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3.0.2 Patch Notes



Hiya. Just hitting you all with patch 3.0.2, the main highlight of which is a new SA system that's being tested. You can find it in this thread, as an event. In order to sign up for it, you just need to run your threads with the new combat found on it, and make sure to have marked your thread with [PT] at the very start. Any threads done during the playtest will provide quest progress and the standard thread reward, so please make the most of it and give us your feedback when the event is over if you'd like this system to replace the current 3.0 combat.

In other news, some quests have had their numbers switched around to accommodate newbies more and the new playtested system's numbers, as well as field bosses having their rewards slightly tweaked and uncapped. Alongside these changes, the loot minimum has been changed and Gugnir's Shard has been balanced to be less of a meta item and more so a QoL one. You can see all the changes in the changelog below:


  • SAs have been fully revamped, as well as Weapon Skills! All weapons will now share the same SAs, which have mechanical names (ST-I, AoE-I, TECH-A etc.) and can be flavored (name wise and description wise) as the players please! However when rolling, players must use their mechanical names. 
    • Your SAs will become stronger alongside your Weapon Skill, staying viable throughout your levelling experience.
    • Attacks are split into three categories; ST for Single Target attacks, AoE for Area of Effect attacks, and TECH for Technique attacks that utilize Stun effects and more!
    • Tech SAs can be unlocked by owning their prerequisite skills or having completed their quests. As such, some Extra Skills have been converted into Technique SAs.
    • With the use of a new ‘specialization’ system called Shifts, players can choose to make one type of attacks stronger (Single Target, Area of Effect or Technique SAs) as well as increase their energy costs. If they’d rather be a jack of all trades, the Rounder Shift will slightly increase all of their SAs multipliers instead.
    • Participating during the playtesting period will net you Mon, which you can redeem for various seasonal items like Gugnir’s Shard, True-Light Lantern, Type Converters for equipment and more! Clearing new quests, taking down Field Bosses and tackling dungeons will reward more Mon alongside the standard given at thread closure. More details at the event thread!
  • To account for the changes in early and midgame damage, the mob loot minimum has been adjusted from 20*Level HP and 6*Level DMG to 12*Level HP and 4*Level DMG.
  • Alongside the balance adjustments, Gugnir’s Shard has been changed to no longer break the game by giving up to effectively two free health bars over the duration of a fight. Its new effect now can be seen below. As a result of this change, all Gugnir’s Shards with illegal items have been refunded for free and need to be changed before being used again.
    • Gugnir’s Shard (Untradeable/Unique/Reusable Consumable): Caches and expends a craftable consumable. The item to be cached must be submitted to a player's evaluation thread. Once confirmed, players may use the item to provide a buff to their characters once per thread. Other players can be affected by this item’s effects (eg. feasts, mass healing crystals), but the item cannot be used in combat.
  • Field Boss rewards have been uncapped, as well as some having their numbers altered to scale with Tier.
  • Likewise, plenty of quests have been changed to fit both this playtest’s new numbers and to become much more balanced and possible without risking almost certain death. The full list of quests can be found below:
    • Second Lessons
    • Let There Be Light
    • Captured
    • Butcher in the Sands
    • Case of Wurms
    • Bandit Camp
    • Monkey King
    • Guardian of Fire
    • Iron Guardian
    • Keep Calm and Ki’Raion
    • Betrayal of the King
    • Trouble in the Mines
    • King of Lakes
    • Witch of the West
    • Search & Rescue
    • Incognito Analysis
    • Incognito Assassination
    • Essence of Titanium


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