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  1. With all the yelling going on, Oscar could barely keep up with all the goings and comings. He did see Freyd completely nuke an entire group of enemies, which was quite impressive. And then there was Shield, engaging a second group with a gusto that Oscar personally hadn't been expecting. Certainly not now. Not this early. Oscar could only yawn as he strode forward past Shield, summoning Money Shot from the ether with a flick of his hand. The golden hammer manifested in a fountain of Col, coins bursting forth from the top and cascading downward, only to shatter upon the floor. He certainly woul
  2. After walking for a bit, Oscar came across another side room. Just like the other, Oscar found the room to be empty. He was sure that if he set foot inside, the room would probably snap closed and spawn and army of brutes to exterminate him with extreme prejudice nonetheless. However, Oscar was no fool. Also, there was moss on the wall opposite the door. A potential material was infinitely more interesting than an empty, probably trapped chamber. Deft fingers worked the moss free from the wall. Though it was fairly close to one of the many torches that line the walls, it wasn't drier than the
  3. It was getting about time. Soon, his energy would be full. When it was, Oscar would then be able to engage more mobs in combat and - with any luck - earn himself some much needed loot. But, until then, his life was that of a moss collector. Collecting moss from the sides of a wall was goal. He soon found another patch and, once there, began to peel the moss away. This patch was in a dark, dank corner. No torches nearby, so it was moist and easier to pull away in one big sheet. And Oscar did just that, earning himself a material and some experience in the process. It wouldn't be long now before
  4. With the enemy Assassins dispatch, Oscar was free to peel moss to his heart's content. After taking a moment to cycle through his menus, Oscar noticed that he was a little over halfway to the next Gathering rank - a prospect that excited him. He'd remembered how much he'd enjoyed ranking up as a Cook and this was just more of that, but with a lot less burnt garlic bread. Finding another patch of moss in short order, Oscar skillfully and quickly pried his prize from the bricks. A material was then added to his inventory and his experience total went up just a bit more. Progress was slow, but it
  5. Capitalizing on his momentum, Oscar rushed forward to chase down the Assassins that he had just propelled backwards at terminal velocity. He caught up, running between the group as they sailed through the air. He activated Odin's Wrath and slammed them all down to the ground with a wide-sweeping circular arc. Their health bars tanked to zero and they shattered on impact, leaving Oscar with a bunch of free loot to collect. He happily added it all to his inventory and put away his weapon. He found himself more excited to get back to peeling moss than he was to fight. Even though combat was excep
  6. Oscar wished and the dungeon provided. Instead of Knights descending upon his location, a quartet of tall, lithe elves shrouded in dark leathers wielding wicked daggers in each hand dashed towards him. Apparently, as he progressed, the enemy types would get more difficult. These "Assassins" as they were called seemed to be keen on getting Oscar out of the dungeon, either by his own will or by his death. Oscar, however, had just been on the receiving end of a double impalement by two claymores, so he wasn't at all concerned with eight tiddly-wink little daggers. Even less concerned when he sent
  7. As he traveled deeper into the dungeon, following the veins of moss as he went, Oscar eventually happened upon a side room. He peered inside, hopes not very high in the first place. Since the bar was on the floor already, Oscar wasn't at all disappointed when the room came up empty. Instead, he noticed a particularly promising bit of moss by the entrance and began to work away at it. Being that there was a torch right next to it, his gathering attempted ended in failure. But, more experience and more time killed. His Energy was full now, so he would be ready for the next group of enemies that
  8. One drawback from having a lot of downtime was that it was a lot of downtime. You can only look at the same dark stone design for so long before you start to go a little crazy from the sameness. It would be almost unbearable if Oscar wasn't finding himself constantly distracted by the moss on the walls. Sometimes, the moss grew too close to the torches - which meant less moisture in the plant. So, when he attempted to gather it, there was an added challenge given how it crumbled away in large clumps. If too much crumbled, the gathering attempt failed. Just as it did for this current patch of m
  9. The dungeon seemed to have a flow brought about both by its own mechanics and the way cooldowns worked. One round of combat, then gather for a bit. It actually wasn't that bad of a situation to be in. He obtained usable loot and also was able to rank up his Gathering skill. The best of both worlds. Still, he couldn't help but pine for the times where he could kill mobs by the dozens without having to think about what the next best action was. Despite that, Oscar really couldn't complain about the extra decompression time within the dungeon. It was hard for it to maintain this foreboding atmosp
  10. Pinned to the wall by two swords as he was, one would think Oscar was in a bad way. Certainly, as the Knights recovered and encircled him, the pair holding the weapons pushing them ever deeper into his chest cavity, one would assume this would spell his end. But Oscar was only waiting for them to get closer. The position of the blades inside him reduced his reach. He would need them almost close enough to kiss if he wanted to dispatch them without having to get into a battle of wills with the AI. The Knights stalked ever closer, flanking the pair before him. Oscar smiled as his weapon took on
  11. More Knights appeared from around a nearby corner. Oscar's presence within the dungeon had alerted the denizens of the presence of an intruder, no doubt. Both of his strongest Sword Arts were still on Cooldown, but it didn't matter much. He didn't need to use his two strongest in order to come out ahead in a fight. Oscar dashed forward to meet them, lashing out with Money Shot twice in quick succession. The Knights were dashed this way and that, the sudden shaking disorienting half of the squad. The other half, however, seemed to just wanted it more than their peers. Oscar found himself impale
  12. A rush of wind surged through the dark corridor, sending a chill down Oscar's spine. He understood, that in that moment, the Black Iron Dungeon was pondering the exaction of its wrath upon the man foolish enough to enter it. But, fortune favored the Beast of Aincrad. He was spared the dungeon's wrath this time. Seizing this opportunity, Oscar then set about searching for more moss to peel off the walls. He had to wait for his energy to refill, so why not? Eventually, he came across a promising patch. The entire thing seemed to spiderweb over an entire six-foot section of the wall. Carefully an
  13. With combat having ramped down, Oscar had a gut feeling that he didn't have long before the Black Iron Dungeon would want to test him. Death or great fortune awaited him, except for some reason it seemed impossible for death to find him. Perhaps it had something to do with his Searching skill being so monumentally high. He had fashioned himself into something of a strong scout since the changes following the Floor 25 Raid. Maybe that was why he hadn't run into any issues so far. Perhaps Scouts had something of an advantage here. Whatever was the cause, the supposed "death dungeon" was less dea
  14. The Black Iron Knights had begun to rally since Oscar's first attack. But he had no plans of giving them the slightest bit of quarter. Even without Tesseleth's Fury backing him, Oscar was more than capable of dispatching them in short order. Odin's Wrath was unavailable, but he didn't really need it. Having knocked the entire crowd firmly into the yellow, a weaker Sword Art would suffice. So, he readied his weapon and activated Wallbreaker. Rather than strike the enemies directly, Oscar swung hard into a section of wall. The sheer concussive force of his attack caused the wall to crack and spl
  15. No sooner had he stepped down onto the lowest available floor, the dungeon guardians were upon him. In a flash of golden light, Money Shot was in his hand. As the Black Iron Knights charged his position, wicked claymores poised to perforate his body, Oscar raised his weapon aloft. The head of his massive hammer began to glow a dark violet. With a small spinning flourish, Oscar drove the weapon into the ground, the resulting shockwave sending stone tearing through the Knights' armor like bullets and halting the forward charge of all except one. The lone Knight dealt a pittance in damage - nothi
  16. "I haven't had a chance to go shopping since the tier increase." How serendipitous. Oscar cracked a smile as the tank accepted the items that he had on offer. "I've not had the opportunity to restock since then either. There's this wonderful little Alchemist shop on the main strip in town though. Might want to give them a visit until more shops are able to get up and running. But, we've got something on our plates already now, don't we?" With a playful jab towards Shield's shoulder, Oscar headed inside. The layout had shifted since he last visited. Where he had first been greeted wit
  17. To: Oscar From: Freyd Shield and I are heading down to bust our BID cherries. Want to show us the way? If you handled it solo, the three of us should romp through the place. Shield is waiting at the entrance to the fourth basement. Be there by noon, if you can. Thanks Be there by noon if you can, huh? By the time Oscar woke up to check his messages, it was already 11:55. Somehow he doubted he had the time to roll himself out of bed, get dressed, and make it there in time. He typed back a quick message, rubbing the sleep fro
  18. Oscar's prior foray into the Black Iron Dungeon had gone off, more or less, without a hitch. He determined very quickly that the enemies encountered in this "Death Dungeon" were only lethal if you ran in without any gear. In truth, it was more annoying than anything else. But, it was also where the gear was. So, after scarfing down a collection of buffs, Oscar set off back to the dungeon. This time, he wasn't accosted at the entrance by the players who had taken it upon themselves to try to protect the noobs from what would probably mean certain death for them. Since his last visit, Oscar had
  19. On account of his own low material count, Oscar swung back by Cintamani shortly after his initial visit. He had no idea when Warren would be back at it so he purchased enough Damage Potions to last him far longer than necessary. Additionally, he picked up some Tier 4 Mitigation potions just in case. You never really knew when those would come in handy and with all the changes, Oscar didn't really know when he would have time to set foot in the kitchen again. One had to spend money to make money, but Oscar was becoming all too comfortable with spending and really needed to focus on earning for
  20. The stun faded and the party's brief intermission was over. Not wanting to give the boss and room to get an attack in, Oscar dashed from his soldier and brought Tessleth's Fury down on Hel's neck. She let out a loud shriek and recoiled, in so doing knocking Oscar away and pulling his weapon free from her digital flesh. A jagged red gash was left in his weapon's wake, a lingering remnant of the damage that he had done. Oscar tumbled backward, sliding across the stone floor and eventually coming to a stop as his momentum petered out. "Damn," he began, rising from the dirt and rolling the tinglin
  21. Crafting on 5/18/21 - Crafter's Respite 32 Total Materials used
  22. Initial Application: Here R1 R2 Room(s) Being Removed: Mega Slime Farm (Warren) +18,750 Col Room(s) Being Added: Herbalist Hut (Oscar) Room(s) Being Upgraded: Herbalist Hut -> Greenhouse Total Cost: 25,000 - 18,750 = 6,250 Col
  23. Needing to get back into the swing of things and Warren having fallen of the face of the planet, Oscar had a mighty need to collect some Crafter's Respites. Where else would he go than into his own backyard? Word had reached his ears that a Grandmaster Alchemist had cropped up on Floor 1. It didn't take much looking into in order to find what he needed. Dashing in, Oscar browsed through the wares to find what he needed. Soon enough, he grabbed up a handful of Crafter's Respite potions, slapped the money down on the counter and dashed off into the night like the being of chaos he was.
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