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Incognito Questline Hotfix



  • Incognito Antics Removed, Quest Line is now a Two-Part Series
  • Failure Condition Removed from Incognito Analysis
  • Incognito Analysis SP Reward increased to from 3 SP to  5 SP
  • Incognito Assassination SP Reward increased from 5 SP to 7 SP
  • Disguise Quest Condition Removed (Incognito Analysis)
    • Disguise condition replaced with “Intercept.”
    • After failing to trail Uso-Tsuki with Stealth, one can elect to fight Hogo-sha. Upon his defeat, he drops a coded missive. Players should roll 3 LD values. First to decode the message, second to locate a translator as it’s written in a foreign script, and a third to actually read the message. The LD values are 17, 15, and 13 respectively. Bonuses do not apply to these rolls.
  • Stealth Route has been adjusted
    • Uso-tsuki has a Detection Rating of 12; players must roll a 13+ after their stealth modifier to beat this roll.
    • Number of allowed failures increased from 3 to 5.
    • Players must attempt the Stealth Route before Intercept
  • Equipment Reward changed from <<Cutlass of the Warrior>> T2 OHCS - Abs Acc | ACC | ACC to → <<Blade of the Warrior>> T3 Weapon of Choice Abs Acc | ACC | ACC


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