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Found 11 results

  1. On the edge of the Yōgan Village, lies a shop known as Liars Mask, a seemingly unassuming storefront that seems rather nondescript when first looked at. Upon entering, however... that, is when the real show starts. The interior of the building resembles that of a theater room, with various types of masks on the walls, along with large, bright red flower clusters that grow along part of the room. An array of empty Crystals, bottles, and salve containers line the service counter, which is a smooth obsidian in color. A woman with wavy black hair, and dressed in a black tuxedo is tending the counter. She has a light grey dress shirt on underneath, along with a matching blood red tie and gloves. She greets the players with what seems to be a polite smile. "Hello there, customer." She greets with a smile. "Welcome to Liars Mask, how may I be of service to you?" Stats and tools Prices are below Stock Items...
  2. Stock: Packs: Prices: Order template: Not for sale: Proffession stats:
  3. Welcome to "The Smoking Cauldron" Near to the west gate of the >town of beginning< is a little two-storeyed shop, made out of dark oak wood. On the roof is a little smoking chimney and at the forefront of the shop are four windows, two per storey. Over the entrance hangs a wooden sign with the title >>The Smoking Cauldron<<. Beside the door stood a flowerpot, shaped as a cauldron with some plants in it. Inside, the shop is filled with green light which stems from big vines which are growing in some plant pot´s at the window boards. At the wall to your right are two shelves also with some plant pot´s. To your left is a couch with a tittle table. At the table is a stack of paper with some notes. Towards the door is a fireplace with a cauldron and a counter, full with pencils and alchemistic things, like phial´s, mortars and other things. Behind the counter are stairs leading up to attic where Saphira has her bed room. Alchemist Rank: 2 EXP: 44/79 Crafts per day: 4 Order Template CD Result Chart (Rank 3) Things to order: Prices: For sale: Ready to pick up:
  4. Located at the edge of the Starglades and just a short walk from the settlement of Snowfrost lies a simple wooden cabin with a warm and welcoming glow shining out the front windows and a comforting warm plume of smoke rising from the chimney. At the front it holds a breathtaking view of the Starglades from the front porch that lights up in magnificence at night and around the back you can find a garden brimming with all forms of plant life with dozens of different alchemical properties. Upon entering guests are welcomed in from the cold to a blazing warm hearth in the corner of the room with a small oak desk and chair facing the entryway with a ink, quill and pile of papers on top of it, as well as a small plushy shaped like a Chimera. Along the back wall runs a long old oak table with a display case full of different kinds of potions for sale and running across the left half and a work station on the right covered in different kinds of alchemical equipment. A door on the back wall tucked in to the right leads out to the garden and another door along the right hand wall leads to a small yet comfortable living quarters. A man wearing a loose fitting white buttoned shirt, black vest and undone tie looks up over the edge of the book he is reading while sitting at the small desk. "Welcome to the Chimeric Cauldron! Come in and warm yourself by the hearth and I can show you my wares." Profession Stats: Stock: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Accepted Orders: Order Form: Pricing: All item prices are up for negotiation, Crystals incur an additional Material cost, and all stock Items are going at a discount price! Transactions:
  5. DO NOT ENTER That is the sign that is displayed to anyone that stumbles across this hidden place in the corner of the safe zone. No one really knows what is going on down there, or what is being produced, but an evil laughter can be heard occasionally, and glass shatters can be heard at times as well. Besides, it was obvious that the sign was enough evidence that the owner of the place does not wish for anyone to enter the small, poorly made shack. Although it is classified as a shop, the shop is closed 24/7, meaning that whatever was inside is not for sale, but probably for the personal use of whoever was in charge. No one really knows who owns the place, as no one has really seen him or her enter or leave the place. Perhaps there is even a back entrance to the mysterious place. Not that most players really cared about what goes down in there, as long as its not really hurting anyone... but is it really? Is it not? Who knows? There's nothing that can be done about it. So what does it look like in the inside? Not that it really matters to you, because you'll never enter this secret base. This place is secluded from the outside, and should not be entered at any point. For your imagination, I can describe to you what usually should never be described through words. If one manages to walk into the base, he or she will be greeted by extreme darkness. It is practically impossible to see into the main crafting area due to the blackness that shielded the privacy of the person in charge and the contents within the small, worn-out building. Although it looked abandoned, and uncleaned from the outside, the inside was a complete paradox to the image that it gave off from the outside. It is not filthy, nor filled with dirt, but it was clean, and organized to the point where every material was kept at top-notch condition, and every single potion was labelled with complete preciseness. This was the lab of a killer, and a killer has no time to keep everything in track and kill at the same time. This is why eventually, the owner will recruit a maid for the maintenance of the whole place, but she needed someone that she can trust, not just any random person. On the left side of the room, there is a case for poisons that had already been created for future uses, and on the right side, there were damage boosts and other boosts in the form of potions, although there is always consistently more poisons than potions that is in existence in that very room. The middle of the room was a table with an alchemy set and in the far back of the room, there is a cabinet with empty glass bottles and cases that can be used for storing the things that she creates. In a small corner, there is a bed that is comfortable enough for her to sleep in without being disturbed in the middle of the night. Knowing the securities of the first floor safe zone, she'll be able to sleep knowing that her safety is guaranteed.
  6. Welcome to Kraken Potions. Here we sell salves, potions, and healing crystals. Along with the occasional treasure or two. Often times the cauldron has a pink ship and other times it's a pick Kraken that is floating above it. Climbing the ladder and going up on top of the building will lead to a roof garden and a tent that Reinka sleeps in if she's not with someone special that night. There is rumor of a gorgeous yet possibly crazy witch on floor one. It's unknown why she is collecting materials and col as if it was going out of style, but rumor has it she is attempting something sinister. From reviving the dead, blowing up the floor (as sometimes her shop randomly has an explosion sound effect with in it, torturing innocent npcs or players, the rumors of what her goals are spread far and wide on the spectrum. Though some wonder if anything is happening at all at the same time. Currently it's just a shop with an aerie atmosphere, but full of adventure and the unknown. Currently Reinka is rank 1 Prices (some currently available items will be priced differently) Currently Available Salves Potions and Crystals Knight's Milfoil Lotion - C. 400 or 100 + 2 mats of any type Monster Bane - C 1000 or 4 mats of any type + C 500 Rejuvenation Cream - C 950 col OR 4mats any type + 2mats Currently Available Treasures Waiting List Events and discounts What can be placed on what Order Form Alchemist Level Up Guide Book crafting Chart Material List (Just for fun, updated while Reinka is out in the field) Current EXP
  7. <<Piera's Potent Potions>> On the outskirts of Delilah Village on the prairie floor of three is a flat stone paved path that cut through fields of dandelions that leads to an ordinary looking cottage. Smoke leaks out of its chimney and as you approach, a sign hangs on the door that depicts a steaming mortar and pestle with the title of Piera's Potent Potions on it. Once entered, the smell of numerous flowers and herbs would wash over you as sunlight leaked through the windows. "Hello." A polite female voice would greet you. The voice came from a brunette bespectacled woman that was crushing materials with a mortar and pestle on the counter in the corner. "Welcome to my shop. What can I help you with?" Profession Stats: Enhancements: Stock: Accepted Orders: Reserve Stock: (Ordered items ready for pick-up.) Order Form: Pricing: Transactions:
  8. Deep in the shopping district at the heart of the Starting City, nestled between attractive, lively, and welcoming shops lies a meager building with a simple wooden sign hanging above the door to display its name. 'Magical Mixtures', the alchemy shop looks more like an old shack. As if over-preparing to open her doors to the public, the shop owner has spent plenty of time making the space as presentable as possible. While it looks like the building was likely run-down and shown plenty of previous wear, it's completely spotless. Simple drapes are pulled back from the windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. Besides being in need of a general facelift, the interior feels a bit "cozy" once you get used to it. A small girl by the name of Aster spends most of her time holed up here, recently pushing herself to take care of the place and open her doors to other adventurers. Upon entering, a most inquisitive orange fox is likely to either watch or investigate any new player to pass through the shop's doors. The familiar certainly isn't shy, and would eagerly accept attention players are willing to give him. Alchemist Information Rank 7 - Mentor Alchemist EXP: 644/5120 Crafts Per Day: 9 Crafting Reset: 12:00:00 AM PST Items Types Available: Salves: Potions: Crystals: Tools in Use: Ranking Chart CD Result Chart Potions on Hand: Orders Working Item Pricing
  9. Nuzzled in the Town of Beginnings on the first floor of Aincrad lies a silent alchemist. "Azure Apothecary", the sandwich board lies beside the doorway. Upon entering, the apothecary looks simple, but the warmth feeling of the fireplace inside, almost makes the player seem like they are wrapped around a blanket. The snow-white haired alchemist behind the counter, though quiet and unapproachable, is always hard at work mixing his concoctions and experimenting on new crafts. [Alchemist Info] Rank 6 - Professional Alchemist EXP: 411/640 Crafts Per Day: 7 Crafting Reset: 12:00:00 AM PST Items Types Available: Salves | Potions | Crystals Materials On Hand: T1: 04 | T2: 0 | T3: 0 [Tools in Use] [Ranking Chart] [CD Result Chart] [Prices] [Quest] [Display] [Wait List]
  10. After following the beach on floor sixteen for half a kilometer, you spot a two storeys beachhouse. When you gets closer you see a sign with the words 'Exellance Elexirium' on. When you are at the door you hear a voice behind. A girl with long black hair, wearing a dark t-shirt and red skirt with suspenders approach from the water."Hello there, do youe search for something particular or just checking?" She says when opening the door for you to enter. Her wet hair indicating she must have come straight out off the water thou her clothes are dry. Inside the store there is a few tables with a couple off chairs at each. Except that, Zandras workbench stands in the corner beside a fireplace. The walls are covered with shelfs with potions in all different colours. Stock(t2/t1): Damage(0/4): Damage mitigation(0/10): Antidote(10/0): HP recovery(0/0): Mass HP recovery(0): Overhealth(0/0): Safeguard(0): Crafters respite(0): Toxic Venom(6/0): Teleport(17): Prices: Order template: Not for sale:
  11. ALCHEMIC CONTAGION On your way to the starter town on the 10th floor you notice a glow, a faint yellow glow. As you near it, you find that it is a large tent; with a flap open that sits just outside the safe zone. Since the floor is in near perpetual darkness you don't notice the stains on the outside of the tent, the blood and dirt - as though the thing was dragged through a warzone before being hastily set up. You smell an array of odd scents; flowery herbs, burnt charcoal and others you can't quite put your finger on. As you enter the tent you squint to see, the light source seems to have come from jars, filled with fireflies that are threaded along the low ceiling. The inside of the tents floor is covered in various mismatched rugs and pilows, it looks comfortable. On the left side of the tent is an old, mahogany table filled with various vials and bottles, with faded labels on them. On the right side; is a locked glass display case that has a variety of crystals, also labelled. The back of the tent has a small table, that serves as a sort of 'counter' behind it sits a very dark looking pink haired girl; whose blue eyes glow a soft green - a sign that she has Night Vision, and can see you, far more clearly than you can see her. Behind her you notice what looks like a scientific set up - there are test tubes, vials, bottles, and a few Bunsen burners, sitting underneath various liquids that are bubbling away. You go to turn away, thinking, perhaps it'd be best to visit a different alchemist - but an unnerving, calm voice interrupts you. "Can I help you?" Rank 6: Mentor Alchemist Exp: 452/640 EXP (7 Crafts per day) 32 Materials Healing Items Status Debuffs Enhancements Miscellaneous Oddities These are 'Good' ranked items that have no enhancements but are useful for RP fodder; items are sorted in order of usefulness and popularity; to quickly find something simply press Ctrl + F and type in the product you are looking for .