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    Dederick's Evaluation Station

    Name: Healing Rub Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: 128860 Roll: CD: 11 | LD: 11 Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery 2 (+40 HP) Description: "A basic ointment crafted from a rare flower. It is tangerine in coloration." Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18400-f01-r1-alchemist-ded-wrath-beyond/?do=findComment&comment=586380
  2. Dederick

    [F01 - R1 Alchemist] Ded Wrath & Beyond

    Day 2 + 12 EXP [RANK UP!] - 2 T1 Materials "Potion Seller. I am going into battle and I require only your finest potions." Strange. Dederick couldn't even make potions, let alone sell them. "I, uh... I get beat up a lot. So I need to have stuff that like... uh. Keeps me from not being alive. You dig?" "... Dig?" "Oh, and poison. I'm gonna smear it on my fists so I can break a rock easier." Oh, so the guy was insane. It all made sense now. "Sure thing, Snake Eyes. I'll have that out for you in a week or two, probably." The likelihood of him actually having the order filled within a week was a stretch beyond even his imagination. But he was willing to say anything to get this weirdo out of his shop.
  3. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    "Oh, but that Thorns on your armor isn't? I'll admit, I like the way you think. Your Fireproof really threw me for a loop too. I guess you should thank your lucky stars." Dederick returned the man's cocky grin with a strained smirk of his own. Regen was working its magic, but not enough to offset the effect of the Blight. Dederick attempted to take a step forward, but couldn't will his legs to move. It seemed that he was stuck until his ailment expired. Now he just had to run out the clock. "Ah yes, my shield," he mused, holding it up and inspecting the sheet of metal. Seemed there was a smudge on it from earlier, when he had used it to break his fall. He began thumbing at the messy imperfection, slowly whittling it away. "Found this my first day outside the walls. Everything you just complained about is loaded into it, from the Thorns to the Fireproof." His azure eyes flickered to the timer on the status. He needed just a little more time. "Guess I was lucky. Some people will go ages without finding something like this. And to think, I thought it was virtually useless before today." He's managed to stall long enough. As he removed his thumb from the now clean shield, he felt his vitality returning. Blight had expired. "That's enough chatter," he declared, pointing his sword at the man once more. "Shall we avenge this lost soup?"
  4. Never had Dederick blushed so many times and so intensely within a single day. She was close to him. Really close to him. So close, in fact, that her breastplate pressed into his reddened cheek and smooshed it inward. Had the plate of steel not been there, surely his face would be- Actually, she wasn't just pressing up against him anymore. They were falling. After the loud metallic clang! of two sets of armor smashing against one another, Dederick shook his head and attempted to sit up - but he couldn't. Joanne had fallen on top of him in a less than graceful manner, though that was hardly what he was focused on. Never in his entire life had he been in a situation like this. His pulse quickened. Pupils dilated. Face the hue of a ripe tomato. She was right on top of him. Straddling him, in fact. Their faces inches apart. After a few moments had passed with them staring at one another, Dederick let loose an uneasy breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding back. "U-uhm... Hi..." "Hi?" That's all he could manage to articulate? "Hi?" Now not only was he excited, embarrassed, nervous, and... another emotion that was difficult for him to put his finger on, he felt stupid on top of all of it.
  5. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    When Koga issued the feint, Dederick noticed two things. The first was that the man's reaction time was clearly quicker than his own. The second was that his sword had adopted a blackened, fiery aura. Knowing that he couldn't stop the attack, he simply closed his eyes and took a calm, deep breath as the sword ripped into him. The sensation of folded steel jamming into his collarbone was one he would never get used to, but he couldn't afford to show any weakness here. Not after what had happened to his soup. Dederick had been expecting burn, but not blight. In the end, blight was the only affliction in his status bar when it was all said and done - a miraculous save by Fireproof, surely. But what exactly did Blight do? As Dederick felt the energy sapped from his muscles and his health bar begin to dip, he immediately understood. He poured a bit of energy into his blade to retaliate, but it fizzled out after only a few moments. Whatever this status was, it seemed to have a withering effect. Dederick felt like a flower wilting. "What a dirty trick," Dederick remarked with a coy smile, the fatigue evident across his visage. "I'll have to pay you back for that."
  6. Dederick

    You can borrow this.

    Dederick sends the following item to Jackpot as a loan. - Inferno Guardian (T1 Perfect Shield) >>> Fireproof >>> +18 Thorns
  7. "I see," Dederick mused as he followed her into the garden. The aroma the gentle breeze carried through the areaput Dederick at ease as it filled his nostrils. He could see exactly what she was talking about. After a moment, he followed suit and plucked a flower of his own. Only, it didn't work out quite as easily as that. With the flower came its roots. And more roots. And... more roots. It felt like he was a clown tugging on an impossibly long succession of multicolored handkerchiefs tied together. Eventually, he met with the end of the root, and the entire bundle disintegrated within his hands. Pretending that none of that had even happened, Dederick turned toward Joanne and offered a smile. "I can see why you like this place," he started, "It's beautiful. You fit right in." A blush settled into his cheeks. Perhaps he was being a bit too forward. And cheesy. Definitely cheesy.
  8. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    It was sincerely surprising that an attack like that had managed to fling Dederick into the air, but he knew better than to panic. A cursory glance at his health bar revealed that he wasn't in any real danger. He did what he could to contort his body in midair, shifting his shield under his boots and landing on it to take the brunt of the fall. Afterward, he took a moment to dust off his armor and retrieve his shield. "Interesting plan," Dederick admitted, winding his dominant arm backward and rolling his head. "Don't think it'll work again, but I'll give credit where it's due."
  9. Dederick

    [F01 - R1 Alchemist] Ded Wrath & Beyond

    Day 1 It had taken an absurdly long time, but Dederick had finally managed to get his shop up and running. He wasn't particularly thrilled about the location - being in the ghetto of the Town of Beginnings - but it would suffice and his neighbors seemed pleasant at the very least. Across the street rested a fine tailor shop that was seated right next to a restaurant that seemed to sell exclusively hot dogs. What a unique neighborhood. Unfortunately, Dederick hadn't managed to craft anything worthwhile, and was forced to discard what he had made. Perhaps the next day would hold better fortune for him and his crafting exploits. + 9 EXP - 2 T2 Materials
  10. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    Flippantly choreographed, like it was performed by a rank amateur. Dederick had no trouble at all seeing the line the attack would take, and adjusting the plate of metal he was holding accordingly. The Katana bounced harmlessly off of the shield with a harsh twang! that grated against Dederick's ear drums. This was, admittedly, Dederick's first player versus player combat. He was used to the light metallic hiss of tusks scraping against his shield, or perhaps the dull thud of a limb thwacking against it. But steel against steel? That was a noise he was going to need to get used to. Dederick had the opportunity to go on the offensive now, but he had always been more of the defensive sort. Still, it would be a waste to squander such a perfect opportunity to feel out his opponent. With surprising agility, Dederick dashed forward and reared back his blade in preparation to strike. But it was a feint! At the last moment, Dederick planted his boots harshly against the ground and leapt backward without delivering an actual blow, studying his opponent's movement all the while. With any luck, this would give him a bit of insight into how his opponent would react when it came to the real deal.
  11. You probably wouldn't expect a good Christian boy to open up a shop that deals exclusively in liquid concoctions and other such magical artifacts designed to alter one's reality. You also probably wouldn't expect him to reference Bed Bath & Beyond in the form of a pun about his name for the title of his shop. But for those who have met Dederick in the past, they will know that he is easily as predictable as he is full of surprises. His shop simply pays credence to the flippant oscillation between chaos and order than Dederick seems to represent. This shop finds itself neatly tucked into an alley across from the Crusty Bahrnacle and Oscar's Hot Dog Stand. The exterior is rather plain; square double-hung windows accent either side of a thick oak door that leads inside. The interior is, frankly, a bit of a mess. It's not that it's actually dirty, per se, simply that there no organizational structure to be found. Various potions, crystals, and other nick-knacks line the shelves and displays in no particular order, strewn about seemingly with wild abandon. That is, of course, until you look behind the counter. Several rows of shelves line the far wall, upon which rests Dederick's perfect crafts, proudly displayed for all to see. They're magnificently curated, assembled by size, color, item type, and use. The shop has an overall homey vibe and is completely deprived of electricity. During the day, the sunlight peaking in through the front windows is all that's needed to illuminate the shop. During the evening, a few strategically placed candles seem to do the trick. During the colder months, Dederick uses a custom craft he's developed that's produced in the shape of a crystal and gives off heat, much like a space heater. In the summer, he can use the same technique to make a crystal that emanates a chilly aura. Because Dederick has found more natural means to conduct his business, he sees no use in using conventional air control or lighting conventions. If paying with materials, the materials paid should match the tier of the item purchased. Custom order prices identical to buying from in-stock. For potions and salves: Potion Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Uncommon 2 mats or 400 col 2 mats or 700 col 2 mats or 1200 col Rare 3 mats or 700 col 3 mats or 1100 col 3 mats or 1700 col Perfect 4 mats or 1000 col 4 mats or 1800 col 4 mats or 2600 col For crystals: Potion Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Uncommon 3 mats or 700 col 3 mats or 1200 col 3 mats or 1700 col Rare 4 mats or 1000 col 4 mats or 1800 col 4 mats or 2600 col Perfect 5 mats or 1400 col 5 mats or 2600 col 5 mats or 3500 col Tier 1 Products Tier 2 Products Tier 3 Products Request Form Current Requests
  12. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    Dederick's grip around the hilt of his blade tightened as he squinted into the eyes of the soup destroyer, seeing that his resolve was equally firm. It seemed that it couldn't be helped, and a fight would ensure after all. This didn't bother Dederick at all - in fact, it was exactly what he had wanted. How else would he learn his lesson? If Dederick allowed him to walk away without the beating he deserved, he would roam Aincrad defiling an untold volume of soups! As a Beacon of Justice, Dederick could not allow this to happen. "Make me pay, then," he taunted coolly, raising his shield while keeping his sword at the ready. The timer for the duel continued to tick down. 9... 8... He grit his teeth. 7... 6... Shifted his boots against the soup-softened soil. 5... 4... Steeled his grip on his sword and shield. 3... 2... Lowered his head and prepared for the impending rush. 1... DUEL START.
  13. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    Piping hot soup. All over the exterior and interior of his armor. A fierce scarlet crept through Dederick's visage - not just because of the heat of his meal, but because of the rage bubbling up inside of him. His eyes flickered down to where the mess of soup littered the grass in his favorite laying spot. The day was ruined. Without a word, Dederick opened up his menu and delivered a combat request to the player standing before him. He needed to teach this man a lesson, but he didn't intend to become an orange player doing so. "You should know better than to disrespect a man's soup. It's even worse to desecrate his sacred place. 'A time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.'" He took a few steps back and unsheathed his blade, pointing it in the direction of his newfound adversary. "Have at thee, soup charlatan. Taste the Blade of Justice!" PVP REQUEST ISSUED: KOGA
  14. What a lovely day. The sun was high in the sky, not a cloud in site, and the soundtrack of the first floor's fields was in full swing. Birds chirping, boars grunting, and the rustle of long blades of grass rubbing against one another in quiet protest to the breeze that rolled through the area. Truly, it seemed that Aincrad had a soft spot for this day in particular. Dederick couldn't remember any singular moment in which it felt better than this. As such, he had decided to have his lunch in the fields today. He had just picked up a modest bundle of soup from his favorite kitchen in the Town of Beginnings, and was on his way to his favorite tree. Why was it his favorite tree? Well, why wouldn't it be? It was big, provided a lot of shade, and... was virtually indistinguishable from any other tree copy and pasted into this hellscape. Still, he had decided it was his favorite. @Koga