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  1. Current Level: N/A Current SP: N/A Link to SP Tracking: N/A Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Money Shot Item ID: 155241a - 155978/155979/155980 Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Two-Handed Battleaxe Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Abs.Acc/Acc/Bld Description: A gilded weapon of a jagged edge fitted on only one side. White and gold and frankly a bit gaudy, each strike sounds like a handful of coins falling to the floor.
  2. Current Level: 76 Current SP: 414 Link to SP Tracking: [x] Item Upgrades: N/A Notes: The SP totals will be on the final tab label Oscar(RP)
  3. Numbers unending. Wave upon wave of the fetid rot crashed against them. They sought to slake their hunger but instead found only the calm release of death at the party's blades. Night and Haine danced amongst them masterfully, Raidou drew the attention of the mindless horde with efficient resolution. But for Oscar, there was a time to be skillful and then there was a time for overwhelming force. A mere sweep of his weapon rent the air and turned it into a storm of slashing force. A storm that parted the ocean of the dead, carving a path through for the quartet to proceed. Oscar had long since
  4. Ph Mega Slime Farm used +2 SP to thread
  5. Oscar had nothing to refute Lessa's jab. He had overplayed his ribbing about their first encounter a bit too much and now he was suffering for it. Well, more accurately, Lessa was suffering for it. He clicked his tongue, his gaze narrowing on the task at hand. He hooked his foot under his weapon, kicking it into the air in a rapid spin. Alright now. Deep breath. Eyes closed, lungs filled. Chaos Eater slowed and began to descend. Oscar's hand bolted out and took hold of the haft. Exhale. Eyes open. Focus. His target was the size of a barn and he needed to tag it at least once if he wanted to ke
  6. ‘’Keep up the preeassure! We are taking him down.’’ And they most certainly were. Oscar was surprised at the rate in which the team they'd put together was shredding the boss. They were even down a member to boot! Heeding Zandra's words, Oscar rushed forward, Tesseleth's Fury ablaze with ebon fire. He stepped forward, entering into a batter's stance. And like a trained baseball player, Oscar swung up and around. His axe clocked Hrym under the chin, a burst of black fire punctuating the blow. The already-battered health bar of the giant took another significant dip as Oscar's blow connecte
  7. Against a crew of high-level players, even mobs such as these couldn't be remotely considered a challenge. Though they mobbed and flailed around them, the hideous congregation were cut down the moment they entered into range. The party moved through the waves of afflicted horrors, their blades singing in all directions. Together, the four of them made their best rendition of a blender and it showed. Through the din of melee, Oscar heard a voice call out: "A little distraction?" Haine had found herself annoyingly gummed up by a trio of Diseased Ones. A brief look at their health bars
  8. Oscar knew that Hell would rain down upon the trio upon Ox's death, but he couldn't have prepared himself for it to be so soon. A one desolate swamp was now a hot spot of action. Red crystals aplenty shimmered into view. The first had commited to his attack, but was met with powerful resistance from the Red Wanderer. The rest, it seemed, elected to break their stealth and watch the demolition of their comrade. As Raidou handled his "opponent" in a brutal fashion, Oscar took in his surroundings. One... Three... Five... Se- Oh twelve. The first into the fray fell to the ground and shattered like
  9. If you've been waiting for permission, you're fine to take this item. I'd been checking the thread semi-frequently to mark off items as they were taken and this is the last one. Enjoy.
  11. Oscar returns << Tessleth's Fury >> T3 Demonic 2HBA - 2FLN/2BRN to @Zandra. Many thanks for letting me hold onto it.
  12. Now it was a party. With the Shadow seeming to abandon his flesh suit in order to take the Raid on personally, Oscar couldn't help but feel excited for what else the fight would bring to bear. But, it seemed that they were being a bit of breathing room by the System. The boss hadn't elected to make a move. A perfect time to Meditate if Oscar had ever seen one. Rarely was one afforded such an opportunity as this. He closed his eyes, channeling his focus into replenishing his vital energies. All of that being a fancy way of saying that he activated the skill and waited for the conditions to be f
  13. Oscar rather felt like a dog chasing a car. Now that he had it, he didn't know what to do with it. It would be useless to ask the man how much he knew, now that he had time to think about it. Oscar had to assume that Tyson knew everything. The more important question was what was going to happen now. Oscar's eyes narrowed, his steely gaze locking onto the unfortunate man. "We found you. What's the plan for that? I know he has one." The man's shaking stopped. Oscar must have reminded him of something. He threw his head back, cackling madly. Oscar waited patiently for the man to cease. Ther
  14. Just as Oscar was about to launch into his explanation, Raidou appeared suddenly on the platform. He opened his mouth to greet him when Raidou suddenly yoinked a dude out of a tree. It didn't take much interrogation before the man tapped out and spilled the beans. All this time, Oscar had a feeling that there had been eyes on him at all times. The moves that had been made against him just seemed too precise otherwise. More recently, however, Oscar had begun to question his own sanity. Even in the face of all of the evidence, the fact that it hadn't been confirmed had weighed heavily upon him.
  15. Oscar could at least breathe easy on his own inside the bounds of the safe zone. He sat down on a bench to await Freyd and Raidou's arrival. As he did, he couldn't help but allow his mind to wander. He'd been doing a lot of that lately. He was pretty sure he would look like an absolute mess right now if the system allowed for it. Hair disheveled, unkempt beard, blood-shot eyes. The works. He hadn't really explored the implications of his departure from Tarot as thoroughly as he should, but he had expected some growing pains as he knocked the rust off and started to get his hands dirty again. O
  16. Quest Oscar hadn't gotten out of the house in a while. Given how everything had gone down recently, he'd decided to stick himself indoors for a while. At least long enough to formulate a plan beyond "kill them all." He really hadn't got very far past that. Going stir-crazy in his home, Oscar knew that he needed some fresh air. Or, at least, what amounted to "fresh air" in this game. That, and he needed supplies. His weapon of choice didn't avail him very well when it came to fighting other players due to the fact that it only came stocked with damage and not much else. An idea had forme
  17. Now that the chains were broken, the goon squad could get back to what they did best: curbstomping this psycho bitch into the ground with extreme prejudice. Freyd and NIGHT paved the way for Oscar to get his licks in. Considering her penchant for dominance, Oscar thought the sudden reversal of fortune was ironic. He strode forward confidently, dragging Tesseleth's Fury along the ground as ominously as he could. Which - as it turned out - was quite so. A goliath of a man dressed in a suit walking toward you with a wicked-looking axe dragging along behind him? Yeah, pretty spooky. Another revers
  18. Oscar had tuned out the lion's share of the boss's gloating. There was just something about railing against a non-sentient entity that just didn't do it for him. So, instead, he focused on more tangible pursuits. Like continuing to heal Ariel who - at this point - was out of the danger zone. While Oscar was certain that another hit from Orgoth wouldn't absolutely demolish her, he wanted everyone to be as full as possible without overhealing them. Conscious of his energy value, he'd realized that the previous Field Medic had cost him almost the exact same amount of Energy as a full AoE cleave.
  19. "Fantastic choice," Oscar said as he handed off one of the sandwiches. Deftly maneuvering the conversation away from the heavy stuff, he led the way down to the bench and took a seat. Ever the gentleman - or at least someone with a modicum of common courtesy - he politely waited for Jevi to join him before he began to unwrap the monstrosity that he had created. Oscar like to make his dishes as true to form as possible within the bounds of the game. A sandwich like this defied the laws of physics and portion size. A bun - no matter how well it was made and toasted - simply would not be able to
  20. "Yeah it's kinda shitty," Oscar admitted. "I couldn't imagine doing this solo either. These Drakelings are just sticky enough that my base damage isn't enough to put me over the top. If I'm good at judging health bars, which I'm not, even if I came in with the maximum possible damage buffs available to me, they would still survive by a sliver of health." Oscar swung into a trio of Drakelings - one softened from Bahr's AoE and two fresh. The first exploded as his axe came into contact with its model, its skin flying free of its corpse and landing like a hot towel over Bahr's face. It was as if
  21. "What would you have me do, Bahr? Tyson's doing all of this because he thinks he can get away with it. Because the first time he shot me - yes, shot me - I showed restraint and took him in. He mistook my mercy for weakness. Me swinging back? Taking out his gang? That's the absolute last thing he expected," Oscar said. "You live in a different world, Bahr. You've never had your conscience die bit by bit while you worked with scum of the earth just to put food in your belly. Have a night with a roof over your head. I was lucky enough to hold onto mine long enough to fall into the hands of someon
  22. This was an opportune moment to take some of the heat off of Lessa. If he could land a hit, then he could get Ugzeke to swing into him instead of his prone and defenseless companion. Maybe then they could get the fight back on track and according to plan. Of course, since he needed to tag the brute, the universe had different plans. As he swung his axe, the blade got caught into a random stone, jerking the weapon out of his hands. As Chaos Eater clattered to the floor, Oscar let out a groan of frustration. "Am I fucking drunk? I gotta be right?" A stream of expletives flowed freely from his mo
  23. Oscar had brought up the rear, having to put away his cart and tools before delving into the bowels of the ship. To his surprise, the party had managed to deal heavy damage to the towering behemoth before Oscar had even stepped onto the main deck. ChaseR's sudden departure had left them down a source of damage but the boss was approaching the yellow at a rapid clip despite that. It wouldn't last an entire second round at this rate. He let out a sigh. I wasted all of that food on that dude. Fantastic. Rather annoying that a party member wasted all that food before dipping out suddenly. Promises
  24. With their mistress distracted by having her spine shattered by Night's attack, the rest of the party busied themselves on freeing the rest of the chained soldiers. To be completely honest, Oscar didn't know exactly how it affected the battle. All he knew was that when she was stunned or paralyzed, the chains on the soldiers became interactable. Obvious mechanics being obvious, clearly the thing to do was to try and get the remaining pair freed before the paralysis wore off. Freyd had freed one, so Oscar trotted over to the remaining one and started fiddling with the locks. He managed to get m
  25. Oscar would not abide this harlot's existence any longer. If his mom groups on Facebook found out that he had stumbled upon this den of perversion and didn't do anything about it, they would cancel him on all of his social media, including Twitter. Oscar couldn't afford to be Twitter canceled. So, he rushed in and followed up Night's attack with one of his own. Tesseleth's Fury carved a dark arc through the air. Then, it sliced a deep red gash across the center of the boss's model. Then, he hopped back a few paces to leave room for his party's follow-up attack. Bahr liked to go balls deep and
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