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[PP|F1]<<DHA: 1>>The Next Morning

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After her experience with @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows and Vie yesterday, Ruler was ready to continue her leveling spree. She was so close to being able to invest further in her weapon skill. Even though her main focus was to tank damage for her allies, she needed to be able to keep up the damage. The dragon that they were starting with shouldn't be difficult to handle at all with Freyd's help. It was unfortunate that Vie couldn't join them, but alas, it would just be the two of them.

Freyd had mentioned that he would be waiting by the main gate having coffee with a person named Marv. No one she knew in Firm Anima had that name, so it was curious. However, she would sooner or later would find him and wave him down from a distance, calling out his name. "Hey! Freyd!" When she stepped up to him, she smiled. "Good Morning. Ready to start the day?"


Name: Ruler
Level: 17
HP: 340/340
EN: 34/34

Damage: 9
Mitigation: 18
Evasion: 1
Accuracy: 3

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Caliburn[THSS/Perfect/T1] DMG III
Armor: Maiden's Garb[Light Armor/Perfect/T1] MIT II; EVA I
Misc: Maiden's Forgiveness[Trinket/Perfect/T1] ACC III

Two-Handed Straight Sword [Rank 3]
Fightning Spirit [Obtained]

Extra Skills:


Battle Ready Inventory:
Starter Healing Potions(50hp)*3
Ice Cream Mochi - LD III*2
Special OH(50hp)*1
Rare Healing Potions(40hp)*5

Housing Buffs:

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


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"Ah!  Ruler!"  Freyd saluted her with his steaming cup of black coffee.  "Good to see you.  I was just telling Marv all bout our past exploits against the Sand Shark and Amphis Serpens.  He's completely enthralled!"

'Marv' was one of a dozen generic and identical-looking guards posted at the main gate of the Town of Beginnings.  His plate armor appeared more ceremonial than practical, shining with all sorts of unnecessary baubles, including ridiculously oversized shoulder pauldrons that would probably knock him unconscious if he turned the wrong way.  A simple helmet left his face exposed, not that it ever revealed any expressions save boredom and the occasional pre-scheduled yawns.  Marv looked straight ahead.  He never blinked, never turned his eyes, and never actually engaged Freyd in his conversation in any way whatsoever.  Yet, Freyd visited him often to hold these little morning chats.

"Gotta run, Marv.  Keep keeping on, and all that.  Say hello to the missus, when you get a chance, and little Marv junior."  He patted the NPC gently on the shoulder and gestured for Ruler to wait a moment as he returned his cup and saucer to a barista at a nearby shop.  He tossed her a generous sum of col and a few compliments before exchanging goodbyes.  Fixing the last of the loose ties and buttons on his black cloth and leather jacket, he flipped his charcoal cowl over his head and politely gestured for Ruler to lead the way.

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The golden maiden was surprised to say the least. She had hardly expected this 'Marv' character to be a guard within the cities, but she wasn't going to judge Freyd for his modes of coping with the situation. Enjoy the world for what it is.

"Morning." She said, trying to be a little more casual. Upon him gesturing her to lead the way, she stepped next to him and started to travel in the direction of the quest marker. The elegant armor that she normally wore was tucked away in her inventory, ready to be equipped at a moment's notice. It was cooler than walking around in a set of plate armor in the hot sun. "You and Marv look like good friends. He seems like a nice guy."

She knew that the guard was nothing but a generic program, but she wasn't going to try and spoil the man's fun with unnecessary reason.

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Freyd beamed at her compliment.  "Marv is a star, and often dismissed as 'just an NPC', but I've had deeper and more meaningful conversations with him than many other 'real' people."  His tone was surprisingly soft and serene, especially given the oddity of his behaviour, but this was just who Freyd was.  He was unbalanced, and so kept everyone off balance as well?  Maybe.

Glancing sideways at Ruler, he suddenly appreciated that she wasn't actually wearing her traditional heavy armor.  "You dressed down."  A smile crept across his face.  "I wasn't sure you could manage it.  Nicely done.  Is there a special occasion?  Or is this how knights warm up for dragon hunting?"  It was only meant as banter.  Freyd was suspicious that there was more to Ruler than she was letting on.  If she was prepared to let her hair down, maybe her guard might follow?  It had to be worth a shot.  

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The NPC's were set to interact with players under certain parameters. As long as Freyd continued to talk with the guard, he would continue to give the man generic lines of dialogue that surely would repeat or auro-generate in some way. That being said, Ruler wasn't going to berate the man for enjoying himself the way he chose. If he truly preferred relationships with digital phantoms over real people, then so be it.

Upon the mention of her armor being in her inventory, Ruler simply nodded with a smile. "Oh, yes. The sun makes the heavy plate armor unbearable on the first floor. I am currently at a level where the enemies of this floor no longer scare me. I will re-equip it for our fight with the dragon." Ruler could tell he was trying to poke a little fun at her. It was better than what he had talked about yesterday. Those personal questions were in the back of her mind after Katoka forced it out of her.

"Did you sleep well, Freyd? I hate to make you go out of your way to help me." She asked, trying to take the subject off her.

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"As well as always," he replied pleasantly, though meaning not really, at all.  Such burdensome details were not for Ruler's ears.  He hardly remembered his nightmares, save to know that he had them.  Besides, in Aincrad, all he seemed to have to do was wait and they inevitably found a way to claw their way to the surface, like his Gemini.

"I wonder if picking up the Survival skill would assist you with the armor's discomfort?"  His black-cowled head perked up as he recalled the other matter he wished to discussed.

"There was something else I meant to address with you."  He stopped, waiting to ensure that he had her full and proper attention.  This was a notable occasion and deserved a certain degree of ceremony.  Holding both his hands level before him, the black-clad figure summoned into being a long white blade with an ostentatious silver hilt and cross guard, with its notable gold and red rose accents.  "Forgiven Disobedience,"  Freyd said the name with an unexpected degree of deference.  "It was gifted to me when I first left the Town of Beginnings.  My days with it are over, but it can still do some good."

He held it forward, presenting it to Ruler with clear intent that she should consider herself its new owner.  "May you serve each other well."


Forgiven Disobedience (T1 Perfect 2HSS – ACC 1 | BLEED 1 | HOLY 1)

-- [ Holy I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 gain 2 holy damage added to total base damage. ]
-- [ Bleed I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 12 unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Bleed damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
-- [ Accuracy I | +1 ACC. ]

Acquisition ID: #142628A | Identification ID: #144574, #144575, #144576
[T1E3-2HSS]: A blade bleached white, with intricate rose gold accents snaking around its silver guard and pommel. It's an eyesore to look at, especially under bright conditions. When it sings, its enemies bleed ivory, the weapon more interested in stinging a poison of light moreso than spilling crimson blood.

Vanity Tag: @NIGHT

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Ruler noticed Freyd's unwillingness to talk about his current state from that answer. Something was bothering him for sure, but she was much too curt to push him to ffigure out what was wrong. Even so, her thoughts were interrupted when her duo partner came to a halt. He had gained some degree of formality that seemed a little extreme for what she knew of Freyd, though that being said, she hadn't known the man for very long.

"Forgiven Disobedience? I already have my own weapon." She mentioned before clicking on the item's information window. It was a unique weapon. Ruler's jaw nearly dropped. "Freyd, I cannot accept this! I've not done a thing to earn such an amazing weapon! With my current set up, I think it would actually yield me less benefit than my current weapon since I have yet to collect a familiar.... Are you sure you want to hand this weapon over to me?"


Ruler accepts Forgiven Disobedience.


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He smiled at her response.

"I had done less than nothing when it was cast at my feet - quite literally, actually."  He continued to hold it aloft for her to take.  "And, as the name implies, it's a weapon fit for breaking molds.  Perhaps a little rule-breaking might benefit you also, Ruler.  Find your familiar.  Wield the blade when you are ready.  I have only one condition: pass it on when you no longer have any use for it.  It is meant to be wielded."

He nodded, confirming his intention to pass on the sword.

"I can knight you with it, or something, if it'll make you feel any better."  His wry smile and teasing manner were back, but his stance unchanged.  It was an odd contrast to see someone whose garb suggested less than moral rectitude - actually, outright moral negligence - handing her a holy blade.  But Freyd had a well-established reputation as a man of contradictions.


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