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  1. Teayre lay on the couch in the entry hall to the Amethyst Boutique, her ears twitching at the occasional sound. Rolling her eyes before flicking them towards the main door she spots a dash of blue leaving. “He’s gone again…” She murmurs before returning her unblinking gaze to the ceiling of her shop. Spreading fingers through the pliable fabric underneath she grips it tightly before letting go. Then again and again, repeatedly Teayre performs this action before finally she stops. A sigh escapes her lips, then an audible growl echoing out of her stomach. Wincing she opens her menu for the first time in... Teayre pauses just before she flicks the menu down. “How long has it been?” Closing her eyes she thinks back over everything that had happened. Three names stuck out most, “Manta. Ebony and you.” Three people she had killed, not including all the others, the ones who wanted her to die, but she slaughtered instead. “I was Teayre Muramasa the Crimson Maiden,” Her voice quiet almost silent as she spoke to herself, “Who am I now?” Eyelids opening she flicks down her menu. The screen pinging open as she winces, letting out a groan the girl sits up slowly. Her left hand going onto her knee, flexing at the elbow, the right in front of her the menu open as she… “What am I doing?” a cackle follows, the few birds that were outside her shop fled. The mobs that guarded her store groaned. Her hand dropped to her side as she closed her eyes again, her breathing slowing down as she placed both hands on her stomach. “The last thing I remember… Baldur… Crying…” The crimson haired maiden let out a screech worthy of a banshee. “LISS!” She rolls off the couch onto the floor twisting, turning and screaming out. Her hand stretching out in a claw, “Liss I’m coming…” She mumbles, “I’m… Coming…” She calls out her voice almost a whisper now.
  2. Bell looked around the familiar setting of the Town of Beginnings. A few days earlier he had posted up a small notice in some of the more popular taverns and shops. Bell was hoping he would be joined by some new faces to make friends and go hunting together. Everyone could use the socialization in these tough times, not to mention the EXP and loot that would come if they were able to clear a few field bosses. He thought this would be a good opportunity to get out of the house and get some fighting experience under his belt. The notice told players to join him at the fountain in the town square if they were interested. Now the fun part... waiting. He made his way through the town, passing by many players and NPC's alike. "Any of these people could be on their way to meet with me... I hope at least one or two people show up." He was getting a little anxious that no one would show and he would be embarrassed. He shoved the thought aside as he turned the corner, almost reaching the fountain.
  3. Frank breathed in deeply. The weather was nice, warm and pleasant on the skin. It was going to be a wonderfully temperate day, but it was also going to be a day for killing. Frank had spent enough time inside the Town of Beginnings lately and felt a need to get out, to explore, and to find some creatures to kill. The grasses blew in a direction that showed the wind was moving from east to west, and the sun was nestled at its morning perch, heading in a north-eastern direction, Frank moved out away from the town. Crossing the hills, and moving down into a valley known as the Valley of the Forgotten, Frank looked forward to exploring this area himself. As he moved down into the Valley, the mood dampened, the area was cast in shadow, making everything gold and desolate. Higher-level players had already explored these areas, but their were always things which were missed by those players in their push to rush through the area. This is where Frank would come in, it having took him longer to learn the game mechanics. Frank didn't know much about the Valley of the Forgotten, only that it was rumored to be the sad, hopeless resting ground to ghosts of lost players. Certainly, it is ominous here, Frank observed as he descended down into the Valley. (OOC : GET. IN.)
  4. "I still can't believe he let us run the tavern for the night. I mean, he did say we could if we "make more money then we spend" but I still couldn't believe how easy it was!" Outlander said, wiping off the counter with a rag. "Do you know what this means Redfeild?" Outlander asked, leaning over the bar. "I haven't got the slightest clue sir." Redfeild responded. "It means tonight its our rules! WE can do whatever we want! He really shouldn't have given me this kind of power." Outlander practically shouted. "Then, good sir, may I make a suggestion?" Redfeild said, adjusting his tie. "Sure, I'm all ears." Outlander replied. "What if we hosted a party, to celebrate the new year?" Redfeild recommend. "That idea- Isn't actually half bad. Alright, lets give it a go." Outlander filled out a blackboard sign with chalk. Putting "New Years Party:" and "Special Deals on Drinks" and slapped a bunch of other nonsense on it. Redfeild on the other hand, was lighting the fireplace near the back. "And now we wait." @Mr.R Interior:
  5. Dustin walks into a tavern on the third floor. “It’s kind of weird, I love this floor but hate the next one up. How could they be so different?” He says to the bartender, Roger. Roger is 6’8” and has long black hair and a black shirt and pants. But that isn’t all, he has no shoes on. “Mister Roger sir, why do you not have shoes? The floor in this bar is wood.” Dustin brings up and points to Roger’s feet. “Because it’s super comfortable.” The bartender responds, having been asked the same question numerous times. In the bar there are many tables, all circular with 4 chairs around each. Near the door there are flowers and a coat and weapon rack. These are more for aesthetic than anything else, but they do make the tavern feel more real. To the left of the door near the wall is a bar, where Dustin sits. At the end of this bar there is a board, with every quest in Aincrad accessible at the time posted on the board. The bar has a list of every item on the menu, all at the end. Having checked the place out, Dustin pulls up his menu and send a message to a friend. Message: He closes his inventory and turns to the shoeless man once again, “If I can get twenty people in here we all get free drinks.” Dustin challenges. “No, most I’ll do is half off.” He returns. The brown haired boy shakes hands with the black haired bartender and stands outside shouting for people to come in for drinks, half off. @Neopolitan
  6. Walking around on the 6th floor Kyoto see’s the beauty of everything here. He don’t know why it just makes him happy when he’s here. It doesn’t remind him of anything but it’s just a place that is new to him. Walking around he see’s a lot of NPC seeing him smiling and even they think it’s weird. This black haired kid dressed in all black seems to be in a good mood and it’s not normal at all. Walking into the main street of the Rhoemeia he finds a nice place to sit as he waits to see who would be interested in hanging out with Kyoto. Kyoto keeps on smiling as he hears all kind of conversations around him. Hopefully he’ll see someone that is interested in talking with him but for now he enjoys the peace and quiet with the nature talking to each other. Kyoto looks into his pocket thought he was hulling a purple dragon then it got to him. Itzal. @Hazado
  7. Right now, if there was one thing starting to reach the same level of priority as survival, it was Col. The only reason why, was that, he needed Col, for like, literally everything he needed, such as better gear, dropping the sword to strengthen his fists, and plenty of other things like that. "I've got no choice...I'll have to find a good place to grind for col." He'd heard of a place in the tenth floor where there were mobs that dropped plenty of Col, but as a result, they had lots of HP. He knew the place he would be going to, but, the problem was...due to his pitiful damage, he wouldn't exactly be able to do much at all. He couldn't go alone. Thus, he went to the bulletin board, and thought long and carefully about what he would write and place on the board. "To any player that wants to get stronger, loot a good sum of col, etc.: I know of a place here in this floor where the mobs drop good amounts of col, but the problem is, I can't possibly take these freaks on by myself. Rest assured, there will be plenty of col for everyone interested, since in the said area, there's usually more than one prowling about at a time. -Vigilon" Happy with what he'd wrote, he would be on his way to the edge of the safe zone, to wait for at least one player to show up. Vigilon's Stats and Equipment: @Krysta @Benjamin Bookworm (OOC: Sorry if I come across as sudden, @Mars...) (OOC: IMPORTANT: All mobs will have 500 HP, and loot standard damage. The recommended maximum level is 24! There will be one mob spawning per player in thread for each battle, so if you can, bring your best equipment, and some buffs if you need them! All Tier one players are welcome!)
  8. The sign outside the tavern read: Outcast Pact Guild Recruitment: We need you! Or not, we really don't care. Outlander sat in the corner alone at a booth in the wall, attempting to do coin tricks but failing most of them. "Ugh... This is f***ing boring." He put the coin in one of the few pouches he has around his waist. He then took one of the table knifes and began spinning it like it was a fan in the surface of the table. "Who ordered the- Pumpki-" The bartender shouted. "I did!" Outlander raised his hand. The bartender walked over to his table and placed the drink. "Alright... Hopefully someone comes soon. Or I'm gonna pop a blood vessel out of boredom..." He said with an aggitated sigh.
  9. Harry Otai

    [OP, NK, F1] Link Start!

    It was yet another beautiful day in Aincrad with the sun having just set in the distance. There was a gentle breeze blowing through the grasslands, so much like the real world would be like. This was far from the real world though, which Harry was constantly reminded of. This was a place where it was kill or be killed. It was a place where people were killing each other even, whether out of fear or out of just some sick sadistic thought that happened to come into someone's mind. That was why Harry was training now, his longsword out as he'd run through some common motions he had been learning. A diagonal slash, followed by a parry, then a thrust. Repeat. It was a way for him to take his mind of things, but to also keep himself on his toes. He was stuck in this game, there was no escape except to beat it, which was his plan either way. He was alone and he preferred to stay that way, yet his heart ached for at least some companionship. The young man had noticed some people crossing by and talking with each other, seemingly oblivious to the dangers that were all around, and it reminded him of his sister in the real world. Diagonal Slash, parry, thrust. Repeat. Harry continued to run through these motions for a couple more hours until finally he felt exhausted and laid down in the grass, hands behind his head and blade on his left side. The man was still looking for the first floor boss that he had heard about, but had no luck thus far, so he was sticking around the grasslands for the time being. It was better than venturing headfirst into the world and ending up dead. After all, death was not an option for him.
  10. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Novafire once again had took up all the trouble of making a event that others could join, its been a while since she last did this. This time it was a party, well sorta, more like social hour with coffee and music , and maybe dancing. But that means new people and new friends. Nova liked the idea of meeting new people. She figured the more people she met, the more lives she could change for the better. She was happy, she got exited, she couldn't wait. She posted invites everywhere, and I really mean everywhere. Nova looked around at the room, it was a ball room she got access to via lots of owed favors. But only for the night. It was currently 8:00 PM. The party should end around 1:00 PM. The invites read such: Above is the ballroom she got access to. Enjoy the party guys! Hope to see you there!
  11. Aki

    [OP -F1] Flashback

    It's been fifteen minutes and yet every part of him was still stiff with fear. The cold hard truth had never been so clearer. “No, he… he can't be telling the truth. This has to be some kind of sick joke. There has got to be a way out of here.” Aki muttered to himself, trying to calm his nerves, but not doing it as successfully as he would have hoped. He looked up from where he was sitting. He was on the floor against the wall. In the center of the Town of New Beginnings. Everyone around him looked scared and confused, something he really didn't want to be. He managed to calm himself down enough to stop ranting like a madman. “Ok, Akihiro, you've got this… You've got this…” He repeated calmly, his breathing slowing down as well. “If I really am going to be stuck here. I’m going to need to know who to trust…” He began to stand up, and walk out of the center of the town through the crowds of frightened players. "But who would that be..." (OOC: Hello everyone reading, this is a open flashback RP to day one of SAO. Feel free to join, but, no PvP… I'm not ready for that yet.)
  12. <<OOC: This takes place in a safe zone, so don’t get any ideas. Also, no loopholes.>> Outlander stood in the shopping district of the town of new beginnings in one of those many benches that are randomly strewn about the area. He was sitting next to a wooden cart that would looks like it would be used to move heavy wooden crates around with ease, a man was loading it with crates of, alcohol? He got up, and walked up to the man: “Clearly nothing means business like showing up to a liquor store with a shopping cart.” Outlander said with a questionable look on his face. “Hey, you wouldn't suppose, I could, take one o-” “No.” “Dude come on!” Outlander protested. “Want one, but one.” Outlander looked at the man with frustration filling his eyes. “How much?” Outlander groaned. “I’d say, one hundred and fifty col.” “Haha, yeah, no. What is the real price?” The man just stared at Outlander. “Ok, I'm go now, good luck with your future endeavors.” Outlander said, there was only one place that he actually enjoyed going to. The Westward Tavern. He began walking at a moderate pace, trying not to make contact with any unwanted.
  13. Epsilon

    (OP-F2) New Experiences

    Epsilon managed to find a way up towards floor two, she looked around to see if anything was different the minute she got there, and well, it was like the Appalachian mountains. Were she visited with her mother once. Her mother loved nature, Lindsey, not so much, she would coward in her room from it. Maybe that's why she liked to play video games so much, because it was the only thing she was good at. She was in a town called "Urbus", she wanted to revive old memory by hiking all the way to a place called "High Fields of Crossing", which to her was a 'new experience'. Which looked difficult because it looked like Urbus was in the center of a very large bowl. Lindsey wonder how they didn't get flash floods constantly. She bought some new add-on's to her armor, which was a black bandanna looking thing and a extra layer of fabric on the back, but it still looked surprisingly good. She approached the exit to the town, looking up at the colossal rim a good while above her. "Here we go..." She said to herself, she got into a running stance. Then took off, she was starting to feel back at home again. Words: 208 Apperance:
  14. Vadeon took in a deep breath. He held it there for a moment, and then let it go. His pulse hammered in his ears as he walked. This was not going to be easy, but he needed somebody to call on in case of emergency. It wasn't smart to go into things alone. He knew that. That didn't make it any easier to walk into the tavern door. This game was already putting enough stress onto his head while he was alone, he didn't want to imagine the amount of stress it would add having somebody else with him. "I'd almost RATHER die at that point." He frowned, sighing again. "I shouldn't be thinking like that. It isn't the end of the world just to talk to someone." Vadeon took in another breath, and did his best to raise his chin and meet the gaze of passersby. This game put stress on him already. How much worse could it get? He kept reminding himself why he was doing this as he found himself at the tavern door. He took in another breath, staring for a moment at the boldly lettered sign, put on his best smile and pushed his way through the door. The room was tight, and as he looked at all of the faces surrounding him, he felt as though the roof would collapse on him. "Maybe it is the end of the world," he reflected, feeling his face shift into a smaller, more nervous grin as his eyes dropped to his feet. He heard the door shut, seeming obnoxiously loud compared to the quiet room he seemed to have walked into. He heard every footstep he took, every beat of his heart, and felt that everyone else could hear it too. He almost felt inclined to murmur a billion apologies, "S-sorry to disturb you!" and sprint back through the door and make it to some far off street corner where nobody could find him. But he had come this far, what was the use in giving up? He sat in one of the stools at the bar, attempting to swallow the lump in his throat and mutter a greeting to the players around him, finally managing to get out a quiet "Hello..." from his lips, fiddling with his fingers.
  15. Epsilon

    [OP-F1] A Rough Day

    Epsilon was feeling annoyed, you could tell because of her posture, specifically because someone had riled her up during the past three hours and now she was annoyed and angry. She walked the streets of the town of new beginnings. It was getting dark, it was around nine fifty in the real world. She went to a tavern to drink of her steam. Lindsey walked into the building, the building itself looked run down and damaged, but still operational, its old wood beams creaking ever so often on its stone foundation. It's dirty red clay walls show large cracks, some obvious, some repaired, and stains that look like they haven’t seen a washcloth in months. There was a warming fire and very few people to see her when she angry, perfect. She sat down at one of the tables in the back of the room. There was a candle lit and it didn’t take long for the waiter to notice she was there. She ordered a Applejack, which was a fruity flavored alcoholic drink. She sat there, thinking about her day, taking a deep breath in every minute or so. If only someone could calm her down.
  16. 'Okay, alright, this will be the first monster I will kill in my road to be a front liner!' Sharr thought to himself as he observed a lone wolf standing with its back against him nearby. '10 HP, this will be over in a jiffy.' Sharr sprung to action, his black curved sword at hand, as he charged at the unsuspecting wolf "Gaaaaaaaahhh!" Sharr screamed letting out a battle cry. He slashed at its backside dealing damage. 'I did it, Ha! I'm finally killi-' His thoughts were interrupted by the wolf tackling him in his stomach. Sharr watched his HP go down and observed that the wolf dealt 3 damage compared to him who only dealt 1. "Oh hell no, I friggin outmatched, s-someone... SOMEONE HELP ME!" He screamed as he got up and ran being chased by the wolf. He unintentionally ran in circles making the wolf chase him without stopping. As he ran, he sent a message to players nearby: 'Hi the name's Sharr, this might sound random, but would you like to hang out in the fields of the 1st floor? Lack materials? Come'ere and gather! Bored? Do all you different shenanigans in here! See? Fun right! Meet me there! I'd be easy to spot! I'm the guy being chased by a wolf!'
  17. Outlander was currently in a tavern, he sent a word out that a crime guild was in need of recruits. His Raiders were spreading the news now. Unfortunately, it's not so simple, you see, you can get arrested for recruiting members to an orange guild. So, a loophole was created. If you were to join you have to ask the bartender, who we had to pay to keep his mouth shut the question, “Have you heard of the Night Raven?” If you ask him this, he will point toward Outlander who will recruit you. Even so, he has two others in the room on his side. For protection, you never know what kind of social justice warrior would walk through the front door. He was resting his back against the back wall. Watching the entrance to the tavern, and waiting patiently for someone to recruit. He flipped a single piece of col through the air, catching it, and flipping it again.
  18. "The streets are dark, lined with empty shops and horrified players that had reality hit them, that it was no longer a game. It was currently night, around eleven in the afternoon. I was tired, but there wasn't any hotels for the next three or four blocks of the town. I paced myself, walking down the stone brick lined streets of the town of new beginnings, the way the bricks looked and the was most of the buildings were placed reminded me of the roman empire, strong, but would inevitably fall apart. I sat down at a bench that was lit by a lamppost, looking up to see the fire dance within the tinted glass of the post. Adding a almost happy lighting to this world of tragedy and forgiveness. I closed my eyes to think to myself, nothing is ever truly what it seems. There is more secrets in the world then answers, just because it is all virtual doesn't mean it isn't there. Always something to be found, always something new to discover. But the truth isn't for everyone, I think this to myself as I look around at the few people on the street, they almost look shocked or afraid of the new world around them. Knowing they were happy and with their friends hour before the news. I opened my menu and got myself a quick snack, some crackers I got from a player who wanted a dagger I found. It wasn't a rare weapon either, just a dagger. This is Grimm, signing off. 11:34 PM April, 13th, 2023" Grimm closed his menu, finally finishing his log for the day, doing this to keep his sanity. He already lost a lot. He stayed at the bench under the light of the post, and began to finish off his crackers. (OOC: Anyone can join in... But im specifically inviting these two, go ahead and join if you want to:) @Outlander @Pinball
  19. "WAIT, HOLD UP..." Outlander said slightly annoyed. "..You're telling me, that I'm supposed to hunt down a mini-boss single handedly? Who do you take me for, an idiot?" Unfortunately the NPC giving the quest stopped paying any attention to Outlander after telling him what the quest was, then proceeded to tell other unlucky victims of the medicine problem. Outlander sighed, opened his menu, and looked at the 100's of side quests in his quest bar. He scowled and looked up at the NPC who was now telling another player about this "problem". He whispered to himself: "Patience, when there are to many witnesses..." He looked around hoping no one hear that, and put a pin up on a quest board for other people to help him. Or, more known to Outlander as the SOS Board. Below is what the board says: He looked into the forest, he felt something staring back. "Well, today should be interesting." He said to himself. He enter the local tavern, ordered a drink, and waited, hoping it would be much of the waiting part. @Reinholt @Fae @Kasier
  20. Krysta

    [OP-F10] Karaoke Night!

    Krysta had been planning an event for a small while, at least. After discussing a few details with Tsu, she'd made a few flyers to post on the bulletin boards, one for each floor. On the morning of the event, Krysta paid a visit to all of the first ten floors, posting the following flyer to each floor's bulletin board: To all players in Aincrad: You are all encouraged to join us for a Karaoke Night on Floor 10! Enjoy this chance to relax, sing, and take a break from the usual grinding, toil, and strife! Where: McFroppy's When: The event begins at 5:00 PM Players don't necessarily have to sing if they don't want to, but they are encouraged to. We hope to see you there! -Krysta She then walked back to where she was currently staying at, and spent a few hours to sew a cute white sundress that she would wear to the event. She wanted to go with something casual, not too fancy, but something different than the other casual white dress that she wore most of the time during this game. Once she was happy with her work, she changed into the sundress, and was on her way to the tenth floor. When she had reached the building the event would take place in, she hoped Tsu was still around, since Krysta came earlier than she originally intended to, in case there were any more details to work out. Upon entering, she greeted Tsu. "Hello, Tsu, I came a bit earlier since I just wanted to make sure that there was nothing left to discuss." After any answers and/or responses, she looked at her time, which now displayed 4:49. "Ah, it looks like any guests would be arriving soon." It was true, the first guest would indeed be arriving shortly. @Froppy (OOC: the change in apparel was my choice for my character, it is not necessarily required.) Krysta's Sundress
  21. Outlander was pretty much done for the week, he went to the tavern to make his problems wash away with alcohol. He realized half way there that he can't get drunk. He arrived at the tavern at dusk, still wearing his lightweight armor, he didn't have any normal clothes to wear. Then he ordered some pumpkin spice mead, which he had heard tasted better them most alcoholic beverages in the game. He had a long slow road ahead of him, he realized this now. "This is gonna suck." He said aloud to himself. "I haven't even adventured off the first floor yet." He took a shot of the mead he ordered, it tasted like pumpkin spice had a child with cinnamon and alcohol at the same time. Outlander held onto the flavor for a little while longer, then finished. He let out a long sigh then said: "I truly am going to need a stronger word then f#ck..." He got note that it was karaoke night at the tavern, note to self, don't sing for the love of god.
  22. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Novafire waited in the woods, whereing her standard outfit, because it gives a loot bonus. She was excited, she couldn't wait for others to arrive. They would be looking for Materials and Other Hidden Items. But the main purpose of this event is to get to know everyone and meet new people. I can't wait! She said enthusiasticly. This will be so fun! She opened her menu. She sent a message to local area players and to her friends. She also made the location easy to find so anyone can join on the event. They should be here any minute now. She said hearing movement in the forest, she was practically jumping up and down with excitement. She wss happy, she got to do something somewhat normal that she hasn't done in a while. To be normal. @Gwydion @Benjamin Bookworm @Tressa @H3LL0
  23. Outlander was sitting on a bench in the town of new beginnings. He was near the towns center, but not in the very center. A a paper for the Valentines Day Ball blew into his face, he took it off, read it, and commented with: "The best part of valentine's day is how all the chocolate goes on sale afterwards." Outlander looked around at the buildings, not a single shop that sells that sort of thing. "God, this is boring, nothing to do, not much to talk about, and no one to hear it." Outlander streched, layed down on the bench. And sat there thinking about things. He opened his menu, and started texting a friend. Outlander is the one on the right... Sooo... What are you doing? You know, I've been thinking, lets kill the stuiped people. Ok... No, what I'm saying is we remove all the warning labels, and the problem will sort itself out. Understandable, have a nice day.
  24. Itzal had sent a message out to all the players he could think of on the front lines. Calrex for certain, although he disliked the man he invited Heathcliff. He did want to try and bridge the gap between the players on the front lines after all. Zandra, as he hoped she would be active in the fight, especially with her newly acquired demonic. Ariel, despite the fact that she didn't really do anything last time. Hikoru, hoping he work with them despite leaving the guild. Macradon and Hirru, members of the Blood Oath. He liked Macradon especially. Shield and Beat, both members of the Celestial Ascendants, Beat the newest Paladin so it would be an interesting change. Ruby, currently the only support player besides Zandra. And then Jomei who now had his own guild. The meeting was out in the middle of the floor where Itzal had found a curious section of land. Basically Itzal had found a massive slate pile of stone and rubble, a huge slate of stone being a part of it. He tilted the slate and let it drop. It wasn't a perfect circle but it functioned well as a table none the less. He had a few refreshments for players but overall this was strictly business.
  25. <<Masquerade Ball>> Valentine’s Day Social Event 2/7/18 - 2/28/18 All across the various settlements of Aincrad, players had begun taking notice of flyers being posted, advertising an event to be held for the lovers’ holiday, Valentine’s Day. A large hall on the Northern side of Taft has been re-purposed to house this masquerade ball with various decorations of crimson and pink to celebrate the holiday. All are invited, not only those who have found love in this grim world, to join in the festivities. Those who do not arrive in proper attire are asked to leave and are not permitted entry into the event. However, those that are in a relationship are encouraged to enter the couple’s contest, where they will be given a chance to win special prizes. Event Participants Receive: 1 Red Velvet Cake (Unique Consumable, grants +1 LD, +1 Prosperity) Standard Thread Rewards ~Best Couple Contest~ http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16043-best-couple-contest-voting/ 1. Piera and Lee 2. Jomei and Telrenya 3. Krysta and Vigilon 4. Shield and Beat 5. Kimi and Hestia 6. Zandra and Avilon Rules: Couples must BOTH state they are entering the contest. One saying that they are, the other to confirm. Voting begins on 2/14/18 at 11:59 PM CST. At this time, no more couples will be allowed to enter the contest, and a poll will be added to the event. Players CAN vote for themselves, BUT CANNOT use alternate accounts to vote for another character you own. Voting ends on 2/21/18 at 11:59 PM CST, at which point the winners will be declared. You cannot change your partner after voting begins. Pictures of ‘ships’ and couples are NOT allowed until AFTER the contest. Afterwards, pictures are fair game. No hating/flaming/harassment of other ships or couples. Best couple will win a special prize~ Prizes: Prizes that are 'to be shared' should be decided on by the winning couples. In order to have the correct amount of col transferred at the contest's end, each player should please note the split you would like in a post after winners have been declared. First Prize Second Place Third Place