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Salutations, everyone!

I’m ecstatic to have found this forum! I am in middle of watching SAO for the second time. Personally, I am surprised this forum has been going on for a few years. Not many stay standing so I got really hyped when I noticed people were posting 15, 29 and 42 minutes ago!

I hope to be able to fit into this place and raise my experience along with floor by floor. I’m glad to have come across this place and I am excited to meet new people who share my love for SAO.

Farewell for now everyone!

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Woah, so many greetings, and I thought I was fast enough to be one of the first, but oh well.

Hey Akiris and welcome to the site!
If you got any questions throw them after the Player Support Team, and if you got discord there's an ask-staff channel where you can throw it into plenum so everyone can comment on it.
And once again, welcome!

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