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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

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      Holiday Event   02/07/2018

      A Brand new holiday event is now live! Free for everyone to enjoy! <3 And a brand new, limited time only quest that pairs can take, and enjoy! <3 Wishing Everyone a very happy Valentines Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo~~~~~~~~~~~~
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      Patch Notes: Crafting and Adventuring Update   02/19/2018

      <<Crafting and Adventuring Update>>
      SAO-RPG Patch 2.5.1 Timeline Update! Please note that the following is out of character knowledge.
      Time progresses at a different rate in the game than in our characters' real lives. As of November 6, 2017 (OOC real time), characters should have the perception that 2 years have passed since the game's launch. This will continue to roughly mirror the passage of real time until the game's completion. The note that the perception of time is different in-game is to allow the idea that a set amount of time has passed in the real world (likely 2 years) upon the game's completion, regardless of how long it takes for the site to clear all 100 floors. We hope to release more changes soon that will streamline boss fights and floor clearing, as well as help new players establish themselves despite the time gap, but hopefully this timeline serves as a helpful tool for players throughout the rest of our time spent clearing the game. Site Changes: A post count feature has been added to the site. The number of each post (i.e. #1) now displays on the top-right, beside the "Link Post" feature. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement for posts in which a player is stunned or paralyzed has been reduced to 100 from 150. PvP and Player Killing Rules have been updated: No player can kill another without OOC permission. The rule for initiative rolls on Unauthorized Combat have been removed. The NPC Guard mechanic has been removed. Characters under Level 5 are eligible to claim a New Character Bundle, regardless of when their journal was created. Unidentified items, when obtained in a thread, no longer have to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. For example, a weapon drop can be claimed from a locked thread as an Unidentified T1 Weapon, rather than an Unidentified T1 2H Assault Spear. When identifying an item, the Merchant should then specify the item type in their roll(s). To clarify, items leaving locked threads should be specified according to the loot tables as: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Consumable. The Loot Table has been slightly adjusted, mainly to increase the number of consumables dropped from monsters. Crafting Changes:
      A note to all crafters: Be sure you are transferring your materials (col for Merchants) to the @Banker account when crafting. The <<Earning a Living>> quest has been updated, and is now profession-specific. Three new crafting/gathering-based quests have been added: <<Nature's Treasure>>, <<Witch of the West>>, and <<Challenge of Olympus>>. +CD bonuses for crafting have been reintroduced. These can be obtained through the new quests <<Challenge of Olympus>> & <<Witch of the West>>. Merchants: The chance to successfully identify a unique enhancement now scales with Merchant Rank. The identification chart for Consumables has been reworked. The process of identifying consumables has changed. Identification prices have been reduced by 20%. General stock items have been adjusted. Blank Recording Crystals have been removed, and five new items have been added: Glow Stone, Single/Double Tents, Spyglass, and Water Canister. Alchemists/Cooks: Enhancement lists for both professions have been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to yield additional items. The Crafting Die Result charts have been updated. Performers: Song types have been adjusted. Enhancement list has been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to become 'Masterpieces'. This allows the craft to be submitted for evaluation with an additional effect. Skill Changes: Hiding Mod: Surprise Attack Has been split into two mods: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth grants +2 DMG. Stuns and other status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) cannot trigger. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Assassin) and Surprise Attack (Trickster). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on hitting critical zones and exploiting your target's weak points, allowing for bonus damage. Surprise Attack (Trickster) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth reduces final damage by 50% and automatically applies all status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) the player possesses on active equipment/consumables. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Trickster) and Surprise Attack (Assassin). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on slipping past the enemy's defenses and sacrifice strength in order to apply as many status effects as possible. Mod: Vanish Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energize Can only affect target party member. Mod: Hyperactive Increases energy regeneration of target player by 3 for three turns, up from 2 for two turns. Can only affect target party member. Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energy cost increased to 5, from 3. First Aid Mod: Purify Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 2 rounds. Mod: Sharpness Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Mod: Barrier Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Effect now applies a Safeguard effect to target party member that lasts until the beginning of the user's next turn. Does not stack with the Safeguard enhancement. A player can only be targeted by Barrier once per combat. Mod: Field Medic Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, down from 5 Turns. Fighting Spirit Now affects hate-generating abilities (Howl & Focused Howl) Enhancement Changes: Thorns: Damage increased to (9 per slot * Tier) from (7 per slot * Tier).  Effect has been updated to specify that only damage dealing, melee attacks trigger Thorns. [Performer] HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery has been removed. Monster Call has been reworked into two different enhancements: Monsters' Fortune Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 LD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Monsters' Favor Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 CD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Familiar Call Renamed to Familiar Sight. Grants +2 LD when searching for a familiar, up from +1. Incarceration Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. New Enhancement: Perpetuate Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle. Applicable to: Debuff Song Misperception Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. Hypnosis Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Lullaby Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Mesmerism and Berceuse have been removed. [Alchemist] Damage No longer scales with Tier. Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery Reduced to (30 * Target's Tier), down from (45 * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Antidote Effect now grants immunity to negative status effects (Paralyze, Bleed, etc.) for a number of turns equal to the slots used. For example, if a player uses an Uncommon Antidote (1 slot), and is then affected by Burn for 2 turns, they would negate the damage from the first turn, and then take the appropriate damage on the second turn, as their protection from Antidote has run out. Toxic Venom Adjusted to (8 * Tier) damage over 3 turns, from (6 * Tier) damage over 4 turns. [Cook] New enhancement: Evasion Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 2 Slots Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. Applicable to: Snacks, Desserts, Meals, Feasts Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Protein Cap reduced to 2, down from 3. Effect reduced to (1 per slot) base damage and -(5 per slot * Tier) mitigation, down from (1 * Tier) base damage per slot and -(9 per slot * Tier) mitigation. Item Changes: <<Banner of Command>>, <<Banner of Leadership>>, <<Banner of Inspiration>>, <<Banner of Support>>, and <<Banner of Greater Support>> no longer have the ability to be recharged. Any players that have one of these items may continue to use them until their current number of charges have been depleted, after which they become vanity items. <<Name Tags>> now can not only change the name of an item, but the description/appearance as well. This includes any Name Tags received in the Fireworks Festival Raffle. Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: <<Earning a Living>> Whether you are looking to start crafting for the first time, or wish to change your current profession, the <<Earning a Living>> quest has been reworked and flavored for each profession. Materials gathered and a single item crafted in this quest are yours to keep, along with the ability to open a shop for your desired profession and some bonus materials to get you started. <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> <<Earning a Living: Tailor>> <<Earning a Living: Artisan>> <<Earning a Living: Alchemist>> <<Earning a Living: Cook>> <<Earning a Living: Performer>> <<Earning a Living: Merchant>> Quest Revamp: <<Witch of the West>> Witch of the West is a quest specifically for players who have a profession that takes place on floor fifteen.  By defeating the monsters and the boss players can receive a +CD consumable for their profession specifically.  By taking the quest again, you do not have to fight the boss but still must face the mobs in order to obtain the item. Quest Revamp <<The Iron Guardian> Loot drop changed from the <<Banner of Support>> to the <<Crystal of Support>> a mass healing crystal. New Quest: <<Nature's Treasure>> On each tier's first floor, players are able to take the quest.  The quest itself is designed to make material grinding easier whether you are actively searching for materials, fishing for materials, or fighting mobs for materials. New Quest: <<Challenge Of Olympus>> After reaching Rank 2 in a profession, players are eligible for a quest on the seventeenth floor in which they have a chance to accept a challenge from one of the Greek Gods/Goddesses in order to prove their worth as a crafter. This is an RP-focused quest for players who enjoy crafting, which awards a permanent +CD item to be used in a shop. <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Artisan>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Alchemist>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Cook>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Performer>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Merchant>> New Quest: <<Trouble in The Mines>> Mining on Floor Twenty One has ceased to a halt with the appearance of Drakelings in the mines. The town has requested your help in clearing them out, so they can resume work. Of course, bringing back proof of your exploits will be rewarded handsomely.  New Quest: <<Betrayal of The King>> Rumors of an old king long forgotten have began to resurface, bringing about fear that he had been resurrected. It is up to the players to stop him, and return this dangerous King back to the land of the dead. Those who complete this task will be reward not only with Col and SP, but the chance to obtain T3 equipment.  New Quest: <<The Hidden Village>> Players have been tasked with finding out more about the town of Charko, which has remained shrouded in shadow. Though the trip through the tunnels does not prove to be simple, as powerful monsters stand in the way of the players' discovery. After bypassing these mobs through either combat or stealth, it will be up to them to determine whether Charko stays a secret, or is revealed.  New Quest: <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Rumors of a powerful item that can change the look or description of an item have surfaced, and that these Name Tags are dropped by a powerful phoenix.  New Quest: <<Bane of Blood>> Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive.  New Quest: <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>> Players will find themselves fighting against a crew of cunning pirates in the hopes of being rewarded handsomely with Col and other treasure.  New Quest: <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Those that hunt down this Field Boss will find that its patterns change depending on the time of day this boss is discovered. Players will be rewarded with Col, SP, and Equipment for the defeat of this boss.  New Quest: <<The King of Lakes>> At the bottom of the Lake of Reflections lurks a powerful aquatic monster that has evaded many fisherman's lines for months. However, one fisherman has revealed he may know the trick to fishing him up. He sends you out to retrieve the bait before giving you a shot at catching the powerful King of Lakes.  New Quest: <<What We Fight For>> Deep in the Forest of Memories lies a chamber that has been said to reveal to players what they miss most of their real world outside of SAO. Housing Changes: Guild Hall Costs have been reduced. Room upgrade cost lowered to 15,000 col. Players who have spent col to upgrade rooms since the initial housing update have been reimbursed. Living Room Effect changed to: “Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts” Dining Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Extended Workshop, and Mega Slime Farm slot cost reduced to 1, down from 2. Dining Hall room slot cost reduced to 2, down from 4. Removed restriction for having both a Basic Kitchen and a Chef’s Kitchen. Basic Kitchen is now able to create Tier-specific food items. The material costs for using a Basic Kitchen has slightly increased. Limited the maximum number of items created per thread to 3. Dining Hall and Dining Room effects have been reworked. Basement buff increased to +2 from +1. Cooldown changed to once every 10 posts(total), from once per thread. Clarification added: Food items created with a Basic Kitchen may be traded to and used by other players, but still may not be used outside of the thread they are created. The ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Plots of Land has been added.

[F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

Recommended Posts

Dungeon Info:



Rules & Requirements:

  1. Can be fled from by using teleport crystals.
  2. Teleport crystals may not be used while in combat.
  3. Players must defeat the following mobs:
  • (6) Standard:
    • HP: (385/385)
    • DMG: (132)
    • MIT: 0
    • ACC: 0
    • EVA: 0
  • (2) Elite:
    • HP: (550/550)
    • DMG: (165)
    • MIT: (22)
    • ACC: 1
    • EVA: 1
  • (1) Mini-boss:
    • HP: (825/825)
    • DMG: (220)
    • MIT: (55)
    • ACC: 2
    • EVA: 2
    • Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player.
    • Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.



I sit in my shop looking up at the ceiling with a rather bored look as i glance over to my guitar and shakes my head not feeling all that motivated for playing it right now. Preferring to be doing something, anything at all to get me active and outside my shop. I swipe my hand in the air and opens up my menu as i glance over at my friends list with a bored expression. I then glance down the names i have listed. 'Spencer hmm maybe, Jomei he is probably busy with that Telrenya girl, Ryo...probably trying to get a date with that Teion chick. I hope he ends up with her he sounds like he is really trying to get with her. Kairi? nope, no, to soon moving on. Kimi...sure why not it's been fun hanging out with her, and it helps that she has a cute familiar Kuro is fine with playing with.' With that thought i tap Kimi's name and then presses 'send a message.'




hey Kimi what is up. I am kinda bored and i want to do something that is fun, and not something i've done before. Do you have a solution to this? If anything we can try to hangout with other guildmates depending what we could choose to do if you're fine with hanging out with me today.

From Hestia.


With the message sent i remain sitting in my seat and sighs softly hoping that Kimi says yes, so i don't have to message someone else. Not wishing to make them feel like they're my second choice if they somehow find out i sent Kimi a message first.




Level: 39  

HP:810/810   ENG: 78/78   DMG:3  ACC: 1  EVA: -1   MIT: 104    Bleed (8+ BD):24 DMG THRNS: 28 DMG (non crit)  Paralyze: (8+) 1xregen 1xrecovery


Rank 5 Armor (stone wall mod)

Rank 2 First Aid

Rank 2 Curved Sword

Rank 2 Block



Extra skills:

Rank 3 familiar (tier 2)


BR Inventory:

Sleepy Time Junction: Lullaby -3 EVA on enemy (+3 BD)

Ignited: Misconception

x1 Safeguard

I May fall (+120 HP)

Cerberus Soul

Banner of Support

Dimensional backpack: (+1 inventory space)



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Kimi was strolling through the bustling markets of the eighth floor since she really hasn't explored much of the area she lived in. While going down the cobblestone roads of the market district Kimi heard a blip come from her menu. "Ohh? A message?" Kimi scrolled through her menu to find that it was actually her friend Hestia that sent it. "Ohh cool she wants to hangout, i got the perfect idea." Kimi thought as she went to reply.



Heyo hows it going. Yeah i got a solution for you, i've had this idea that i wanted to do for a while with the guild. So if you can message all the people you know that are available to meet at the eleventh floor that be great. I wanted to do a sub dungeon because i have this intermediate map that i found while exploring my house.

After sending the message Kimi went over to the warp gate and teleported to the 11th floor and waited for the rest to arrive. Kimi made sure that she was in a very open area so that when they arrive they can see her.

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Spencer was sitting on the fifth floor, the sand in the starting town flow around him. He decided to take in some artificial sunlight wash over him, trying to improve his mood. Ever since a few days had passed, he had seen a few people, so it was almost nice in the fact that he could chill right now, the warmth was actually nice.

The heat almost made him drift off into slumber, but a message ping made him gasp and shoot up, looking at his screen. He rubbed his eyes lazily and saw a message from Hestia, asking if he wanted to do anything. He smiled and saw that Kimi replied and said something about a Dungeon. He bit his lip lightly, hoping that everything would go okay, considering the fact that he wasn't the highest level for certain.

He got up from the sandy floor and walked over to the teleport gate, teleporting to the 11th floor. He had never been here before, so it was strange to be here, but the shrugged lightly and walked towards where Hestia said to go.

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Kairi waking up from her sleep she had blinked a few times, looking up to the time she had sighed, however she had sat up on the bed and wiped her eyes, then had exhaled a yawn. Her familiar waking up from its slumber had smelled that its master had woken up, its metallic legs grew a bit taller and its teeth came out as it scuttled to Kairi and moved upwards where her scent was. Kairi had smiled and looked down to Karona patting the top of its Chest Shell letting out a giggle "Well, good morning to you too Karona, had a nice sleep?" she asked him. Karona had done a nodding movement as it has no head, Kairi knew what he intended to do though. However she had seen a message in her messages, it was from Hestia, however she didn't fully understand the full context of the message, however she had shrugged and just assumed to be some sort of invitation. Kairi had sighed, and stood up with a stretch equipping her Battle Princess outfit then had began to walk towards the area.

Signature / Stats for Thread -




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Ryo    0

Ryo exited his home on the eleventh floor. He planned on taking a stroll around the main city, enjoying the warm weather that the floor offered. Perhaps a long walk on the beach, or maybe perhaps a stroll through the market to pick up some spices or herbs for cooking. Stepping into the cobbled center of town when he spotted a few of his guildmates. He noticed Hestia and Spencer outright, but a few new faces were added to the mix. Ryo raised his hand, giving a wave to the crowd of women, and Spencer. “Yosh. how’s it going?” He asked, wondering what the group gathering was for. Ryo turned to the other two members of the guild and offered a gloved hand to them. “I’m Ryo, The newest member.” He figured it was going to be a guild event, and since he had missed the last one Ryo figured he’d try to get to know his guildmates a bit better. “Anything I can help with?” He asked.

~Stats for Thread~


HP: 500
Energy: 50
Damage: 13
Acc: 3
Eva: 2
Mit: 7

~Battle Ready Inventory~
1: 5 Healing potions (50 HP)

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Level: 34
HP: 680
DMG: 12
ACC: 4
EVA: 3
MIT: 59

►<<Charge>> [23/50]: Rank 3 - Expert
<<Rapier>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster
<<Light Armor>> [5/50]: Rank 1 - Novice
<<Survival>> [Inactive]
<<Familiar Mastery: Protector>> [18/18]: Rank 3 - Grandmaster

[Active] <<Precision>>

»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Dawn +6 DMG
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Blessing +2 EVA, +1 ACC
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Erin's Favor +2 ACC, +1 EVA

Battle Ready:
»(5) T1 Health Potion [+40 HP]
»(1) T1 Damage Potion [+1 DMG]
»[Quest Item] <<Cerberus Soul>> +2 Burn DMG

»[Quest Item] <<Sand Armor Potion>> +27 MIT
»[Quest Item] <<Bandit's Guile>> 
+1 EVA for 1 battle

"Okay, I don't know about this..." Telrenya mumbled under her breath. The masked woman stood atop the ledge of a massive mound of dirt, staring down at the large dark hold that rested at its concave center. Was she getting in over her head? Should she put out a request for a party to investigate whatever this was, or just turn around and forget about it?

The girl didn't spend much time on the eleventh floor outside of Taft's walls. While she had taken to questing and grinding on her own under the guise of Erin, she mainly stuck to the lower floors. But as her level rose and she was well into the second tier of equipment, there was only so much experience she could find just past Delilah's safe zone. She shifted her weight to one side, bringing up a gloved hand to the back of her neck. "Shoot, what should I do...?"

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I look towards Kimi’s message back as i smile glad to see that kimi had a solution for the boredom i was feeling. With that i quickly open up my menu once more and looks it over with a look and then messages Kairi, Spencer, and Ryo. Sending them a message since Kimi told me to send it to them all.



@Ryo @Spencer @Kairi

Hey Kimi and i are going to invade a dungeon. You are all invited to join us in taking down the dungeon we will need all the strength we can get. However, i don’t wish to ask Jomei since he will probably just one shot everything if we brought him along. Meet us on the 11th floor if you want to do this.


With the message sent i make my way towards the teleporter alongside my familiar having to spend a good long walk to get towards their taking an hour to do so. Once i arrive at the teleporter i say the words. Teleport Taft. WIth those words i feel the familiar sensation of being teleported to the eleventh floor. I then open my eyes and smiles then makes my way over towards Kimi easily spotting the girl. Hey Kim! Looks like we’re both the first ones here. Now we wait for the others. I say calmly with a nod of my head. After awhile Spencer arrives as i smile and gives him a hug. How you doing little brother? Been staying safe i hope? I ask in a questioning tone.  Then Ryo comes next as i give a wave. Hey Ryo welcome to the dungeon clearing party. You ready to join us in taking down a dungeon? I ask curiously.

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Kimi was greeted warmly by both Hestia and Spencer as she saw them come through the warp gate, “Its nice to see you guys again. Hope i didn’t take you out of any plans you had for the day.” Kimi said with a kind smile. As soon as she said that another person showed up from behind her and introduced himself as Ryo. The man was of average height and had purple hair. He also fasioned a nice looking katana which of course Kimi knew about it from all the JRPG’s shes played. Kimi shook his hand and went to introduce herself, “Nice to meet you, I’m Kimi” She said with a slight bow. Kimi looked at the group and asked, "Well i’m not sure who else is joining, but i wanna catch up a bit and get ready before we head out if thats alright with you guys.” She then asked how each of them we’re doing out of good character.

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Spencer stood there for a moment, then looked over to see Kimi, Ryo, and another girl. He assumed that this girl would be named Kairi, considering she was the only girl that he had not met yet in the guild. He shrugged a tiny bit to himself and turned to Hestia, who said something about little brother. He blushed and returned the hug. “Don’t worry, I have been safe.” He smiled at her and waved to Kimi. “Hey Kimi! How yah been?” He asked the girl, hadn’t seen her since he went on the quest to get his familiar. After the said hi to those two people, he turned to Ryo and Kairi. His heart sank slightly when he saw Ryo, but seeing him without Teion made it a tad bit easier for him to deal with seeing him. “Heyo Ryo, how you been? Other than getting almost kidnapped in the desert.” He laughed after that comment, then went to say something to Kairi. He was surprised on the look of the girl, but he just assumed nothing of it and went in for a handshake. “I’m not new to this guild, but we have never actually met before. I’m Spencer, nice to meet you. I have a feeling you are Kairi?” He obviously knew that it wasn’t Erin, considering that whole fiasco with Telrenya and F***boi Erin.



HP 360 EN 32 DM 4 Mit 29 Regen 1 Recovery 1 Thorns 14

2x Safeguards

5x 50 Health Potions

1 Damage Potion

1 Martirach Stinger

Over Health Potion


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After walking out of the teleport pad from floor 11 to floor 4, it would begin the game of trying to find where the group maybe, looking down to Karona scuttling out of the teleporter as she had asked to him “Can you smell Hestia anywhere around.” Then it had shifted its body a whole 360 degrees sniffling the air, till it shook its body no. Kairi had smiled and gave it pat on its head, before continuing the cycle for roughly a few moments. After a moment, Karona had smelled where Hestia was located, and before long Kairi had approached the party, however there was a good portion of people she hadn’t met before, she had just walked behind Hestia and said to her “Hehe, sorry… just a little nervous around a lot people I don’t know.” However eventually she had broken her awkwardness and she had stepped out from the back of Hestia and bowed before some people and said "H-hi... I'm Kairi, nice to meet you."


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Ryo    0

Ryo was pleasantly surprised by the reception he was given. He smiled warmly and shook the hands that were provided for him. "A dungeon huh?" Ryo smirked. He patted the katana he held on his hip. He had gotten it from Teion, a special tool that he was going to use for justice, and to protect others. At least, until he found or made something better. "Been looking for an excuse to try this baby out. I'm game." He said, turning his attention to Spencer. "Yeah, that desert thing was a blast though." He said chuckling as if the entire thing was an inside joke between the two. He gave a bow to Kairi. "And a pleasure to meet you Kairi, and company," Ryo said, eyeing the mimic that danced around her feet. Ryo looked back to Hestia. "So, is this the girl you're seeing?" He asked, innocently and pointing to Kairi.


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"What do you think, Willow?" The girl's question was directed towards the etherial creature hovering above her right shoulder. The will-o-wisp's unblinking white ovals stared into the dark hole the same as Telrenya. They floated forward, bobbing up and down gently in the air akin to a jellyfish's swimming as they drew closer. The masked woman followed suit, taking a few steps until she came to a stop right at the edge. The entire structure was rather massive--the dark entrance she gazed down into was at least six feet in diameter, where the crater it lay nestled in the middle of stretched maybe twenty feet across. She wasn't even sure how tall the peak of the massive mound stood in the wilderness of the eleventh floor. Gnawing gently on the skin of her bottom lip, she cast a glance towards the softly-glowing familiar. "Well, the monsters around here haven't been so bad," She started, half speaking to her companion and half verbally reassuring herself. "You'll help keep me safe, right Willow?" The wisp gave a quick spin before facing Telrenya again, and the girl's lips curled into a smile behind her mask. "Then let's go!"

Filling her lungs with air, the faux-noirette lowered herself into the darkness below. She could feel herself falling for a solid second before the soles of her boots hit the ground, and her knees bent as she caught herself. Straightening up, Telrenya's eyes strained to adjust to the dim light of flickering torches affixed to the tunnel walls laid out in front of her. She took in another deep breath, letting the air out steadily through her mouth before whispering a few words to herself. "Alright, here goes..." The sound of dirt lightly crunching under the weight of her boots echoed faintly while she carried herself forward.

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I smile at seeing the pretty good assembled group around as i then hear Kimi's words as i turn to the girl and says with a smile. I'm doing pretty good. Feeling a bit excited to be doing this with all of you. I say happily as i stop hugging Spencer and then makes my way over to Kimi. Eventually i feel something against my back as i hear Spencer mention the name Kairi as i turn my head to see the girl as i take a deep calming breathe. Remembering the time back on floor six as i can only hope she is feeling a bit better from that. Hey Kairi thanks for arriving we're definitely going to need your strength during this dungeon. I say kindly as i take out a matriarch's stinger and hands it to Kairi. Encase you need it to increase your damage since this is a dungeon. We don't exactly know how prepared we're going to need to be. It would be better to get your buffs now. I say as i take out the sand armor potion from the Sand Shark quest and drinks the potion as i grimace at the taste as it isn't that great.

At hearing Ryo's words i just get a mixture of feeling of anger, and embarrassment. i then take a calming breathe quickly after knowing that it isn't common news. No we're not Ryo we broke up it was mutual don't worry. I say to the man before he or anyone else could try to get the wrong idea about what happened, and i would prefer Kairi not getting questioned about the relationship. After saying that i clap my hands. Alright! We're all here so lets get heading towards the dungeon we can talk about how we wish to group up on the way their. However, at the moment with what we got i would suggest myself being my own party, or if one of you have both have Accuracy and Evasion enhancements that would you leave you to be your own party for this dungeon. I tell the group as i kinda make Kimi move along since she has the map.

(+27 MIt)

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"Well now seeing that this is everyone lets get a move on. We don't have all day and I wanna get there early just in case because you never know if another group might know of the spot." Kimi said as she took out her map to show them. "This is fairly self explanatory, the dungeon we're going to is located in one of the ant peoples hives. Personally i'm kinda skeptical about going there, but the loot will be worth it in my opinion. Also if you guys have any potions or foods, now would be the best time to take it before we run into trouble." As Kimi said that she brought out her Cerberus Soul potion and applied it to her weapon while also taking out a fish she got from the fourth beginner quest and some protein powder. She consumed all those items in a quick and orderly fashion before saying. "Lets start making our way to the dungeon." Kimi paused for a bit so that everyone could take their consumables before actually heading out into the forest.


Cerberus Soul: +2 burn 8-10 for 2 turns.
Carbohydrates Fish: +3 Energy Regen (4 Base Energy Regen)
Protein Powder: -18Mit, +2DMG

Updated Stats:
| Kimi | Level 21 | HP420/420 | E 42/42 | 11 DMG | EVA 0 | ACC 3 | LD 2 | MIT 0 | 7 Thorns |


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Spencer saw the entire group gather and Spencer smiled a bit, happy that he was brought along with everything. Hmmm.... I wonder how this is actually going to go? I've never actually been in a Dungeon before, so here we go I suppose. Spencer sighed a moment to himself, and took two of the items that he had in his inventory. He knew that this dungeon could be pretty difficult, so whatever he took was going to be good to have any effect in this dungeon. He took a Damage potion, it oddly tasted sweet. He watched the glass bottle dissipate into pixels. He then reached into his inventory and took out the fish that he got from a quest he finished recently. He took a bit from it and watched the rest of it pixelate. He looked at the rest of the group, and got his Shield out, and also put on his bracers and grabbed hit mace. "Okay, I agree with Kimi, I'm as ready as I'll ever be, so might as well get going." He said and started to walk with Kimi, slightly nervous about everything.



Increased Stats
+1 Damage Potion
+3 Carbohydrates Fish (4 Base Energy Regen)

(Dmg = 5)
(En = 4 Base Regen)


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Kairi had looked around to see all the people arriving, she had seen a couple people that she had knew like Hestia and Kimi, however everyone else... Kairi was unaware of who they might be, typically Kairi would be out there trying to start a conversation, however after events and realizations... she tends to be a bit more silent than anything around people she doesn't know. Before long Hestia had placed a Matriarch's Stinger into her hands, Kairi had looked up to Hestia and said to her "B-but, I already have one of these. Why are you giving me another one?" she had tilted her head questioning why she gave her this potion. However Ryo had asked out if they had been dating, Kairi with a frown had looked down to Karona her familiar again, however eventually she had shook her head and just stayed positive. Then looking over to Kimi, Kairi had smiled and said "Yeah, the earlier we head out, the earlier we can get more SP for out builds!" she had giggled.


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Ryo    0


givenRyo's face flushed slightly as he realized how awkward he must have just made it by asking that question aloud. "My apologies. I didn't know it was like that." He said, rubbing the back of his neck. Ryo pulled out a small vial and quaffed its contents. Ryo could feel his muscles grow tighter, and the potion enhanced his damage output. A thought sprung to his mind as he pulled out a small bowl of grilled nuts and berries and handed it to Hestia. "Here, these will help if we encounter any DoT or poison. Better safe than sorry right?" He said, remembering the time they spent together during the warg quest. Ryo followed the group, placing a hand on Spencer's back and giving him a thumbs up. With this many people, there would be little that could actually pose a threat to either of them.

Reaching the ant-hill Ryo examed the surrounding dirt. It was loose and soft. He noticed something a bit off about it though. "Huh. There might be someone already in there." He said looking at a pair of handprints. He held up his own hand to it for comparison. Most likely a woman judging from the size of it. And further inspection, all he could see were those. Other tracks most likely belonged to the ant-people that claimed this little area of land. "Well, no time to waste." Ryo said, climbing the hill and hopping down the hole.

Ryo pulled out his magnifying glass and handed it towards Kimi. "Here. See if you can spot anything with this. I'll keep a lookout for anything else moving." Ryo said, taking up a post and watching for anything moving.

+3 base damage
13 -> 16

Nuts-N-Berries gave to Hestia

+3 LD lent to Kimi


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Telrenya walked along with one gloved hand pressed against the tunnel wall to guide her. With Willow floating alongside her above her right shoulder, the girl strained to keep herself alert. She hadn't seen any monsters thus far, but she didn't expect that to stay true for much longer.

"So far so good, I guess? I wonder what all is down he--" The girl's words were cut short as a clicking sound reached her ears. She froze for a split second before the head of a spear shot out from the ground immediately beside her. Telrenya let out a short scream of surprise, flinching away and hugging the wall a bit closer. With her heart beating faster in her chest, she paused before she would take another hesitant step forward, biting down on her bottom lip to prevent herself from making more noise.

She continued a few slow steps before an identical noise sounded out--a faint, mechanical clicking that signaled the springing of another trap. This time the trigger resulted in a short flurry of arrows that shot out from the opposite side of the dirt tunnel. Telrenya stumbled backwards, getting caught by just two of the projectiles: one that slid cleanly through the side of her right shin and the other lodging itself into her left shoulder as she turned. The woman lost her balance, falling backwards and onto her rear with a small squeak while a fresh surge of adrenaline left her heart pumping. And then came the sound of footsteps. Several sets of footsteps.

She picked herself off the ground, spinning to face the way she had come while her right hand reached to rip the arrowhead from her virtual flesh. Her eyes strained against the dim light that the torches provided, but soon a party of players came into view. Her eyes danced over the different faces, and as three of them stuck out as familiar, her chest began to tighten. It wasn't until the eyes behind her mask fell on Spencer that she felt a wave of anxiety run over her. The girl stood across from the adventuring party, frozen and lost for words, while the wisp on her shoulder was quick to dive away behind her, vanishing between her shoulderblades.

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I walk forward towards the ant hill dungeon where this is supposed to begin with a grin on my face knowing this is going to be a rather interesting fight no matter what. Definitely one that is going to be unlike anything before that i have seen at the very least. I look around seeing people prepare as i glance over the items within my inventory once more for anything that could be of use. I spot two and nods my head as i take out my own Ceberus soul and applies it to my weapon, and then also take out the beginner quest over health potion and drinks it  finishing up my prep before the battle. I look over to Kairi seeing her trying to be cheerful and upbeat as i smile at that glad that is the case rather then her being sad like she was when i had last saw her. I bite my lip remembering the image quite vividly of her own sword through her. I quickly shake my head and focuses back on the task at hand as i make my way forward.

I with everyone till we reach the entrance of the dungeon, but Ryo was rather quick to say someone was down their already. Hearing that i just give a nod of my head as i start making my way to the entrance. If someone is in their by themselves then we need to move quickly to make sure they are okay. I say as i quickly hop down the hole alongside ryo as i land with a rather heavy thud the weight of myself and the heavy armor creating the sound. After that i then starts following the one direction of which the dungeon seems to be going by default after everyone has gathered. Making sure i travel ahead first since i am the tank, so i can afford to take a hit or three from any surprise attacks. Eventually i see just a fully clothed person from head to toe as i raise my shield thinking it could be a mob until i spot the guild emblem over their head. Oh..hello guildmate. My name is Hestia and we came here to try to beat the dungeon. However, it seems you had a similar plan but were trying to do it solo. Why don't we try working together. The only problem is trying to figure out which party to fit you into. I say the last part sounding more as if i was thinking out loud.

Final buff prep.



Cerberus Soul- x2 Burn

Over-health- +50 HP to max

Sand armor- +27 MIT



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As everyone was well prepared and ready to go Kimi head out. Along the way some of the group were still taking their consumables, but sooner the better. It wasn't long until they arrived at a anthill which the map Kimi had said it was a dungeon. Ryo was also quick to point out that there was already signs of another person being there, he also handed Kimi a magnifying glass which she could only assumed increases her chance to find stuff. Kimi took it without hesitation saying a quick and brief "Thanks" as she put the item in her inventory for later use. "Alright lets get going! We have to catch up to that other person because they might be in danger." Kimi said out loud to the rest of the group.

Both Ryo and Hestia were quick to enter the Anthill and soon after Kimi and the rest. Once inside Kimi heard an echoing scream coming from within, and from how loud it sounded. The one who let out that short scream was probably close. Kimi knew she had to get to the person in danger quick before it escalates or its too late, but rushing into a dungeon recklessly would be awful. She thought it would be best just to follow behind Hestia as she started delving deeper into the depths of the anthill. Soon enough while going through the tunnel Kimi heard Hestia from the front say something towards a character Kimi couldn't really see well in the dim lighting of the tunnel. "A guildmate?" Kimi thought curiously. Kimi then peaked over the side from behind Hestia and recognized the familiar figure in front of her. "Ohhh its been a while." 

While going through the tunnel Kimi leaned on the tunnel and a little slot opened up showing a treasure chest. "Ohh snappp!!" Kimi said, "here how about you open it Ryo just share le loot."


LD: 20 Treasure found

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