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  1. Oscar wandered into the Tipsy Witch on Floor 22. He'd never been this high up, but so long as he didn't leave the city, he would be fine. He saw that there were two Crafter's Respite Potions. That would have been extremely useful a few days ago when he first got Kit's order. But, better late than never. He purchased both of the potions and deducted 1000 Col from his wallet. It was a touch expensive but that was okay. With his purchase made, Oscar left the shop and made his way back down to floor one. It was time to get back to work.
  2. Today's work in the kitchen was largely spent attempting to make the desired Mitigation foods for the massive order he'd been given. They had ordered so much that he didn't have the supplies necessary to fill them all. Everything short of perfection got scrapped, with the exception of dishes Oscar could use to replenish his personal consumable stores. He honestly prayed for salvages so that he wouldn't have to dump his materials into food he couldn't sell and wasn't good enough for him to use.
  3. Name: Leeroy and Jenkins Roll ID: 120956, 120959 Roll Result: LD19, CD9 Mastery: Accuracy Rank 2 Description: The runt of Cerberus' litter. Born deformed with only two heads, this tiny wolf has two distinct personalities. The left head, Leeroy, is lazy and ambivalent. The right head, Jenkins, is a fearsome and efficient hunter. Both are loyal companions to anyone with a firm hand and a lot of steak. Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17994-f06-pp/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-578789
  4. Oscar was back to the grind. He needed to get one of those orders filled today. He poured most of his energy into filling Alec's order first. When he had an item of sufficient quality, he was able to mark that one as done. Six various food items with Prosperity Enhancements of Rare or higher quality were set aside. Then, he switched gears and began working on the Mitigation order. The client wanted nothing but the best. And she would get nothing but the best. A perfect meal was crafted and Oscar applied the requested Mitigation enhancements to it. Two down, four to go.
  5. Oscar had two hefty orders to fill. One was mostly done. He could fill it with food he had already crafted. So long as the client got the buffs he wanted, he probably wouldn't care about what the actual food was. But the second order was the real issue. He didn't have any of it crafted. So he had to start from scratch. Try as he might, Oscar could only craft a single item for the order. He didn't let that get him down though. It might take him a bit, but he would slowly but surely fill that Mitigation food order.
  6. He finally had an order! Now he just had to fill it! The client wanted a Churro with a Loot Die enhancement. And she would get a Churro with a Loot Die enhancement. He worked like a man possessed. Flour, cinnamon, and sugar flew in all directions. The sound of oil boiling could be heard over it all. He dropped the item into the oil and listened to the sizzle. While it cooked, he was even able to make another Focused Chili Dog with Chili Fries! He pulled the Churro out of the oil and seasoned it with cinnamon and sugar. He tapped the bell on his counter, a delightful ring filling his shop.
  7. Oscar finally had time to sit down and really get his craft on. He entered his kitchen and buckled down, getting to work on making something new. He'd done a ton of Protein meals for Macradon. Evasion meals for Bahr. It was time to make something he'd never made before. A good portion of his crafts weren't up to snuff, but the rare items were worth keeping. He slapped a Prosperity enhancement on the Hot Dog and the two Churros he made. He looked down at them with pride and placed them up for sale in his shop. They said you had to spend money to make money. Perhaps someone would invest in them?
  8. Day 9 Another day, another dog. Oscar stepped into his kitchen and got to work. He moved swiftly and deftly. Dogs on Dogs on Dogs were created. But only the best could go into his shop. This time, he only kept the absolute cream of the crop. Everything else went straight to the garbage can. Except for that Rare meal. That rare meal was given a double Protein enhancement to help increase his damage and would be for personal use. The two snacks, however, would be given the Prosperous Enhancement. He would keep one and try to move the other.
  9. Day 8 "Alright, thanks Mac!" Oscar accepted the Voucher to Macradon's shop before heading into the kitchen. It was time to get to work for the day. He worked like a culinary whirlwind, cranking out dishes faster than you could say "I'd like a Hot Dog, please." By the time the word "I'd" had left your lips, a hot dog was flying at you at Mach 4 speeds. When he finally stopped, he had a lot of duplicate crafts. But it was duplicate garbage. Only the best could go into his shop. Anything that wasn't at least rare quality went straight into the garbage can.
  10. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Fishing Mod(s) Being Dropped: SP Refunded: 10 Cost: 10,000
  11. Day 7 Oscar was in rare form today. Everything he cooked came out perfect! Literally. A double portion of a Focused Chili Dog with Chili Fries was his first craft. He had been so efficient, he'd been able to get two dishes out of one material! Which made very little sense because he needed at least two dogs and two buns at minimum, but he wasn't looking a gift horse in the mouth. The next dish was made with Bahr in mind. Using The World's Most Elusive Hotdog as the base, he added chili to give it a Protein Enhancement. Finally, since the first dish was so good, he made a third. He had fai
  12. Oscar woke up shortly after he had fallen asleep. There was just something about a chair that wasn't comfortable enough for a long slumber. But he woke up rested enough to at least make it back up to the seventh floor to his home. He stood up and stretched, the sound of his boots on the floor waking Gob-Gob. Around this time, Oscar noticed another man coming out from the back with a Katana in his hands. There was no way his order had been finished so quickly, but he had to ask. "Did you guys finish my Katana already?" He walked over to the counter and leaned against it, stretching out his back
  13. Oscar turned right back around and marched back into Macradon's shop. He had a need for a new Katana. Oscar filled out the form and transferred the required materials to his new buddy. "Can't have a piece of armor without a weapon to go with it, you know." Then, exhausted, he sat back down in the chair and fell asleep. He just didn't have the energy to make it back home. Gob-Gob, that beautiful specimen, sat down beside Oscar and mimicked his motions, going to "sleep" as well. He didn't mean to impose on Macradon's hospitality, but he truly couldn't make it back home. But he wouldn't mind, rig
  14. Day 6 Oscar was a bit off his game today. He'd botched a couple crafts, but managed to salvage the materials. His last three weren't of the quality he would have liked, but he managed to make something out of them regardless. First was a Chili Dog. Enhanced with Protein, it would provide a small boost to damage at the cost of some Mitigation. The second and third were two Iron-Infused Hot Dogs. More Mitigation with the possibility of also turning it into a Lesser Feast at his home. Oscar wasn't satisfied, but he couldn't craft anymore today. Disappointed he updated his shop stock and clea
  15. "I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've been looking for more people to adventure with." Oscar opened his menu and sent a friend request to the Blacksmith. He felt that they were vibing pretty well. If the man accepted, all good. If he didn't, Oscar still knew where to find him. "I gotta get some sleep. I just finished that <<Challenge of Olympus>> quest and I am beat. Thank you again for the armor!" He bade farewell to Macradon and his Cerberus, beckoning for Gob-Gob to follow him. He got the feeling he just made a new friend, regardless of whether or not Macradon actually added
  16. Oscar could appreciate the man's philosophy. It was very much in line with his own, after all. He'd been shown so much generosity by so many players that it was unreal. First Bahr and now Macradon. It warmed his heart to see such charity being given freely in this dark times. Oscar took his armor and accepted the materials back. Macradon would probably be insulted if he didn't and he very much didn't want to upset the only Grandmaster Blacksmith around. But he wasn't a fan of taking charity without giving something in return. He didn't have much, but he could do something. "I appreciate y
  17. Oscar awoke with a start as the man cleared his throat. He watched as Macradon did his best impression of a Bond villain, even roping his poor familiar into the joke. Nevertheless, Oscar busted out with laughter. Humor was like a drug to him. There was so little of it in Aincrad that he was withdrawing from it. Gob-Gob pattered across the floor and put his hands on his hips in a power pose as he stared daggers at the Cerberus. Truly this would be a clash for the ages. The Terry Crews Goblin versus a fearsome beast. Oscar laughed even harder when he saw what Gob-Gob was doing. After a moment, h
  18. Oscar returned from Floor 17 with <<Hestia's Flame>> in hand. It had been over an entire day since he had journeyed up to Mt Olympia. Once he got back to the lower floors he decided to stop by The Blazing Typhoon to see how his order was coming along. He walked in the door, greeted again by the thick smell of smoke and molten metal. He looked around, hoping to find Macradon in the shop. He couldn't see the blacksmith, so he decided to grab a seat and wait. He was quite tired from the previous day's exertions. Perhaps Macradon wouldn't mind if he grabbed a nap while he waited. Oscar
  19. Name: Chili Dog with Chili Fries Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 4 ID: 121152 Roll: CD: 10, LD: 12 Item Type: Meal Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Protein, Protein Description: This meal is simple, messy, and oh-so delicious. Eating it makes you feel like you can take on the world! Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17990-f01/?do=findComment&amp;comment=578833 Name: Extremely-Filling Hotdog Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 4 ID: 121154 Roll: CD9, LD3 Item Type: Meal Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Overhealth Description: This hot dog has an overabu
  20. Day 5 Oscar donned his apron and stepped into the kitchen. Today, he was determined to make full meals instead of feasts. He'd done a fair few snacks and now he wanted to branch out and really see what he could do with his craft. The first attempt was a rousing success. A Chili Dog with Chili Fries. The only fitting enhancement for all that meat was double Protein. It would provide a heavy boost to damage, but it would also give you indigestion. That would make you a touch less durable in combat. His second craft was a failure, but he managed to salvage the materials. His third and fourth
  21. The Blazing Typhoon was a Smithy on Floor 1. He'd heard that a Grandmaster Blacksmith worked out of this shop. It was a rarity indeed to find such an accomplished craftsman down here on the lower floors. But hey, Oscar wasn't complaining. With his new Potions of Immolation, he had just enough Col to requisition a breastplate to accompany their use. He entered the shop, his nose assaulted by the smell of smoke and hot steel. He approached the order form and filled it out, making sure to be as descriptive as possible with his desired piece of armor. Then, he hit submit, but not before attaching
  22. Cloak's Corner seemed like the place to be for your general merchandise needs. He'd already had great success with the Custom Ambition Tool and the Spyglass he'd bought a few days prior. Gob-Gob was walking, grunting proof of that. But Oscar had other needs today. He wanted to see how the Potions of Immolation worked in combat. He probably wouldn't get the most value out of them, but he had a plan in place for that. His damage was still rather low, so anything helped at this point. He purchased two Potions of Immolation from the shop. The total came out to 660 Col. Quite a bargain for somethin
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