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  1. ''Well, it would be very useful. But, let me ask you: how can you help me?'' Taol asked politely. ''Lets do like this. I need to deliver a healing potion to a friend, but I got my things together to start crafting I discovered that I didn't had enough material to craft it. So my offer to you is to go to the woods that are near the city angd gather some materials to me. The woods are almost not dangerous at all, so by helping me you can learn how to gather materials by yourself and I also can teach you how to crafta Healing Potion. Is that okay to you?'' asked Zakariah. ''Humm...It is really a good idea to start to learn the basics of surviving in this game. And this NPC looks so kind-hearted.'' Taol thought. 'I will accept your offer.'' Taol said, decided. ''Good. Is better for you to start your search now, while it is still day. Good luck'' he said, and entered his shop to resolve his own interests.
  2. Taol woke up at the other day when the sun was already high in the sky. "Oh man..I waked up late for the first day of my adventure.'' He got up and streched himself. ''Whoa..Is amazing the fact that any guard NPC woke me up for sleeping in the streets'' he said to himself smiling.''Guess that is a sign.'' He got his items all together and unseathed his sword and saw his blade reflecting himself. ''I may still use you sooner than I think. And, Hey...I look more handsome when I just wake than when I take care of my appearence.'' He seathed his sword back, ready to use it when the time comes and he also put his shield on his back. ''I hope that you will become my companions for a long time. I don't want our jouney to end soon.'' He said with a wry smile. ''But no more winding. Let's see what we are going to do know...'' He just said that words to himself when he heard a voice calling from a nearby blacksmith. ''Is an NPC'' he thought. He got closer to the blacksmith and the NPC said: Good morning. You look like you are going out of town, sir.'' ''You are right, sir. But you don't need to keep calling me sir. My name is Taol, sir.'' The NPC responded laughing: Then don't call me sir either. My name is Zakariah. Taol I never saw you going out of this town before and I'am a really good observer. The surroundings could be very dangerous if you don't know how to deal with them. I want to offer you my help.
  3. "Are you really sure about that?'', Taol asked looking up to his sword. The sword that he never had the guts to use it before. ''Are you really sure I have to do this? There are already people in the frontlines taking care of this job for me.'' The sword didn't respond nothing, just as any normal sword would. It just stayed there, lied down in front of him. "Yes, I know that they need help but you really think I'm suitable for this job? I can die and never get to express my gratitude for my family. Do you really think I should finally leave this city and try to get to The Frontlines? He got up from the alley and looked the city that he had explored so much in the last months. It so huge and so beautiful, with NPCs talking to each other and working. It seemed so much like it was real. But it wasn't. It was just a game. All of the people who he thought that could be real were just programs, made by a cold-hearted person who liked to play with other humans lives. The real humans were doing all they could so that the players could exit this world and come back to reality. Some even sacrificed themselves for this purpose. ''You're right. They need my help so that we can save these innocent people's lives. I will do anything I can for these people to return home safe. Tommorrow I will go out of this town. Tommorrow is the day I will finally encouter my destiny. Tommorrow...Tommorrow...Tommorrow...Tommorrzzzzzz" he slept right there thinking on this single word. His sword kept still.
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    Profile Username: Taol Real name: Teo Andrade Age: 15 at SAO lanching Gender: Male Height: 5'' 7 About: History/personality Teo was a really working person who really liked games, but he didn't had the time or the money to buy and play them because he came from a very poor family which couldn't spend money in things like games. But Teo still played them, even with so little time possible because he loved games. All the games he had the chance to play were or given or borrowed by his best friend Epilif. Epilif and Teo were friends since kindergarten and Epilif was always helping Teo and his family in any way they needed. Epilif came from a strange family that gave strange names for their children but his family was also rich. His parents were also friends with Teo's parents so they always let Teo spend time with Epilif and his family. A week before SAO's launching, Epilif was going to do a holiday trip to Japan because he would visit his japanese grandfather that he had never met before and he invited Teo to come together with him. Teo's parents gave him permission to travel because they wanted Teo to have a good life experience before starting a really hard-working life. So Teo travelled with Epilif and his family to know Japan. When they got there, they discovered that a game called Sword Art Online was about to be launched and that it was an revolution in the industry of games because of it's characteristics. Epilif's parents were very rich so when they discovered this game, they bought a copy of SAO and a NerveGear by paying a really special price for the owner of a store who was selling it, because they knew that the two teenagers who went with them really loved playing video games. But even with all the money influence they had, they were only capable of buying a single NerveGear for Epilif and Teo. So on the they of the launching, Teo won at the rock,scissor, paper and were the first to try the NerveGear. He started the game and saw the wonders of Aincrad for half an hour, and he thought of logging out to give a chance to Epilif admire it to but he couldn`t find the loggout button. And that was when the terrible announcement happened. He knew that he needed to beat the game to return for his family and to thanking Epilif for all the opportunities he had given to him. It was not only a wish, it was a mission. Virtues: Loyal: Teo is loyal because he know that in the world we live (or used to live) is full of people who just want to take advantages from the others. He knows that a person who does good actions needs to be respected and never should be betrayed. He also like to stay close and work together with people who think the samee way. Fair: Teo is fair because he know how the world can be unfair and how it can cause anger and hatred. Everything he does is for the best of all, trying not to differentiate people. He knows the power of justice. Happy: One of Teo's biggest virtues is the fact that he always try to be happy. He's always try to walk with a smile on his face and he likes to share his happiness with others. He's very different of some people who are always serious and can't even laugh sometimes. He knows how to enjoy being inside a game, but he never loses focus of his mission Flaws: Indecisive: Teo is sometimes very indecisive and doesn't know what to do do in certain situations. He always have a good intention but sometimes doesn't know how to put his ideas in practice. He prefers to do things as they appear for him because he doesn't need to choose what to do. He preffer to other people do the planning and let the action to him. Careless: Sometimes, Teo is to careless. He is to focused on what he is doing that he doesn't sees that what he is doing is dangerous. This can sometimes be an advantage but mostly lead him to problems. He thinks he can deal with anything. Meddlesome: By living in a world that people want to take advantages from each other, Teo developed the unhappy habit of being meddlesome. He always is hearing what people nearby are talking and sometimes even get in the conversation in a rude manner. This can sometimes make people move away from him. Profession: Stats Level: 1 Hp: 20 Energy: 2 Skills 5 Skill points Non-combat: » Passive: »►One-Handed Straight Sword Rank 1 Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools 1H Straight Sword ► Paralyze Shield ► Mitigation (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time )