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[3.0.1] Patch Notes



 Systems & Development Comments: ah jeeves here we go

Crafting/Shop Changes:

  • Item Fusion for consumables is now available. This includes the fusion of Demonic consumables.
  • The cost of materials sold in General Merchant has now been increased from 300col to 700col.
  • System & Development Comments: There was a concern over the value of player-obtained materials since the price of materials in the General Merchant was considered cheap. The price has been raised, although staff will be looking out for potential issues amongst players with this price hike. This price increment may be reversed in the future.

Thread Mechanics Changes:

  • Demonic Shards and Gleaming Scales have been added to the following:
    • Treasure Chests, Monster Loot
  • Tier-gating for Dungeons' Wave EXP rewards has been removed.

Skill Changes:

  • One-Handed Weapons that utilize the [MA] tag on their Sword Arts now benefit from +1 extra base DMG at Rank 1.
  • Custom Skills, Custom Sword Arts and Unique Skills are now available to players at level cap (currently level 31).

Consumable Changes:

  • Limits on the number of consumables players may use in a thread has been removed. This limit has been shifted over to Boss Raids specifically for the time being.
  • Tier locks on Field Boss consumables have been removed.

Quest Changes:

  • [F-01] Black Iron Dungeon:
    • Items from a Black Iron Dungeon Chest may now be collected by all players in the party.
  • [F-01] Nature's Treasure:
    • Gilded Hands will only spawn on a CD 1.
  • Systems & Development Comments: Please note that all edits to quests are currently rubber band solutions. Staff is looking to overhaul either these quests or systems related to these quests in the future.


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