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New and important features added to Sword Art Online.

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3.1 Patch Notes

Yo yo yo! It's time for the next patch, and a small break from updates with it. I'll go more in depth once I'm done listing all the changes below, but please do check the bottom of the blog if you don't care about the numbers too much. To get back on track though, this update brings the new combat system playtested two weeks prior, alongside QoL changes in the form of adjusting Dungeons' difficulty, fixing EXP acquisition rates and lowering the amounts of EXP needed to level up, revamping the Pa


ChaseR in Patch Notes

3.0.2 Patch Notes

Hiya. Just hitting you all with patch 3.0.2, the main highlight of which is a new SA system that's being tested. You can find it in this thread, as an event. In order to sign up for it, you just need to run your threads with the new combat found on it, and make sure to have marked your thread with [PT] at the very start. Any threads done during the playtest will provide quest progress and the standard thread reward, so please make the most of it and give us your feedback when the event is over i

[3.0.1] Patch Notes

Systems & Development Comments: ah jeeves here we go Crafting/Shop Changes: Item Fusion for consumables is now available. This includes the fusion of Demonic consumables. The cost of materials sold in General Merchant has now been increased from 300col to 700col. System & Development Comments: There was a concern over the value of player-obtained materials since the price of materials in the General Merchant was considered cheap. The price has been raised, alt
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