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We’ve heard the outcries! It seems the community has some issues with Appraisers, being the most difficult and least rewarding profession we have available. Staff would like to change that. As such we have come up with the following alterations to try and turn this profession into a more rewarding experience.

#1 - Fusions

Appraisers are now able to fuse unidentified items just like any other profession. Appraisers can only fuse unidentified items of the same item type using the following table to create higher quality items of the same type:

  • 2 Uncommon unidentified items = 1 Rare unidentified item
  • 2  Rare unidentified items = 1 Perfect unidentified item
  • 2 Perfect/Demonic unidentified Items = 1 Perfect unidentified item
  • 2 Perfect/Demonic unidentified items + 1 Demonic Shard = 1 Demonic unidentified item

This means an appraiser can take two uncommon unidentified consumables, and combine them up to a rare unidentified consumable before having to roll! Hopefully this will aid in reducing the sheer amount of rolls the profession has to do.

#2 - Less RNG/Reduce shop clutter

Appraisers are the one major source of Unique enhancements. Likewise, all characters need these things and as such it's a painstaking process. No more will an appraiser be stuck with 16 instances of paralyze immunity that no one wants, using the following system:

  1. An Appraiser can take an item with a unique enhancement(s) and convert it into one Mystic Essence per unique enhancement that was on the item, these essence maintain the ID of the item broken down (if more then slot was present these use duplicate roll ID’s akin to Alchemist/Cooking Professions. I.E. #123456-1, #123456-2). Only items that were identified with the Appraiser’s identification mechanic are eligible for this mechanic. This process does not use up any of the Appraiser’s daily identification attempts, but does destroy the item in the process.
  2. Once an Appraiser has 3 Mystic Essences saved up, which are kept within their shop and maintain the ID’s from the deconstruction of Uniquely enhanced items, they can use the 3 Mystic Essences to forgo rolling for a single slot on the item and instead select one unique enhancement of their choice for that slot when identifying ANY item type of ANY quality. 
  3. Mystic Essence can only ever be used on a single slot of the item, but it will at least weaken the strain of RNG on Appraisers as a whole.

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