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  1. "Hello is anyone here" Zuekin asked when he opened the door to a small apothecary on floor one inside the town of beginnings "yes, give me just a moment and I'll be right out with you" said a voice coming from a backroom in the shop "no worries take your time" he answered back Zuekin wasn't in any hurry since he heard that these quest was just a prelude to many more and he figured they would take a while to do so he didn't see why he couldn't be patient. As he stood there he looked around the shop to see what the owner had in stock but from what he could tell they mainly seemed to be an assortment of tonics that didn't even give any kinds of buffs 'huh that's wierd why doesn't he have buffing potions I thought alchemists made those' he thought as he inspected a vial of blue liquid until the the door to the backroom swung open startling him causing him to fumble for the vial that he was holding in his hands "so are you here to buy or are you here for work" he turned around to see an older man wearing an apron and holding a couple of freshly made potions from what he could tell "well I'm here because I heard that you are giving out a quest for beginners and I would like to take it if its not to much trouble" the old man sighed "its been some time since ive given this quest to someone that actually looked like they know what they are doing" Zuekin had to suppress a laugh as he spoke he was far from accurate with his assumption this would be his first time doing an actual quest by himself. ((OOC- having to redo this quest due to an inactive player just gonna act like I never did it for rp purposes))
  2. "well it's a pleasure to meet you xian" he said as he stopped his breathing exercise and started to inspect the boulder looking for any signs of fatigue on its surface. After a closer look he didn't seem to notice any weak spots on it and was about to move to strike until Xian asked what the potion did and if he had done this quest before he turned his head slightly to answer "well it's supposed to increase your damage by two but I haven't used these before so this is a first for me but as for doing this quest yes ive tried it before key word tried since I failed it I didn't have these items before as I said and I had something come up" he hoped that explanation would suffice and looked back at the rock readying to swing again when there was a loud thud as the door to the hut swung open smacking against the wall in the opening stood a short wrinkled pld man in his hands was a small brush and a bowl "wait!!" he shouted as loud as his aged lungs would let him "I almost forgot you need to have this face faint on or you wont be able to harm the boulder" he said moving over to Zuekin and applyed it. When he was done Zuekin looked over to Xian "how's it look" after he asked he turned around and smashed fist into the boulder causing the point of impact and the are around it to crack from the force of the punch "your turn" he said moving to the side so he wouldn't be in the way. @Xian
  3. Zuekin sighed he seemed friendly enough which was a good thing he liked making new friends when he could it meant more people to spar with "oh yeah ive got a couple of things that could help but first" he said opening up his menu and sending him a party invite "lets party up, by the way my name is zuekin whats yours?" He asked as he moved an item into his transaction box and sent it to the man "there that should help out with your damage." he said as he sent one of the sharp dragon fangs he had gotten from a man giving them out for free before downing one himself. "Okay now we need to talk to the sage" turning towards the hit he made his way to the front door or only door for that matter and knocked "Master sage we've come to take your challenge and beat the rock" when he was done there was a short silence before an old hoarse voice spoke up "if your here for that then go ahead and start I'll be out in a minute" with that zuekin turned back to his ally "well that didnt last as long as last time let's get started shall we" he walked past him and took up position infront of the boulder he bent his knees slightly and put his arms to his sides bending his elbows so that the end of his arms were parallel to the ground and balled his fists and began a breathing exercise while he waited for his part member to get ready. @Xian
  4. It had been a couple weeks since he had tried doing the quest with Vigilon but they had stopped do to unforseen circumstances and zuekin had put the quest on the back burner for quite some time but today he had decided to try again and finally finish it so he could obtain the skill he needed to carry out his promise "don't worry calrex I'll be there before you know it and then I'll protect them all" he said clenching his fist and setting of to mountain. By the time he had arrived it was already noon with the sun hanging high in the sky lightning up the rest of the floor for anyone on the mountain to see "wow now thats a view" it always amazed him how beautiful this world was despite its danger. As he made it to the peak the small hut of the old man that resided on the mountain came into view and so did the large imposing boulder that he would have to break before the day was over. As he approached the boulder he noticed another figure next to it but it wasn't the figure of the old sage but of someone much younger and from the looks of the courser ober his head it was a fellow player "hey there are you here to do this quest to if so maybe we could do it together should make it alot easier" he said as he approached the man smiling as he spoke. @Xian
  5. As soon he got in place and fell into stance the nepent was already turning around and moving towards him this time at a much slower pace. When it came into range it's vines whipped out trying to strike him but he easily dodged them with small movements and chopped at them with the sides of his hands using them as if they were blades as they retreated dealing some damage in return. "this is actually kinda of fun I didn't think fighting with monsters instead of people could be enjoyable but I'm starting to enjoy this" he said with a laugh as the nepent went to stab at him but much to its dismay it's vines only found purchase in the ground as zuekin had done a back flip to dodge them and now was standing a few feet away at a relatively safe distance "well I should probably stop dodging and let him hit me if I want to get this quest done with any time soon wouldn't you agree" he said directing at the only other person here. @Azhoda
  6. Zuekin just waited there sizing up his opponent looking for any weak points on its body for a moment but there didn't seem to be any that he could see 'hmm, I'm going to need to be careful with this one especially if it can knock down a tree' he thought while staring it down. A minute passed and he was just about to attack when the variant must have gotten tired of waiting because it charged at him as it got closer he noticed it didn't seem to be slowing down so he positioned himself infront of one of the plentiful trees once it got close he jumped out of the way at the last second causing it to slam into the tree he was in front of with a loud crashing sound. As soon as he got his footing he ran up behind it and delivered a solid roundhouse kick slamming it back into the tree then retreated to a safe distance. @Azhoda
  7. "ok this is taking to long" he said as he charged at the nepent ready to strike as soon as he got in range but the creature wasn't going to wait either as it's vines shot out towards him. He was able to side step the first but the second changed course and aimed for were he landed striking him in the side doing minimal damage and killing itself on his thorns. "well that wasn't to hard guess all that's left is the big guy huh" he said looking at Azhoda while the shattered remains of the nepent vanished into thin air. "now where is the big guy" he asked himself but as soon as he finished speaking there was a sudden crashing sound as a tree fell in between Zuekin and Azhoda separating them. He turned towards where the tree fell from only to see a another nepent this one looking a little bigger and by the looks of what it just did alot stronger "guess theres my answer" he said before taking up his stance readying himself for inevitable battle to come. ((OOC- had to reroll accidentaly put the wrong nepent in the attack and I didn't realize I had rolled once before that one sorry so there will be three rolls for this post but only one valid one sorry I'll keep a better handle on this in the future :p )) @Azhoda
  8. Zuekin noted the concern in Azhodas' words not saying anything back until he was up and back in his stance "don't worry about me its going to take alot more than that to hurt me" he said glancing back at her shooting her a smile and throwing up a thumbs up. The nepent that he had attacked just a moment before assumed that he wasn't paying attention and took this opportunity to attack, closing the distance between them fairly quickly for its size and swung its vines at zuekin, but the attack didnt catch him off guard quite the opposite actually he had looked away on purpose so that it would attack thinking it had the advantage. As soon as it's first vine reached for him he grabbed it and yanked pulling it into a punch aimed at its center while it's other vine struck his side dealing some damage but this time his thorns did their job as it's health plummeted to zero and it shattered into a million pieces. "Ha that's one down see I told you not to worry" he said triumphantly forgetting about the second nepent for a moment that was until two more vines shot out from the shards striking his chest pushing him back his feet digging into the ground as he stopped. @Azhoda
  9. Zuekin

    [F1-PP] Prologue - Welcome to the New World

    After the whole incident with Zyran carring kazuma was over zuekin decided he better not bring up sparing again just to be safe he didn't want to start another scene and moved to catch up with Ourian and Issanalyn who were already at the gate waiting. When he arrived he stopped and admired the view "now thats a sight to behold don't you agree" directing the statement at no one in particular. While they waited for the others to catch up zuekin decided it might be a good time to ask something that he had picked up on quite a few times since meeting this group "by the way Ourian I couldnt help but notice how close all of you are did you guys know each other in the real world" he asked bluntly only to remember his manners after the fact "oops sorry thats probably a little too personal to make up for it you can ask of me anything you'd like to know and I'll answer to the best of my abilities" he hoped he hadn't come off as rude he had already had a bad start with these guys and didnt want to push to far maybe his compromise would be acceptable. @Kazuma Mikhos
  10. "oh your over level 20 thats pretty cool I'm only level 4 its not that impressive but I'm working on leveling up" he said clenching his fist in frustration that it was taking so long to get strong enough to keep his word "I'm currently trying to get to the frontlines as soon as possible so I can keep a promise I made" as he finished speaking he walked into a clearing that had two oversized plants moving around in it "but thats a conversation for another time, for now I'm going to pummel these plants into mulch" with that he ran up to the closest of the nepents and slammed his fist into what he believed was its abdomen, as soon as his fist connected though they were on him the one he hit used its roots to knock his feet out from under him and then used its vines to pelt his chest while the other one brought it's vine down slamming him into the ground knocking the wind out of him 'man these guy's pack a punch' e thought looking up at his health bar he noticed it didn't move much then he looked at theirs 'hmm looks like my thorns didnt activate and neither did my regen but it also seems that they can't get over my defense' at this point he stood up and took a second to brush himself off "welp it looks like you guys aren't going to be much of a fight and I was worried ha I hope your boss will be more fun than this will be" he said with a grin as he took a low stance to prevent getting his feet knocked out again and waited for them to strike. ((OOC- remember I'm the only one fighting so there I will only be 2 nepent)) @Azhoda
  11. Tank u my fine fellow - 2x Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread) - 3x Sharp Dragon-Fang Potion (+2 Damage for a thread)
  12. 'he should stick out she says I guess that wont be to hard given the fact that there's barely anyone out' he thought as he scanned the streets for anyone that looked like they were up in age. After a couple of minutes of searching they happened upon a small church with an older man out front talking to a pair of guards he seemed to be in a heated discussion "what do you mean you won't get the medicine I'm sure you can spare at least a few..." The old man stopped talking when he noticed Zuekin and Azhoda he quickly pushed past the guards and ad his way over to them. The guards took this chance to scurry off down the street to avoid the Elder. "you there can you two please help me I need someone to go gather a particular medicine that can only be obtained from killing a rare nepent that lives outside of town, none of the guards will go out they say it's too dangerous but we desperately need that medicine some of the townfolks children have fallen ill and if they don't get that medicine they will die" the man was practically on his knees begging them to help "calm down sir, don't worry I'll help you" zuekin said in a calm reassuring tone while he helped the man to his feet "I'll get those kids that medicine if it's the last thing I do" as he spoke a notification popped up asking him if he wanted to accept this quest, without a second thought he mashed the accept icon. "Oh thank you so much id almost lost hope the creature should be north of the village" sure enough when he opened his map there was a marker over a clearing in the forest not too far north of town "no thanks are needed im just glad to help, come on azhoda lets go I'm ready to take this mob out" turning towards the marker he set off. @Azhoda
  13. "Your welcome don't mention it" he said as she thanked him for letting her go ahead and eat. While she chowed down on her food zuekin just kept walking he did notice however that she wasnt the most graceful eater but that didn't disgust him heck he thought it was funny because he was the same way sometimes 'so that's what I look like when I eat after a long day of training' he thought. When she spoke up again he turned to listen as she explained the game mechanics in more detail and how a glider wouldn't work in aincrad "well I guess that does make sense, but to be completely honest I'm not too familiar with games this was actually my first time playing one" he said with a small laugh trying to play it off as funny. When he finished talking he noticed she had made a little mess on her face while eating her food "looks like your enjoying that sandwich a little too much" he joked as he pulled out a handkerchief from his inventory and handed it to her. At this point they had gotten fairly close to the village and they started to follow a path that was dimly lit by candle lamp posts as they entered town he noticed that there where was barely anybody out except the occasional guard "well we're here you said youve done this quest before so I'll let you lead the way to the elder and then I'll accept the quest" @Azhoda