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  1. Oi, oi. Why is everyone babysitting Aikoh? Comet needs some attention! Someone do <<Long Live the Queen>> with Comet!!!!!

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    2. Zero


      Seul be silent, we don't need that sort of stuff happening xD

    3. Ssendom


      I have a penchant for killing kids, down to join me?

    4. Phillia


      Ooooh! Me, pick me!

  2. Need more threads. Someone do an RP with Shizuka or Comet pls.

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    2. Seul


      I mean, I /could/ start if you don't feel like doing it. xD

    3. Shizuka


      Yah, can u do that pls?

    4. Seul
  3. Need threads. Anyone interested?

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    2. Macradon


      Comet, let me train you in the art of slaying mobs!

    3. Comet


      wtf Zel, y u want me to kill myself? Mac, I'll take you up on that offer. Who starts thread?

    4. Macradon


      You can, I'm not really in on starting threads atm.

  4. Comet watched as Macradon went ahead and craft right away. As a result, he saw a small, little dagger that seemed perfect for him. With that, his damage should be greatly increased and he was pleased with that dagger. Already, as he held the sword, he was sure that he could definitely get out of the safe zone and fight the boars that inhabit there... Indeed, Comet could definitely go out there and with his new amount of damage, he could definitely fight a lot of mobs for a good amount of materials as well. Plus, he was definitely safe now that he was level 2. With a smile, Comet looked at Macr
  5. Comet chuckled at the ironic, unexpected twist of turns. Indeed, he did not anticipate that the owner was going to be Macradon. Of course, he was a bit pissed that Macradon had pulled a 'prank' of sorts on him and his childish mind. In fact, Comet had not noticed that the man was the owner only a few moments ago and honestly, the boy did not appreciate being trolled like that but of course, this was one of the only people that Comet actually knew in this game and he was one-hundred percent sure that the man meant good. With a shrug, he took the tools that Macradon provided him to place in and
  6. Comet had been looking at a perfect weapon when he heard a voice coming from behind him. Instinctively, he answered before looking back. "Ye-" Comet began when he looked back and realized that the person that asked him the question was no other than the man that had sent him here. Indeed, Macradon was standing there with his hand on his hip, looking towards him. Of course, this confused Comet, it was as if Macradon had known that he would be here prior to him actually being here. With a smile, Comet leaped up towards the handsome, older man before looking up and beginning to speak once more, "
  7. Comet had been told to come here by Macradon, the white-haired warrior. He was told that if he was to come here and use Macradon's name, he would be getting a discount of some sorts. With a shrug, he walked into the shop, wondering how good the discount could be. Indeed, he had only gotten 200 Col and he didn't even know where he got the Col from. However, he was definitely not complaining... Somehow, he had managed to get Col from not even fighting a single mob outside the safe zones. Still, he was definitely not going to complain, as he might not be able to buy something... Something small i
  8. Comet

    Comet's Journal

    Level 7 HP: 28/28 Col: 1,577 MAT: 11 Profile Username: Comet Real name: Diego Davis Age: 7 Gender: Male Height: 3'3" About: History/personality History: Comet was born in the country of Iceland and he had belonged to quite a poor household. Indeed, his family was unhealthy and he was subjected to quite the poor family conditions. However, through these conditions, he had learned quite a valuable lesson for himself. Indeed, he had learned life was hard and things could go wrong at any second, however, everything has a positive side to them and you must look at that side that they ha
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