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  1. The woman opened her mouth to respond, but closed it again with the appearance of another player. The black-haired player rivaled her in height, something she secretly appreciated. He's cute, too, she thought, but knew it was only lust - she was immediately attracted to just about anyone she didn't dwarf. He was quick to introduce himself, but as the other players in the group launched into a discussion of their own, she merely tossed him a quick, flirty smile over their heads. It was like a secret kept just between tall people. It's the simple things in life. Finally, she caught and held Baldur's attention. Loosing a quick shrug, she replied, "Friend of mine speaks pretty highly of you. Said you were a Frontliner, too, so you must be pretty capable." Something devilish flashed in her red eyes, but her smile was innocent enough when she added, "You'll have to give me some pointers. I'm on my way up to the Frontlines myself." She went to turn away, but tossed over her shoulder, "Lessa probably says hi. She doesn't know we're talking, but if she did, that's the kind of thing she'd do." Finally tuning back into the discussion being had between the other players, Lilik pursed her lips. "A grocery list?" she demanded, looking over Tsurei's shoulder at the paper. "Sounds like one of those garbage gather quests." @Life @Baldur @Tsurei
  2. Lilik

    [PP - F1] Save Rock & Roll <<EaL>>

    "F*ck." Lilik took a stumbling step backward. The woman had simply materialized in front of her, like a gopher popping out of a hole. Or a meerkat. Prairie dog? Whatever. "What?" The spearswoman stared down into the grinning face of the other player, blinking owlishly. What had she said? Mag? Like a magazine? There were no guns in Sword Art Online. "Mag?" The bubbly brown-haired youth nodded. "Uh huh. It's short for magnificent." "Then why not just say magnificent?" Shrugging, the stranger answered, "It takes too much time." Lilik's sharp features remained lax, her face expressionless, when she replied, "Not as much time as you wasted explaining it to me." Another shrug, and the woman rocked back on her heels. "Touche." Silence fell between the pair, broken only when Lilik finally asked, "Who is Alyssa?" The name wasn't familiar, but the woman threw it around as if Lilik should have recognized it. Or was that her name, and the brunette was speaking in third person? Eh, I've seen weirder.
  3. Is that opera? Lilik slowed to a halt, her head tipping as she focused on the noise. The melodic sound rose and fell over the clamor of the crowd, incredibly out of place in the chaotic city square. Who the hell would just walk around singing like that? Were they nuts? And why didn't they have anything better to do? Lilik, on the other hand, was a woman on a mission. The entire day would be dedicated to making col, even if it meant doing stupid fetch quests or odd jobs for NPCs. It was pointless side-quest garbage, but if she didn't make money, she couldn't have nice things. And if she couldn't have nice things, how in the world was she meant to get stronger? I wasted too much time. The thought both burned like a fire and clenched like a vice. The anger was there, of course, because she couldn't ignore the wasted years. She had fallen behind everyone else because Rainey had needed protection. Rainey had insisted she stay close. Rainey had begged her to stay safe. Rich, coming from someone who killed herself. And there was the regret, the loss, the disappointment, a weight on her shoulders and a tightening around her heart. Lilik remained sedentary for her best friend, and while she was furious at the girl's selfishness, she couldn't bring herself to hate Rainey's memory. Instead, she'd use it as a motivator. No more wasted days. The long, willowy woman blinked once, twice, then muttered, "Pretty sure that's Phantom of the Opera."
  4. Lilik

    [PP - F10] Valaina's Blessing

    After a moment's pause, Lilik gave a brief nod of her head. It was the smallest of gestures, and could be mistaken for a twitch by someone not paying attention. It was the most energy she would waste on the man. Of course, he didn't seem to mind; relief washed over his face, confirming the shift in power. The tables had turned in the tall woman's favor. She was the Queen, granting the peasant permission to continue speaking to her. "Valaina Verutum," came his hurried explanation. "It belonged to the famous demigod, Valaina." His wide eyes searched her face for sign of recognition, but he found none. So the frazzled man continued, rushing to fill the uncomfortable silence that yawned like a gaping cavern between them. "After Valaina died, my employer acquired it for his collection. But it was stolen, and he needs to get it back." A single plum brow creeped up, the only indicator of Lilik's interest. "And if I go get the spear, I get to keep it?" The man in the ugly, ill-fitting suit blustered. "What? No, of course not." Wrong answer. "Okay, bye then." "Why?" Lilik's ruby eyes flashed, as hard and brilliant as the gems themselves. "Why not? Why the hell would I get a spear if I can't keep it? That's a sh*t quest." The stranger's gaze narrowed, his expression shifting to mirror Lilik's. Interesting. He wasn't entirely spineless. "This isn't a quest, this is a job. And you will be paid really well, in col." Dismissal came quick to the tip of her tongue, but she stopped herself at the last second. She was dirt poor, and filling her pockets meant she could buy some really nice things for herself. A custom spear. Better armor. A house. Her stomach leaped to her throat at the thought, but her face betrayed nothing. "Fine. Message me the details, then you can go. I'll make sure it's taken care of." He looked like he might argue, and even opened his mouth. But it was a resigned sigh that came out, and with a twinkle of bells, he summoned his HUD to do so. With a hurried nod of his own, the burnt sienna-clad player evacuated the shop. Lilik remained where she was, reading over the message he'd quickly composed and sent.
  5. "Baldur, huh?" Lilik pushed off the wall she'd been leaning against, long arms swinging loosely as she sidled up to them. Her long, pin-straight hair fell like a purple tapestry down her back, and it rolled over her shoulders as she gave her head a toss. It was as close to a greeting as the samurai was going to get. "I've heard that name before." Eyes the shade and hardness of rubies swept over him from head to toe. Then she loosed a soft tch sound. "Assumed you'd be taller." Granted, most everyone was shorter than Lilik. At a natural six-foot, her heeled boots added another couple of inches, shooting her over the heads of the average crowd. It was true that some women would be uncomfortable being so tall. Lilik, on the other hand, found it incredibly empowering. Her confidence made her appear even taller, and she quite enjoyed looking down her nose at the rest of the world. With her broad shoulders back, and her ample chest thrust forward, Lilik moved past Baldur to survey the small group of newbie players. At least, she assumed that was what they were, based on their attire. It wasn't altogether different from her own attire, of course; only her leather breastplate actually provided mitigation. But at least everything else she wore looked like armor, even if the exposed midsection was more fan-service than functional. "So," she drawled, hands planting themselves on her hips. "What am I interrupting?"
  6. "Miss?" She didn't even turn around. Realistically, Lilik was not at all used to being referred to as Miss, or Ma'am, or Lady, or much of anything positive. It wasn't until the hand landed on her shoulder that the woman understood she was the intended target. Of course, that realization came a couple seconds after survival instinct took hold. The woman swatted the man's hand away, spun, and found herself in a ready crouch even before his hands went up in defense. When he said nothing, just gazed owlishly at her, Lilik straightened. "You don't just grab a woman like that," she informed him, tone icier than Frostbite Lake. The man's face reddened in frustration. "I only touched your shoulder," he retorted. "Like this." When his hand moved to demonstrate, Lilik again swatted it out of the air with the back of her wrist. "Nuhuh," she snapped, "what did I just say?" Visibly flustered, the stranger was unable to formulate a response. So the lanky woman blew out a breath, planted her hands on her hips and asked, "Is there something I can help you with, buddy? Or do you just get your rocks off touching women in public?" "Yes." Horror burst across his face, and he hastily added, "No. I don't get my- I mean, there is something you can help me with." Her eyebrows, dyed the same rich plum as her mane of hair, winged up. "Oh? And what might that be?" The man straightened his tie, a clear effort to regain some semblance of composure. The color - was it 'burnt sienna?' - clashed with the dark brown jacket, which hung, ill-fitting, over wrinkled khaki pants. This was a man making every effort to appear more capable, more important, than he actually was. She knew the type. "Yes, well, my employer has asked that I find a suitable candidate for an operation of sorts." Lilik's head tilted. "So a quest? You an NPC or something?" The man blustered. "Me? No. Clearly, I'm not an NPC." "Right, yeah, because what NPC would wear that?" She scoffed, rolling her eyes to hide the faint embarrassment. Still relatively new to the world outside of the Town of Beginnings, Lilik honestly didn't know how NPCs dressed. She didn't know if it was typical of one to follow a player into a shop, or grab her shoulder. But like hell if she would let this traveling salesman know that. "Anyway, what does this have to do with me?" "Well, I believe you would be a good fit for the job." "Why?" The not-NPC gestured to her, waving up and down her body. He kept the motion close to his body, however, so not to give Lilik reason to smack his hand away. "It is easy to tell from your armor that you're a high-level player. A frontliner?" "Oh, you betcha." Looks like I'm not the only dummy in the room, she mused. Her appearance, though flashy, was constructed almost entirely of vanity items. Only her chest plate was actually enhanced, and that was a single slot of mitigation. Even her spear, which rode strapped to her back, was a step above garbage quality. Again, one more thing he didn't need to know. But she couldn't spend her entire afternoon toying with the village idiot. "But I'm afraid I'm all booked up. Important frontliner business, you know." She winked conspiratorially, then turned away. "I'm afraid I've got to get moving if I don't want to miss the next boss fight." Lilik had nearly turned her back entirely when the man blurted out, "B-but there's a spear involved, like the one you've got! And it's made of gold!"
  7. Lilik

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "Welcome to the gala, miss. Some refreshments for you?" Another waiter. For f*cks sake, I can get my own food you little- As Lilik rounded on the waiter, another surely-bitchy comment teetering on the tip of her tongue, she was caught by surprise. Not a crotchety old man, but a young woman close to her own age. And the swirling crystal that forever rode above her head signified actual player, rather than NPC. Interesting. Curious, the woman relaxed her features. Something like a smile unfurled across her painted lips. "Don't mind if I do," came her silky answer. Fingers with black, manicured nails selected a perfectly round chocolate chip cookie from the tray. Lilik hardly paid any attention to the fruit, content to reach right over it for the tastier treat. And why not? Why in the world would you choose a hunk of nasty-ass melon in a place where carbs don't count? "I dig the suit," Lilik commented mildly, gesturing with the cookie before taking a delicate bite. She chewed, swallowed, then added, "It fits you well, and isn't nearly as stuffy as what everyone else here is wearing. I appreciate the understated." @NIGHT
  8. Lilik

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "It's so... pink." Lilik grimaced as she emerged into the pretty tent. The sickeningly sweet aroma of flowers and perfume washed over her like a toxic wave, and her unpleasant expression grew even more so. This was a mistake, she mused, and nearly turned on her ice-pick heel. She might have, were it not for the arrival of a pinch-faced man in a penguin suit. "Ma'am," he said by way of greeting. He wore the expression of a man who had only just concluded sucking on a lemon. Is that what my resting b*tch face looks like? she wondered. "You've entered through the incorrect door. Might I direct you to the front entrance, so you may be greeted by our host, Lady Pembrook?" Though Lilik towered over the short man, he did an excellent job of peering down his nose at her. His beady little eyes remained transfixed on her facial tattoos, and his disapproval was evident. Oh, so that's how it's gonna be. "No can do, Jeeves," she answered flippantly. "I'm not here for the honorable Lady Pembrook, I'm here for her food. Besides," the woman waved her hand, gesturing to their surroundings. "It's a tent, asshole. No doors." The NPC stammered, his programming clearly failing to keep up. "Excuse me, but I-" "You're excused," she answered cheerfully, giving his head a brisk pat before striding by him. Her long, plum hair fanned out behind her as she walked, only a few shades lighter than the night-black column of fabric covering her pale skin. The dress was unadorned with jewel or lace, sporting only twin slits up each side. She herself wore nothing flashy, save for the black strip of leather riding high on her neck. Black stilettos with a mile-high heel plunged the already six foot tall woman even higher into the heavens. That was fine with her. She liked it up there. Maybe I'll stay, she decided, crimson gaze combing the crowd for anyone interesting. It might be fun.
  9. Lilik

    [PP - F3] Sanctuary

    Lilik leaned forward in the uncomfortable wooden chair. Her fingers tapped a muffled rhythm across the table's marred surface, the sound practically a soundtrack to her anxiety. She rarely allowed herself to become so agitated, but over twenty four hours had passed since sending Bahr and Lessa after Rainey. What in the world was taking so long? Were they having a difficult time locating the timid girl? Had they decided to abandon the quest? Or had something happened to them? Had something happened to Rainey? "Ughhh," came her exasperated groan. The woman leaned backward, stretching her long, lanky body away from the table. Then she raked both hands violently through her thick plum hair. Constantly visualizing the worst case scenario was a one-way ticket to madness, and Lilik just did not need that. What she did need was something a little stronger than coffee. Okay, a lot stronger than coffee. She dubiously eyed the mug that sat untouched on the table; the black beverage had long-since stopped steaming. A couple shots of vodka, a couple mugs of beer, and she wouldn't even remember Rainey's name, right? Except that it didn't work that way in Aincrad. Lilik was without her vice, and now, without her friend. What did she have left? Honestly? Nothing. Lilik was still a fresh-faced level one, with only starter gear and garbage stats. So many years wasted waiting on Rainey, and yet here she sat, continuing to do so. And I'll keep doing it, she admitted to herself, though her face remained unreadable. I'd do it all again for Rainey. She gave me a chance when no one else would. I had nothing out there either, but she took me in. She had my back. Now, I have hers. A sudden ping, a flashing in the corner of her vision. Lilik read the message, and already knew even before she'd reached the end. She read it again, and again, and did not stop until the words began to blur.
  10. Lilik

    F09/PP Hunting Bandits! w/ Lilik

    "And I think the word you were looking for was 'Hi.'" Lilik took a deep gulp of the canteen, eyeing the man over it's base. The temptation was there to drain the thing before handing it back, especially after he'd copped that attitude. But few players would be willing to share, so maybe she could give him a pass. This once. After swallowing, she returned the container to it's original owner. He looked as miserable as she felt, sweat slicked clumps of blonde hair clinging to his flushed face. Why in the world was he wearing such a hefty overcoat? Wasn't he roasting in there? Sure, her beginner gear wasn't pretty, but at least it didn't cook her while she wore it. She surveyed him a moment longer, and when he extended his hand, she eyed it warily. "Lilik," she finally answered, grasping his damp hand with her own and giving it a firm shake. Her gaze turned to Leeroy & Jenkins. "What the hell is that thing?"
  11. Lilik

    F09/PP Hunting Bandits! w/ Lilik

    "Level twenty, my ass." Lilik stomped her way off the teleporter and into the gray, smoggy hell that was the ninth floor. It was abysmally hot, and the air was sick enough that it could be cut with the proverbial knife. Lava bubbled and belched not far from where she walked, but the woman hardly noticed. Long legs carried her thin frame, which was held rigid with furious anger and unbending determination. Who cares if the quest had recommended she be level twenty? That was probably a suggestion for idiotic noobies who had no idea what they were doing. And sure, okay, she had never actually fought anything before. But she was no idiot, and she was far, far, from helpless. She had a weapon, she had a quest, and she was going to get stronger if it killed her. With that thought, her voice of reason, a mere whisper in the back of her mind, finally reached her. You really could die, it reminded her. Grit could only get her so far. It was like trying to outrun a sports car in a race. Sure, she could want it, and even try her hardest. But without the right equipment, she would fail. Lilik would not fail. Water. That was as good a place to start, as the floor's heat finally registered. Tiny beads of sweat had broken out on her flushed skin, and her breathing was just a bit labored. Her violent red eyes swept her surroundings, and fortunately, landed on a man with just what she needed. She strode over, stopped before him, and put her hands on her hips. "Where did you get the water?" she asked, by way of greeting.
  12. Lilik

    [PP - F3] Sanctuary

    "I'm going with you." The words snapped like a whip, and carried just as much sting, daring either of them to object. Lessa did. "I really don't think that's a good idea," Lessa began slowly, her maternal nature peaking through. "I think-" Lilik rounded on the blonde. "I don't give a damn what you think," she shot back. "I don't work in thoughts, I need hard facts. And the fact is, you need me. Rainey would never go with you." Now it was Lessa's turn to harden, every line and curve of her face turning to rigid stone. The maternal tenderness was gone. "As I recall, Rainey didn't go with you, either. And it appears she's going to stay there, because I'm not going to help someone who doesn't want it." There was anger simmering in her blue eyes, something that Lilik had not expected from the seemingly soft woman. That went from zero to sixty real quick. Panic fluttered in the pit of Lilik's stomach, but years of practice kept the tell-tale signs from creeping across her face. She drew in a long breath, then said, "Wait. Look, my bad, okay? I just want my friend back." Lessa gave a small nod, but her stony expression remained in place. "And we're willing to help you with that, but not if you're going to bite our heads off. We're helping you, even when the situation could be potentially dangerous to us. We have no idea what we're walking into." "Then let me go with you," Lilik countered, clearly unwilling to give up the fight. "Please. I know Rainey. She'd feel better if I were there. And maybe I can help. Somehow. Y'lknow?" The armored woman turned to Bahr, and lifted one shoulder in a "well?" gesture.
  13. Lilik

    [PP - F3] Sanctuary

    Anger, hot and red, began to simmer in Lilik's gut. It was unnecessary, and border-line irrational, considering the man was willing to help her. But the nonchalant way in which he agreed rubbed her the wrong way. Further fanning the flame was the fact that she didn't have the answers to his question. Why hadn't she paid more attention, or completed a bit of recon work while she was there? Was she really so far behind these higher-level players only because of the time passed? Or were they really just smarter than her? The concept brought a warmth to her tattooed face, and that made her even madder. "She's short," Lilik finally answered in a brisk, clipped tone. At least this she was confident in, and she could address it matter-of-factly. "Maybe five-foot even. Stocky, but not fat. Blonde hair, naturally curly. Blue eyes. Voice is higher pitched than mine, and she speaks both English and Japanese. Doubt she has any armor or weapons, and likes to wear dresses." The woman hesitated, gaze darting from Bahr to Lessa before she spoke again. "The guild is holed up in an old church. It's covered with vines." That was the extent of her knowledge. Fortunately, Lessa stepped in before the silence could become stifling. "It's the Defiled Church, Bahr," the other woman explained, hints of excitement flavoring her words. "The guild must have figured out how to get inside. I have no idea how many people they have, but the leader must be a pretty intelligent guy to accomplish something like that."
  14. Lilik

    [PP - F3] Sanctuary

    "Uh, yeah, guess that's my cue." Lilik planted both hands on her hips, and paused long enough to look the newcomer up and down. His interactions with Lessa told her the pair had some sort of relationship. Of course they did, or else the blonde wouldn't have requested his presence. But their familiar back-and-forth, and the ease with which the players communicated, indicated something more intimate. They were comfortable with each other. Lilik felt a tinge of jealousy at that, but shoved it down just as quickly as it flared. The willowy woman brushed back her long hair, a plum-colored waterfall that shimmered down to nearly her waist. Then she inhaled deeply, and plunged into her tale. "I have a friend, Rainey. She and I spent the past couple years hiding out in the safe zones." Lilik made no effort to hide the bitterness in her tone, and even if she had, the phrasing revealed how much she regretted the wasted time. "Rainey always been afraid of everything, and was content just... existing." She loosed a shrug. "I didn't get it, but whatever. A couple days ago, she up and left. Apparently she's found this guild, and she told me the people 'understand' her. I was honestly happy for her." The woman paused, her gaze drifting to a spot just past Lessa and Bahr. "And part of me was glad that I could move on, you know? Do something different? Well, I decided to check in on her, just to see how she's doing. But there were loads of red flags. Rainey spoke to me through the door, and never even came out to see me. And after a minute, another player told me it was time for me to leave." Something dark, akin to a stormcloud, drifted across Lilik's face. "I didn't appreciate being bossed around, but Rainey didn't say anything else, and I couldn't get inside. So I went looking for help." Lilik's jaw worked until she finally looked back to Bahr. "I don't ask strangers for anything, but yeah, I'm worried about Rainey." After Lilik fell silent, Lessa gave a small nod. "I'm going in to see what's going on. Are you interested?"
  15. Lilik


    ฿₳₴ł₵₴ Username: Lilik Real Name: Lily Genesee Age: 21 > 23 Gender: Female Height: 6'0 ₱ɆⱤ₴Ø₦₳Ⱡł₮Ɏ Lilik is a bit of a mixed bag. While she can be incredibly loyal to those she feels she owes a debt to, she is not one to deliberately forge lasting bonds. She is stubborn, easily frustrated, and prone to bouts of anger. Having fended for herself for most of her life, she doesn't always play well with others. With that being said, she isn't above asking for help, or cooperating with a team, if she deems it necessary. She can be caring when the situation calls for it, but Lilik often has an odd way of showing it. She often falls back on dark humor, or her wildly competitive side, when she finds herself growing uncomfortable. She is loud, cocky, and was described by one foster family as "intense." However, much of her personality is a facade, meant to cover lurking insecurities - she has yet to figure that out. ₳₱₱Ɇ₳Ɽ₳₦₵Ɇ At six foot, her height is the first thing that people notice about Lilik. The next is her long hair, dyed a startling plum. It frames a sharp face and wide, deep-set eyes, made red with contacts. She has a small nose, and a mouth with thin, smirking lips. Her sharp features are marred by a crimson face tattoo, which continues down her entire left side. Lily saw the body art in a magazine, and at the age of seventeen, had it done herself (much to her foster mom's dismay). Once trapped in SAO, Lilik replicated the look with vanity items. She prefers tight-fitting clothing, often in various shades of black and grey. Her gear is styled after her favorite historical battle armors and weapons. Ⱨł₴₮ØⱤɎ At four years old, Lily entered the foster system. She never stayed in one place for too long, her volatile personality exhausting even the most well-meaning parents. In fact, the girl made it her duty to avoid "conforming" to the system's expectations. Though quite intelligent, Lily found school difficult, a fact she hid by deliberately failing. Issues of violence and war, however, fascinated her - she took a liking to studying battle history and strategy. She also showed a natural talent in the visual arts, enjoying sketching and painting when she found the time/muse. Sprung from the system at eighteen, Lily began doing odd jobs to stay afloat. She traveled as much as possible, and took pleasure in visiting historic sites of bloody wars. After a few years, she had scraped together enough money for her dream trip - exploring Japan. She applied for and was granted a work visa, and moved to Tokyo. There, she found work as a cook in a restaurant. It was an ideal job, as it kept her out of the public eye until she became fluent in Japanese. It was also where she met Rainey, a young woman originally from South Carolina. Rainey moved to Tokyo to go to college, and worked as a waitress while she earned her degree. Unfortunately, Rainey struggled in the big city, and Lily took the eighteen year-old under her wing. It was Rainey who suggested the girls spring for two sets of Nerve Gear, and the new game, Sword Art Online. Lily complained about the unnecessary expense, of course, but eventually conceded. Together, the pair logged in, and never logged out again. Given her competitive, do-it-yourself nature, Lily was eager to start grinding. Her goal was to clear the floors, and free her friend from the game. Rainey, however, was distraught by the concept of being trapped. Rather than motivating her to level up, that fact left her paralyzed. She refused to go anywhere dangerous, and begged Lily not to go either. Rainey insisted she would die without Lily's help, and the guilt ended up tethering the older girl to the safe zones. For two years, Lily merely existed, coasting through life in order to keep an eye on Rainey. Only after Rainey joined a questionable guild and abandoned Lily did the woman finally go after what she really wanted - combat. VłⱤ₮ɄɆ₴ Capable: Lilik has always been responsible for her own success. As such, she rarely depends on anyone else. She is capable of looking out for herself, and getting the job done without outside aid. Goal Driven: Once Lilik puts her mind to something, she'll work until she sees her goal realized. She is dedicated, driven, and gets dug-in. It takes a lot to budge her from a mission once she's committed to it. Loyal: Lilik is not quick to form bonds. But once they've been forged, Lilik is quite loyal. She is especially so when she feels she owes someone for something. It was for this reason that Lilik remained in the safe zones with Rainey for two years. ₣Ⱡ₳₩₴ Hard-Headed: Occasionally, Lilik becomes so convinced that she's right that she refuses to see reason. She won't listen to to others, and becomes obstinate. Even when she's proven to be wrong, she'll remain bitter. Loose Cannon: Lilik isn't especially predictable, especially when she feels overwhelmed. She was never taught how to deal with complex emotions, or given the tools to use them effectively. Instead, she often lashes out, or responds incorrectly. She also has an especially short temper. Insecure: While she hasn't realized it yet, much of Lilik's toxic behavior stems from deep-rooted insecurities. She never knew her biological parents, and from a young age, she'd decided they didn't want her. When her foster parents attempted to tell her the truth, she refused to listen, convinced she'd been abandoned. Self-doubt is always lingering, and she compensates with overwhelming self-assuredness. ₴₭łⱠⱠ₴ Non-Combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon Skills: » 2H Assault Spear - Rank 1 [Novice] (5 SP) ł₦VɆ₦₮ØⱤɎ Weapons: » Uncommon 2HAS [Damage] Gear: » Uncommon Leather Chestplate [Mitigation] Consumables: » [5] Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50HP) Sanctuary [1 SP]