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6 posts in this topic

Username: Stryder
Real name: Sky Vale
Gender: M
Height: 5'5
About: History/personality

Sky is an average sixteen year old from Australia, with the exception of the fact he never got out. He had been an avid gamer, playing a lot of different games, but never really touching the whole 'SAO' full dive area. As a child, he had never really gotten any friends. His family was semi wealthy, and because of that they could afford to get him all the games and stuff he wanted. Although he did have to work for it. This didn't really make him popular with others, making him the prime target for a whole hell of beatings. Over the years, he had gotten a lot more accustomed to fighting, and by the age of fifteen, he was holding his own against the older eighteen year olds who picked on him. 

His whole life he had been on his own, never holding a relationship, and never really having a good friend. This caused his mistrust of others, his shut off nature and his unluckyness that lurked for him. Although it also did teach him that if he ever did make a friend, he would know it, and that he would keep that friend for a lifetime. His fighting for himself, also made him feel braver then he would have been if he hadn't had that happen. 

Once he hit the age sixteen however, he noticed something called' SAO' during a trip to japan. He picked it up, along with the nerve gear to use it. The moment he had gotten home, he had made his character, and loaded in, only to find he couldn't escape... His 'game' had become a death trap, and now... he was fighting for his life, but he was used to it... But now, it was life or death, and despite all his traits, he was scared... but... He knew he would do his best!


Brave: Sky Vale, or as he is known in SAO, Stryder, is brave. He prefers to be the one on the front lines, and has a very strong need to be the one that is taking the hits, protecting his team mates. This works as both a great plus, but also a minus. He would rather be in the front then someone else, it causes him to take stupid risks to keep others safe. On the plus side, it means that he is confident in himself, and this allows him to be more cheerful then most would expect, at least during a fight, which is right where he feels at home.

Loyal: Although he is hard to get close to, he is loyal. After all his issues, one good thing that come out of it is a good sense of character. Once he gets to know someone, although he might not open up, he becomes very loyal. He would do anything to keep that person safe. If someone got this trust, they would find someone inside him who would never betray them and that a good friend was right around the corner.

Keen/Alert: In the real world, Sky has a knack for trouble. This has also carried into SAO. He has a good sense of when something bad is about to happen. During combat, his eyes scan the enemy faster then average, his reflexes quick and his knack for when to strike and when to retreat good. This also helps him feel more confident, letting him feel a little safer with himself as he can keep himself decently safe.

Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html

Shut off: Stryder is very, very shut off. Its not that he dislikes having others around, its just that he doesn't trust them. In the real world, Sky had a lot of issues with friendships, and had been on his own for most of his life. This personality trait has carried into SAO. He keeps everything to himself, his feelings, his level, his gear, everything. He doesn't like getting close to people, for many different reasons, he keeps to himself, making him quite a hard person to get to know.
Very un-trusting: Stryder doesn't trust easily, and because of this he doesn't make many friends, despite how much he wants them. To many times has he been stabbed in the back in the real world, and he wasn't letting that happen here. This affects his interaction with others in the way that its hard for someone to actually get close to him, as he will push, and push them away if they try and find out more about him. He would rather solo a whole floor by himself then deal with someone asking questions, although he will put up with it to survive, if he has to.
Unlucky: Sky had always been unlucky, some weird event always seemed to happen and get in his way. Because of this, he always believes that if something good is happening, something will ruin it for him. This makes him activly avoid deep relationships and friendships, as he is worried that they will get to close and something bad would happen, and they might die.

To caring: Despite how much he doesn't trust others, he cares to much for others, and more so for those he feels a bond with, even though he doesn't show it. He can't stand by and watch anyone die, and if he see's someone in trouble, he will dash in without a moments hesitation, putting his own life on the line. He will still go in if he knows he will die, but he would say defensive, getting the others out and making his strikes and skills count.



SP Total - 




Weapon skills:
» One-Handed Straight Sword Rank 1
» Martial Ats Rank 3

» Starlit Waves + 3 DMG
» Gentleman's Suit
»Vixen's grace

Col Transitions

Gains Col

Gains (Mats)




Ongoing Rp's










» http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14553-f2-finding-the-lost-child-«let-there-be-light»/















Closed/Finished Rp's

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14791-f3-pp-the-dark-elf-worn-out-welcome/?do=findComment&comment=517761 +1 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14758-pp-f9-stryder/#comment-517197 +2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14769-f4-ppsmashing-ice-with-stryder/?do=findComment&comment=517204 + 3SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14754-f1-pp-finding-a-friend-feeding-the-enemy/ + 1SP

» http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14065-f1-pp-quest-earning-a-living/?page=3#comment-510767 (Closed) + 3 SP

» http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14300-pp-f1-what-does-it-take-to-cook-stryder-atzo-dominion/#comment-510096 (Closed) + 2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14534-f1-learning-to-sew-earning-a-living/?page=2 (Closed) + 2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14510-silence-fist-rock-f2-breaking-the-unbreakable/?page=5 (Closed) + 5 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14563-ppf3-a-warm-welcome/?page=3#comment-514209 (Closed) + 3 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14578-pp-f4searching-for-a-fox-nashoba/?do=findComment&comment=513340 (Closed) + 2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14721-f6-sp-fighting-my-other-side-the-gemini-finished/?page=2#comment-515930 (Closed) + 4 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14581-emerald-retrieval-eatos-stryder/?page=2#comment-514057(Closed) + 2 SP

» http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14600-pp-f1pigsty-or-boarstyvigilon-and-stryder/#comment-514107 (Closed) + 2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14727-f2-pp-distressed-mother-let-there-be-light/ (Closed) + 2 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14676-pp-f1-crafting-haitus-earning-a-living/ + 1 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14538-op-f1-so-you-want-to-be-powerful-emerald-harbinger-recruitment/?page=4#comment-520387 +1 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14895-pp-f9-ke-rebirth-of-the-forgotten-king-kyoto-atzo-stryder/ (No SP Gained due to complications)

Entire Inventory




Battle Ready



Non equipped





Story Thus Far 

Goal set my Atzo


“Well, let me put it in the way someone once told me earlier in this game. This game is an opportunity to be someone you aren’t in the real world someone you couldn’t be in the real world. We are all players in the end. You say there was a time that you were too weak to help a friend. Thus I will give you a task. Never let yourself fall to the point of being forced to see your friends in this game die. Never let yourself be or feel to weak to help someone in need. In this game there is no side line. If you stay out of a fight and someone dies you are just as much in fault as the creature attacking. Be strong, kid, people are relying on you.”

Quote from Atzo in rp as he sets Sky a life goal



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1/56 SP

Non Combat

None as of now


None as of now

Weapon Skills

One Handed Straight Sword 5/50 - Rank 1

Locked Skills

Martial Arts 50/50 - Rank 5

Concentration - No Ranks

Survival - No Ranks

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http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14722-op-f1-dont-need-no-tutorial-wait-how-do-i-walk/ - Incomplete - Inactive

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http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14600-pp-f1pigsty-or-boarstyvigilon-and-strydercomplete/ - 2 SP - 400 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14581-emerald-retrieval-eatos-stryder/ - 2 SP - 490 Col - 5 T1 Mats

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14895-pp-f9-ke-rebirth-of-the-forgotten-king-kyoto-atzo-stryder-eatos/ - No rewards due to complications

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14538-op-f1-so-you-want-to-be-powerful-emerald-harbinger-recruitment/ - 1 SP

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14777-f1-pp-friendly-hunt/ - 1 SP - 9 T1 Mats - Demons Fury - Bonecrusher

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14729-f1-pp-hunting-in-the-wild/ - 1 SP - 600 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14537-pp-f2-a-group-with-a-mission-emerald-harbingers-meeting/ - 1 SP


http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14781-f1-pp-gryas-zanne-stryder/ - Incomplete - Inactive

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14279-a-calm-jobcation-pp-eatos/ - Incomplete - Inactive

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14014-f1-pp-a-single-step/ - Incomplete - Inactive

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http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15108-pp-f2-things-get-batty/ - Incomplete - Active

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15074-f6-pp-saving-the-forest-with-stryder-and-eatos/ - Incomplete - Active

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http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15081-pp-f2-bringing-in-a-little-muscle/ - Incomplete - Active

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15076-pp-f7-stryder/ - Incomplete - Active

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15179-f1-pp-the-emerald-raid/#comment-523683 - Active


http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15079-f2-pp-on-the-warpath/ - 2 SP - 940 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14065-f1-pp-quest-earning-a-living/ - 3 SP - 400 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14300-pp-f1-what-does-it-take-to-cook-stryder-atzo-dominion-complete/ - 1 SP - 880 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14534-f1-learning-to-sew-earning-a-living/ - 1 SP - 400 Col - 12 T1 Mats - Tailor profession gained

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14578-pp-f4searching-for-a-fox-nashoba/ - 2 SP - Col refused

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14510-silence-fist-rock-f2-breaking-the-unbreakable-finished/ - 5 SP - 500 Col - Martial Arts gained

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14563-ppf3-a-warm-welcome/ - 3 SP - -350 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14721-f6-sp-fighting-my-other-side-the-gemini-finished/ - 4 SP - 700 Col - 2 T1 Mats

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14727-f2-pp-distressed-mother-let-there-be-light/ - 2 SP - 1145 Col - 1 Health Potions

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14769-f4-ppsmashing-ice-with-stryder-complete/ - 3 SP - 1160 Col - Snowfrost - Deaths Faith

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14676-pp-f1-crafting-haitus-earning-a-living/ - 1 SP - 200 Col - 2 T1 Mats

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14754-f1-pp-finding-a-friend-feeding-the-enemy/ - 1 SP - 1 T1 Mat

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14758-pp-f9-stryder-complete/ - 3 SP - 325 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14827-f3-pp-cutting-a-pendant-search-for-the-hoya/ - 3 SP - 1 T1 Mat

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14791-f3-pp-the-dark-elf-worn-out-welcome/ - 1 SP - 100 Col

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14728-f5-pp-braving-the-harsh-sands-the-traveler/ - 2 SP - Survival Skill




http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14897-f4-ppexterminating-the-pack-rgq-qith-stryder/ - 5 SP - T1 Rare Weapon - 1490 Col - 4 T1 Mats

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14069-pp-f1-escorting-nobility-damien-stryder-eatos/ - 1 SP - Objective not completed.





None as of now


None as of now


None as of now

Skill Grandmastery

http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15180-f2-sp-it-all-started-with-a-rock/ - Active - For Martial Arts



None as of now

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