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  1. Percy felt a bit sorry even more not knowing what he did made him just try to think even harder but then he snapped his fingers as they both were done speaking, "One! Sorry again, Two! um... I will make sure nothing Hits you, if there is anything that will hit you," Percy said with a smile before getting dragged by Camaron, " Oi Oi Oi, Bloody darn it Cami, you keep doing that I will probely lose my arm one day," He said making sure to let Cami know that she did it too much dragging him along everywhere. Then Camaron said to them to be friends and all and Percy nodded, "Okay Friends, got it, I will be a nice person just for you and your friend here, sooo." He said still getting dragged along with Cami not even trying to struggle out of it and just accepting that he was being dragged by her, "We started off on the wrong side of the table, how about we start at dawn and redo, I start. Name Is Lotus or Percy pleasure to meet you" Percy said to Shinchona. @Sentoi
  2. Percy was a bit surprised by the sudden attack from the girl and taken back by what she was saying "Um... Sorry, think we got off the wr..." He was saying before he seemed to be under broken by the sudden appearance by Camaron hugging the girl next to him confirming that this was their pen pal. Percy started to scratch his head awkwardly a bit, he was trying to take a few steps away but it seemed Camaron was faster and grabbed him pushing him forwards at that point Percy's face became red of shame, "H...He! Don't push me, will you." he said fast before staring right at the girl. "Sorry," Percy said quick giving the girl a hand to shake "If you hate me please do, But don't hate Cami dear here, is too innocent," he said turning around and pushing Camaron right next to the girl "Cami, Sorry think I messed up, but yeah It would be typical me right?" Percy said with a smile standing on his toes a bit and leaning on Camaron's shoulder. "And how I knew your Name tag well... I may or may not looked into Cami's chat history by accident, and saw the chat with someone called Sentoi," Percy said with a smile trying to sound a nice person. @Sentoi
  3. still getting dragged by Camaron, Percy pulls himself and smiled, "Come on Cami, It takes forever to find someone our height and with that description, I be going back to the gate," Percy said taking a fast sprint away from Cami. Looking back fast to see if Camaron followed the redhead Percy just went faster and faster until he got at the gate again waiting for Camaron to appear as well. Percy looked a bit around spotting a female player around his height and walked up to them, "How do you do miss," Percy said to the player who he did not know yet but soon was going to know, "Name is Lotus, what brings you here? Same as me anticipating for a friend to manifest or just going on experience?" Percy asked the girl. The Girl was the same height as him surely from Japan and somehow fully fitted the description Camaron just gave them, long dark hair usually in a ponytail- and kinda pale skin. But Percy did not really pay attention to it until he thought about it, "wait... Are you fricking kidding me... Bloody hell, are you by any change Shinchona, If so, Cami going to love this," They said with a smile to the other player. @Sentoi
  4. "Yeez Well, Don't have to say it like that Cami," Percy said as he then got dragged by Camaron going back into the town, "I Am no mere child, Stop bloody dragging me," He said trying to get out of the grip until Camaron took up speed and Percy had to get in small jog as well keeping up with Camaron, "Cami Dear, you know It would help is I would know what she looked like, It like finding a penny on the street," He said still getting dragged along by Camaron. Percy became a bit irritated that Camaron kept dragging him and he wanted to walk for so he placed the act he always did when Camaron started dragging him for too long. Placing his Heels into the ground and also stopping Camaron in her tracks, "Camaron Queen, I demand you to let you of your Husband hand Me, Percy King," he said a bit loud before starting to laugh at it a bit, "Sorry... Just had to do it again, It been a long time you dragged me along," He said getting out of the grip from Camaron, "Thanks Cami," he said pulling out his tongue at her. @Sentoi
  5. Getting a quick flick in his right arm and a light kick in his shin Percy only respond with, "Darn it, Yout still fast, AND YES, I do call you Cami Dear," Percy said going with his hand into his hair. As both were now up from the ground Percy got another question thrown at him, "Well, I have been going Might fine I guest, No fancy parties. No Bowties, Free like a bird on the northern wind." he said before thinking about the name Cami asked for where they were, "Wait, Shin who now... ooh, I forgot about them, Pen pal right. Sorry Not the smartest chicken in the flock here," he said scratching his head. He looked into his menu and opened Message, "You know their Gamer tag, or username or Whatever, we can send them a message if they are on the same floor," he said starting to poke Cami a bit before he remembered it, Cami called their friend Sentoi until they somehow changed names and Percy started to joke a bit about a sudden name change and of fast that could be done in Japan if it was just like that. "Okay Sorry I poked you Cami dear, It just helps me remember, So Sending a message to Sentoi, Got it," he said starting to write a message to them. To: @Sentoi Don't fear, Percy Frinking King is here. Hiy Hiy mate, Maybe you know me, but I'm Percy, ye Pen pals best mate. We just wanted to know were the bleeding hell you are, Reply fast, we be standing outside the gate, Cami wanted to do some quest I heard.
  6. Percy was getting ready or do I have to say Lotus as that was his name tag in this world now, But well. Percy was getting ready to leave the inn he was staying in and getting ready to meet up with his best mate Cameron or Cami for him. This is going to be jolly fun, innit, getting to see miss Queen again, he thought jokingly a bit before opening the door and getting outside. It seemed to be quite busy on the road and Percy moved into the street making his way to the place he was going to meet up with Cami. He did not want to come late and took a bit of a sprint to get to the spot, His blue short Kimono moved on the wind while he was wearing a white tank top and what almost looked on divers pants. While running his hair came a bit in his eye and while running he tried to get a knot into his hair, Bleeding hell, this is long, people move outa way, Moving zigzagging around NPC's and players. Once getting outside of the town of beginners Percy slowed his tempo down and got to the spot they needed to meet, "It's Half Past 12, Where the bloody hell is that wanker," He sat low to himself looking around a bit. He looked down for one second and then seemed to be tackled to the ground with a loud yell to his name, Turning to see who it was Percy was face to face with Cameron or Well Cami, "Nothin much, getting grounded by, THE ONE, THE ONLY..." He made a dramatic pause, "CAMI!" He smiled pushing her from him to get free, "How you do, Hey Hope you didnit forget Pinch punch, first of the month?" He says with a smile getting his hand ready waiting for Cami's response. @Caprice @Sentoi
  7. Lotus sniffed a bit around answering the shopkeeper, "I'm doing mighty fine, And sure, we all have to learn. Old, young, The Timid and the bold, we all need to learn," he says looking still quite amazed by things that were around. Then he hears the Shopkeeper again saying his items are ready for pickup and Lotus moves over to the counter. Lotus looks at the items and his shield for sure and it a bit amazed that is was a perfect item and not a rare, and the only thing Lotus this was smile at the shopkeeper, "Innit amazing, Thank you mate, I appreciate it. Must be a stroke of luck then. Well cya later farrier," he said taking the items and waving the shopkeeper goodbye before leaving the shop. +Guardian King's Blade Shield | Guardian's Shoulder plate
  8. Lotus walks into the shop of this man he heard about, it seemed this man had a small discount to players under level 15 and Lotus was under that level so he really did want that small discount for sure. Opening the door and walking in Lotus greeted the shopkeeper with a small British accent. "How do you do Sir? I heard of your humble estate and wanted to ask if I could place down an order, so I can help my friend," he said to the shopkeeper giving the shopkeeper a small note with the things he wanted and started to look around a bit more, "Lovely place you got here, Truly magnificent , you Properly would pull a blinder trying to make things I ordered," walking back to the counter and giving the materials he needed to pay, "Here already a front check, I Will be around your shop sir," He said starting to look around again Paid 5 materials Name: Guardian King's Blade Shield Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Shield Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: Thorns 2 Description: Rectangular Targe shield being a bit longer than the user's lower arm, The bottom of the shield is rounded as a blade. With Spiked Side and one Spike in the middle. The side of the shield are black and the middle is blue and a yellow crown at the bottom. Post Link: [Leave Blank] Name: Guardian's Shoulder plate Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation 3 Description: A big metal black shoulder plate mounted to the right shoulder at the front of the shoulder plate is a logo of a Lotus. At the top of the shoulder, plate goes up to the user's face and protect a small bit of the user's neck. Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  9. Lotus

    Lotus's storybook

    Username: Lotus Real name: Percy King Age: 18 Gender: male Height: 5’8” History Percy comes from England around London where his Family is quite wealthy as well. Being this wealthy Percy his father was second hand at a cybersecurity company that was run by his friends’ father. Both he and his friend seemed to be quite good terms and both seemed to be talented as well going to fancy parties and more. Percy’s mother was a historian and was quite a bit fond of the old history from Greeks, British and Japanese. This is what brought Percy into the world of History. His father was not home much as he was on quite a few business trips with his boss. While Percy and his mom stayed home they hanged around quite a bit with each other and Percy learned about his name and what it was meant. Later in School Percy and his childhood friend came into the same class and joined into the same soccer team getting used to each other quite a bit and it seemed like they did nothing without the other person around them. It seemed Percy here made sure to show how good he was at most things and became a bit of a show-off but you could easily put him into his place by showing him better. Percy made quite a few friends on school as he and both his childhood friend seemed to be popular and Percy even went a bit far with protecting his friend and punched an adult into the middle area. Percy, later on, became quite bored of the fancy parties and other things and grow quite rebellious, getting into trouble a bit more and looking for action to watch. Even tho he grew a bit of a rebel side he kept his posh behavior and seemed to be quite well mannered. Percy was seeking the trill a bit but he lost that once his childhood friends moved to Japan with her father. Percy after that grew a bit tired of everything and seemed to lose his must of going, His father noticed this once they got talking on the phone and all and after a few months he got Percy and his mother moved to Japan to be closer to him and be closer to the people the grew up with. Once in Japan, he got to meet his childhood friend as he was told about a game SAO and he was getting happy to join his friend in this Personality Percy is quite friendly and generous guy, always up for the dress and you rarely see him without his proper clothing, well at least near his father and mother. Percy would never seem to get into a fight, but for sure he cares for his friends and is quite protective around them making sure they don't get hurt. Even if his Name was King he would be a bit of a king as he saw himself as a better person and everyone needed to like him. Percy was quite Loyal as well and would be called Royal Knight Sir King. but mostly Percy likes things around knights and even greeks history so he sees Soldiers like Knights and other historical things. He also is quite a big on his vocabulary. Virtues: Loyal - As a thing, Percy always was quite a loyal friend to people and others. He would give you his word quite quick and if he promised something he will make sure he keeps that promise. Percy never backs down on things he said and keep going until he did what he said showing how Loyal he is. Guardian - Percy always looked out for his friend, he maybe looks like the rich kid on school sometimes but truly Percy could keep up his fists to beat down someone if they attacked his friends. he always seemed to protect his friends and never lets anything hurt them. Always making sure he was there for his friends being there support in taking the hit was mostly his goal even going so far jumping in front of an attack of a enemy. properly mannered - He is surely growing up to be a person with a cloak as Percy is on the outside quite properly mannered to people. speaking in calm and nice tones to them and sounding like your normal Poch person, never swearing or anything. at least not around new faces. Flaws: Show Off - Percy has always been a show off at most times he would love to show other people how good he is at things. sometimes even in the middle of the thing, he is going getting his attention away from another thing that he is doing at the time. Making him a show off will be getting on your nerves if you don’t know him that good. Fear Of Failure - Percy may be a show-off at times but if things don’t go the way he wanted them to go he gets a panic and starts to act a bit lost and does not know what to do. He would be getting mad at himself and later end up being quiet and shame himself quite a bit. Even if Percy knows he does it well he end up still being mad as he thinks he can do better and. Rebellious - He was quite a bit of a rebel as Percy maybe got out of a wealthy family and well mannered. But being a bit of a rebel Percy seemed to go off the path quite a bit and getting things done in other ways maybe even getting into some unneeded trouble. He never shows he rebellious nature around new faces and once you be around him a bit more you will notice that he speaks back quite a lot. Skills Inventory