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  1. "Well look at that you got it on the first try" Zuekin said when she finished crafting the potion. He walked up to her and rubbed her head and smiled at her "I told you you'd do great" once she moved away from the table he would step up to it and crack his fingers in a dramatic fashion "my turn." While he worked on the potion he remembered back to what Inanna had said about his choice in fighting style and about sunsets "by the way Inanna when you asked which fighting style I use, the answer to that is I use multiple different types, also if you want to see the sunset I can show you a great spot tomorrow if you want" he said as he ground up another mushroom "that also reminds me, I don't know if you knew this or not there a few follow up quests after this one if you want we can do them together" When Zuekin finished crafting the potion he handed it over to the old man "here you go one perfect quality potion" Zachariah gladly accepted the item and took a moment to inspect it before speaking "you two did exceptionally well for first time alchemists but I have one last request of you and your boyfriend" he whispered the last word so that only Inanna would hear it then he retrieved a large box from behind the counter and gave it to Zuekin to hold "if you will can you two take this package to my friend Lyle Tealeaf he runs a smithy over beside the blue moon inn" Zuekin looked at Inanna for confirmation then nodded at the Alchemist "sure just leave it to us" with that they left the shop. @Inanna
  2. She kissed him on the cheek again and asked him what that told him, he just looked at her holding a hand over the spot she kissed as if it would disappear if he moved it. "thank you Inanna" he smiled and and shook off his sadness. When she spoke up again she mentioned the reason she was doing this quest in the first place was to get enough skill points to purchase the katana skill "oh wow that's awesome I think you'll be an amazing samurai" he gave her a thumbs up then balled it up into a fist and smiled again "I've always been more of a hand to hand combat kinda of guy" he gave her shoulder a slight nudge with his fist. After she found the last item she mentioned a reward, he looked up at the sky and sighed noticing that the sun was hanging low in the sky "I sure hope so this quest took all day I guess we didn't pay much attention to the time" he chuckled and then looked back at her "I guess we need to head back to Zachariah" When they arrived back at the shop Zuekin just walked right in not worrying about knocking. "Hey old man we got your materials" he walked up to the counter and set the items on it "now if that's all" but before he could finish Zachariah interrupted "well if you want I can show you how to mix a potion" Zuekin looked at Inanna and back at the Alchemist "sure we've got time" with that said he stepped up to the table and tried his luck with one of the mushrooms he had gathered when he went to grind it up the mushroom shattered into pixelated shards. "Well I guess I'm not that good at making potions" he said turning towards Zachariah and Inanna "nonsence, you can give it another try after your girlfriend" the old man gave a hearty laugh while Zuekin gestured for Inanna to try "don't worry I'm sure you will do much better than I did" he gave her another thumbs up as he stepped aside.
  3. "I'm sorry" that's all he could muster to say as he just looked at his feet. He knew she deserved an explanation but to be honest he had no idea what was happening to himself either all he knew was that he had lost control and his emotions took over. He was just about ready to just leave that was until Inanna spoke up she had asked if he wanted to move it to a bed 'wait is she not angry with me and on another note did she actually like that' he thought to himself as she said that it was interesting "um, hey Inanna im really sorry about that I don't know what came over me there I just couldn't stop myself" he paused for a moment to let that sink in while he watched her go and pick up two flowers before continuing "I mean I just lost control but that kinda of thing has only ever happened when I get extremely angry, I just hope you can forgive me" he clamed up when she walked over to him and stuck one in his shirt and said he was handsome and she was cute "haha, thanks and you are very cute" he stopped to think about what he had just said. 'i guess I'm getting the hang of detecting this flirting thing because of her' he thought and looked back at Inanna "I guess that means you only have one more to go and then we are finished" @Inanna
  4. "slow and steady huh" his grin widened as he whispered in her ear "I'd love to take my time with you but" he gave her a light nip on her ear to get her to gasp and kissed her again before continuing "I need to hand the raynes over and you need to finish gathering" with that said he stood up and looked back down at her stealing a quick glance at her "maybe next time" he said with a wink as his instincts settled down and the white in his eyes returned. Blinking a few times he took a moment to process what he had just done. He had forced Inanna onto the grass and stole a kiss or two from her but she seemed to have enjoyed it and what scared him more is that so did he. This was the second time his emotions took control over his mind and body it usually only happened when he got extremely angry in a fight but this was a first he hadn't been fighting her they had just been talking when he lost control. And also he never remembered much from those fights but in this case he remembered everything from the rush of pushing her to the ground to the taste of her lips but he couldn't stop himself it was almost like he was a different person. He looked back down at Inanna she seemed to have calmed down a little but looked to be breathing heavily and her face was red. "I uhh um" he was at a kiss for words he didn't know what to say and he definitely didn't know what to do he just stood there awkwardly. @Inanna
  5. Zuekin just stood there soaking up everything that Vigilon said about the unique skills and what he thought about the power balance and fairness of the game "well Im sad to say that I don't completely agree with you" he took a deep breath and relaxed his body before speaking again "the fact of the matter is that this world is not a game it stopped being that the moment kyaba trapped us all in here, sure power balance is all well and good when it comes to player vs player but when your fighting for your life and everyone else in this world there is no fairness in balance against PvE especially since the last event boss pretty much wiped out the entire frontlines the only reason there still alive is because they were given a one time respawn, I'm probably one of the few outsiders that know about this due to it being mentioned at the raid meeting." He stepped up to the rock and threw a solid punch at it he watched as the cracks began to grow in size "I have a feeling that it was a taste of what's to come, now explain to me how there is balance when one boss can wipe out an entire group in one blow" he said this not out of frustration or anger but out of fear, not for himself but for everyone that could have died during to that event if there hadn't been that safety net "the sad truth is that life isn't fair." @Vigilon
  6. When she put her hand on his face and proceeded to mimic his action his hand stopped moving and stayed in place he just kept staring into those eyes. What was it about her eyes that seemed so familiar no matter how hard he tried he couldn't figure it out ever since he saw her this morning he had been trying to place it but to no avail. When she said she was fine and for him not to worry about it he just smiled "okay if you say your alright then I believe you" then she mentioned Mitsuki and how she seemed to be a loving mother he laughed at that, yes she was a kind women but in her own way. He was about to ask what her mom was like when she kissed him on the cheek, his face grew a little red from this 'why did she kiss me what could she possibly have to gain by this' he had been kissed before in fact alot of young women had done this before and then would confess that they liked him but there was never any connection so he would always turn them down but in the nicest way possible. But her, she is different something about her made him feel strange he couldn't really explain it but it got his heart pumping and he liked that. He was still looking at her he realized he hadn't said anything to her since she kissed him then something Snapped inside of him the light in his eyes faded and what felt like adrenaline rushed through his veins he had this feeling before a couple of times it was a feeling of pure instinct but it only happened in fights that he got extremely angry in but he wasn't angry. Then his body started to move but his mind wasn't telling it anything it was just moving on instinct as he reached out grabbing her shoulders and pushed her onto the ground he hovered just above her body suspended by one of his arms while the other one snaked around the back of her head grasping her hair and slowly pulled her closer to his face. When she was but inches away he spoke with a deep animalistic voice "my turn" then he kissed her on the lips it wasn't a small peck like the one she gave him, no it was a long deep kiss that didn't seem like it came from an inexperienced man but one with years of practice. His mind was racing with questions as to what he was doing and why he was doing it, when he broke the kiss he just looked at her with a devilish grin. @Inanna
  7. "Are you feeling alright you look a little red you don't have a fever do you" he said with a worried tone while moving over to her and placing his hand on her forehead and then moved it to her cheek. "I don't know if you can get sick in here but I'd rather not take that risk" then she asked him about Mitsuki and what she was like. "Oh well she is awesome she took me in as her student when the orphanage shut down she taught me everything she knew when it came to Martial arts, she was very kind but also very strict I guess you could say she was a mother to me. I took on her last name out of respect for her and everything she did for me and me and her ran the dojo we lived in." As he spoke he didn't realize that the palm of his hand was still resting on her cheek and he had started caressing it they had also gotten pretty close. He filled up her cup his other hand before he turned back to her looking into her eyes before speaking again "by the way you look really cute with that flower in your hair I think it suits you" @Inanna
  8. "That does sound pretty cool but that's not what I meant, I found out I little while ago that the only way to break your limits in this world is with unique skills the difference in power between someone with one and someone without one is so vast that you can't ignore it." He knew that was the truth and it was undeniable he had heard so much about them and how much damage some of them could dish out and some that could tank hits that would normally force you to teleport out, and then of course there was the way the game selected who received the skills he had heard that alot of people that got them where either bad people or died by the hands of bad guys. "I know there's a big risk of player killers targeting you and your usually singled out because of it but that doesn't matter to me if I was given a the choice I would take it" he took a deep breath and walked up to the Boulder and readied his attack "not because it would help me but it would allow me to help others" he let his fist fly into the rock but the hard surface wouldn't yield and resulted no damage being dealt "but that's just my wish to become the best to help the rest" @Vigilon
  9. "don't feel sorry about me, I didn't know them because I have no memory of them" he stopped to think about wether or not he should be telling her his life story but he just shrugged the notion off she seemed to be nice enough and she had already told him about her family so what could it hurt. Sighing he continued "let me start from the beginning, when I was ten I was in some kind of accident and I lost all memory of anything before and during the accident so I literally lost ten years of my life and then I went to the orphanage, but I don't really think about it too much" he paused for a moment letting her process everything he told her. Taking another sip of his tea he continued "but don't feel sorry for me because I don't, when you think about it if none of that had happened then I wouldn't have found Mitsuki and I probably wouldn't have been able to meet you" he said with a big smile and poured himself another cup then extended it to her offering to fill hers up too. @Inanna
  10. "you grew up on a farm that's so cool what kind of farm was and what did u do" he said sitting down in front of the burner. When she mentioned her family he remembered his teacher Mitsuki and how she was still back home waiting "what's your family like, I've only ever known my teacher Mitsuki I never knew my birth parents" after he said that last part there was a bit of an awkward silence that was interrupted by the sound of a high pitched whistling. Zuekin looked down at the tea and took it off setting it to the side and turned off the burner before putting it back into his inventory "tea is ready I guess I'll have to try using that spice next time" he called out and proceeded to pour two cups handing one to Inanna. "Here you go mi'lady" he laughed a bit at that before settling back into his meditative position and sipping his tea while he thought about his time with Mitsuki and his time in the orphanage, he couldn't remember anything before that but heck that was only a few years why waste time pouting about the past when there's so much to look forward to in the future he thought. Looking back at Inanna he gave her a smile and continued to sip his tea. @Inanna
  11. "yeah I can't imagine how long it would take to beat this quest by myself" he looked back and forth at his attack and Vigilons' "actually I can it would probably take all day" he said with a small laugh at his little bit of humor. When Vigilon attacked the boulder he left a good amount of cracks in the once smooth surface of the rock "yeah I want to be able to do even more damage than that I've always pushed my body to its limits and I want to find it's limit in here and then break through it but I first need this skill" Walking back up to his place at the boulder where he had struck it previously he drew back his fist aiming for the center of the crack he had made hoping it would do more damage "and this is where I'm going to start my journey to the top" he then struck the giant rock the crack he had made began to spider web in all directions for each about an inch in length "your up" and he stepped out of the way for Vigilon. @Vigilon
  12. When she blushed a little worry hit him had he said that out loud 'ahh crap I didn't mean to say that out loud, crap biscuits' he looked at the ground out of embarrassment. Until she told him that he would learn one day "oh come on now you've got me excited about it" he stood there with his hand on his chin contemplating what she could possibly have meant by that until she quickly added a comment about how she was better at finding things in the real world than she was here, he gave a small sigh before putting his current train of thought on hold to answer her while he watched the tea "well to be honest I've never been one for gathering, so what did you do before coming here that made you so good at it in the real world" he waited for her answer but when she saw him with the burner she laughed and asked why he had one "well I guess I just like to make tea and it's so much more satisfying to make it yourself and share it with friends, if you want I could to teach you how to sometime"
  13. When she smiled and said that it was alright as long as he could see the beauty he looked over at her, Zuekin might be thick headed but that didn't mean he didn't know beauty when he saw it and she was "beautiful" he said out loud not realizing it while he looked at her. He was snapped out of his daze when she mentioned that she wasn't a princess but her door was always open once again the comment flew over his head "what do you mean by that" a bit of confusion would be visible on his face when he spoke trying to wrap his head around her comment until something caught his eye, it was another mushroom hidden amongst some daffodils "got one more to go now, you know even though this is what I'm supposed to do on this quest I kinda feel bad that your having such a hard time finding any materials" he thought for a moment on what he could do to help and then he remembered how he repaid Calrex and started flipping through his inventory until he found what he was looking for clicking a few buttons a bunsen burner, tea pot, and a pair of matching cups with a bag of finely ground tea leaves. "I might not be able to give you any of my materials, but I can make you a cup of tea" he said with a smile as he started up the burner and began to make the tea.
  14. 'two swords now that's a pretty cool unique skill' he thought as he continued up the path to the summit of the mountain taking great care not to slip again "I was hoping that you would know if there was a unique skill for the Martial arts skill but that's okay thanks for the info about the dual swords" he said and kept trudging up the trail. As they reached the end of the path a small stone hut came into view and outside of it standing near the door was old npc man his face withered and his hair grayed most likely from living on top of the mountain for who now's how long "hello old man we are here for a quest are you the one we need to talk to?" The man didn't even respond to his question Zuekin just assumed that he couldn't hear him that was until the npc raised a frail hand and pointed out a huge Boulder that was a little taller than him when the man put his arm back down a quest notification poped up asking if he wanted to accept the quest "well that was ominous." He mashed the blue circle and walked up to the Boulder he took a moment to look for any weaknesses in it "I guess I just punch it right" he said to himself. After he couldn't find any weak points he stepped back took a deep breath and pulled his arm back cocking it into position before letting it fly when it connected a small crack no bigger than a pencil appeared on its surface "this doesn't seem to hard" he looked back at Vigilon and stepped to the side "it's your turn let's see what a tier two player can do" @Vigilon ((OOC- accidentally used the wrong link on another roll so I had to reroll I got a ten on the other roll lol))
  15. When he suggested that she stay close him she walked right up to him and placed her hand on his chest "I guess that's close enough"" he said without putting to much thought into it. Then she responded to his comment about the flowers and said that they should enjoy them and appreciate how much effort was put into them "I didn't mean it in a bad way they truly are beautiful" he said waving his hands in front of him trying to seem more apologetic. After she she accepted the flower and put it in her hair she thanked him by calling him a knight, he just scratched the back of his and smiled "if I'm the knight then who's the princess in supposed to live happily ever after with" he laughed a little at this before continuing his search for materials. He spotted one just as Inanna made a remark about how this wasn't easy "it's unfortunate that the quest won't let us share the mats, I would give you some of mine if it let me but it doesn't sorry."