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  1. Alicia fixed her hair disturbed from the battle now that everything was all said and done. Sliding the her weapon back into its sheathe on her back, Ruler let out a sigh and a light smile. "Don't worry about it. I am not expecting everyone to help me just because my level falls much shorter from theirs. I will need to figure out a way to survive on my own, or I will never be able to help others with their own struggles." Ruler started to make her way back towards town, expecting that Freyd would follow suit with her. Today was a resourceful day and she could use another day's break from t
  2. Alicia grinned at Raidou as he made the comment about finishing the elvish king here to stop any resistance in it's tracks. With the commander dead, that would relieve the Treants of attacks, but if they eliminated the king, then this war would just end right here and now. "The weight of a crown is heavy, but this king has taken his rule too far. Elvish soil or treant soil tastes all the same to dead men." The blonde led the charge towards the king, slashing through any resistance on their way there. Finally they approached the king, who intended to meet them as well as they intended to m
  3. Ruler gripped the blade in her left hand tightly, ready to follow up with an attack of her own in case anything survived: Nothing did. Raidou's weapon seemed to have been touched by Zeus or something. She wondered if the blade given to her by Freyd would be powerful like that. With that in her mind, she'd have to actually get her familiar so that she can use it in the first place. "Well done. Let's continue then." Ruler says, walked towards the gate of the encampment and slashing her blade with her single hand. The gate doors collapsed into two pieces each. On the other side were some of
  4. "I have heard of the divisions of your guilds. I always found it somewhat weird that you have subsections within a guild like that, but in retrospect, I see how it works. If that is where you need me, I will glad stand by your side and learn what I need to help this nightmare end. I simply want to help people on my way to fulfilling my own goals." Ruler explains as they continue through the forest. It shouldn't be hard to find the elvish camp with the assistance of the quest marker. "We must be getting close enough now." Ruler said drawing her sword from her back with her left hand and re
  5. Delilah was still just as beautiful as she remembered it. A quiet little forest town that seemed so far from the troubles of everything. Including the war between the elves and the treants that was apparently uncontrollable to the point that they needed to clean one of them up. It wasn't the best job in her opinion, but she would still get it done. Waiting for Raidou to teleport behind her she nodded to the man when he made it to the floor and offered him a smile. "I have no idea how you fight, I am just now realizing. What role do you fulfill and what should I do. You are the veteran in
  6. Ruler follows suit behind her guild leader as he heads out into the wilds of the twenty-second floor. This floor's forest was beautifully unmatched to any other floor she had seen. It was nice to see the guild's base was here. "The elves are fine by me. I wholeheartedly agree that they are likely treading sacred grounds for the treants." The blonde mentioned, shouldering her weapon and letting it slip back into the sheathe on her back as the two headed into town. "Though I am sure that this quest would be trivial for someone of my level, I simply enjoy the company of others. Makes the exp
  7. Ruler opened her menu and scrolled through the active gear, taking a moment to equip the light armor that one of her guildmates had made special for her. Anyone who looks upon her would easily mistake the gear for being lighter than it actually looked. It was a ruse to keep herself well protected and light on her feet. The glowing claymore soon joined in her hand. The symbol of status known to most as the "Sword in the Stone". It was the sword Arthur had drawn, Caliburn. "I already had one in mind on the third floor. I was looking through some of the guild's archives in the library. It ha
  8. A completely confused expression over took Ruler's face. He obviously misunderstood that she just wanted a friend to hang out it while she was looking for her familiar. Love was the last thing on her mind, for sure. "God no," She exclaimed once the light from his attack dissipated enough. "I asked you to come along because gaming is so much more fun with friends. In no way am I ready to commit myself to a relationship, let alone with someone that I have hardly got the chance to know." The dragon was dead now. She hadn't expected him to simply kill the thing with a single slash. Either way
  9. "For now, I was wishing to keep this matter private. If I could ask that of you for now, at least keeping my name out of it, then I would be most grateful. Even if the only thing that I find at the end of this journey is a rotting corpse, I want that closure. I need it." Now that the matter was settled, she needed to get out and do the quest she had her eyes set on. If she wanted to continue her search, she needed to get stronger so she could go to more places and fight off anything that gets in her way. As she was about to turn to leave, she realized she wasn't bringing anyone along. Though h
  10. Her damage was miniscule in comparison to what Freyd could muster. Breaking through the mitigation that this beast had was difficult, especially since her strongest sword art was so demanding of her energy bar. If she tried to spam it, she would be out of energy in no time at all. Still, she couldn't stand there and do nothing. Raising the sword in the stone, it's golden hue tore a red sliver into the dragon's side. It got over it's stun rather quickly, though snapping at her leg as she went to back off. Luckily, she was still faster than it. "I think you happen to be a rather approachabl
  11. Freyd's assistance, although nice, was unnecessary. She knew that even without his help she would be able to fell the mighty beast without hardly breaking a sweat. Though she wasn't going to ask him to just sit back and do nothing when she was effortlessly swinging her blade around and missing a ton swings. It was going to be difficult to miss this attack now that the dragon was stationary and occupied. With a golden blade, Ruler slashed several cuts through the scaled beast in mere seconds. The final hit left the dragon on it's side. A thud sounded as it collided with the grass. "Feels l
  12. Ruler cleared her throat now that that conversation was over. The task at hand was still on the table, they needed to kill the dragon in this area to start the next one. Thankfully, since Freyd already knew where the dragon was, it made searching for it much easier than expected. Ruler drew her original blade and readied herself for the fight to come. As much as she wanted to give her new weapon a test run, it would only make her less effective until she got ahold of her familiar. "Companionship drew me to Firm Anima. Not much of another reason. I figured that working with new friends wou
  13. The day had gone by slow. It had only been a few hours since she officially opened her shop yet the nerves were wracking. The shame of failing someone's order would destroy her from the inside out. Though, just as she was thinking about closing her shop back down until her crafting level was improved, a man walked through the door. Handsome boy, judging by his accent, probably from the UK. Nevertheless, she welcomed him. Glancing at his name, she put it to the back of her mind. Orange players couldn't reach her shop if they wanted without putting themselves in grave danger. "A new weapon?
  14. A comment on her king-ship didn't really suit the blonde's attitude... did it? She just like the regal appearance, she wasn't actually trying to be a knight or queen, or anything like that. Looking over the blade another time, she was breath taken. A moment of quiet contemplation went by where Ruler debated denying the weapon outright. She was sure that someone else deserved it more than her, but Freyd's insistence was overwhelming her. Soon after, she gripped the blade for herself and added it to her inventory. She pulled it free of it's sheathe and gave it a few swings. Certainly longer than
  15. Ruler

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    Item Name: Dawn's Lament Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 3 Roll ID: 169282 Roll Result: CD: 12; LD: 5 Item Type: Two-Handed Straight Sword Tier: 1 Slots(Perfect): [Damage][Damage][Bleed] Post Link: [Here] Description: A 2 handed greatsword with a golden blade. The hilt is made out of interchanging red, orange, and yellow leather strips with the rain guard depicting the setting sun and the pommel depicting the full sun. The blade is emblazoned with a crown, the insignia of Royal Rapiers.
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