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[Hotfix] Crafting Cooldown Standardization and "Tierless" Classification



Just a quick update rolling off the line right now. First and foremost, we're going to be standardizing crafting cooldown. In lieu of waiting a full 24 hours between crafts, the cooldown on a crafting day will reset at 12:00am local time for all users. The Player Support Team already recognizes this; I'm merely making this the new standard.

Finally, for the meat of the update. Tierless item classifications. If you craft an item that does not scale with material tier, you will generate a "Tierless" item. Players should denote these types of crafts as "Tierless" or "N/A" in their evaluations. The thought process behind this is that a Tier 1 Player using a Tier 3 Evasion food will only ever get 2 Evasion maximum. Staff is of the opinion that there is no reason for a consumable to be locked behind level 50 if you don't get any extra benefit from this. Again, to reiterate in different words: non-scaling or player-tier-scaling consumables will be considered Tierless moving forward.

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to a member of Staff and we will do our best to elucidate the subject.


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