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  1. Level 2!!! Now, to start my Earning a Living Thread. Either SP or PP, can't decide.

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    2. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      No problem. I'm usually always around doing something, so if you wanna do it as a PP, just shoot me a PM and i'll respond soon as i get it.

    3. Talo


      I think I'll do this one as a SP, but will keep you in mind for the future

    4. XWuZHeAR


      or reply to the quest I started with you

  2. Would like to apologize to the people I am in roleplays with. Ope House and Graduation season, very busy. Busting out two posts at the moment simultaneously. Then hoping to keep caught up.

  3. 15 Posts :D I know its small, but hey, its a start.

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    2. Hydra
    3. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      Good job Talo. If you ever need a tank for some questing, gimme a PM. I'll help.

    4. Ather


      Congratulations, man.

  4. Hello everyone :d Hoping to get to 10 Posts today (1 Post Away) 

  5. Any one up for a Roleplay? Message me if you wanna.

  6. HI IM SORRY. I got caught up with friends, but now I am here :D ready to RP

  7. Just been approved and got myself a Face claim. Afternoon everyone :)

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    2. Takao
    3. Talo


      Thank you Takao, are names are very similar, nice.

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Pro Tip: don't start fighting boars... they have a pretty high kill count on new players so far:D

  8. As I say hello, I say good bye. I'm getting tired, and need some sleep, so I'm hoping to roleplay tomorrow, good night everyone!!!

  9. Hi everyone, new to this site.

  10. Talo


    ProfileUsername: TaloReal name: Talo KeranAge: 17Gender: MaleHeight: 6' 2" Talo's ApperanceAbout: History/personality Talo grew up in England, but had a different situation than most kids, buy the age of Six, he was Deaf. When he was first born, the umbilical cord was around his neck, cutting off air to the brain, causing some brain damage. this got rid of about 50% of his hearing at day one, and got worse until he lost 100% at the age of six. now this did not stop Talo from learning things and having and over all good time. By age 12, he Developed great lip reading skills, took exte
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