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  1. She stood up with a smile, resting her hand on her hip. “Sure not like I got anything else to do at the moment.” She began to follow him while humming to herself when he talked about how he couldn’t make it easy cause of stuff people did. “If you have to question it the answers probably simple and straightforward enough. Maybe your just thinking too hard or aren’t confident enough in your decisions idk. But if they cause problems you shouldn’t work with them, it’s a basic principle really.” he told her about a pub on the nineteenth floor but “what’s floor nineteen like?” She asked since she was not aware of any floor beyond what she saw. ”Things are only as complicated as you make them be is what I think. If you can’t work with someone don’t work with em. If someone makes everyone’s life he’ll throw them out. Life’s way too short and if I gotta die it’s gonna be with people I love not as*holes who don’t give a sh*t”
  2. She laughed hard with the samurai man. “Never planned to play samurai in the bar but hell would that be hilarious. ‘The Drunken Samurai’ now that would be fun! Hahaha!” She laughed again when he gave her the summary of his own philosophy “Hell yes! Simple and to the point!” But then he added a bunch of stuff about cursor colours and redemption. She just shrugged. “If you wanna know what someone’s like just watch them. Bullies, leaders, followers, nerds and know it alls, flirts, introverts they all have something about them that’s easy to pick out. Stupid Crystal color won’t tell you sh*t.” she just smiled when he apologised. “No worries I just don’t get overthinking these things. Don’t be mean don’t hurt others don’t do stuff without consent and just have fun. Id say that covers all bases, so I leave it at that. Someone wants another chance, let them have it. We all make stupid mistakes when angry or scared right?” “Dam* I’m jealous you found friends here. I haven’t found any permanent friends personally.” When asked about the floors she shook her head “not yet just visited one or two and only the settlements. I heard floor four is the only winter floor though, I wonder why that is” @Baldur
  3. She gave a light laugh and then shrugged. “Dunno haven’t thought about what it would look like exactly. Though I see no reason to show off a little. Though I think I could pull off a sexy look even without showing a little extra off~ I’d do it cause I’d want it though. I don’t do it for a*sholes who see girls as trophies or their screw toys.” Her face twisted at the thought of them. No relationships just selfish raw desire. “I never connected with most of my school just two or three close friends. I’m fine with that though as long as we care for each other and have fun. That’s all that matters to me I guess. Though I guess staying alive would be a recent addition to that list.” she watched him talk about philosophy a bit and put her finger to her lips in thought. “If I had a philosophy it would be simple like ‘be nice be happy don’t hurt others and do what you love’. I don’t sweat the complicated stuff.” She sighed as she poured the bottle out until it was gone “Yeah but at least they could make it taste better.” She turned to him “no but I did serve drinks in one. Only recently got the job before this happened. Maybe I’ll put his pub to shame in here eh?”
  4. After hearing him talk for a bit Inanna put a hand on her hip and smiled at him. “Well you aren’t hitting on me so I’d say you aren’t like those guys.” She heard him talk about how he liked the look and feel of samurais especially fantasy samurais and even gave her a grin. She giggled and sat right beside him leaning back letting her arms support her while her legs kicked back and forth. “Definitely looks fun. If I ever found something to do I’d probably go for a samurai look too. I think I could pull off a sexy and cute samurai, don’t you think?” She asked with an honest, but also somewhat hinting smile and tone. She pulled out another two beers and offered him one as she took a swig. “You’d think they’d put more effort in making much better alcohol. Maybe that’s what I’ll do become a bartender! Haha that sounds like it’d be fun!” @Baldur
  5. Life could be rough for most people. Fear anxiety awkwardness even more specific things like depression enemies monsters murderers and a bunch of other stuff. But Inanna wasn’t weighed down by any of that. No the reason why she was walking through town was boredom. Yup just boredom. Striding through the town with no knowledge of where she was going she took another chug of the beer she bought. “Maaan, what a disappointment. Why would the game give you beer if it doesn’t make you drunk?” She took one last chug and tossed it behind her letting it burst into sparkles. “Damnit this is so f**king boring!” She stopped when she saw some guy wearing an old fashioned Japanese robe with a katana on his belt. She walked up to him. After all she had nothing better to do. “Heeeey, that’s a sweet katana there. What, you one of those wannabe samurai guys wandering around here?” She wore short blue jean shorts, black stockings red short sleeved shirt with her midriff showing and slumped on one side revealing her shoulder and just a hint of her black bra (but not by much) had bracelets short red hair and purple eyes. She cracked a grin at him. “Cause if you are before you say it, I’m not interested.” @Baldur
  6. When the man introduced himself as Leru the alchemist simply smiled and nodded. "a pleasure to meet you Leru. however if your intention isn't to become and alchemist, I'd rather focus my attention on the young lady here." Inanna walked over and shook her hand. "my name is Inanna~ nice to meet you!" "likewise" the alchemist replied with a smile. "I am Evangeline Calora." Inanna smiled. "it's a very beautiful name Evangaline~ don't worry I'll come back with the materials!" she said before she walked out the door. once they headed out the gate she looked at Leru. "Alright my good helper~ let's start looking for materials shall we?" as she looked around she wondered about what she'd be doing in this world... she'd played lots of fighting games but, never actually fought in her life. it would be really cool being a samurai, but.. she was a bit scared too.
  7. Hearing his dramatic feint was both cute and funny and she couldn't help but give a light laugh. "You flirts and you're drama. This is why you don't get the girls, it's too noticeable~" The reason she was not the best runner didn't come from the fact that she wasn't fit, because that wasn't it. It came from the fact that she spent her physical activity farming, not running. If you don't practice you don't get good at it right? At any rate he seemed to want her talking to the npc while she was short of breath. She smiled and whispered: "Too bad this is a game~" she said with breath to spare before walking in. The woman was middle aged without any wrinkles. "Ah I assume you're here wanting to be an alchemist young lady?" she asked. Inanna nodded with a smile. "Yup~ and this gentleman volunteered to find the materials for me~" she said with a smirk.
  8. Inanna listened to his compliment and giggled. She was guessing that he was only saying that to satisfy him, and it was such a cute attempt. Guys would usually say whatever it was she wanted to hear so that they could get close to her. They never really cared for the person she was, just what they could do with her. Now maybe he was different but she'd believe that when she saw it. After he complimented her name she smirked. "You know I'd be inclined to believe that statement if you weren't a complete and total flirt with his eyes focused on my body most of the time~" When he chose to race her she smiled. "Alright but I'm not about to just let you win!" However it was clear who the victor was going to be. She lagged behind a great deal, not really that fast in the real world and especially not in here with only one level on her.
  9. Inanna looked up at him after he spoke and she gave a smirk. "You don't care much beyond a girl's 'packaging' do you?" she challenged. "Names can sound beautiful, aggressive, scary, strong, gentle, anything really~ Evangeline sounds so pretty and gentle to me." When he shared his name with her she looked at him and giggled. "Yeah I know, it says so above your head~ But if you wanna do personal introductions my name is Inanna." she wondered if he'd get the reference. Probably not but still. When she entered this world it was to do some experiments on their first time, then real playing on their second. Her brother was going to help but they could only afford one console at a time. "Any help is appreciated~ Finding materials was harder than I anticipated it would be. And kinda boring too." With that she pointed at a building near the gate. "That's her house there!"
  10. Hearing him laugh wasn't what she expected. It would seem he was ok with talk like that, which meant he was probably ok with other things as well. In that case, she better be careful around him. She could easily say no, and since she could be a warrior in this world she could fight back if she had to as well. She was hoping she didn't need to however. For now she would roll with it. Shrugging she said "Maybe~. But I usually spend time with my family more than anything." When he offered her a drink if she led him to the shop she giggled."You're on~. According to the rumors the npc who gives the quest is named Evangeline. A really pretty name don't you think?" She looked up at the sky humming again as she walked. "Im guessing I have to go gather some materials, which is why I'd appreciate your help looking for some."
  11. So he wasn't bothered or nervous from her touch? Interesting.. They usually blushed by that point. She'd get a blush from him sooner or later today. One way or another. In fact, instead of getting upset she was getting a little excited~ Inanna saw him walking beside her again, this time just a little further away to give him some warning if she tried something again. Wearing an innocent smile she shifted the distance between them to where she could easily grab his hand if she wanted to without moving much at all. "Yep!~ I plan to become an alchemist. Though that's only the title of the profession. In reality I wanna open a tavern and act as a bar. I know the stupid game doesn't apply alcohol but that doesn't mean I can't make beer, mead, ale and wines for players~ And of course I could serve sodas, waters, milk, juices of all sorts," she finished with a wink.
  12. She listened as he spoke, watching the smirk on his face which was oh so recognizable to her. The man asked her what kind of endeavor she was embarking, and that she had time to spend with her. Or more specifically a lovely lady. Ooooooh this was going to be fun. She smiled as she walked beside him. "If you promise to help I will tell you~" She said with a giggle. If he did promise, or even if she didn't she would speed up so she could cut in front of him, looking at him with pure eyes and smile. She placed a finger on his torso and as she spoke, had it 'walk' with two fingers up to his face. "Neither~ I. Need. To gather. Materials.~" When she said the last word her fingers reached his nose, booping it before spinning on her heals and semi walking semi skipping to the gate.
  13. Humming pleasantly she was blissfully unaware of those around her until she heard someone talk to her directly. "Hm?" She turned to see a rather handsome man with silver hair and red eyes. She thought the red eyes was extremely unusual. She wondered if he was a legitimate albino or if he was wearing contacts to look cool. Either way it was clear he was a flirt and a silver tongue. She'd met many such people at the bar in the real world. Recognizing them was a simple matter. Inanna gave a little smile that he wouldn't be able to determine whether it was a genuine and innocent smile or a smirk. "Well my dear sir, I am indeed participating in something as of this time. However if you would like to provide me aid in my endeavors you might hear more of my nice voice~" Once he accepted she'd have him help her look for materials. Men were so much fun to tease and mess with~
  14. Inanna walked through the town on the first floor humming to a song cheerfully. She was wearing her corset and dress as usual, since she didn't have enough money to buy any equipment with enhancements just yet. She did have her curved sword weapon on hand though, in case she encountered any enemies. At any rate she wanted to believe she was prepared to go look for some more materials. She wondered though if she should really take this quest all by her lonesome. The last time she tried to gather materials it proved really hard. She thought she'd be good at it due to her living on a small farm with her loving family, but it was hard just to find five materials. She wondered if having someone help her out would speed things along. Or if the game would recognize if someone else had given her the items.
  15. Inanna shrugged when he pointed out her success. "I doubt I'm really good, this is most likely beginner's luck." When he told her he knew she'd do great she smiled shyly and rubbed the back of her head. "Thanks." After he said this he declared that it was his turn next. While he worked he mentioned how his own fighting style was that he used many types of fighting styles. He then mentioned that if she wanted to see the sunset he could show her a great spot. She smiled mischievously and placed her arm around him. "Zuekin, are you asking me out on a date?~" When he asked if she wanted to do a few quests after this one she nodded happily. "I'd be glad to, my knight in shining armor~!" When he finished the craft, the npc asked them if they could deliver the item to the buyer. She nodded to Zuekin before she took his hand for the npc's pleasure and walked out with him. "Almost done."