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The Weekly Link #10



The Weekly Link

Week #9

Time for a tournament arc! More information can be found below

New players

     Les players this week, but still a decent number. Say hello to @Arsenal and @Bismarck. I suggest you all give them a warm welcome and offer to do some threads with them (And always feel free to message me if you're struggling to find a thread partner). And though it is entirely possible I am missing some of you in these shout-outs, just let me know and I'll make sure to mention you next week (or just edit you into this week if you catch me fast enough)

The Weekly Riddle

    No one figured out what this snippet of a picture is from, so I guess I will give a hint. What happens when an unstoppable dictatorship meets an immovable will.


Tournament Arc

    We have a possible site-wide tournament in the makings by none other than @Hestia themselves. Go over to here in order to find out all the details, but I'll give a quick summary. There are three tournaments, each of which are divided by tier. The first is a half-loss HP tourney, the second is a tanking tournament, and the third is a 2v2 half-loss duel.


    Make sure to go read up on the tournament and let Hestia know if you are interested in joining it. It should be a lot of fun if we can get people into it. Also, if you have an idea for a segment that either you or someone else could possibly write, please let me know in the comments, in a message, or a discord DM and we can sort everything out. I would love to have more than one person be contributing to this blog and am open to any and all ideas that we could possibly include into this.


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