it sounded cool. Now that I think about it, people have made fun of me for it. But it kinda just stuck so, its my name on everything." It was true that his name was chosen at random, however he liked the name and he used it in every other game he played, so perhaps he would run into someone who recognised him eventually.
  14. August only needed one more attack before the boar would go down, as its HP bar was now in the red, this was also clear from the digital animal's demeanour. It was clearly exhausted as it struggled to stand straight and was wobbling slightly, forcing it to correct its footing every slight movement it made. August was not in the clear either however, as he had also received a hit from the boar. The difference being however that due to the way the game was coded, August didn't feel the pain from the hit he had received. This gave him a slight advantage over the AI coded boar. He stared the boar down and charged again, his sword lighting up a powerful sky coloured blue, he was just about to reach the mob when his foot caught one of the outstanding roots, stumbling into the horns of the boar he was fighting. They dug into his abdomen, revealing big red gashes as exit holes where the horns had punctured his side. Rolling away he got up again, and noticed that the bar at the top of his screen went down again, now it was about a quarter empty. This is getting bad August thought to himself as he drew his sword again, ready to attack. MOB STATS: HP: 2 Damage: 3 CrownS STATS: HP: 14 Damage: 3
  15. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    The girl seemed about as socially adept as August was, and she probably felt the same surprise and reservation that he did. What do I do now? August thought to himself as he sat down. D...Did she say her name twice? He caught himself thinking, maybe he had just heard her wrong and she didn't, either way he laid back and resumed staring at the stone ceiling above him. "Yeah I normally stay inside the town of beginnings, but every now and then I come out to here. There aren't any mob spawns around here so I usually don't get interrupted. I haven't seen any players pass through here either, so that would make you the first." It was a stroke of lucky that someone had come by just as he was feeling lonely. However the view was a little disappointing, "I kinda wish we could see the actual sky, instead of this stone one" he accidentally blurted out without realising, August's thoughts had drifted off as per usual. He turned his head towards the girl, even though asking about real names was considered rude, he wasn't sure about the stigma in regards to usernames, "So you said your username was Kirbs, right? Has that got anything to do with the video game character?" Without thinking about it, one could see how this could be considered as rude. @Kirbs