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  1. It wasn't long before Macradon had his new piece of gear ready. Oscar, having paid upfront and waited, was eager to accept the item and get back to work. With his connection stable for the time being, he felt relatively confident getting back out there to do some farming, but he didn't want to do so without being properly kitted out. This was the first of his long laundry list of tasks to get himself ready, but everything else predicated itself on it. Oscar thanked the man and left his shop with his new armor with a sense of urgency in his step.
  2. Oscar very clearly needed to find himself a quiet place to sit down and familiarize himself with all of these new changes. And thus, he decided to head home. It felt like an eternity since he'd been in his bed. It would do him good to get some rest and food before diving down the rabbit hole that was his menus. He headed back into town and teleported up to Floor 7. As he headed down the all-too-familiar road towards his home, he heard the chime of an incoming message. Oscar sighed and typed up a response. Hopefully honesty would be the best policy here. By the time he had arriv
  3. Character Name: Oscar Character Description: A giant of a man and the owner and operator of Oscar's Hot Dog Stand (and its subsidiary Mi Vagon De Tacos). Comprised mostly of memes and military wisdom, sprinkled in with a deep hatred of Player Killers and murderous intent. 10/10, great guy. Would trust with a Lambo. Character Journal: The Hot Dog Man Character Name: Warren Character Description: A quiet man who mostly focuses on improving his alchemy because it reminds him of home. Oscar's ward and operates a small pharmacy just outside the town of Deepedge on Floor Seven. Kinda odd,
  4. As the quest was completed, a window appeared in Oscar's field of view. A triumphant chime filled his ears as the window expanded open to reveal the text upon it: Congratulations! You have now acquired the <<Gatherer>> profession. I did what now? Oscar swore openly and opened his menu, quickly navigating to his Profession information. If he'd lost his ranks in Cooking, he would have someone's ass on a platter! He was able to breathe easily when he saw that Cooking had merely been joined by a second profession. So apparently, the update had created two separate design
  5. Giovanna continued talking. "As payment for your troubles, why don't you keep the Shard? I will be needing the compass back, however. Next time you hunt for a Shard, you will have to earn it the hard way - with your own skill!" Well that was certainly new. It wasn't often that quests such as these allowed you to keep the fruits of your efforts. Even less common for those fruits to be so relevant at his level. Inspecting the Demonic Shard in his inventory, he blinked once in surprise. Use three to enhance the rarity of any item up to Demonic quality? The fuck? When was this done? Oscar r
  6. All-in-all, it had been a wonderful hike. Oscar had cleared a new quest, obtained a rare item, and got to relax a little before next fire invariably broke out and required all of his attention. With a spring in his step, Oscar strode into Giovanna's camp and placed the compass into her waiting hands. "So you've found a Demonic Shard! You continue to impress me. I'll confess, you've learned all that I could teach you through this single quest. Trial by fire has always been my preferred style." Oscar wondered what she was talking about. This was less of a trial by fire and more of a slight
  7. Backtracking through the frontier, Oscar made good time. Perhaps it was began he wasn't measuring his steps, making sure that he remained on the proper path. After all, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And Oscar knew this floor like the back of his hand. Orienteering back to Giovanna wouldn't be a problem at all. The Town of Beginnings was in his sight in short order. As it was growing late, he could see from a distance that a lot of the hustle and bustle from earlier had slowed down. So, passage through the Eastern Gate to the Western Gate was on the table now. And
  8. Following the directions of the compass, Oscar was led right to his prize. There, on the ground before him, was a shard of blackest night. It possessed a deadly aura, tendrils of shadows floating from the item like wisps of smoke. Was this really a safe item to take? It had to be. Cardinal, as unreliable as it was, didn't set out to kill Players on what amounted to a newbie quest. So, throwing caution to the wind, Oscar stooped down and picked up the Demonic Shard. He didn't know what he was expecting after obtaining an item like that, but he was definitely surprised when the item was simply a
  9. As he drew deeper into the forest, Oscar found no shortage of gathering spots. It seems the sudden influx of Players into the Town of Beginnings had resulted in a lot of the gathering spots being picked clean close to town. They would eventually respawn, but it would be difficult to compete with other Players for materials. Plus, with everyone on the upper limit of levels having reached a new tier thanks to their clearing Floor 25, there would be quite the demand for materials to upgrade equipment. Oscar found himself a veritable treasure trove and took one flower for himself, leaving the rest
  10. After a small cleaning job, Oscar was back at it. He continued to follow the compass' guidance. He felt as if he was getting closer. When he strayed from the path, changes in the needles direction were more profound. What started as a smooth glide north or south suddenly changed to jerky movements one way or the other. The thought of being close to his goal excited him, even if that goal wasn't what he had set out to do today. What had he set out to do today? Was it still the same day of the Raid? How bad had his desync been? Oscar shrugged. Did it really matter? He was still hopelessly stuck
  11. After rifling through the pine needles and half-rotted leaves, Oscar's hand eventually hit something hard and polygonal. His fingers wrapped around the object and he pulled it free of the small pile of mess he'd made trying to find his object. He lifted the compass from the ground, carefully brushing away the dirt and debris that marred its surface. He was almost afraid to look at it, for fear of any damage his clumsiness might have caused. Eventually, he realized that if he wanted to get this quest done, he had to look at it. So, he held his breath and cast a wary, inspecting eye over it. He
  12. As that thought crossed his mind, the branch broke off completely. It descended rapidly like a bolt of lightning and hit Oscar right in the face. Now, if Oscar were the paranoid sort, he would think that Cardinal was out to get him. But, the thing had been hanging by a thread. It was no small wonder that Oscar got his face smashed. Even that was a welcome distraction to the thoughts of eldritch horror hanging at the peripheries of his mind. He rubbed his sore forehead and shook the pain away. Where was he? Right. The compass. The shard. Things. Where was that damn compass anyway? Somewher
  13. With his attention drawn thusly to the tree branch, Oscar was suitably distracted from the primal dread gripping him at his very core. He took the time to closely examine it. Even if there were no materials to be found, made a note of every crack and bump across the gnarled surface of the hood. Of every patch of moss that marred its surface. Of every leaf that still clung for dear life upon the tree's damaged extremity. Thus, his heartbeat slowed and his discomfort abated. His thoughts were drawn towards previous failings at gathering attempts and how best he might avoid that in the future. Wa
  14. As Oscar headed East, the needle shifted to the North bit-by-bit. Oscar followed the directions of the Compass, taking the time to really absorb the sights and sounds of the floor. He heard the grunting of boars in the distance, a chill running up his spine for reasons he couldn't quite place. His thoughts suddenly turned to the thought of the boars' god. A wave of nostalgia and terror gripped him so he quickly put those thoughts out of his head. He didn't know what had elicited such a primal reaction from him. Even the mere act of trying to recall the reason caused a surge of panic to rebuke
  15. Eventually, Oscar managed to walk the entire perimeter of the Town of Beginnings to the Eastern Gate. He made pretty good time, he felt. As he stepped in front of the open gate, he noticed some shimmering at his feet. He took the time to bend down and pluck the flower from the herb, all the while keeping his eyes fixed upon the compass. Still due East. Oscar shrugged and pocketed the flower before heading on his way. He wondered exactly how far he was expected to go. But did it really matter? A calm stroll through familiar territory was just what the doctor ordered after the stress of both the
  16. Oscar was left wondering how exactly a compass would be used to find some ultra-special-secret material. Compasses were meant to point North. But then, he remembered that Pirates of the Caribbean had explored this exact same plot element. Oscar opened the compass, watching as the needle remained fixed to the east. So, it stood to reason that his prize would be somewhere to the east of the Town. If only he had a jar of dirt to help him on this outing. That movie was so chock full of memes. Funny how things worked out. So Oscar set off, making a big lap around the circular city so as to avoid th
  17. As Oscar exited the town, he saw a familiar shape out of the corner of his eye. A quest icon hovering over a woman clad in green robes. Oscar could have sworn that he'd done all of the quests on this floor now, but maybe the update had brought with it some new quests as well. It certainly might help explain the amount of people milling about in the streets. Oscar approached, waving his hand in greeting to the NPC. "Hello," he said. "So, it appears you've found me," she said. "I tend to move around quite a lot, but someone always finds me. I suppose you are looking for some herbs?" Wh
  18. Things were... not the same as they were before the Raid. For starters, the Town was busier. Higher level players could be seen wandering about. He saw many familiar faces in the crowd, familiar faces that were swallowed up in short order by a veritable sea of people. What could be so interesting about the Town of Beginnings that this many people could be seen here? His curiosity was piqued, but his hatred of large crowds tempered his desire to seek truth. And so, Oscar pushed against the current and headed towards the edge of town. Perhaps there he could find someone to needle with questions.
  19. The only way out was through. The thought of braving the Endless Maze wasn't appealing to him, so he headed on up to Floor 26. A sprawling metropolis stretched out before him. As he walked through the gate, an NPC welcomed him to the Imperial Quarter of Ladonia. It was quite a jarring experience, going from a dark dungeon to a large city. But Oscar didn't really have the time or energy to follow that train of thought. His thoughts were solely upon the goings on in the Town of Beginnings on what chaos must have been wrought by the sudden update. He wandered about until he managed to find the Te
  20. Forced to take the time to respec into his skills, Oscar wondered whether this was a blessing in disguise. He'd long felt the holes from trying to mix light and heavy armor. Perhaps it was a good opportunity to commit to one or the other. Disheartened and disconcerted by the sudden loss of half of his vitality, Oscar made the snap choice to spec fully into the Heavy Armor line. His stats adjusted as he spent points, Mitigation and Health rising as his SP count lowered. Certain restrictions were now in place, but that was fine. When all was said and done, Oscar realized that he didn't have the
  21. A chime drew Oscar's attention. He opened his menu to see the words: Update Complete. An update? That hadn't happened in quite sometime. Perhaps Floor 25 being cleared had unlocked some new content to explore. Or perhaps Cardinal, assaulted so by Sundered Spire and the other accoutrement of glitches and bugs that seemed to accompany Shadow's awakening had finally rolled out a patch for it? Either way, Oscar was rather excited to see what the new update had to off. That is, until he saw his health bar. Was he seeing things or had his health bar really been slashed in half? Scrolling t
  22. Earning a Living: Gatherer One second Oscar was in the midst of combat, the Frontliners at his back. And then the next, his world stopped. Everyone froze in place. Orgoth paused mid-swing. Oscar, for his part, could move around. He blinked, surveying his time-locked surroundings. A discordant noise assaulted his ears, quiet at first and then rising into a crescendo. No matter how hard he attempted to block the noise, it persisted. He remembered the sound well. There was no broadband on the Major's rural ranch. No satellite either. They had to content themselves with dial-up. That sound, t
  23. It was an odd feeling, this. Tiering up after being at the pinnacle for so long. And, as he'd done each and every time a new tier came available, Oscar found himself entering the Blazing Typhoon and calling upon Macradon to create an upgrade for him. After his terrible showing in the Raid, Oscar was a little self-conscious about asking the man for anything, but needs must. He walked into the shop, throwing the Grandmaster Smith a wave and doing his best to treat things as business as usual. "What's up Mac? You think you can hook me up with some armor again? New tier and all that," Oscar s
  24. Smashy smashy, Oscar thought as Zandra smacked the second boss with a stunning Bull Rush. Thus, the party was freed up to try and release the captives that the enemy had chained at her throne. Where Itzal had busied himself with the leftmost chain, Oscar made a beeline straight for the middle. Deft fingers worked at the locks and links quickly, managing to undo over half of the bonds in a few seconds. But, he could only do so much in the time he had and Stuns never lasted very long. He would need to content himself with the fact that he'd done good work in such a short span. With a word of apo
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