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silver crow

what anime did your charecter come from

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My character's looks have gone through a bit from the start of the game to where it currently is.

My character's appearance started as the Assassin Cross from Ragnarok Online, while now it's a modified version of Prussia from Hetalia being a teutonic knight. But when in full battle regalia, it's my own thing.

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Well, @silver crow, I can make an educated guess that you're going to see a LOT of players that are original characters, but with faceclaims that came from a show/game/etc. For example, I designed the character Vigilon from scratch, but his faceclaim is Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown(Although I had never heard of that until I asked about my faceclaim's identity).

If faceclaims would count in terms of your question, you might want to check out the faceclaim thread in this subforum.

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