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3.1.1 Patch Notes



Heyo! This patch isn't quite as big as the rest, but we've got interesting things lined up regardless- Custom Skills mostly! With this update, Custom Skills are being put back into play but with some rules to them to keep the process much more clear cut and easy to follow. So let's get down into the nitty gritty of things!

Custom Skills

So, first things first. The big stuff, every single CS that existed prior to 3.1.1 needs to be resubmitted for approval in order to be usable again. This is because the rules around Custom Skills have changed. You can find them in their [respective section] on the Site Guide & Rules, or you can also view them right down here!

  1. They may not rely on, affect or alter any non-linear Enhancements. This means only ACC, EVA, DMG, MIT, LD and a few exceptions may be affected by a custom skill's effect.
  2. A Custom Skill may not add its own enhancement into the game.
  3. Custom Skills are not allowed to replicate the effects of Unique Enhancements.
  4. Custom Skills are not allowed to alter or ignore limitations imposed by any game mechanic (e.g. enhancement caps, skill exclusivity, bypassing equipment restrictions, etc.).
  5. Although no parameter maximums have been decided, please stay reasonable when adding stats or effects to your skills.
  6. On top of that, please try to avoid percentages as much as possible and do your best to keep things simple.

And in case any of the above rules don't seem clear enough, you need not worry. This time around, we've got 10 examples of Custom Skills lined up for you to view in the [very same page] their rules are found in. So head on over, look at the examples, draft something up and hit us up with a modmail or DM- any way to collaborate with you on how to make your own CS will do!

 Custom Skills will not be allowed in the Floor 26 Boss fight. This is because our small systems team cannot ensure all custom skills will be processed before the fight starts, even if they are submitted early. This may result in some Players having them while others do not. Out of fairness, and to give everyone ample time to write and discuss their CS with staff, we're barring them from the fight. You are more than welcome to use them elsewhere once they've been approved though. If you've already spent your 10 SP on your CS, you may swap those SP out for something else for the boss fight only (free of charge). You do not need to post this in the refund thread, and it will not count toward your cooldown. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, and please let us know if you have questions.

Various Changes

These are definitely not huge changes, but some have been made to various part of the game. They've happened a short while now, but here's a complete changelog of them all to be sure everyone is up to speed.

  • Concentration hasn't been changed, but the line 'In the Case Absolute Accuracy is already present, increase your Accuracy by 1 instead.' has been added as it was missing and caused confusion for how it would work when put together with weapons that already featured a slot of this enhancement.
  • ST-B has been changed so it can't proc off of another ST-B, as initially intended.
  • A different roll now needs to be made for Recovery and Vampiric (Defensive) enhancements, as the attack roll's CD checks for ST-B.
  • The quest 'Essence of Titanium' reward has been changed from last hit to be rewarded to every single player that participated in the quest.
  • The 'Essence of Titanium' quest's 'Titanium Warden's flavor text has been changed to be 'one of the most durable respawning monsters' rather then 'the most durable'.
  • The 'Bloodstained Land' quest's reward 'Terra Firma Scale' has been changed from last hit to be rewarded to every single player that participated in the quest.
  • The 'Breaking the Unbreakable' quest rewards now include TECH-F SA as they should have since 3.1.
  • The 'Dragon Age Crusade' quest's mats are no longer tiered and the chest the player is rewarded at the end is rolled by them upon thread closure and distributed to the group however they wish.
  • The 'Monkey King' quest's reward Shatter (Extra Skill) has now been replaced with the TECH-D SA.
  • The 'Cull of the Dead' quest's reward Restorative Strike (Extra Skill) has now been replaced with the TECH-E SA.
  • The 'Gatekeeper of Fire' quest's reward Blazing Bite (Extra Skill) has now been replaced with the TECH-G SA.
  • 'Earning a Living: Gatherer' quest was a leftover from the previous way that the profession worked. As a result, all mentions of gathering (the previous foraging name) have been changed to foraging to better reflect the 3.1 profession changes.
  • The Site Guide referred to keys and blank maps as items purchasable from 'a merchant', and has now been rewritten to properly lead to the general merchant shop instead.
  • A little note has been added under the Weapon Skills SAs that shifts and their effects can be found under the actual Weapon Skills list above, not the SA list.


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