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[Community] Regarding Unique Skills/Custom Skills




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  1. 1. Alter the US/CS system as discussed?

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    • I have a different opinion! (Leave us a comment! :0)

Hey! Staff is currently looking to update 3.0 systems. From previous discussions, this has meant ideas like working on Sword Arts to remove cooldowns. Today, we'd like to gauge interest on another aspect of the game that 3.0 has brought about: Unique Skills (US) and Custom Skills (CS).

The way to obtain a Unique Skill is simple: at the time of writing, Level 31 characters may submit a thread every week to roll for a US. There are 10 US available to players at the moment, meaning that once ten Level 31 characters have succeeded in obtaining a US, no other players may roll upon it to obtain it unless one of these US players relinquish their skill due to death, choice or inactivity.

Custom Skills meet a similar requirement; at Level 31, characters may submit a skill for evaluation and staff will determine if the skill works within system parameters. If it does, it gets approved. Otherwise, word gets returned to the player for edits.

Here are the issues with this setup:

  • Unique Skills are limited, which makes their system biases unfair in viability for players who may want a Unique Skill.
  • Its limitation may foster unrest in the community due to exclusivity. Imagine a player who wanted a Unique Skill entering the community at a later date and noticing all US in the system had been taken up.
  • Unique Skills have a specific niche with regards to their story and history, which may make for intriguing experiences but conflicting gameplay for a specific character's backstory at times.
  • Custom Skills are often seen in the community as 'Unique Skill-lites', and hence skills that are unsuited for their intended power balance in the system are sent our way.

Our current solution is to suggest the removal of Unique Skills and increasing the power scaling of Custom Skills. This would mean that all players may effectively own something similar to a Unique Skill in terms of balance while being able to express their character's individuality with it. These Custom Skills would then be evaluated and approved by staff.

Custom Skills submitted in this manner will be locked to the character who had submitted it. Players who would like to use another player's CS may do so at their own CS' cost and require consultation from the CS' original owner. Custom Skills, unlike Unique Skills, will not have their own unique Sword Art; a different system will be implemented to allow the use of Custom Sword Arts.

Players who've already rolled and succeeded in obtaining a Unique Skill have the following accommodations:

  • The ability to keep their Unique Skill as a Custom Skill (with the US Sword Art removed),
  • The ability to maintain their Unique Skill's flavour if they would like to change their Custom Skill (eg. name, description)
  • A flavour-specific addon in the future that designates the character as the original recipient/title holder of their Unique Skill.

We weren't sure what the community's perception of this change might be, and so wanted to put the option to a poll first. Between these two choices, which would you prefer?

If you have any additional suggestions we could take into consideration when developing these systems or if you have a different approach to the CS/US divide, leave a comment below or in the suggestion-box in our Discord server.

Thank you very much for your time!

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I don't know how it would interact with potential Sword Art changes going forward, but I don't really think that it would hurt anything to fold in the Unique Sword Arts as well. It would be much easier for Staff to use an existing Unique Skill (after they're retooled because I think they all need it) as an example of the power ceiling. If we go forward with this change and the option remains to create a Custom Skill or a Custom Art, I don't think anyone would be entirely interested in the latter simply because it's hard to pack the utility and power of a Custom Skill into a Custom Art.

That being said, if the goal is to remove Unique Arts and Custom Arts entirely, then simply disregard this suggestion.

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