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[F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 2 Cook}

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On the seventh floor in the settlement of Deepedge lies a restaurant made from pinewood slats. It's a little off the main road, but still in sight from it. Hanging from the outside is a sign that reads, "Tacet Cibum, where our toast is as golden as silence". Inside is a comfy interior with wooden tables and chairs and a fireplace blazing in the corner. The room traps the heat well and leaves a nice pine scent lingering in the serving area. Toiling in the kitchen is a pink-and-brown haired girl who offers no conversation, only delicious food served with a smile. At the ordering counter, there is a sheet of paper for communication or orders to-go.



All materials must be of the same tier as the item you are purchasing

In-Stock Items:

  • Uncommon: 4 Mats or 400 Col
  • Rare: 6 Mats or 600 Col
  • Perfect: 8 Mats or 800 Col


  • Uncommon: 6 Mats or 800 Col
  • Rare: 8 Mats or 1000 Col
  • Perfect: 10 Mats or 1200 Col

In-Stock Items:




Tier 1


Golden Toast: (1 In Stock)

  • Snack
  • +1 LD
  • A well toasted piece of bread to remind one of a cozy and quick breakfast. Tastes good with a fair crunch to it.




Tier 1


Golden Cheesy Bread: (3 In Stock)

  • Snack
  • +2 LD
  • A finely toasted piece of bread topped with melted cheese. The bread is crunchy, yet offset with the soft cheese. 




Tier 1


Golden Garlic Bread: (1 In Stock)

  • Snack
  • +3 LD
  • A perfectly toasted piece of garlic bread. Tastes delicious and has just the right amount of crunch to it



Profession Info:


Rank 2

    [1] = Critical Fail (Lose materials)
    [2-4] = Fail (Lose materials)
    [5-8] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+)
    [9-10] = Uncommon item (1 slot)
    [11] = Rare item (2 slots)
    [12] = Perfect item (3 slots)

    [1-17] = No additional items.

    [18-20] = Yields 1 additional item.

Exp: 27 / 40 to rank 3

Craftable items: Snacks, Desserts

Highest available tier: 2



None Currently


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It was her first day open, and Neo didn't want to already be turning away customers. She debated over what she would make first, but then remembered her restaurant's slogan.

Toast as golden as silence, let's see if my cooking skills can actually fulfill that

Neo grabbed some bread and fired up the oven. She seasoned the bread a little and added garlic to one of them after some deliberation.

One thing of simple toast, and another one of garlic bread. This should certainly go over nicely.

She put the two into the oven and waited patiently. After some time, she pulled them out. They were as golden as she could hope. She plated them up and put them into the store, ready for orders now.

Craft attempts:


Craft 1: T1 Snack

  • CD: 12 - Perfect Item
  • LD: 9 - No additional items

Craft 2: T1 Snack

  • CD: 10 - Uncommon Item
  • LD: 4 - No Additional item

-2 T1 mats

+11 Exp

Items Crafted:


1x golden toast

1x golden garlic bread


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Another day had dawned and though Neo hadn't gotten any customers yet, she wasn't down. It was likely just get lack of inventory they was turning customers away. She decided to keep working at it and get more items. Wanting to vary on her theme, Neo started to work on some cheesy bread. She grabbed some bread and cheese and threw it in the oven. After waiting a while, she realized she never turned on the oven. After taking out the bread and letting the oven heat, Neo put the bread back in and let it toast. She pulled it out and admired her work. It had once again turned out splendidly. She played it up and put it in the display window, ready for customers.

Crafy attempts:


Craft 1: T1 snack

    Roll ID: #101713

    CD: 7 - fail

    LD: 17 - salvage

    2 exp for salvage

Craft 2: T1 snack

    Roll ID: #101715

    CD: 11 - rare

    LD: 8 - no additional item

    5 exp for rare

-1 T1 material

+7 exp

Crafted Items:


1x Golden cheesy bread


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Really liking how her cheesy bread turned out, Neo decided to tty and make more of it. She grabbed more bread and cheese and put it in the oven, making sure it was on this time. She waited for a minute, hoping a customer would pop in and interrupt her, and then went to check on the bread. One of the slices was done perfectly, and was so big Neo cut it into two pieces after pulling it out. When she pulled out the other one though, the cheese hasn't melted yet. She put it back in and hoped it would melt quickly.

She forgot about it until she smelled something burnt. Riding back to the oven, she cleared the smoke and brought out the now ruined piece of cheesy bread.

At least I still got two pieces today, I sure hope someone does come by soon though.

Crafting attempts:


Craft 1:

    Roll ID: #101739

    CD: 11 - Rare

    LD: 19 - Yields 1 additional item

    +5 exp

Rank Up!

Craft 2:

    Roll ID: #101740

    CD: 7- salvage

    LD: 17 - salvaged

    +2 exp

Craft 3:

    Roll ID: #101741

    LD: 5 - salvage

    CD: 3 - no salvage

    +2 exp

Crafted items:


2x golden cheesy bread


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