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  1. Zuekin knew he was right he needed to get the Martial arts skill so he could up his damage but for now he had other things to worry about as the overgrown bug dislodged itself from the wall and started making its way towards calrex. He said something Zuekin couldn't quite make out but his ears did catch on one word 'aggro' an thats when Calrex banged on his shield for the second time but this time something was different about it, it didn't seem to be as condensed as it had been Zuekin had no idea why it was but it didn't really matter. The next thing he saw was the wasp attack Calrex, he immediately looked at the health bar above his head expecting to see it move but it didn't even budge 'did that thing even hit him, I'm pretty sure it hit him..' interrupting his thoughts was the sound of an explosion not a very loud or large on but enough of which it got his attention, looking back at Calrex and the wasp he noticed a little smoke coming of the stunned creature that was now below half health 'so he has thorns too but it would seem his is some kind of blast type' not wasting anymore time Zuekin ran up behind the mob and jumped up landing a solid kick to its head pushing it a few feet away from them and landing next to Calrex "that's some pretty lethal thorns you got there how did you get it to do that?" pointing a finger at the Wasp's smoldering thorax.
  2. "Well that's a neat trick" referring to how Calrex equipped his shield as he marched up to the the over grown wasp and smacked his spear against his shield resulting in a shockwave that seemed not only to get the Queen's attention but also shake the very cave they were in "ok now that's pretty cool but watch out for her" but it didn't matter the wasp had swung to wide and got it's claw stuck in a stalactite. Zuekin didn't even wait for Calrex to say anything he just moved on instinct he pressed down on the rocky floor of the cave with his back foot with enough strength that it cracked slightly from the pressure "your mine" he said as he pushed off the ground picking up bits of stone and rock from the launch as he neared her he pulled his fist all the way back aiming for the bit that connected it's head to it's torso but the wasp lowered it's head just in time to get a face full of Zuekin's heavily armored fist. The force from the impact was enough to break her free of the stalactite but sent her flying into a wall with a loud thud "ha gotcha" landing back on the ground safely Zuekin turned to the bluenette with a grin "not to shaybie for a newbie huh?"
  3. Zuekin had just bought tea leaves from a nearby stall vendor for his meditation and was on his way to the outskirts of town when he crossed paths with a fairly large group of players all standing outside of some alchemy shop 'i wonder what all of these people are doing here' he wondered as he tried to maneuver through the crowd but he didn't seem to be bothering anyone as he pushed passed player after player that was until he tripped over someone's feet and fell face first into a girl standing in the midst of the crowd bringing both of them crashing to the ground. 'come on is this how I'm meeting everyone now by running into them' as he picked himself back up and brushed himself off he looked down at the girl she looked to be a little older than him but maybe that wasn't the case either way he reached out a hand to her to help her up "sorry about that miss I didn't mean to run into you honestly" after he apologized he took a moment to look around seeing that people were starring at them "nothing to see here just an accidental collision move along people" that seemed to work to some extent as people turned there attention back to whatever they were doing before. Turning back to the woman he had ran into he continued "I really am sorry about that if there is anything I can do to make it up to you let me know" he gave her a warm smile hoping she would forgive him.
  4. "Ok then we will do it your way I'll attack while you'll defend" he said responding to Calrex's suggestion. His concern for his wellbeing was refreshing to say the least, the only other person he had met like him in his life was his mentor Mitsuki she had been a kind yet strict teacher always pushing him to his limits and then pushed harder it was thanks to her that he is what he is. Coming back to the present Zuekin heard the bluenette inform him that he should be able to see the cave now "ok then let's find it" using the hill they were on he scanned the surrounding area. Zuekin didn't see any signs of a cave 'if I were a cave where would I be' looking around again he still saw nothing 'huh, I'd think that it would be easy to spot this thing on top of this hill' and then it hit him maybe they couldn't see it because they were standing on it. Zuekin moved down to the base of the hill began to circle it, and sure enough nestled in a steep part of the hill was an entrance to a cave "well look at that we were standing on it the entire time" stopping before going to close to the entrance he gestured for Calrex to take the lead "let get this started shall we" with that he entered getting the first look at this feild boss and it wasn't disappointing in the least heck its size was the most impressive thing about it, it was at least twice his size "at least it's not disappointing." ((OOC- hey you roll for the mob since you are last)) @Calrex
  5. As he listened to everything Vigilon said his face slowly started to change back to its cheerful demeanor as a smile crept across it. "Your right there are a lot of things people miss when the rush through a floor and there are a lot of people that need help, I'm glad there are other people like me that want to help those who need it." By the time he finished Zuekin had a goofy smile on his face and what Vigilon said next made him laugh, due to there situation it was kinda funny "once again your right you do only live once that's why you should enjoy it I mean yes this place is a prison but that isn't going to stop me from having fun and meeting new people and yes I do believe that people should help others stay alive that way they can get out of this place too." But what he hadn't realized was that Vigilon was leading up to something that he wasn't expecting.... player killers "I know about pkers and to tell you the truth I hate them I hate that they take from us our friends and our most precious gift life I hate that there are people like that I wish I could stop them but I'm not strong enough yet." Taking a deep breath to calm himself he continued "that's why I want to become the strongest so I can use that power to save everyone I don't care what happens to me as long as everyone else is safe I'll do what ever it takes" @Vigilon
  6. While Zuekin waited for the man to respond he enjoyed a small breeze that drifted by closing his eyes and tilting his head back a little, even as Calrex answered his request Zuekin did not make any sign of moving until the breeze passed "well thank you Calrex not just for helping me out but for your help with everyone before me" after Zuekin responded he went back to enjoying the wind that was until the bluenette said something that caught him off guard 'he wants me to take on the dps roll, crap I don't have the Martial arts skill yet I've mostly been using the thorns on my armor to deal damage crap, crap, crap' after he was done mentally scolding himself Zuekin turned towards Calrex to respond "well you see I don't have the Martial arts skill yet the wraps I have are for accuracy currently, I have been using my thorns to kill monsters but if you want me to I can still take the lead if you want, but what we could do for the first attack we could let it hit me once then we can switch then when my health is back up we switch again and repeat the process if it isn't dead already, sound good." And then he said something even more surprising this time about him needing to be careful with his wish and that it is a heavy burden carrying thousands of lives on your shoulders "don't worry Calrex I'm prepared to carry that burden even if I have to do it alone I will." @Calrex
  7. Zuekin had been looking at the notice board searching for any low level players in need of a tank for a few minutes, and he had seen a couple of requests but none of them seemed to be what he was looking for "enough" he said in a low voice taking a step back from the board and shaking his head "ok the next on I see I'm foing" this time he unintentionally spoke loud enough that anyone near him could hear. His eyes scanned the board again passing over material and some missing persons notices until his gaze crossed over a request for hell on a quest it read. Hello everyone! Grimm here. I need some help with a quest, specifically one called "Secret Forest of Medicine". I'm too low level to take the quest alone. I'll be waiting outside of the town where you get the quest by the road. Thanks. "I guess that will do" turning away from the board he started towards the exit of town "now to find this Grimm character" as Zuekin exited the town he could see two figures waiting, one sitting next to a lamp post and the other leaning on the stone wall next to the road. He walked within earshot of them before asking the obvious question "hey are one of you guys Grimm?" @Ghost
  8. Zuekin sat down in the grass in a meditation pose but not to meditate but listen as Calrex gave him all of his opinions and facts from Zuekin's armor to the difference between an ordinary field monster and a field boss. He even bluntly told him that his healing factor would probably not be enough to keep up with the boss's damage output. He didn't answer right away not because he didn't want to but due to the fact that the bluenette wasn't finished he continued to confirm that he was a tier three but not just that, he was one of the highest level players in Aincrad currently. 'wow this guy is no joke' he thought as he continued to listen as Calrex told him about the frontlines and that he had been in over a dozen floor raids. "Ok, first I want to say how awesome it is that you have stuck it to Aincrad for so long, and second" Zuekin stood up for this next part clearing his throat before continuing "since your one of the highest level players if not the highest then what I'm about to ask of you may be a little tedious but would you mind helping me out I can't pay you to be honest but I can pledge you my service, when I get high enough in level I will join you on the frontlines." Stopping to take a breath and pointed right at Calrex "for I strive to become the strongest player in Aincrad and use my power to help save everyone in this world and to do that I will need to surpass you and everyone close to your level of strength" @Calrex
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    Can I get some Combat Support?

    Well I'm lvl 1 but I've got 8mit and Regen with thorns
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  12. "Well Thanks for all of your help Calrex" so all Zuekin had to to do was go back to town find the NPC accept the quest and go kill the elusive bee easy enough. He was about to leave again when Calrex asked something that surprised Zuekin a little he wanted to know what level he was but it didn't seem like he was hostile at least not towards people so what's the harm "I guess it's only fair since you have already told me so much let's see where to begin well I guess the best way to start would be my level of course I'm level one though, but don't let that fool you my stats let me easily take down any mob that spawns on me due to my level thanks to my thorns plus my rank in heavy armor and my Regen I can fight four at a time and they still couldn't kill me" hopefully he would be satisfied with that answer Zuekin decided to sit down in a meditation position and take a moment to enjoy the view since he was going to be here a little longer "hey so if I've pieced this together correctly you are a high teir three" taking a moment to let him answer before he continued "if you are do you fight on the frontlines and if you do what is it like" @Calrex
  13. "Hidden in a moving cave huh, well that makes things harder doesn't it" placing his hand on his chin Zuekin thought long and hard on what to do and wether or not to even take this quest 'should I even do this quest it could be just some weak insect that I won't even be able to properly fight because of my thorns dang it' while he was thinking Calrex told him about the guestimated level requirement to scare of low level mobs "you make it sound like tier two is nothing does that mean your even stronger than that.... aww man now I really want to spar with you but I know you'd probably beat me in one blow so it's back to me deciding wether or not to do this quest" Zuekin pondered a little bit longer but sure enough his hunger for battle won "well I guess the first thing I need to do is find this NPC thanks for the help Calrex" Zuekin bowed and turned to walk away but stopped in his tracks and facepalmed as it dawned on him that he had no idea where to find the NPC. Turning back towards Calrex his forehead now slightly pink from the facepalm "hey you wouldn't happen to know where this quest giver is would you" @Calrex
  14. Zuekin's listened to the man's response but what he said surprised him a little bit 'why would the mobs avoid this guy unless...' he took a moment to ponder this but couldn't come up with any reason but that this guy must be extremely tough to scare mobs off. "Nah it's fine I was actually looking for a specific mob it's some kind of bee, but I'm not to hung up on it I had overheard some people talking about it and thought it might be worth checking out" looking around again he still couldn't see any signs of life but at least the weather was nice "you must be pretty strong if the mobs are purposefully avoiding you, but what level gets you that kind of fear from creatures you've got to be at least high tier two" Zuekin started to get excited just thinking about how much fun it would be to spare with him "oh, where are my manners I haven't introduced myself the name is Zuekin" stopping to reach out to shake his hand leaving it there until did "and you are" @Calrex