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[F24-PP] Duty is heavy as a mountain, death light as a feather

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Baldur listened to Hestia and Shield's comments about the up-and-coming with a bit of a grim expression, steepling his hands and resting his chin on them as he considered what they told him, but first, he would address Hestia's last point.

"There is always a chance someone will disagree with us. That's the entire reason we're here, and not addressing this with everyone at the same time. As I said in the beginning, we're here to build a consensus, with a small group, so that everyone can be heard. By building consensus among us, it makes it easier to build consensus among a larger group. By us all getting on the same page, when we address the larger raid party, we have less people we need to convince, and more people people to do the convincing. We're also able to address, in advance, a large number of the points they raise. There will always be people who disagree, but we can't let that reality prevent us from doing anything."

With this aside, Baldur shifted the gears in his mind to address the real issue at hand, their lack of tanks.

"So we have no shield users coming up, but instead a pair of DPS Tank hybrids like Macradon. Which only serves to make it more difficult to elevate them if they were already on the lower end of the level range..."

Baldur trailed off in thought.

"If that is the case, then the best bet would be to put a strong AoE healer with them. Both of them. If we're going with two DPS/Tank hybrids, who want to go with a bruiser build like Mac did, then the best bet would be to put them together, and let them switch. One or both of them would still need <<focused howl>>, and preferably they'd both have <<Fighting Spirit>>. It's not a build I hadn't considered to help off tank... but it wouldn't be unwieldy either. It's still dangerous, but if they could switch out less frequently than the healer needs to <<Field Medic>> it could be possible. I don't like it, but it could be possible."

It would be best to be lead by someone like Macradon, and someone who had fully GM'ed <<Battle Healing>>. And perhaps had a <<Quick Change>> for some regen armor or <<Life Mending>>.

The tools were there, they just needed someone to use them all.

"Unless another tank appears, it seems that our next boss fight will be a two party ordeal, unless we can come up with someone to fill that role, and dedicate our efforts to getting them to Tier 3, but I don't think that's reasonable in the time we have left."

Baldur sat back in his chair, and grabbed at his glass, taking a long sip of the tea, before he looked up at the others around the table.

"I would volunteer, but I don't have the skill points free in order to pick up all the necessary skills and mods."

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Macradon would agree to most that was being said at the table. But he had nothing to really add to the conversation. He didn’t know any upcoming tanks, he didn’t know whomever were trying to reach the frontlines. He wasn’t aware of anything from under the frontlines that didn’t directly connect with his shop, which was now closed due to shortage of materials in the sense that it was dying business, he had to do something about it, and all the work behind it was too easily expendable, but it wasn’t something he would bring up in this discussion, as it was mostly irrelevant. The conversation would go on, and take a pause as Baldur mentioned that they would probably go in as a 2 party group because of the lack of tanks, this was where Macradon finally had anything to add to this conversation. “It’s not the first time the frontlines had been missing tanks, we’ve had this kind of problem before, though I am not aware of hom it was handled, I remember many groups of people training, leveling, to reach a respectable level where they could aide as tanks, but that was long ago, I’m not sure if it’s still a thing going on now, all I remember is that we had people like Takao with his sheer numbers being able to act as tank, seems like it was the case with me as well. We used to have guilds that would train their members, sometimes even forming a whole raid party as a guild, with a tank, healer and fighter, their own composition. We need this, or maybe an alternative to this. I’ll be doing my damndest to get as many players prepared for the frontlines, getting people up aiding you guys, but I just don’t know how. What are your ideas?” he would ask out to the room.


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"Baldur," Shield began, nodding in acknowledgement of Macradon's offer. "Now might be a time for you and I to start using those new dungeon maps to start power leveling someone. It's just a matter of who. It may be that we need to start advertising the position of a new front line tank and offer to help power level and gear them. If we need to, that can be a task that Baldur and I handle." He tipped his head towards the samurai. "After all, we did kinda advertise that we're all about making sure the front lines are prepared. If we're short a tank, I'd say that qualifies as being unprepared."

He picked up his glass, swirling its contents thoughtfully as he considered their other options. "It's a shame," he continued aloud, thinking through the options that had been presented. "When I first began mentioning to Cosi the possible experimentation with dodge tanking as a hybrid DPS, I did not expect that decision to so heavily impact the balance of the assault team." He sighed to himself and tipped the glass onto his lips. The drink was refreshing, which was a momentary relief for his frustration, but it did little to settle his nerves. They were fighting at more of a disadvantage than he liked.

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If you mean a healer that would be of their level i have no idea who would count as that. Haven't done any questing with lower levels i only know of Kasier as a different option, but we all kinda know already where that idea goes. Though from what i can observe of the lower levels as well it seems that the universal fact is that their is only damage being taken up as the form of combat. You don't see any healers their, and the rare pure tank you could maybe find. You mostly just find as you mentioned tank hybrids like Domarus, Macradon, etc. etc. I say as i move my hand in a circular motion as i say that as i glance from one person to the next. I think it's less of there isn't enough healers on the frontlines or tanks and more so a issue of there is not enough healers or tanks in this entire game since people prefer the path of just pure damage. Probably following the idea that a good defense is a good offense. I say with a small shrug of my shoulders as i than look towards Shield. I would be fine with doing these dungeons as well if you are taking bigger groups which might be preferable to get clumps of lower levels up to higher levels you are going to need more than just one tank. Since while you could focus just Haz, and Cosi. We could also get people like Stryder, Neo, and whatever other people they might know who could keep up and benefit from this. I say as i look towards the older tank as i slowly start looking more comfortable rather than always seemingly slightly on edge during the discussion.

For things we can do. While we're waiting for people to form teams for dungeon runs to boost levels if that is a actual plan. We could also have some people scouting out for some more dungeons, and start gathering more diverse selection of unidentified gear to get evaluated by you, shield. So we can start also to try and attempt to hand out uniques that people could use and maybe find a good way of incorporating into their build if the selection is at least small enough to be what is commonly used. While also being diverse enough to fit into any roles we need on the frontlines. I say as i lift up fingers with each idea that comes to my mind.

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