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  1. Oscar, fresh from his trip into the Black Iron Dungeon, made his way to Freyd's shop straightaway. Apparently, Merchants had been adjusted and were given the ability to reidentify enhancements on a limited basis. Oscar was all about that. So, with the mind to make Money Shot better and to see what he got from his haul, Oscar burst into the shop like a bat out of Hell. "Dude. That shit was easy as fuck. I've taken more damage from wild spiders on Floor 21 than I did in my solo run of that death dungeon. Easiest. Loot. Of. My. Life." Oscar plopped Money Shot down on the table alongside
  2. Thankfully, whatever malfunction Oscar had been struggling with seemed to have disappeared. At Lessa's call for a Switch, Oscar surged forward and struck the boss with all of his strength. Ugzeke's health bar dropped lower - both from Oscar's attack and Lessa's Bleed effect. The Giant's skin had taken on a blood-red hue, the pair of them having triggered the brute's enrage ability. In its rage, Ugzeke flailed about wildly. While Oscar was sure that getting hit by one of the boulder-sized fists would surely hurt, the fact the attacks were flying about almost at random made him pretty confident
  3. "Well I'm glad that shit's done," Oscar said. After he'd killed the last knight and looted the corpses, the door opened back up for him. He figured he'd reached the natural end to this particular excursion and decided to make his way back out of the dungeon. As he did, he spied another chest in a room out of the corner of his eye. He stopped, turned, and looked at it. Examined it, really. It called to him. The call of wealth and mystery. The rugged shape of the chest. The sensual curve of the lid. Taunting him. Teasing him. It was almost erotic. Wait, no. It would have been almost erotic.
  4. And thus did Oscar invent Chimpanzee Style. If you don't know what you're doing, the enemy sure as shit doesn't know what you're doing either. Only, Oscar did not throw his own poop. Such a maneuver would be equal parts distasteful and impossible. Instead, he threw his hammer. As it turned out, he could throw his hammer with such force that it would deal full damage to the enemy. Not only that, but he could move fast enough to run and grab it and throw the weapon at another target in quick succession, achieving the same kill speed as if he struck the enemy in wide arcs. And why, then, would he
  5. And thus, with two enemies remaining, Oscar focused his full attention to their absolute obliteration. See, he wasn't annoyed by the 10-mob ambush. He wasn't annoyed that this hadn't been a challenge for him when parties had been slain by the dungeon. He was annoyed that the door was closed. Much like a cat, if a door was supposed to be open and it wasn't, he would absolutely lose his shit. Though he walked away with more understanding about the place, he much preferred to have his freedom. With nowhere to run and - he assumed - his Teleport Crystal out of commission, the only way out was thro
  6. With enough in the tank to finish the fight, Oscar threw himself back into it. He crashed into the knights like a tidal wave, complete with all the force of such a disaster. Armored bodies flew everywhere as Oscar delivered lethal blunt force trauma to the four enemies he'd struck previously. Their compatriots could only watch as, in just a few short seconds, Oscar had reduced an intimidating platoon of 10 knights to a paltry annoyance of the duo that remained before him. Completely heedless of the fact he was still in combat, Oscar calmly strode about the room collecting his loot. The knights
  7. His Cooldowns were rolling and his energy had dipped down very low. If ever there was a time to use Meditation, it was now. Honestly, Oscar could only think of one other time where he used Meditation and it hadn't really been necessary then. So perhaps burning through his energy faster than a Hummer chugged gasoline was a good thing, if only for that one point. He wasn't at all pleased that he had to interrupt combat and leave himself vulnerable to do it, but hey, the skill got used. So zen was Oscar in his trance that he didn't even register the fact that the two of the knights struck him. An
  8. More than he needed energy, Oscar also had to get his cooldowns in rotation. So he elected to hold of on using Meditation for a round in order to use another Sword Art. Wallbreaker was his move this round, though he doubted that it would avail him much in breaking out of this chamber before all of the enemies laid out before him were slain. Either way, he was making solid progress gnawing through their ranks. His initial fear of being unable to overcome their damage was quickly abated. Macradon's craftsmanship was remarkable. He had complete freedom of movement and all of the protection of ful
  9. In a flash, 10 enemies were reduced to a mere six. Oscar followed up Odin's Wrath with a Double or Nothing, shattering them like glass and collecting his loot. A cloud of dust was left in his wake comprised of mostly pulverized data from the first group of knights. Those still on their feet lashed out wildly, their blades sailing harmlessly past him. He watched his energy totals and was a little irritated that he was only able to burst out two strikes before his energy bar completely failed him. He would need to recoup at some point, clearly. Perhaps the old system had spoiled him, but he was
  10. The Knights here had dealt small amounts of damage to him before. Nothing his Battle Healing couldn't handle, especially if he only had to worry about dealing with four attacks. However, more enemies meant more damage. Potentially, he could only see him lasting around three rounds. But that was assuming they all managed to hit. If he could control the group - and prevent the enemy from surrounding him - he would be much more difficult to hit and ultimately kill. And so, he did just that. The update had repaired the issue that caused Sundered Spire, but it had done nothing to take away the supe
  11. Energy was refilled and Oscar's final cooldown would reset shortly after opening the chest. It was time to do this thing. He placed one foot on the floor over the entryway with some small amount of caution. Nothing. The rest of his body followed and he made his way over to the chest. Hopefully, it wouldn't immediately kill him. He kicked the container open, putting the contents of the chest on display. Or, he would have if the chest had anything in it. Instead of being showered in riches, the entry way slid shut and openings in the walls revealed a large platoon of knights. He took the time, t
  12. While he waited for his energy to refill, Oscar decided to see if one could attempt to gather materials inside the confines of the dungeon. Not wanting to stray too far away from the chest, Oscar looked around, eventually finding a shimmering patch of moss growing on the wall. He tried to pry the moss away with his fingers, but it proved to be too dry and crumbled to dust at his touch. Despite the failed attempt, Oscar still gained some middling proficiency in his chosen profession. With that grand experiment done, Oscar headed back to the entry to the chest room, waiting just outside the thre
  13. Soon enough, Oscar came across another room off to the side of the corridor. He held himself back from getting excited until he actually saw what was in it. If it was anything like last time, it wouldn't be worthwhile. Much to his surprise, this room actually did have something. A black chest sat in the dead center of the rectangular room. Purple light from the torches glinted off the dark metal. Oscar groaned and rolled his eyes. "Oh come on. Can you telegraph a trap any more obviously?" Wanting to interact with the chest, but realizing that doing so at low energy would be a dumb i
  14. Oscar wondered how exactly he had been able to get the drop on the enemy so suddenly. The Knights he'd fought thus far seemed to have competent AI. Then, he actually took a good look at the enemy. They weren't armored quite as thoroughly and ornately as the Knights previously. Taking a look at their names, it all clicked. They weren't knights. They were the knights' squires. He clicked his tongue and shook his head. That's what he got for not paying attention. Either way, one Sword Art later and the squires were reduced to fragments of data, leaving nothing but Oscar's loot in their wake. He t
  15. The Knights rounded the corner and immediately found themselves smashed in the face by Oscar's giant golden hammer. Odin's Wrath pancaked the entire group, but not before one lashed out on reflex and caught Oscar on the cheek with a lucky strike. Out of reflex, Oscar brought his thumb up to his face and "wiped" away the blood, sticking the digit into his mouth to clean it. "That wasn't very nice, guys," he said mockingly. What he received in reply was mere silence. He let out a sigh and shook his head. The update had fixed the Sundered Spire issue - which meant that the enemies wouldn't banter
  16. Pushing his momentum, Oscar bounded over the distance created between himself and the still-recovering Knight squadron. Money Shot traveled in a wide arc around his body, crashing into the rightmost knight, which then crashed into the knight on its left, and so on until all of the knights had been "collected." Hooked on the underside of his hammer, Oscar brought his weapon up and over his head, slamming the entire collection of knights to the ground with shattering force. One by one, the knights fractured and shattered like glass, starting from the bottom up. Oscar collected his loot and looke
  17. Despite his previous disappointment, Oscar was quickly greeted by a second group of Knights. Elated at the opportunity to get some more farming done, Oscar leaped into the fray with gusto. Literally. He activated a new Sword Art - Wallbreaker - and crashed into the group with such force he blasted them through a wall and into the next chamber. His Sword Art lived up to its name, much to his delight. Disabled by the abrupt attack such as they were, the Knights spent their time getting back on their feet in lieu of attacking Oscar. Not that it would matter very much if they did. Honestly, he rea
  18. The corridor down which Oscar had traveled for so long had been utterly bereft of enemies. Or anything else of interest for that matter. Saw, as the path continued on, that he was coming up to a side room. A small spark of excitement gripped him. He picked up the pace, wondering to himself what the room could contain. Maybe it was a chest. Maybe it was more enemies. Something, anything to make things interesting because as of now he'd yet to really sink his teeth into anything real. He peered cautiously around the corner and into the room. A frown stretched across his features almost immediate
  19. It seems like not much has changed, Oscar thought. He was still fully capable of taking out a pack of enemies in just a couple of strikes. Sure, there were new Sword Arts, higher damage, and cooldowns. But the general clear speed was more or less the same. Which Oscar truly enjoyed. At least, with the new update, his ability to clear mobs hadn't been hit too hard. Oscar proceeded onward, scanning the interior of the dungeon and taking in all of the new sights. It was rather samey, if he was being perfectly honest. But, Oscar was invariably drawn to where the loot was and, for better or worse,
  20. A quick survey of his health bar and Oscar found himself disappointed. How had anyone managed to die to these dungeon mobs? Battle Healing pushed his HP back to full before he could even really respond to the inflicted damage. Which was a good thing, because he was already trying to figure out his next move. Looking at the mobs remaining health coupled with his available Sword Arts, Oscar thought it rather foolish to use a massive art. So, he chose a new Sword Art called Twister. And, oh boy, was that a fantastic decision. Spinning like a top, Oscar held his hammer out to the side as a cyclone
  21. The man was cowed by Oscar's sudden confrontation and didn't seem to have anything further to add. He mumbled something about minding the chests and stepped aside. Without another word, he pushed past the interloper and headed down into the bowels of the dungeon. He followed the winding staircase down to the bottom. Pale torchlight illuminated the dark stone of the dungeon. Above the entrance to the dungeon proper, Oscar saw a large IV carved into the stone. As he stepped through the threshold, he noted the presence of four enemies immediately. A smile stretched across his face. "Alright
  22. Black Iron Dungeon Oscar's moonlit conversation with Freyd had been incredibly enlightening. It had elucidated the reasoning behind the sudden influx of Players to the Town of Beginnings. The System had updated, changing around everyone's stats and skills. At the same time, a new dungeon had opened up on the first floor. It had claimed the lives of several Players at its first opening, thus causing some of the more busybody Players to cordon off the entrance to prevent anyone from wandering in accidentally. It sounded like a decent challenge to Oscar. And so, after preparing the necessary
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