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  1. "God- damn it!" She muttered with a frown.

    Stupid.. ghost! Man, if she was a ghost, she wouldn't be doing this. But that wouldn't happen. "It's... fast," she commented blandly. Wow, real perceptive of her. At this point, she just wanted to... like. Stab stab it to death. Really fast.

    Was that just her? This whole thing was really starting to bug her. Just a tad. tad. 

    Kirbs looked back at Kooh. Well, that kind of sucks. She was hoping that she wouldn't see anyone-- y'know die today. That would indeed suck quite a bit of butt. Like, a lot of butt. "Yeah," she called after her, "try not to do anything too drastic for now," she said, a small frown making its way on to her face.  "Because it would suck a lot if you died right here and now. Just to let you know," she added with a sigh.

    ID: 124658

    BD: 3, fail

    [1] Kooh: HP198/400 | EN: 36/40 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 
    [0] Bahr: HP: 480/480 | EN: 16/48 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 23 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 3
    [1] Kirbs: HP: 314/420 | EN: 25/42 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 14 | ACC: 3


  2. Kirbs' eyes widened as Kooh was thrown into the wall... by sound. She huffed as she ran over to where Bahr and Kooh were. Jesus, that attack did a lot to her health.

    "Are you okay?" Well of course, she wasn't okay, duh. She's a hit away from dying by this thing. She caught Bahr's nod and sniffed. "Okay," she muttered, spinning around to face the screaming lady.

    Oh ho-ho-ho. She was not going to let anyone die from this ghost lady..! But come on, like seriously? Wouldn't dying to a ghost that fights by screaming kind of suck? 

    She charged up Dimension Stampeded and rushed after the Banshee-- which thankfully caught it's attention. She darted past it, hoping to God that she at least able to avert its attention on Bahr and Kooh. 

    Which it did. Praise the lord for that one. 

    The redhead unleashed her sword art on the mob, which somehow hit it-? She wasn't sure how logic worked in this game... but it was working!


    ID: 124460
    BD: 8

    [0/0/0/1] Kooh: HP: 198/400 | EN: 36/40 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 
    [0/0/0/0] Bahr: HP: 480/480 | EN: 31+2-17=16/48 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 23 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 3
    [0/0/0/1] Kirbs: HP: 314/420 | EN: 26/42 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 14 | ACC: 3

    Banshee: HP: 83/250 | DMG: 200 | EVA: 2 | 


  3. "Alright," she murmured just as an ear piercing scream echoed through the stale air. 

    "Jesus!" She yelped, jumping backwards as the sudden mob appeared in front of her with another three undead zombies. Wow, she literally looked like death. Maybe she was dead! She probably is dead! Banshees were like, paranormal ghost things, right? Gasp. Was she... a Ghostbuster? Oh God, this had been her life long dream for all of her life. Hell yeah! She's been looking for this day for seventeen years. Seventeen years! That's six thousand two hundred and five days! 

    Kirbs gritted her teeth as her spear hit nothing. "That's big stupid," she murmured, jumping back from the banshee with a scowl. "Heck, that thing is really agile," she said, furrowing her brows. She'd never expect this ghost lady or whatever to be this quick when it comes to fighting. Like, it was kind of literally a ghost! 


    ID: 124032

    BD: 2+1= 3, Miss

    [0/0/0] Kooh: 400/400 HP | 36/40 EN | 8 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA
    [0/0/0] Bahr: 480/480 HP | 31/48 EN | 9 DMG | 23 MIT | 2 ACC | 3 EVA | 9-10 Bleed (12) | Rested (2/2) | Disguise (3/3)
    [0/0/0] Kirbs: 314/420 HP | 41/42 EN | 9 DMG | 14 MIT | 3 ACC | 8-10 Paralyze | 9-10 Bleed (12) | 2 Recovery

    Undead Guardian Zombie 4: 40/40 HP | 120 DMG | 15 MIT
    Undead Guardian Zombie 5: 40/40 HP | 120 DMG | 15 MIT
    Undead Guardian Zombie 6: 40/40 HP | 120 DMG | 15 MIT
    Banshee: 250/250 HP | 200 DMG | 2 EVA


  4. Kirbs slashed away at the last wurm. She was really starting to get pretty damn sick of these things now. Like, come on. Why won't they just die already? She sighed to herself and silently praised the heavens for letting her finally kill that damn thing. No damn joke, those things got on her damn nerves.

    Kirbs sighed and nodded her head. "I do too," she murmured, "I do too."

    "Well," she piped, putting her spear back in her inventory as she gave a little wave to Arabelle. "I think I'm going to head back to town now. It's been fun, I guess? Well, uh, see you later. Bye Arabelle!" She waved at the purple haired girl one last time before setting off.

    Well, today was surely... nice? Nah, that wasn't the way to really put it. It was more boring but weird than nice, but, she guessed that she couldn't have everything in life.

    ID: 122913

    BD: 5+3=8, Success

    [H:2] @Arabelle: 271/380 HP | 0/38 EN | 11 DMG | 9 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA
    [H:0] @Kirbs: HP: 420/420 | EN: 23/42 | 9 DMG | 14 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 PAR | 1 Bleed | 2 REC

    Wurm 3: 0/210 HP | 63 DMG

    ID: 122914

    Legit nothing, i got an LD of 1 lmao

    1050 col and 2 t1 materials

  5. Kirbs kicked the wall pointlessly. 

    "Oh wait, I think I found it. It's all the way over here!" She exclaimed, backing away from the crumbling wall as she sighed out in relief. Great, the sooner they got this whole thing done, the better. 

    "Alright, let's go!" She said chirpily, jumping right into the lair.

    Did she feel stupid? Yes, yes she dead, but you only live once so to hell with it! God, she felt very alive. Pretty sure that was a bad thing, but to hell with it!

    Scarfy sniffed as he slid down Kirbs' shoulders anxiously. Yeah, he probably thought she was going crazy. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

    Somehow, she felt like this would be the last quest she would ever do, but that was utterly ridiculous. She still had so many more to do, and she was going to finish all of them!

    ID: 122891

    LD: 19

    Lair Found!

  6. "Take that back, you bastard!" She growled, her fists balling up once again. 

    "I'm not like him!" She croaked, sniffing.

    She wasn't a murderer, was she? Right? 

    "You all are just so pointless. You just don't bloody understand!" She screamed at them one last time before storming off. 

    Why couldn't they frekin' see? The pain in her heart almost physically hurt her at this pint. She felt like she was just spiraling down into nothingness. Couldn't they bloody see something so damn obvious? The redhead sniffed as she hugged herself together. 

    Before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face. Why did she feel so heartbroken? She was the one who hated all of them! She hated them, right? They were traitors, right? All they did was just betray her! Why couldn't they bloody see that she was just trying to do what was best for the world? Why?



    1 SP

    200 Col


    3 Mats

    1 SP

    200 Col


    1 SP

    2 Mat

  7. Kirbs gave her a wry smile as she finally smashed down on one of the remaining wurms. Damn, only one more to go. 

    "Er, yeah," she said, giving her a wry smile. 

    Somehow, she felt like she wouldn't see Arabelle again. It was just a weird feeling and she wasn't really sure why. Like, some dark force that was just telling her it was never going to happen. Maybe she was just being paranoid again, but damn, it felt weird. 

    "Let's finish this last one and then we'll be done. I'm fine with not keeping any of the loot, so don't worry. I don't need it, anyway," she said, smiling at Arabelle briefly before turning her attention back to the wurm. "Alright! Let's kill this thing and get the day over with it! I really, really want to just go to sleep now, what about you?" she yawned, patting her stomach. 


    [H:1/1] @Arabelle: 271/380 HP | 7/38 EN | 11 DMG | 9 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA
    [H:0/0] @Kirbs: HP: 420/420 | EN: 23/42 | 9 DMG | 14 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 PAR | 1 Bleed | 2 REC

    ID: 122885

    BD: 2+3=5, Miss

    ID: 122886

    BD: 8, Success

    Wurm 3: 122/210 HP | 63 DMG
    Wurm 4: 0/210 HP | 63 DMG


    ID: 122887

    LD: 16

    CD: 9

    2 Mats
    1680 Col

    1 Rare Trinket



  8. "That's good..." she chuckled, finally letting go of her spear that Alec worked so hard to make for her. 

    "I know you are," she mumbled, balling her hands into fists as she finally sucked up the courage to have talk to her best friend's killer. 

    "Hey Pinball?" She asked, looking up at him one last time as she felt her health bar slowly drain away. "Can you do a favor for me? You know who my friends are, right? If you don't, I just need you to tell Kityuisa, Bahr, Alec, Dustin and Sey," she paused, looking up at him to give him a genuine grin.

    "Tell them that I love them, and I'm sorry for not saying it sooner."

    The familiar feeling of tears welling up in her eyes hit her like a slap to the face. Her HP bar had hit zero. So, this was it, huh?

    She stiffly wiped away her burning eyes as she gave Pinball one last signature wink she had missed doing so dearly.

    "You're forgiven."

    Then, she shattered.

    [OOC: Rose Thorn's is transferred to Pinball]

  9. Spoiler

    Name: Help From the Soul
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122814
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Trinket
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A small trinket that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet. It's a small charm that has a simple design of a heart.
    Post Link:http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580538



    Name: Scarfy's Regards
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122823
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Sculpture
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A large clay sculpture of the one and only Scarfy.
    Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580538



  10. I'm Sorry. -Kirbs


    Name: Help From the Sands
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122676
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Trinket
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A small trinket that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet. It's a small charm that has a simple design of a small island. 
    Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580463


    Name: Help From the Sea
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122676
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Jewelry 
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A small trinket that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet. It's a small charm that has a simple design of the sea with a small island. 
    Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580348


    Name: Help From the Sun
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122595
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Jewelry 
    Tier: 2
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A small trinket that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet. It's a small charm that has a simple design of the sun. 
    Post Link:  http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580275


  11. Kirbs lifted her spear weakly. So this was it? All the plans she had made when she got out of here were just... gone? Two years of dreaming... just gone in a blink of an eye?

    "Me and him-" she croaked, her thumb brushing lightly against  the handle of spear as she gave Pinball a heavy smile. "Bell. I wonder, do you even remember him?" She asked, her eyes falling to the ground as she felt hot tears trickle down her cheeks again. "You killed him on his birthday. Did you know that?" She asked, her wet tears dripping down her face as she shut her eyes painfully.

    "Both of us... we were supposed to get out of here together. We planned for so much stuff to happen," she sobbed, crumbling to her knees as she rested her head tiredly against the pole of her spear. "We were supposed to go see my brothers again. We were supposed to go play video games together again. We were supposed to do so many things together."

    "I'm happy, though, so don't worry about it," she said, her voice cracking as she gave him a tired smile. "I'll finally be able to be with him again."

    Her voice cracked as she looked down at her the ground one last time, tears slowly trickling down her face.

     "I hope he's waiting for me."

    ID: 122807

    BD: 5, Fail

  12. Why couldn’t she do anything right?

    So many questions were buzzing around in her head. Most of them unanswered, the rest had answers... but most wouldn’t like them.

    She had been so terribly selfish. She was greedy. She just wanted to be happy, though. Didn’t everyone want to be happy? Was that so much to ask of her? Didn't she deserve some happiness in her life? Did she deserve some peace and tranquility after all she had to endure? 

    She felt stiff. Did he do something to her? Why couldn’t she move? Her head was foggy with all the things she couldn’t understand. What was happening now? Was this the end?

    Was she going to die?

    She couldn’t die.

    She was supposed to have a future.

  13. “I really wanted to believe you weren’t a bad person at first,” she cried out, tears looking up in her eyes as she looked at him dead in the eyes. “I-I... I thought you weren’t what everyone was saying you were.” Her knees felt like jelly, ready to collapse on the snow any second.

    ”But then, you did such... horrible things,” she whispered, her nails digging tighter into her palm as her memories flashed before her. He hurt Dustin. He killed Bell. 

    “Why did you leave me like this?” She cried, looking at her palms as she felt her whole body begin to shake. “Why didn’t you just bloody kill me from the very start?!” She suddenly screamed. “I wouldn’t have to go through all of this torture if you hadn’t let me go so many damn times!”

    ”I thought I could make it through here- through SAO while being happy. I wanted to be everyone’s sunshine,” she whispered, “I was so wrong. So damn wrong.”

    Suddenly, her body didn’t felt like her own anymore. One word was echoing through her head and she could see it everywhere she looked;


    “I can’t live like this anymore,” she whispered one last time before equipping her spear. “I can’t live in this constant torture anymore,” she said lowly as her burning eyes trailed up to Pinball’s. 

    “No matter the outcome of this, my pain is going to end.”

    She sped after him, her eyes blazing furiously. It would all be over... if she was just able to hit him. She knew his tricks. No matter how much she put into her items, she couldn't outmatch his evasiveness. Her spear clashed against the foamy snow, sending it up into the air violently.


    ID: 122798

    BD: 3, Miss

    Kirbs: 600/600 HP | 59/60 EN | 4 DMG | 3 ACC | 2 PAR | 4 REC | 23 MIT | 24 BLD


  14. Snap, snap.

    She almost laughed to herself. Who else would be here?

    Her fingers twitched as she looked at Pinball with a face as blank as a slate. 

    “Why do you hate me?” She murmured, her hands balling up into tight fists. “I didn’t do anything to you. Why did you have to make my life a living hell?” She choked out, casting her eyes down to his boots. “I was supposed to be the happy-go-lucky one. I was supposed to make everyone happy.

    She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face, all of her pent up emotions finally being released from the wall she had worked so hard to build up.

    ”I never did anything wrong to you, so why did you make my life not worth living anymore?”

    She knew it was useless. Everything was just useless. He wasn’t going to listen. 

    No one ever listens.

  15. Kirbs mumbled small curses under her breath as she marched out to the open snowy field.

    She felt... so empty. She had lost everyone. Everyone she had ever cared about was either dead or hated her. Why did she do this to herself? To keep them safe? To keep her safe? What was even the point anymore? 

    She didn't want to die, but what was the point of even trying anymore? She wasn't strong, she wasn't smart. What could she do now? Two people were dead because of her. Kityuisa was right. She was weak. She was useless. She couldn't even protect her damn friend from being murdered. What was the use of her anymore?



    Who was at fault, now? Who could she blame now? Herself? Pinball? Kityuisa? Why did it feel like everything was turning against her? She just wanted everyone to be safe.

    She was being selfish, wasn't she?


    LVL: 30 | HP: 600 | EN: 60 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 2 PAR | 1 BLEED | 4 REC | 23 MIT


    > T1 Light Armor Skill: 5 MIT

    > T2 Fighter Familiar Skill: 4 DMG

    > Survival Skill: Increases out of combat health regeneration to [15xTier] per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing with environmental attacks/effects

    > R5 2H Assault Spear Skill: 7 DMG

    > Concentration: Gain +1 ACC until the start of your next turn (must declare use in roll purpose).


    > T2- Bell's Cross: 3 ACC

    > T2- Rose Thorns: 2 PAR, 1 BLEED

    > T2- Chronograph: 2(4) REC, 1 (18) MIT


  16. "Whatever," she muttered hotly, averting her eyes. 

    "Looking for someone?" She mumbled confusingly. Who would she even be looking for? All the people she really considered friends were either dead or hated her. 

    "No," she replied quickly, dipping her hands into her pocket as she forced a small smile on her face. "Just taking a small stroll in floor one, that's all," she added, tapping her heel against the cobbled roads anxiously. 

    She was quick to change the subject, "so, were you an artist or something? Back in the real world?" She asked, tilting her head. Ah, she remembered when she wanted to be some big artist when she was younger... she was pretty sure she would get nowhere if she went back to the real world. She was probably going to get some stupid job that she didn't even like, but she guessed that's what happens when you miss out on two years worth of education. 

  17. "I could've finished it if you didn't bloody get in the way!" She barked, finally being able to feel the tips of her fingers again. She numbly stood up as she stared daggers right into Bahr's head. "You had to bloody ruin it," she hissed, her hands balling into fists at her side. "I would've done the world some damn justice if I killed her."

    "That [female dog]..." she growled, pointing an accusing finger right at Kityuisa, "was never me bloody friend, and she never will be. She was a damn traitor from the very start and I was too damn blind to frekin' notice it."

    She whipped her head around to stare Kityuisa in the eyes-- but she was already gone. That damn..-

    "You coward! Come out and face me!" She screamed, her fists tightening even more to the point they felt like they were going to break. "I hope you bloody rot to death from where you're hiding you stupid [doo doo]!"

  18. Spoiler

    Name: Help From the Sands
    Your Profession: Artisan
    Your Rank: 7
    ID: 122676
    Roll: 12
    Item Type: Trinket
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Ambition
    Description: A small trinket that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet. It's a small charm that has a simple design of a small island. 
    Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17246-f03-r6-artisan-pk-accessible-dream-land/?do=findComment&comment=580463



  19. Kirbs froze as the player came bounding over to her. What the fu-

    "Modeling?" She echoed, furrowing her brows. "W-what the hell?!" She sputtered, taking a step back. She's seen a whole hell lot of people but this guy definitely takes the cake for being the most weirdest. 

    Her eye twitched as she slowly pressed her palms together. "Look, Scarab, right? Yeah, no. Modelling is a big no-no for me," she pointed her clapped hands to him as she gave him a pointed look. "Plus, that'd be hella weird, too," she mumbled to herself, letting out another inaudible sigh. "I don't even know why you would think I would be a good model either!" She exclaimed, narrowing her eyes at him. "You got to get your eyes checked, bud."

    Why was it so much easier to forget things when you were being freaked out by some random dude who wanted to paint you?

  20. Kirbs kicked another loose rock across the cobbled path as she let out another small yawn. It tumbled around on the road for a few seconds before coming to a stop only a few meters away. The redhead sighed as she kicked the rock harshly to the side and looked around. Things in this town were too constant. There was never anything going on anymore. 

    Her head slowly swept across the area she was in until they stopped on a random stranger. She didn't know what it was but something about him seemed off. Probably because he was in the middle of the street looking like some anime character. Damn, those poses were bloody weird. 

    Were people going crazy now? Maybe? It's been more than two years, she couldn't really blame them, but uh-- kudos for staying sane for so long? Not going bonkers in the first month was an impressive feat itself, so uh, yeah, good job.

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