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  1. Yoloro- Waiting for my gear to get crafted hurts me inside. -4 Moral

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    2. Jomei


      Uhhhhhh... *scratches head*

      Its okay, I'm trying to get myself some new armor anyway.

    3. Ahti


      Thats actually a good question, is it legal to run away from a monster mid fight, forfeit getting any rewards but not die? Or can it only be accomplished with teleport crystals? Not it would only work most likel in a wide open free battle, like a normal mob fight on a floor. Not something like a floor boss in a locked room.

    4. Oikawa


      As soon as I get my SP finished and locked I'll hop on making your order among others. Sorry for the wait I only had two mats when 4 orders came in.

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